The Face-Painter Ch. 08


Beneath the little mandarin collar, an opening spread nearly all the way across the full breadth of her chest. The opening then plunged downward, exposing an impressive amount of the upper swells of her large round breasts before ending in a smooth semi-circle that delightfully accentuated the heavy front shelf of her thrusting tits. My eyes were drawn magnetically to that hypnotically alluring opening, her huge tits pushed provocatively together and upwards by the tight-fitting dress and whatever type of heavily-structured undergarment she was wearing beneath. Her line of deep dark cleavage was huge; I swear it was deep enough to get lost in. I immediately pictured sliding my long hard cock deep into the hot inviting crevice.

Finally, I tore my eyes away from her magnificent breasts and looked upwards. The mandarin collar circled her long regal neck nicely, the brilliant red color of the dress contrasting vividly with my mother's smooth white skin. Most of her soft tender neck was exposed as her hair had been pulled up attractively. I could see her frosty blonde locks intricately tucked up at the back and sides of her pretty face. It looked like something that would have taken a hairdresser a long time to do; but the results were definitely worth it. Her pulled back hair framed her beautifully made-up face sensually, with purposely placed loose wisps and tendrils seeming to lick tantalizingly at her exposed neck. Glittering diamond earrings hung enchantingly at each side of her pretty face, swaying teasingly as she tilted her head slightly to one side. And her face.......her face was perfect; her bronze eye shadow and mascara made her brilliant blue eyes all the more spellbinding than they normally were while a soft pinkish hue on her cheeks contrasted sensually with the brilliant red lipstick that adorned her full bee-stung lips. Her lips, those full sensuous pillows that I had dreamed of having wrapped around my cock forever looked fantastic. The vivid red lipstick glistened wetly with an alluring sensuality that sent a tingling jolt right to my groin.

My Aunt Julia was right.....I loved the dress.....and even more.....the woman inside it. My eyes roamed up and down over her gorgeous lush body again, taking in every tantalizing detail once more. My God, she looked amazingly hot and absolutely stunning. This was definitely a woman that every girl or woman wanted to look like.....and every man wanted to be with.

"Well, son, what do you think?" she asked again as I stood there immobile. I realized it must have only been a few seconds since she came into the room, but I was so hypnotically enthralled with taking in every heavenly detail, it felt like I had been staring at her for hours.

"Mom, you look incredible!" I definitely wasn't exaggerating. It was like there were no words that could do her justice.

"You haven't seen the whole thing yet," she said happily as she walked further into the kitchen. She moved right past me and I gazed in awe at her incredible form. When she'd been first standing there, I wondered how she'd been able to move in such a slim-fitting dress; but now I knew. On the outside of each leg, there was a sexy 8" slit going from the hem upwards. With each step she took, I was offered a tantalizing view of her shapely toned legs as the slit opened. As she moved past me, my eyes moved from the teasing slit to the back of the dress, and I gulped as I saw how snugly it fit over her wide lush behind. The red silk dress tightly cupped that incredible ass, almost screaming out for my hands to reach forward and cup those luscious orbs myself. I looked closely and all I saw was the smooth flow of the shiny silk material over those soft-looking mounds; not a panty-line in sight. She was either wearing a tiny thong, or nothing at all for the back of the dress to look like that.

"Well?" she asked again as she did a bit of a pirouette and stood directly in front of me.

My hungry eyes looked her over from head to toe once more before responding. "Mom, that dress is amazing. And look glamorous in it."

"Thanks. I got it especially for today. Do you really like it?" She twirled a bit from side to side and gave me a smoldering provocative look as she tilted her head coquettishly.

"I love it. You look so beautiful." I put one hand across my stomach and one hand behind my back and gave a little bow. "I would be honored to be your escort for the evening."

My playful bow brought a big smile to her pretty face. "Well, how much is this evening going to cost me, Mr. Escort? This is Las Vegas, and even I know escorts don't come for free."

"Well, that depends on what the lady wants," I replied as I looked at her teasingly.

She gave a bit of a playful look in return before reaching for a little red clutch purse sitting on the counter. "I guess we'll just have to see how the evening goes. Do you take credit cards?"

