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The Event


....With her arms around me she brought me into a room off the hall that consisted of only a table. This room had no windows and was rather plain. She took me by my hips and guided me to the table and insinuated with the movements of her hands on my hips that she wanted me to prop myself upon the table. I listened because I would do anything she wanted me to I was so mesmerized by her.

She ran her fingers through my hair and chills ran like water down my spine

She graced my neck with her fingertips and I thought I might die from the pleasure, for my neck has always been the most sensitive part of my body. She leaned in and kissed my cheeks ever so gently my neck the corners of my mouth, until she was on my lips, her soft lips resting upon mine an invitation I surely didn't decline. When I felt her lips part I knew her desire was to have her tongue enter my mouth and meet with my tongue. Soon enough her tongue was with mine slowly caressing and I lived in the moment between her soft tongue kissing and her fingers on my neck I could forget about k forever, maybe... her fingers fell from my neck to my back where she slowly unzipped my dress and it fell below my breasts and in this instance she took her wandering hand and used her finger tips to outline the outer most part of my nipple. She parted from me now slowly but parting all the same and although I was disappointed I was curious of what might happen next. She left the room and I sat in awe while my breasts were just hanging out of my dress. She came back with rope, but rope covered by a sheer ribbon and guided my arms behind my back and tied my wrists together ever so gently but tight enough to restrict me. Now my breasts were really pronounced as though my arms being tied behind my back made me arch in such a way as if I was showing them off. She walked behind me and kissed my neck once again and I fell into a hypnosis my eyes slowly opened and closed and when I heard footsteps that did not belong to Linda I opened my eyes to find k standing in the door way watching. I froze from humiliation and I felt borderline ashamed. From behind Linda felt my anxiousness and rubbed my shoulders.

"Oh honey you're so tense, you need not be afraid of him " She said.

She continued to kiss my neck and fondle my breasts

My cheeks were hott with shame and he continued to watch Linda make sweet love to my half naked body.

What could he be thinking? He was neither smiling nor was he frowning, still so serious as usual. She pulled me slowly back to lie on the table and pulled untied my wrists until she pulled them over my head and re-tied them together. She walked in front of me running her fingertips along my arms, my breasts, down my stomach, and under whatever was left of my dress dangling around my waist she caressed the outer lobes of my vagina, I didn't know how to react. Here we were at K's good friend's house and I was getting all the attention, I felt so selfish I wanted to apologize but when she stuck a finger within me and used such pressure with it on the most pleasurable spot my mind went blank and I gasped. She continued to prod inside and I thought that I might lose my mind and he would watch me do so. Sweat came now naturally as it always did when I was being all worked up down their I felt so dirty this is not a reaction I had wished to show off in the past especially to someone like k who I was incredibly intimidated by. I heard him walk closer to the table and between the anxiousness and the pleasure I thought that I might come that very instant. She must have leaned down in front of me because now I felt her mouth on me kissing and licking the outside of my vagina with her finger still inside. I wanted to come but I felt bad I kept holding back, he couldn't see me do something so animalistic he couldn't possible find it an honorable thing to watch me loose all inhibition all control. He came closer now over the table looking at my wet with sweat body walking around the table and observing my wet cunt. I closed my eyes tight for I wasn't sure if I could handle any reaction that came from him. I felt him then with his fingers on my face caressing and in an instant grabbing it startled me he squeezed the bottom of my face hard and I squinted my eyes open in a fearful curiosity he smirked and smacked me lightly in the face.

I see you are the guest of the hour? Are you enjoying yourself?

I said nothing paralyzed with pleasure and tension


He smirked and chuckled a bit, "you're lucky I choose you to bring to Linda's she seems to be enjoying you as well."

I sighed when I realized he wasn't angry with me.

You're going to be used allot tonight, Linda and I have invited other guests who would like to experience a taste of your body as well as a good sex show.

I shuddered to think of how that might go. He came behind me and pulled my arms back and tied them to the legs of the table now I couldn't get up. Slowly but surely I wouldn't be able to control anything that might happen to me due to my increased restriction. I felt Linda leave my vulnerable soaking cunt.

I won't be gone for long she reassured me sensually.

