tagFetishThe Enforcer Ch. 18

The Enforcer Ch. 18


Sean and Guido sat on the large front seat with me while the girls, my mom, Max and Adolph sat in the back talking. Sean and Guido were silent during the five minute trip. I parked the vehicle about ten feet from the house. Guido and I helped everybody out of the back; Max and Adolph were the last ones out. They all headed towards the house except Guido and Sean who lingered, waiting for me while I parked the Hummer back where it belonged. When they saw I had parked it, they headed towards me while I handed the keys back to the man who was handling the vehicle pool.

When they reached me, Guido politely said: “Vinny, Sean would like to talk with you for a few minutes, can you spare the time right now?”

I replied casually: “I take it that this should be a one on one.”

Sean replied: “We both trust Guido implicitly so, if you don’t mind, he can stay, but that’s the only person I want around. Is that Ok?”

I replied: “Sure, let’s take a short walk. There isn’t anybody by the swamp today. All training has been cancelled till my friends return.” He nodded his agreement, and we headed towards the swamps.

When we had put a good hundred feet between us and the closest structure Sean started to speak: “Vinny, I have looked into your past, as I am certain Guido has told you.” I nodded and so he continued: “My research has permitted me to find out a few interesting things about you.” He paused and looked at me for a reaction, seeing none he continued: “Well, I am impressed by your father’s service record, but the thing that really caught my eye was that, according to all records, you were never born. You just appeared in the system at the age of sixteen, and after that you really don’t stand out. I first thought that your records might just have been incomplete but, as I looked into it further, I found nothing; no school pictures, no medical documents, nothing. It was as if you didn’t exist at all.”

I replied casually: “Let me guess, you tried to see if anybody remembered me at any of the bases my father was stationed during those years. But you couldn’t find anything, most were probably able to remember dad, but were surprised when you asked if he had a son.” I looked into Sean’s face; there was no surprise, so I continued: “I suppose your curiosity has gotten the better of you and you’d like to know why?”

Sean replied: “I have a bit of a clue, but I would prefer to hear it from you.”

I smiled and asked: “You looked into the special programs that were going on back then, probably even checked with the conspiracy theorists.”

Sean replied: “Yep, and it seems that right about the time you turned four, a program started that supposedly recruited young boys, no older than six. The only thing was that anybody who participated had to disappear. Seems that only four boys were picked, and according to the records only one survived to complete the training, but he died in a freak accident at the age of sixteen. Of course the military denies all of this, and the rest of the details I have get very sketchy from here on. According to some people the boys were submitted to genetic manipulation, while others suggested hormone treatments, and one person actually believed that cybernetics and alien tech was used to enhance the boys. Now I do not know what happened, exactly, but you appeared less than a week after the death of the only survivor.”

I replied: “Yep, you’ve done your homework, I am impressed. Yes I am that child. The experiments they performed on me were not that grandiose; it was mostly advanced training and a very unique diet, with as much exercise as we could take. The training improved my co-ordination, reflexes, stamina and mental endurance. By the time I was six I had an elementary school education, and was in such exceptional physical shape that I looked like I was ten. That’s when the special training began, we went through combat training, martial arts, and advanced military combat training. But the most important part, for me at least, was that they had my father teach us all his modified form of Zen meditation. It made me into a very strong willed person, and gave me great mental discipline, but the actual purpose was to give us a ridiculously high pain threshold.

It succeeded in making us all very attuned with our bodies, but I was the only one to develop the required discipline to use this properly and, coupled with the combat training we received, it made us all willing to take greater and more dangerous risks. Unfortunately for my training buddies, they did not know their own limits, and that eventually lead to each of them leaving the program due to extreme injuries.

We lost the first person, Mike, one day when we were all diving out of an airplane. I was seven at the time and he was nine. I talked into having a competition, with me, to see who could open their chute last. Well I had a complete understanding of my limits and those of my equipment, so I planned to open my chute at two hundred feet and, since we were going to be dropping from fifteen thousand feet without masks, there was a chance of passing out, so we were told not to disengage our chutes’ safeguards, but Mike and I ignored that order.