"Oh, I'm afraid not; cash only, you know."

"Hmmmmm, well, if it gets to that point, we just might have to see if we can work out some sort of trade." Jesus, she was getting me hot already, and we hadn't even left the house yet!

"I'm ready to listen to whatever you have to offer."

"Right now, let's get dinner. We better go; our reservation is for 6:00."

"After you." I gave another semi-bow as I gestured towards the front door. I was happy to follow her out and look at that full lush ass of hers as it swayed provocatively from side to side with each step. I loved the sound her 4" heels made as they clacked across the hard tile floor as we made our way out. She paused to set the alarm and lock the door and then I took her arm as we went to the car. She stopped in her tracks after only a couple of steps.

"Un-uh," she said with a shake of her head.


"Put the top up on that car, buster. I didn't have Marcel spend two hours on this hair to have it ruined by going for a joyride in your convertible."

"Whatever you say, my dear." I smiled to myself as I quickly put the roof up and locked it in place. I strode around to the passenger side and pulled the door wide open for her. I pointed to the inside of the car and gave another little bow. "M'lady." She had beautiful smile on her face as she stepped past me and slid gracefully into the car. My eyes immediately went to the large expanse of creamy thigh she exposed as she drew one long sexy leg in after the other, those tantalizing slits in her dress displaying her glistening alabaster columns seductively. Man, like I said, I don't know if she had some kind of oil or cream on those legs or what, but did they ever look great.

"So where's Zoey?" I asked nonchalantly as we headed towards the strip.

"She went to L.A. early this morning with Jenna and her parents. Jenna's applied to USC for next year and they're going to check things out. She wanted Zoey to keep her company."

"Do you think Zoey's gonna want to go away too?"

"I don't think so. She hasn't said anything and I think she'll be happy to go to UNLV. I'm kinda glad actually."

"You like having her at home?"

"I guess; she is my youngest after all. But besides that, I think it will be good to keep a bit of an eye on her. I'm starting to think there might be boy trouble coming."

"What gives you that idea?"

"Well, she's been acting a little different just the last couple of days. And I recognize the look she has from my own younger days. I'm not sure if she's met a new boy or what, but she's certainly acting that way; kind of giddy and smiling all the time. I'll probably have to keep a closer eye on her."

"Hmmmm, anything you think I can do to help?" Little did she know that this change in Zoey was directly related to the amount of cum I was feeding her.

"Well, it wouldn't hurt you to spend more time with her. I know she can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, but she is your little sister and I know she looks up to you."

"Well, okay." I made a bit of a face as if she had to twist my arm to get me to agree to this.

"That's great. I think it'll be good for both of you." I knew it would definitely be good for me, and with the enthusiasm Zoey had shown so far, I was going to do all I could to make it good for her too.

We chatted on as I drove and in just a short time, we arrived at the Venetian. I was going to park right there as the new restaurant my mother had wanted to try was right inside the hotel, and the Cirque du Soleil show was right across the street at Treasure Island. Mom took my arm as we made our way through the hotel to the restaurant. I noticed many admiring glances fixed on us as we passed. All eyes, both male and female, seemed to be focused on my ravishing mother, but that was fine with me; it felt great to just have her on my arm.

The restaurant was really nice, relatively small but with a large wait staff that ensured prompt service. We were seated at a table to one side, and I noticed as soon as we sat down, that a man sitting with his wife a short distance away did a double-take as the maître d' held my mother's chair for her. I smiled inwardly; knowing that was something I probably would have done myself if I was in his place.

The restaurant specialized in seafood, and we were both anxious see how it was. The waiter brought us each a glass of an excellent red wine he'd suggested as we looked over the menu. We shared some delicious crab cakes for an appetizer, while for the entrée; my mother ordered an herb-crusted salmon with risotto while I asked for a seafood linguine dish that sounded good.