She left the room, and now it only was me and k, my legs still wide open in shock from all the stimulation he came in front of me now watching my cunt possibly dripping and looking so shameful he leaned down in front of me and I inhaled sharply and held my breath my eyes closed tight but he only went down to tie my legs open to the other legs of the table.

You won't be moving much, this will ensure you won't get away and everyone wins.

He stood over me

Open your eyes I want you to watch everything that happens to you, watch you receive all you deserve.

He grabbed my throat snug when I didn't comply and smacked my face hard three times

Open your eyes!

My eyes filled with tears and now I really didn't want to open them but he grabbed my throat harder and I complied before he killed me.

That's more like it

You should not fear losing control for I control you now, I will tell you what you need to do

If nothing is said you will do what others ask of you and I assure you, you will enjoy it.

I swallowed back saliva that had been building up in my mouth but despite all that my mouth was still dry.

I heard Linda talking to someone outside the room and coming closer, k went to the door and locked it, and maybe he wasn't ready for the guests to see me??

He came up to me now and stood in between my legs, he ran his hands up my ribs up to my breasts he cupped both hands over my breasts and squeezed them so hard I bit my lip he took his fingers then and squeezed my nipples I cried and he smacked my face

Your welcome! I want to hear you thank me every time I touch you every time I hurt you and every time I fuck you.

..Thank you...sir

He is my protector my direction my master

He has fallen victim to the Electra complex dictation, my father fixation, and now he is making me feel like the victim once again turning everything around since day one.

My epiphany it fills me, I know inside I'm happy

And in a moments time of my thoughts distracting me

He has entered my went cunt roughly

He grabs my face while he fucks me so deep so hard I can feel him hit my inner walls all the way to my cervix, he keeps eye contact the whole time.

You are such a good girl you always were since day one

How do I make you feel? He continues as he fucks me

I feel grateful even a bit overwhelmed sir thank you, thank you so much sir!

And I cry from being overwhelmed from the pain from the pleasure

its only him and me I feel in this moment in time and he lets go of my face and grabs my hips to better thrust himself deeper until I'm whining from the pain, he slows his thrusts to prolong the torture and when the sharp thrusts cease to continue and he pulls out from me he squeezes my cheek and kisses my head

Thank you sir

I close my eyes and smile

What a surreal life I lead

Once my fantasies but only a dream, somehow I kept them so far away

For so long I would think of them and for them to come true id pray

That for just a day I would have what I have now, It wasn't about the sex, it was purely mental and rational and only in a world in which others like me would understand.

I had a unique love for this man, as if he was my maker and I would do anything to please him.

K went to the door and unlocked it, I suppose he wanted me before someone else had me first. When Linda came in she had another woman and 3 other men with her all dressed for the occasion in high class business suits. Although just being taken by the man who I was most intimidated by one would think that anything other then that would appear as a piece of cake but I still had my fears. Ive never been so vulnerable in front of so many strangers. They walked in and saw me just laying their, their was no shock in their expression so I assumed this was something they were used to and it helped me to better feel at ease. I knew I didn't have anything to worry about because Linda and k were here, no matter how much I might be tortured I know it will only make me stronger.

One of the men from the group came to me just to observe at first I guess, he ran his fingers over my body and I got the chills, I looked over to see if k was watching with approval and he was, the man started pressing on the outer lobes of my vagina and then decided to stick two fingers inside just to get an idea of how tight I was perhaps and what I felt like,

Id like you to squeeze my fingers, can you do that for me?

I nodded and squeezed myself around his fingers as tight as I could and I heard a sigh of satisfaction escape him.

He started thrusting his fingers in and out and when he decided they weren't traveling smooth enough he put them in his mouth and then slid them back inside of me. The man knew very well what he was doing. He curved his fingers at the perfect angle to hit my g-spot and looked up every few seconds to see my reaction, I was holding my breath in fear of making obnoxious sounds but he jammed his fingers faster and harder with determination to make me scream, I was unable to hold back I was sweating and panting and whining and this really worked him up for now while he was roughly finger fucking me he had his genitals out and was stroking them to the visual of my orgasmic experience. Every time I looked like I was going to come so did he and it turned me on that it turned him on that I was turned on. I've always been so self conscious about being in such a vulnerable barbaric state but perhaps today would be the day I normalize it.