After we left the plane we did a quick check, everybody was conscious, and since he knew I would be willing to push myself to the limit to win, he decided that no matter what he would only open his chute after I opened mine. He figured that with all the training he had he could deal with the pain of landing a little fast. But since I had a very precise altimeter I was going to push the limits myself and risk minor injuries.

The two other members’ chutes were opened at a thousand feet by fail-safes. We continued for a few more seconds, and then I pulled my chute. A second later he opened his. The effect was that my landing air speed was ten kilometres and hour, unfortunately that placed his at about seventy-five. His training permitted him to survive, but his training ended because he needed to recover from his injuries; he had broken both his legs in multiple locations and had several other minor fractures, but he never did return to the program. Instead, he transferred to the test pilot program. I never should have permitted him to challenge me, but I was young and rash. I regret my actions now, but back then… Well I got a huge rush from it, but in the end, it left me alone in the program.

Mike had a violent temper, and I used that against him, he would probably have died before the end of the course if he hadn’t been injured, but I’ll never know for certain now. Francis was the next one to fall prey to my challenges; he was nine at the time. A few months after the accident, we had been moved to another base, and were now being trained in the arts of navigating harsh terrain. We were climbing up the side of a large mountain when it happened; we had received lessons during the first part of the week and that day we were permitted to go out alone. We had chosen a nice rock face, it was sheer granite. Perfect for free climbing, and I decided to climb it without a safety line, and Francis and I decided to race to the top.

He was running with regular climbing methods, and I would be free climbing. It was a good two hour climb, so the race would be decided long before we reached the summit, or so I thought. My father had spent a few weeks teaching me how to free climb and I was the only one in the program to be permitted to do it. I scaled the face rapidly, passing both my friends quickly. Since I didn’t have to lay lines I could easily out climb anybody using regular gear. This fact dawned on Francis about ten minutes in, and he decided that if I could free climb, so could he. He made his way up, placing almost no lines, and was making up the distance quickly, but at the price of his own safety.

He was about half-way up when his luck ran out. He had not set a safety point in over a hundred feet and as he was trying to reach a plateau, he slipped and, unable to recover, fell. Given that his last safety point was a hundred feet below him and he now had at least a hundred feet of rope between it and him, he fell two hundred feet before the rope drew tight, the resulting impact broke his pelvis, and the ensuing swing into the rock wall shattered both his legs. He survived and, with a few years of rehabilitation, was as good as new, but he was forced to leave the program. He eventually joined Mike as a test pilot. There was an investigation into the incident, and it was decided that even though I had challenged Francis, his fall was not my fault.

The accident lingered with me because and I felt that I was the reason we had lost half our group already, and from that point on I promised not to do anything stupid like that again. But as luck would have it, the fates would conspire against me one last time. Less than a month later we were scheduled for psychological resistance training and as a part of this training we would each have to see if we could break the other’s resistance. We were trained for one week on how to harden our mind against torture and brainwashing. Then we spent one week learning how to break down the resistance of a person. I lost the coin toss and was the first to be tested. Harry was ten at the time, and he got to try and break me for a week, during which he tried everything he had been taught, but was unsuccessful.

Then it was my turn. I never told my trainer that my father had taught me some extra curricular skills when he last visited me. I should have, I had an unfair advantage, and used what he taught me against poor Harry. It took me less than forty eight hours to break all his mental barriers down. Unfortunately my skills proved to be so effective, that after that incident, well he had to be hospitalized, and it took the doctors almost two years to get him back to normal; even then he was still not able to look at me and not shiver with fear. At that point I was alone, and knew just how dangerous I had become.

Ironically Harry also transferred to become a test pilot. The boys were all together again, and that’s where they died a few years later; a rocket sled test went really badly and destroyed the testing facility and everybody in it. Harry was the chief tester and Francis and Mike were in the sled that blew up. The only person to survive the incident was a young lady.

