tagErotic HorrorThe Evil Mirror Pt. 08

The Evil Mirror Pt. 08


The Sultan stood, now robed again with Lydia by his side in front of my kneeling wife, who was still choking on his son's semen. "Ah Lady Dee. I did warn you, did I not?"

"Oh please, My Lord, please don't kill me. Please spare my life." She gasped out. "Did I not do as you asked you?"

"Yes, you did my lovely, but now I am afraid I must give you to the Djinn. It is such a waste really, you were quite good."

While my wife knelt on the floor wrists still chained together above her head, Lydia and the harem-girls made themselves busy in the Sultan's private chamber. A carpet was removed and underneath it I could see a pentagram of eastern design the very surface of which was the same darkly mirrored substance that the Demon mirrors were made of.

Thirteen great iron candlesticks were placed around it and between each a brazier filled with sweet smelling hashish as well as some other secret herbs. It was to this circle that they brought my wife, Dee and forced her to stand in the center of the pentagram, stark naked, while one by one they set the braziers alight and lit the candles. "What now?" She asked a faint defiance entering her voice. "Who is this Djinn? Another soldier you have, to rape me?"

The Sultan smiled and replied. "First lady Dee, as they say, you cannot rape a whore. And second, the Djinn is something very special, you will find him a lover like no other. He will touch you in ways no human male can.

"They say he has driven women mad with lust." Lydia interjected, which made the Sultan smile and Dee's face fall. "Now breath deeply Dee, let the sacred fumes permeate your very being as we begin the ritual." A Drum began to beat and Lydia began to chant in some language I did not understand. The harem-girls released Dee and began to dance around the pentagram in a circle. They writhed and undulated with wonderful abandon to the rhythm of the drumming and began to echo every word of Lydia's incantation.

I could see that the fumes from the braziers were beginning to affect Dee. She looked groggy and uncertain as she attempted to step out of the circle and encountered what I can only imagine to be an invisible barrier, confused she pushed against it with out-stretched hands, but it was unyielding. Dee was effectively trapped inside an unbreakable glass tube with a diameter of about ten feet; she tried to cross other points of the circle but always was stopped cold. It was then we all noticed thin black tendrils, of what might be smoke rising from the pentagram, inside her prison; They rose all about Dee and something about them filled her with fear and even panic. She dashed herself against the invisible wall and pounded her little fists against it to no avail.

The black smoke no began to take on a definite form. It had a roughly humanoid shape, though below its knees it was just a smoky mass. It had six fingers on each hand, each terminating in long cruel claw-like nails. It was bald except for a topknot, and when it smiled every tooth in its mouth was as sharp as a shark's and the only thing about the beast that was not jet-black. It's eyes were swirling pits of fire that looked on the naked body of my wife with unconcealed lust.

As soon as this thing had coalesced before my wife, she made one final attempt to flee the circle and with the same result. I could hear her screaming above the sounds of the chanting and the incantations as the Djinn gestured smiling, and from the floor (yet still attached to his vaporous form) many ropey tendrils of smoke reached for her. The smoke wrapped around her wrists, and ankles, around her elbows and knees; they pulled her away from the edge of the circle and slowly turned her to face the Djinn. Her arms were pulled straight out to her sides as the Djinn studied her, his eyes roving over every inch of her naked flesh. More tendrils slowly reached for her, caressing her perfect white skin. She shuddered at their touch and shook her lovely head and begged the creature to stop. "No please don't do this, please." She begged shaking that tousseled head of chestnut hair from side to side. The fiend only grinned wider in response and then as quick as the wind the smoke was forcing its way into her nose and when she opened her mouth to cry out, to gasp for breath a great gout of the evil black stuff flowed past her lovely lips and down her throat.

Dee's whole body stiffened for an instant and then convulsed violently as the stuff continued to invade her. I was terrified that she would suffocate, but the smoke eventually withdrew and left her coughing and gasping for air. It was then that the tendrils of smoke redoubled their assault on her body; tiny wisps tickled her breasts, her aureoles and nipples. Her legs were slowly pulled wide and the smoke invaded that sweetness between her thighs. Dee seemed drugged, her eyes were rolled up in her head and she moaned quietly as the smoke touch, tweaked and caressed every part of her. The Djinn continued to grin lustfully at her, but now his own physical response was becoming all too apparent, a phallus made up of the same smoky substance jutted menacingly from his groin. While I watched helplessly the tendrils lifted Dee from the ground, her knees were spread wide. As the Djinn came nearer, the tendrils spread her flower open for him and caressed her little bud until she was nearly coming even before his cock touched her. Slowly, slowly the Djinn put his cock into Dee. His clawed hands caressed her face, her fabulous tits and finally gripped her by the ass and pushed his way fully into her. All the while she was trembling and moaning, at first she was continuing to beg for him to cease his molestation of her, but quickly the moans became ones of animal lust, punctuated by little cries of abject pleasure. Dee wrapped her legs around the Djinn's body and thrust herself against his cock in time with the rhythm of his hips. I could tell she was lost to anything but the sensation of this creature fucking her and fuck her it did. The Djinn itself, stayed almost rock still except for the thrust of its hips, which was in tempo with the beat of the drums. Slowly, slowly the tempo, increased until Dee was getting violently fucked. Again and again I saw her climax, writhing on the Djinn's cock.

After the third climax; I could hear her voice, begging. "Oh God enough, enough. Oh God just do it, do it! Cum! Cum, oh God please, please, cum. In me! On me! I don't care!"

The Djinn only grinned wider and redoubled his assault on Dee's body and in another minute and filled Dee's body with his semen. She had cum spectacularly at the instant that the Djinn had thrust his cock deeply into her and came himself. Dee's whole body was aquiver and she cried out in pleasure and despair. In spite at the horror of the whole thing I found the image impossibly erotic, but now poor Dee was almost lost, nearly unconscious and still impaled on the Djinn's now motionless member.

I thought that maybe this would be the end of Dee's torment at the hands of the Djinn but I was mistaken. The thing smiled at her caressing her cheek, with a mock tenderness as around her more tendrils of the demonic smoke emanated from his form.

"Please." She pleaded breathless "Not again. Please."

The tendrils slowly coalesced into an exact replica of the Djinn that stood before her, except that this one stood behind, his erection pointing menacingly at her wonderful ass.

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