tagErotic HorrorThe Devil & Mrs. Jones Ch. 03

The Devil & Mrs. Jones Ch. 03


Part III


When I opened the door I was immediately reminded of what attracted me to this young man to begin with. He had short curly blond hair, piercing green eyes, dimples, just enough razor stubble to make him look slightly rugged, and a tall, lean well-toned body to boot. I was SO looking forward to this.

I smiled my best smile. "Hi Jim. It's good to see you again. Come on in and make yourself at home."

I opened the door wider and stepped aside, leaving him room to come inside. He smiled back and came into the apartment.

"Would you like a glass of wine first or would you like to eat right away? We could do both if you prefer. I just made a chicken salad with some leftovers so I'm afraid it won't be anything fancy. I had a really big lunch and didn't want anything too heavy for supper."

"Actually, that sounds just about perfect Amanda. I'm not very hungry either. How about we start with that wine and get to know each other a bit first?"

We walked through to the living room where I had dimmed the lights slightly and had some jazz playing on my compact disc player. I asked him to make himself comfortable on the couch while I got him a glass of wine. After he sat, I turned to go into the kitchen and smiled to myself, noticing that he sat in the centre of the sofa, which meant I would have to sit fairly close to him. I'm really glad that he is leading the way he is because I really don't like having to play the aggressor, even though I was attracted to him enough that I would have...just to get closer to him.

I poured the chardonnay into his glass and topped off mine at the same time. I brought both glasses in and handed him his.

"Thanks Amanda," he said as he waited for me to sit beside him. Shifting his body slightly to the side so that he could see me better, he raised his glass in a toast.

"To new beginnings," he said, smiling appreciatively at me as we both almost downed the entire glass on the first sip.

"This is a really nice wine," he said, trying to cover his embarrassment at drinking it so quickly.

I got up and excused myself as I went into the kitchen to get the rest of the bottle. I refilled both of our glasses before sitting back down.

After about 30 seconds of silence, which feels like an absolute eternity when you are uncomfortable, I finally spoke.

"I have to be honest with you Jim, you really surprised me by calling tonight. I honestly wasn't expecting to hear from you before the end of the week," I said and took another sip of wine.

"Amanda," he started and then put his wine glass on the table in front of us. "I don't know about you, but I felt an instant connection with you yesterday at the meeting. When I was standing up there at the front of the class, baring my soul to a room full of strangers, I immediately felt comforted when my gazed rested on you. There was something in your eyes that made me feel that you understood...that you had been there before and knew exactly how I was feeling. It was comforting yet unsettling all at the same time. After that, I tried not to keep staring at you but it's like my eyes had a mind of their own and kept returning to your face, much to my embarrassment. I know that you noticed and that made it even worse." He blushed and looked down at his hands in his lap. I sensed his immense vulnerability at that moment and wondered if he thought coming tonight had been a mistake.

His candour was a huge turn on to me and I decided that the least I could do was reciprocate and be honest with him as well.

"Jim," I said as I reached over and put my hand over his hands in his lap. "I felt that very same connection with you as well. It was a very pleasant surprise when you called me tonight, and flattering that you couldn't wait until the weekend. To be honest with you, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since last night."

I smiled and he smiled back. I leaned in towards him and it was enough of an invitation that he finally put his guard down and met me halfway. The kiss was electric. Soft and searching at first and then more forceful when he realizes that I am just as hungry, just as eager for him as he is for me.

When our lips finally part, we gaze into each other's eyes and when I finally speak, my voice is deeper than usual.

"I want you Jim. I know we don't know each other very well, but we are both adults and I think you want me too."

He kisses me again as if confirming what I've just said. I break away from him and stand, taking his hand and pulling him up off the couch. He kisses me again, slightly more urgent this time, and I try to push us towards the bedroom, but we are as one and it's hard to move like that. He realizes what I'm trying to do and lets me go, allowing himself to be led to my room and my king-size bed.

"Amanda," he manages to get out between kisses. "I don't remember ever wanting someone this badly. It's not a line. I feel like...like I'm going to cease to exist if I don't get inside you soon. I want us to be as one...one body, one mind, one soul."