But the net result was that I was alone, but I continued the training and became a military grade killing machine by the time I was eight. My skills had been tempered by all the incidents, and they made me very wary of using them.

I had also developed a greater desire for learning and quickly received a high school certificate, and certificates for many military disciplines. However, my enhanced desire to learn backfired on them; I was able to learn very quickly, but I also questioned everything they told me. I turned into somewhat of a philosopher.

My father and I had many long talks as I continued my training, and eventually we came to agree that I could not continue on the track I was on, and so he agreed to help me get out of the program. He was able to convince them that I was too rebellious to be of use to them. This led them to feel that I would not be ideal for the force, so they released me to my dad and he promised to keep me from public view. After the death of the project co-ordinator, they stopped watching me. Been living free ever since.”

Guido looked at me puzzled and said: “I never knew buddy.”

I replied: “I kind of hoped that it would never surface again. I can only hope that nobody has been able to figure it out with all the snooping Sean has done.”

Sean replied: “Don’t worry, once I figured out what was happening, I went back and made sure to hide the tracks properly, your secret’s safe.”

I replied: “Ok. So what would you like from me?”

He replied: “Nothing, I want your friendship, and that’s all. I would be happy to help you if you need my help. And I hope that if I need your help then you will be willing to help me.” He stopped and looked me straight in the eyes waiting for my answer.

I reached out my hand and said: “You are a friend, and like any friend, if you need my help just ask and I will be there.”

We butted shoulders and patted each others back. I was happy to have Sean as a friend. We then decided to head back to the house. Guido was in awe of the situation and quietly trailed behind. Sean and I talked about the girls and my current situation as well my future projects. He was very nice, I felt I could trust him implicitly, and that I had met a long lost brother, but I knew that was impossible.

Just before we reached the house Guido caught up with us and asked me: “Vinny, who else knows about your secret?”

I replied: “My dad, you, Sean and me are the only ones who know. Even my mother doesn’t know. My biological mother died before I joined the program and all the researchers, scientists, and officers who were affiliated with the project are dead. Most died in an accident that occurred a few years after I left. Only one was still alive, but he passed away two years ago. Why do you ask?”

Sean answered for him: “Guido’s just trying to figure out why you never told him. But I think he now realises just how much of a secret it is.” Sean locked his gaze upon Guido as he added: “And he, of course, realises that he will never again talk about it, not even with me.” Guido looked up in surprise, but he quickly nodded his understanding. Sean then said: “Now I am certain he will returned to a happy frame of mind and act like he had never heard any of this, isn’t that correct?”

Guido replied: “Yes boss.” A smiled washed over his face. Then he playfully said: “Let’s go and spend a little time with those beautiful women of yours.”

I replied: “Ok, but you have to promise to be a gentleman.”

He nodded his agreement, and we headed into the house. As soon as mom saw me she said: “Vinny you have some very interesting friends.”

She was smiling so I assumed she was having fun talking with them. Mind you, I did not expect just how well they were getting along, and it kind of surprised me when I heard Mandy recalling how she had lost her virginity to me on the beach. What most surprised was that my mother looked flushed with arousal, but I dismissed it as my imagination.

When I look back, I realise that even though I called her mom, she is actually younger than me, and that keeps slipping my mind. To me she’s mom, and that’s the end of it. I have been told that most children never grow to accept the woman their father marries after leaving their real moms. I guess that since my mom died when I was just a baby it may have something to do with it. But then again my father spent most of his time telling me about how much she loved me, so I do feel a deep bond to her, and she will never lose her place in my heart, but my new mom has also earned hers, I just love them both.

Sean and Max had started to talk over a cup of tea. Guido and Adolph were also talking; they were however talking over a couple of cups of coffee. I was really the only one that had not yet gotten into a conversation.