The conversation flowed freely between the two of us. Most of the talk being about usual every day stuff; my sisters, what I was working on, my mother's enjoyment of her new hobby; golf, and stuff like that. She smiled continuously, and it warmed me inside to see her so happy. I don't think it mattered what we talked about, she was just happy to be out. I saw her look around the restaurant a number of times; her eager eyes taking in what other people were wearing, what they were eating; just happy to be out and part of the hustle bustle again. I took those opportunities when she was looking around to ogle that magnificent chest of hers. Those tremendous knockers of hers seemed about to spill out of the front of her dress at any second. That deep scooped opening in her shiny red dress drew the eyes of every red-blooded male in the place, not just mine. But sitting directly across from her, I certainly had the best view. I almost lost myself gazing into the deep long line of cleavage; constantly have to draw on every ounce of willpower to pull my hungry eyes away from the voluptuous display she was presenting to me.

The waiter set our meals before us and the scent of the hot food had my mouth watering, but I'm sure my mouth was well on the way already from staring at my mother's delectable rack. We started to eat, and I was happy to at least satisfy one of the hungers I was feeling. My mother loved her salmon and my seafood linguine was exquisite. We eagerly shared our meals with each other, sensually feeding each other across the table. As I watched my mother's mouth open and close around my fork, my thoughts drifted back to that episode from a couple of nights before when we'd fed each other whipped cream off our fingers.

"Mmmmm, that tastes so good," she crooned, closing her eyes in bliss as she savored another tasty bite of my food. I looked to the side and saw the married guy looking at the rapturous look on her face as she let the succulent flavors roll around on her taste-buds. His wife seemed oblivious to his stare as I could see her busy texting on her phone. She looked like a skinny little thing, and I'm sure my mother's voluptuous figure was a feast to his wandering eyes.

Everything was absolutely delicious and we finished every savory morsel. As the waiter took our plates away, I excused myself and went to the washroom. Standing at the urinal, I heard the door open and the married guy who'd looked over a number of times walked past me to another urinal further down. I automatically looked in his direction and he me gave that nod; you know the one, the same one you give your co-workers when you pass them in the hallway every day at work. It's basically that nod that says, "Yeah, I know who you are, and you know who I am, but we don't really have anything to say to each other." I returned his acknowledging nod and finished up, then stepped over to one of the sinks and started washing my hands. My eyes flicked over to the side as the guy appeared at the sink two over from me.

"Nice place," he said, giving me another one of those little nods as he started to wash his hands.

"Yeah, the food's pretty good, too."

"Look, uh......could I ask you a question?" I finished rinsing off my hands and grabbed some paper towels as the guy spoke. I could see that he looked nervous as all get out.

"Uh.....sure," I replied, wondering what he was going to say.

"Um.....that.....that woman you're with....." He kind of paused in what he was saying as he started to dry his own hands. Maybe he was wondering if I was going to have some kind of aggressive attitude before he continued with what he actually wanted to say.

"Yes?" I replied calmly, letting the guy know that unless he said something way out of line, he didn't have anything to worry about. I was actually finding the whole curious encounter kind of interesting.

"She....uh....her.....her name's not "Wifey" by any chance is it?" As he said this, he looked both nervous and totally relieved at the same time as if he'd finally gotten a huge load off his chest. I remembered the number of times he'd looked over at her during dinner. If he was thinking that was Wifey actually sitting there, it must have been driving him crazy, wanting to know the truth.

A huge grin appeared on my face as I tossed the paper towels into the trash container. "Sorry, buddy, but that's not Wifey." I gave a little shake of my head and raised my eyebrows as if to say that his dream of actually seeing his fantasy woman in the flesh was unfortunately not happening; at least not today.

" you know who I'm talking about?" He asked; just to make sure we were on the same wavelength.

"Yes. I know who Wifey is. Unfortunately that's not her. But thanks very much, I'll take that as a compliment."

"Well, I'm sorry to have troubled you. I meant no offense; it's just that your date is a very beautiful woman."

"That's fine, don't worry about it," I replied with a dismissive wave of my hand. "But that woman, she's not just my date, she's my mother." I saw the guy's jaw almost hit the floor as I opened the door and left him to his own thoughts. He reappeared a few moments later and I gave him a big smile as he sheepishly took his seat.

"How about we share a piece of cheesecake for dessert?" My mother asked as she put down the dessert menu she'd been perusing while I was in the washroom.

"Sure, that sounds good." The waiter caught my eye and came over quickly.