He pulled his fingers out when he thought that he might come and he then squeezed my nipple hard as his came all over my breasts, something so satisfying about this moment I couldn't describe after he came he continued to play with my breasts and now the woman walked over.

She had quite the look in her eye, quite devious but she wanted to play this I know. I can tell she couldn't wait to get her hands on me, and this excited me. she started off her fun by sliding her finger in the folds between my vagina, then she squeezed my clitoris hard with her fingers out of nowhere and I cried out she laughed and continued her cruel games. She moved her hands up to my breasts and squeezed them too then my nipples harder than the other man did and that hurt the most. She decided after to smack my face repeatedly and I felt my cheeks turn red the heat from the blood the tears filled my eyes and as she was smacking me in an instant her fingers were jamming in my vagina pounding my cervix and she was looking me dead in the eye and our eyes locked for what feels like forever and when she looks down I roll my head to the side and look at K and he is standing their just watching, is he proud of me? I look to my other side and I find the other man touching himself I guess to the sight of this girl rough housing my body she grabs my face and points me in the direction of her glare she wants to see the pain in my eyes she wants to see me crack and cry out and beg her to stop and then beg her to continue. She spit in my face, I couldn't tell if she hated me or she was stimulated by my submission to her, being dominated by a woman is new to me being I was only used to Linda's soothing touch. I longed for K to treat me this way I had a feeling he might one day. She wants to play with toys she takes out a vibrator and while she's literally choking me she has it pressed hard against my clit and I'm begging her now

I can't, I can't it's just too overwhelming

Please stop! She took her hand off my neck and slaps it hard over my mouth

you will let me do what I want and you will like it, enough of your complaining!

It shut me up verbally but it didn't stop the whimpering smothered under her hand

I knew I was going to come and cry and then come from the humiliation and as she continued to press the vibrator hard against my clit the other man just couldn't stand simply masturbating and came over and jammed his cock deep in me letting out a stifled moan, he fucked me fast as if to catch up to where I was at when he felt me clench up tight around him as a result of the vibrator he thrust-ed harder and deeper until I came so intense my vagina was pulsing, he then pulled out of me and went all over my face!

The girl removed the vibrator and slapped my aching wet cunt

You liked that I could tell you're that kind of girl

She walked away and I lay exhausted for a moment, Linda came up behind me and untied me

I was able to get up and walk around which I did looking every which way as if I was delirious and wobbling trying to find the bathroom. It was just moments it seemed that everyone's eyes were on me now I find everyone is keeping busy with conversations to themselves and I remained un-noticed naked sweating unstable and partially bloody I hold myself up against the wall and rolled my dress up above my naked body and with all the strength I had left with the walls aid tried to find my way to the bathroom. Down the hall to the left I came across the bathroom and sat in the bathtub with my head against the wall I closed my eyes, I felt just as tired and used as I did the day I was kidnapped. I looked down at my body and examined the bruises on my hips probably from the way k grabbed me their when he wanted to thrust deeper within me my face was sore from being slapped and my vagina needed some time alone before it was going to be abused again for it was so swollen I was secreting blood but I didn't care, right now what I needed was a nap, but what a terrible guest id be if I fell asleep in the bathtub at someone else's party, I wasn't even drunk.

I heard someone walk in to the bathroom

Not sure if they knew I was in here for I didn't remember to turn the lights on, or make it apparent the bathroom was occupied but the shadow of a person rolled over the shower curtain and it was k

What are you doing laying here in this bathtub?

He bent over and lifted me out of the tub and carried me in his arms like I was a baby to the other room.

He told the guests he was going to part for the night and would see them in a few days at his place and that it would be even better, and to bring their friends.

Linda approached me in K's arms and gave me a kiss on the head

You are welcome here anytime even if K isn't around I know you must get lonely waiting for him to get home from work. I smiled and k put me down

I gave Linda a long hug and then waved to the rest of the guests.

I laid awake in K's bed quite in disbelief of the nights event....

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