I heard the phone and quickly headed towards it. I picked it up and said hi. It was Ed, he said: “Hi Vinny, we just received word that your father’s plane has just completed its last mid-air refuelling before it gets back. They said it should be a couple of hours before he arrives. But we won’t be able to speak with him for several hours while he gets debriefed. I might call again later tonight, but for now, the boys and I have been invited to a party on the base and have decided to go, is that ok?”

I smiled inside and replied: “Sure, have fun; it’s a time to celebrate. Just promise not to drive back if you’re drunk.”

He replied: “You know I would never do that. We’ll head out in the morning if needed, bye.”

I and hung up the phone and headed back into the kitchen. Amber and Lynn had gone to the clinic; Sarah and Kimberly had followed them; Mandy, Candy, Maya and my mom were talking together. Max and Sean were now playing a game of chess as they talked. Guido and Adolph had gone to play with our vehicle collection, and to survey the construction site. I felt a bit left out, but then it dawned on me that I really should go talk with Sarah and Kimberly’s parents, so that’s what I did.

The sisters’ father was well known in the gang. He went by the name of Crusher, but his real name was Sid. Their mother was pretty low key, and her name was Anne. They had been given full use of a large tent that was designed for eight soldiers or four officers; I wouldn’t have called it great, but it was still big by our current standards. The shanty town was well laid out, but it was still a temporary solution. I had not visited it a few days, and my trip reminded me that we really had to step up construction on our new housing solutions.

It was a five minute walk through the town to get to their tent, but it took me ten because I was constantly stopping to say hi and shake the hands of the people who saw me. They all seemed very happy, which surprised me under the circumstances, but then again, from what I had heard about Snake’s base, this had to be better. I still felt out of touch as I walked through the town. When I reached the correct tent I knocked on the door, at least the tents we had received all had doors for entry, ironically this was done to simplify numbering them, but given the situation it actually made the tents feel more like houses.

Sid hollered: “Come in, me and the missus are just finishing up.”

I entered, not certain what I would find. I knew that this was a biker community, and that open sexuality and nudity were common, but I was still a little surprised when I opened the door and found Sid fucking his wife; she was completely naked, and from her facial expression, cumming hard. Sid grunted as he also came. He kept pumping into her for a few more strokes, then pulled out of the panting woman, stuffed his cock into his pants, and zipped them up, completely ignoring my presence. His wife’s pussy was now exposed, and gaping open as their thick love juices slowly dripped out. She was obviously unaware, or didn’t care, that I was there. He got up and finally turned around to see who it was.

He was surprised to see me, and quickly moved to hide his wife’s dripping pussy, as he said: “I am so sorry Vinny; I really didn’t expect you to come over.”

Upon hearing my name Anne had woken up, and she quickly covered herself in shame and said: “I am so ashamed Vinny! If I had known it was you who was visiting I would have made certain to dress before you arrived.”

They both looked very uncomfortable and nervous, and I really didn’t want them to feel ashamed for what I had to say. It was imperative that they both felt relaxed, so they would be honest with me. So I replied reassuringly: “I was not expecting to catch you making love, but I don’t want you to feel ashamed, I realise that it’s part of our culture to do that. Just remember that I too am a biker, and have been caught fucking several times too, so just make yourselves comfortable. I am not bothered by it.” Plus I had to admit to myself, Anne was a pretty hot looking woman; she might have been in her late thirties, but she looked more like she was in her mid twenties. She had soft brown hair that hung all the way down to her ass.

Sid pointed to an area with four chairs and said: “Please have a seat; we only have one room so Anne will have to get dressed here, but if you turn your back it will afford her some privacy.” Anne still kept behind Sid, trying to hide herself.

I replied: “Anne does not look like she was going to be getting dressed.” I locked eyes with her and said: “If you would prefer you can just put on a robe, or even stay naked.” She blushed when I said naked, so I added: “I have seen more than my fair share of naked women, and you’re a fine specimen, if I may say so.”

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