tagLetters & TranscriptsThe Erotic Tales of Chris and Bettie Pt. 11

The Erotic Tales of Chris and Bettie Pt. 11


A "Hard" Day at Work

While they are occasionally able to meet for lunch, on most workdays Chris & Bettie must content themselves to chatting online or talking over the phone. As you might expect, the bulk of their conversations revolve around how their day at work is going, what's the latest news, or how they are feeling. Sometimes, however, their conversations take on a sexual context and they begin to tease one another.

Bettie: .:deftly cops a feel, then helps you drop trou:.

Chris: Mmmmmm

Chris: I am planning to take some pics and video for you today, if I can sneak away

Chris: brb (bathroom break)

Bettie: need me to hold it for you?

Chris chuckled to himself as he visited the restroom to relieve himself, the task a bit more difficult as the mental image of Bettie assisting him was causing him to become erect. A few minutes later, Chris rejoined the chat...

Chris: :.runs tongue from your heel, up the back of your leg, to your ass.:

Bettie: mmmmmmmmmmm

Bettie: starting this again, eh?

Chris: well, I figure as long as work is slow today, I might as well please you

Bettie: lol, i still may come out to see you for lunch

Chris' mind wandered back to the time Bettie came to see him with her Ben Wa Balls inside her, and how he had to be very creative in finding a place where they could sneak off to unnoticed so that he could remove them. He knew they hadn't gotten caught, but was uncertain if they would be so lucky a second time.

Chris: want to give fair warning that I'm not sure about finding someplace with privacy

Chris: ...just sayin'

Bettie: lol

Chris: its weird b/c there are a couple of places in the building that are sorta secluded and we'd be unlikely to be bothered

Chris: BUT

Chris: we'd attract too much attention on the way there

Chris: b/c we'd have to walk past way too many people's desks and offices

Chris: so, we were sent an email about how to tell if someone is "having a stroke"

Bettie: omg

Chris: :.nibbles on your nipples.:

Bettie: i might take to doing that shortly if you keep talking

Chris: Mmmmm... I might make a short film of me "having a stroke" to fwd to you

Chris: if you would like, that is

Bettie: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Bettie: too bad you don't have one of those high-tech cameras, that you could put in the back of a girl's throat ...

Chris: mmmmmmmmmm

Chris: I'd love for us to film that

Chris: how's your gag reflex?

Chris: especially considering how hard I came the other day, when I blocked it with my hand

Chris: almost felt like the "blast" was going to dislocate a finger

Bettie: lol

Chris: while I'm up and about, should I take the camera with me? Hmmm?

Bettie: mmmmm

Chris: I take it you approve of that idea?

Bettie: mmhmmm

Chris: ok

Chris: in the meantime, I want you to imagine yourself lying back naked on the bed, legs spread, and that I'm standing between your spread legs rubbing my cock up and down your wet pussy

Bettie: mmm ... naughty fucker ...

Chris: ok, be back in a bit

Chris needed to leave his desk in order to work on a project he had been assigned. After completing his assignment, he decided to take advantage of the break in the conversation to make a short film clip of himself masturbating in the restroom, then email it to Bettie. The two of them would sometimes exchange these short film clips when they were unable to meet in person as a means to keep the flames of passion burning.

The restroom actually had an additional inner room with a shower stall, which afforded Chris some privacy to create the film without the fear of being discovered. He entered the shower room and locked the door behind him. He stripped off his clothes, hanging them off the hook on the back of the door. He positioned the video camera and took hold of his thick cock, slowly beginning to stroke it to hardness. Then hit "RECORD"...

He quietly spoke to the camera, just loud enough for the microphone to pick up his voice, but not so that he would draw any attention to himself if anyone else wandered into the restroom. "Oh fuck yeah, Bettie... I wish you were here for this. I would bend you over and stick this so deep inside you."

Chris continued to stroke his meat faster and faster as he talked dirty to the camera. He began to picture Bettie sitting in front of him, her legs spread wantonly, massaging her clit. "Oh fuck, baby!" he exclaimed under his breath, "Here it comes!!!"

He groaned inwardly as cum jetted from the tip of his cock. Spurt after spurt of his seed launched in an arch from his penis, spattering to the tiled floor. As the spasms of pleasure subsided, he clicked the camera back off and hurriedly set about cleaning up and getting dressed. After ensuring that everything was as it should be, he returned to his desk.

Chris: I'm back, are you there?

Bettie: and horny as fuck

Chris: uploading vid for you

Bettie: right now, i just want you talking

Chris: yes, ma'am!

Chris: where should I start? get right into it?