"Will we be having dessert tonight?" he asked as he looked first at my mother and then at me. I don't know why they say that; I had no frickin' idea if he was gonna have dessert, but I knew we were.

"We'll have one piece of cheesecake and two forks please; and a couple of coffees." I looked at my mother as I ordered for both of us and she nodded in agreement.

"Yes, sir." As the waiter turned to go, my mother reached out and touched his sleeve, stopping him.

"Could we have a couple of scoops of whipped cream on that please?" she asked before looking back at me with a wicked little glint in her eye.

"Yes, of course miss." As she turned back to face me, I wasn't sure if the little smile on her face was due to what she'd ordered, or if she was just happy that the guy had called her 'miss', and not 'ma'am' or 'madam'.

"Dessert is always better with whipped cream, don't you think, Connor?"

"I couldn't agree with you more," I replied as I returned her conspiratorial grin.

The waiter brought our coffees and a minute or so later arrived with the cheesecake, nicely adorned with two little dollops of whipped cream, and two forks. My mother stuck her fork in and carved off a small piece, making sure a nifty gob of the cream came away with it. She reached across the table, as if to feed it to me.

"Lady's first," I said as I held up my hand, stopping her.

She stopped and looked at me, and I saw she had that nasty twinkle in her eye once more. "I want us to feed each we did the other night." I dropped my hand back to the table and just looked at her. We looked deep into each other's eyes and I could see that she was thinking about what had happened two nights ago, just like I was. And the look in her eyes told me she'd liked it, again, just like I had.

"Alright," I said calmly as I leaned forward and let her feed me. I closed my mouth on her fork and slowly drew it backwards, taking the food with me. The cheesecake was rich, creamy and delicious. I grabbed my own fork and sliced off a similar piece as she patiently waited, her eyes looking at me suggestively. Like she had done, I made sure the whipped cream clung to the piece I offered her. She kept her eyes locked on mine as she leaned forward. I watched enthralled as she formed her mouth into a perfect "O" and slipped her pouty red lips over my fork and closed her mouth upon the creamy sweetness.

"Mmmmmm," she let out a purr of satisfaction as I watched her close her eyes in blissful satisfaction. When she was finished, she fed me another piece, and then I returned the favor. Each piece I fed her was a sensual delight to see. It was like she was making love to the food as she gave off little mews and whimpers as she slowly savored each creamy morsel. It was one of the sexiest things I have ever witnessed in my life. I kept picturing what she could do with my cock in her mouth like that; and fortunately, the stiff bar in my pants was hidden beneath the edge of the table and my napkin. I looked over and saw the married guy staring at my mother with his mouth hanging open as his wife continued to be distracted with her phone.

"Mmmmmm, that tasted so good," she said softly as the final piece disappeared, the warm creamy goodness sliding luxuriously down her throat. I pictured a big load of my thick cum sliding down that same silky passage. I reached for my coffee and took a good slurp of the hot drink to try and calm myself. Yeah, that's it.....trying to calm myself by drinking coffee; what an idiot I am. Well, at least it might keep me awake later.....and I could only dream that I might need that extra energy.

As we finished our coffees, I gave our waiter 'the nod' and he appeared a minute or so later with our bill. I instinctively reached for it but my mother snatched it away before I had a chance.

"Mom, no, I've got it." I tried to reach across but she pulled the bill further away from me.

"No," she replied adamantly. "I asked you out and I intend on paying. This isn't the '50's, son. A woman has just as much right to pay as the man."

"Alright." I threw up my hands in resignation, knowing this was one argument I was not going to win. She reached into her little purse and slid her credit card onto the little tray with the bill. The waiter quickly gathered it up and stepped away.

"Besides," she said as she tilted her head provocatively and looked at me with that quirky little smile of hers. "You're my escort tonight, and since I've paid for dinner, I just might expect you to put out later."

This was getting very interesting. As I looked down into that deep inviting valley of her cleavage, I was more than willing to play along with this. "Well, I just might have to play hard to get." This brought a curious little smile to her face and a twinkle to her eye as she sat back slightly and appraised me, like a rancher looking over a prized stallion they were interested in buying.

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