My mind was racing. My heart was pounding. My pussy was throbbing. I sat on the bed while Jim continued to cover my face and neck in kisses. He pulled my t-shirt up and over my head and stopped to admire my ample breasts. I unbuttoned his shirt and helped him out of it. His chest was bare and his stomach was absolutely delicious. He wanted to play with my tits but I had to taste his flesh, to kiss, touch and lick every inch of his body, starting at his perfect stomach. As my tongue traced the lines of his muscles and arrived at the waist of his jeans, I unbuttoned them and pulled the zipper down. As I was trying to tug them down his legs, he gently pushed me back on the bed so that I was lying down, but not before quickly unhooking my bra, watching my tits as they were freed from their confines.

"You're so beautiful," was all he managed to say before fitting as much of my breast into his mouth as possible. He swirled his tongue around my already hard nipple and I moaned as he sucked on it hard, before he released it with a popping sound and then did the same with the other breast. My nipples are so fucking sensitive and I could feel my clit pulse as he played with them, making my hips naturally push upwards towards him, wanting even more stimulation.

He finally stopped playing with my tits and reached down to undo my jeans. I took advantage of the break and sat up, reaching for his pants as well, and we both had the rest of our clothing shed within seconds. He stood there before me, naked as the day he was born, and he had to have been the sexiest man I have ever been with. He was absolutely perfect.

He lifted me and pulled me toward the top of the bed so that there would be plenty of room to play. He kissed me again, slowly and purposeful, while his right hand came up and tweaked my left nipple. My clit was throbbing at this point and I knew if he didn't touch it soon that I would scream.

He pulls his mouth away from mine and opens his eyes. His hands go to my hair, fingers gently pulling and his hungry mouth covers mine again, tongue probing deeply...a small moan echoes in my throat. He takes his hand and wraps his fingers gently around my throat and squeezes slightly. A slight panic sets in but when I open my eyes and look at him, I can see that it's part of the foreplay and it suddenly becomes a huge turn-on....knowing that he was in such complete control that he had the power to end my life right then and there if he chose to.

He gets up on his hands and knees and trails kisses down my body, over my erect nipples and down my stomach to my shaved pussy. My heart started to beat faster and my clit was throbbing as I waited for him to touch me. I was so horny that I thought I was going to explode if I didn't get relief soon.

He settles down between my spread legs and wraps his arms around the outside of my thighs, hands spreading my shiny, wet lips. All I can think of is hurry up...hurry up...and I find myself pushing my waiting pussy up to meet his mouth, but he decides to drive me absolutely insane and flicks his tongue over my swollen clit, just the tip of his tongue, up and down across the surface of my engorged clit.

I can't take much more of this teasing so I reach down and wrap my fingers in his hair and pull his face towards my needy pussy, thrusting myself upwards to meet his mouth. He closes his mouth around my clit and while gently sucking; he flicks his tongue over the swollen surface, making me inhale sharply. A low growl escapes my throat and I let go of his hair and bring my hands up to my breasts, squeezing them while my hips rise and fall to an imaginary beat that I've danced to so many times before.

Within just a few seconds every single nerve in my body is pulsing with electrical energy and my pussy gushes its satisfaction, wetting the sheets underneath me. He continues to suck on and lick my clit but with a much slower pace, no longer striving to get to a destination but to linger a little and enjoy the scenery once you get there.

When my breathing and heart rate slow to a somewhat normal pace, he stops and looks up at me smiling.

"How was that, Angel?" he asks, knowing full well what the answer is going to be.

"Let me show you how good that made me feel," I said with a huge smile on my face. I pulled him up so that his face was next to mine and kissed him deeply, tasting my own sweet pussy juice in the process. I break the kiss and look into his beautiful green eyes.

"Let me show you," I say again as I slowly make my way down his gorgeous well-toned body.

The cold cement underneath me made me open my eyes and my heart filled with dread as the realization of where I was sunk in. I sat up and looked around but couldn't see anything in the darkness.

"Where are you?" I ask, not because I wanted to see him, but because I wanted to get it over with so that I could go back to Jim.