Chris: :.rubbing my cock up and down your moist slit.:

Chris: pressing harder against you each time

Chris: its beginning to penetrate you

Bettie: ohh ... mmm

Chris: you're so wet

Chris: my cock is slipping inside you easily, despite how tight you are

Chris: I keep teasing you.... penetrating you with the head only

Chris: you're trying to press against me... trying to impale yourself on me

Chris: you feel me line myself up

Chris: and pause

Bettie: ahh

Chris: you whimper a bit

Chris: then I thrust fully inside you with one stroke

Chris: you feel my balls smack against your ass cheeks

Chris: my hands reach forwards to cup your breasts

Chris: I catch your nipples between my fingers

Chris: kneading them

Chris: I taking slow, short thrusts in and out of you

Chris: only moving a few inches each way as I continue to play with your nipples and breasts

Chris: I lean over you and take your earlobe between my teeth

Chris: my hot breath in your ear

Chris: my tongue flicking

Chris: I'm starting to use longer, harder thrusts

Chris: I drag my tongue down the side of your neck..... stopping to nibble on your shoulder

Chris: I thrust into you deep, and begin grinding my hips against you as my teeth and tongue travel across your shoulder

Chris: one of my hands reaches up into your hair

Chris: I gently grab a fistful

Chris: I slowly pull your head back

Chris: exposing the side of your neck

Chris: as my mouth begins traveling up and down the side of your neck

Chris: I stop grinding against you and return to taking slow, short thrusts


"Oh, fuck!" Chris thought as his phone began ringing, "just as it was getting good!"

He looked at the caller i.d. on his phone and recognized that it was Bettie calling from her office. He picked up the phone, curious as to what she had in mind. He picked up the phone.

"Hey, Baby!" he whispered hoarsely, "Want me to continue?"

Bettie did not answer. Instead, all Chris could hear was the familiar 'whirring' noise of her vibrator. "Shit!" he thought. "She's using her toy at work!"

Chris got a mental image of what Bettie was doing. She was obviously in her office, and she must be wearing a skirt today. He imagined that she was leaning back in her chair, her skirt pulled up to her waist with the panties pulled to the side. She must be resting the receiver in her lap. He could hear her quietly gasping as her toy continued to vibrate along her slit.

His I.M. 'dinged' again, as another message appeared on his screen....

Bettie: keep going

Chris' cock grew even more erect in his slacks. He could hear her quiet moans as the vibrator worked itself against her sex. He imagined her running its length slowly up and down across the entrance of her wet vagina as she stared at his messages on the screen. He continued to type....

Chris: I stand back up

Chris: and grab your thighs

Chris: pulling you closer to the edge of the bed

Chris: I begin thrusting into you more powerfully

Chris: my hand travels up your one leg

Chris: directing you foot to my mouth

Chris: my lips and teeth clamp onto the arch of your foot as I continue to fuck you

He heard Bettie let out a quiet gasp as the message flashed up on her screen. Chris smiled at her reaction, as the arches of her feet were one of Chris' favorite erogenous zones to stimulate.

Chris: my tongue travels across your toes

Chris: licking, sucking

Chris: I let go of your foot

Chris: and grab you by the hips

Chris: I pull you against me as I slam into you

Chris could tell that Bettie was stifling her groans, doing her best to remain as silent as possible to not alert her office-mates. He heard the change in the quality of the vibrator's whirring, and realized she must now be working it in and out of her sopping cunt.

Chris: I grind against you

Chris: then slowly pull out again

Chris: and SLAM into you once more

Chris: one of my hands moves to rest atop your pubic mound

Chris: my thumb presses against your clit

Chris: massaging it

Bettie began to breath in and out in shallow breaths, tiny gasps escaping with each breath. An audible "Uh, uh, uh" could be heard over the noise of the marital aid between her legs.

Chris: I begin fucking you hard

Chris: as my thumb is touching your clit

Chris: my other hand reaches under to grab your ass

Chris: squeezing it

Chris: I'm pounding against you

Chris: you feel how deep I get

Chris: I start driving into you with my weight

"Oh fuck!" he heard over the receiver of the phone. She began to quietly grunting faster, and Chris realized she was getting close.

Chris: I pick up speed

Chris: our bodies are slapping together

Chris: I'm taking long powerful thrusts in and out of you

Chris: pulling my cock all the way out before thrusting it back in to the hilt

Chris: you feel my hipbones slamming into your thighs

Chris: I gently pinch your clit between my thumb and forefinger

Chris: twisting just slightly

Chris: you're so wet

Chris: I take my hand away and grab you by the hips

Chris: you take hold of my wrists

Chris: You pull yourself into me as I pull you against my cock

Chris: I'm trying to get as deep inside you as I can

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaau uuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggg ggggghhhhhhhhhh", Bettie let out in a long, drawn-out groan "Oh my God!!!".

Chris knew she was doing as best she could to keep quiet, but he still worried that someone at her office would be alerted to what she was doing. Bettie was panting now, and he recognized that she was beginning to come down from her orgasm. He could see her chest heaving, legs quivering in his mind's eye. He heard her vibrator shut off as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

Chris: you feel better?

"Mmmhhhhmmmmm", she breathed into the phone. "Thanks."

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