I felt something touch my arm and I flinched. I was suddenly able to hear his raspy breathing and realized that he was right beside me. I could feel the heat coming off his skin, while his taloned hand went up my arm, over my shoulder and down my back. My nipples hardened and I squirmed to pull myself away from him, but only an inch or so because I didn't want him to think I was trying to run. I'd never be that stupid again. Just thinking about it gave me the shivers, remembering the pain I felt once he caught me.

"Tonight, you are in for a treat Amanda. Since I took you away from your beau and when you go back, he will fuck you, I won't stretch your pussy out and ruin it for him. Tonight, you are going to please me orally."

Panic seized me as I tried to picture tasting that monstrosity he called a penis. The beast himself had a nasty odour that came from either his own skin, or maybe his sweat, but something told me that sucking on his huge appendage was not going to be a pleasant experience, but then again, no experience with him ever was.

He wrapped his hot, rough hands in my hair and pulled me down towards him. I couldn't see anything in the stifling darkness so I had to go on my other senses alone. I could smell him already...like wet dog, mixed with burnt hair...and rotting flesh. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to stomach this, but I had to try. Disobeying wasn't an option.

I let him lead me and I took him in my hands. His penis was already quite rigid, although it got hard as actual wood when he was turned on enough, and was very warm...like fevered skin. There were ridges along its length, reminding me of toys I had seen in adult stores. It was thick enough that I couldn't wrap my fingers all the way around it and long enough to hurt like hell whenever he tried to bury it in its entirety.

I started by kissing the shaft, the smell not as bad as I had imagined, and I swear I could feel veins and nerves twitching underneath the thick, tough skin. I licked and kissed my way to the head, which was throbbing and twitching, just waiting for further stimulation. I kissed it again and heard the beast groan...then licked all around its smooth surface. He started to growl...I knew he was pleased. I took the head in my mouth and sucked on it, pulling upward at the same time. He wrapped his hands in my hair again and pushed himself into my mouth and halfway down my throat. I pulled back just in time to stop myself from choking and gagging.

I guess he wanted me to finish and knew I couldn't do that if he kept gagging me, so he let me go and said, "Deeper, bitch." I complied and took him as far as I could into my throat, slowly moving myself back and fourth on his huge monster cock. He growled again, this time louder and higher pitched and I knew it was only a matter of minutes. I wrapped my hands around his shaft and pumped up and down, slowly at first and then picking up speed. I took his head out of my mouth and licked and kissed the huge vein on the underside, before coming back up and sucking the head back in. He was growling continuously now and it suddenly became louder and higher and I knew it was time. Leaving the head in my mouth, I took my hands off of his cock and covered my ears, just in time to hear the deafening shriek that could only mean one thing...that the beast was coming. The sudden gush of hot liquid down my throat took me by surprise. Not so much that it was hot, or that he ejaculated with such intensity, but because it tasted sweet, like honey.

When I opened my eyes again, Jim was straddling her face, his gorgeous hard cock buried halfway down her throat. He was close, but before he got to the point of no return, he pulled out and turned himself on the big bed and replaced his cock with his mouth. With one swift movement, he lifts both of my legs high into the air and lifts my ass slightly off the bed. He rubs the head of his cock up and down my wet slit, coating it, and then slowly enters me until he is buried inside me. We both moan at the same time and he slowly pulls out until only the head remains inside and then thrusts himself back inside.

"Oh my God Jim, that feels so fucking good," was all I managed to say between breaths. He parts my legs and gently lays them down on each side and before he thrusts again, he uses the thumb on his right hand rubs my clit in small circular motions, driving me absolutely wild. No...I don't want to come again...I can't. I take his fingers off of my pussy and place both of his hands on my hips and looking him in the eyes, say, "Deeper...faster...please."


Jim needs no further invitation and begins to thrust harder and faster, lifting my hips each time to bury his cock as deep as possible. I love the expression on his face...exquisite...there is such emotion there...almost too much to contain. I squeeze his cock with my pussy and lift my ass to meet his thrusts and within seconds, he yells that he is coming...the speed of his movements slowing while he empties himself into my pussy. Without withdrawing, he covers my body with his own and kisses me. His skin is hot, and wet with sweat, his scent musky.

I feel completely and utterly satisfied for the first time in my life. I sleep, wrapped in Jim's strong embrace and dream about living a life that only existed in fairy tales...until now.

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