The Find


Chapter 1 McDonalds

"No tables as usual," I thought balancing my tray in my hand as I fending off the usual excited kids running around. Then I spotted a woman get up from a table in the far corner and gather up a toddler and several shopping bags into a buggy. I made for the empty table. The woman seemed harassed because the toddler wanted a different toy and wasn't about to leave without it. I was hungry so left her to it and cleared the debris of their meal from the table. By the time I sat down they were heading out of McDonalds. I had a vague impression of the back of a woman in a blue blouse and denim skirt with long chestnut hair down her back. Then I noticed her purse.

She had left an old, red, leather purse on the seat opposite me. Curious, I picked it up and opened it, feeling a bit guilty about prying into somebody's secrets but wanting to know more about her. It contained a little money; not enough to be worth nicking; a dog eared photo of the daughter I had seen and a single parent benefit book. I knew immediately that I had to return the purse for the little girl's sake. After all she depended on the single parent benefit. But it didn't seem that urgent so I finished my cheeseburger and coffee.

The benefit book yielded an address I recognised on a council estate not far away. Fifteen minutes walk brought me to Poplar Avenue. The garden was homely. Not scruffy but with kid's toys and an old football on the grass. There was no sign of a car or home improvements, just a bog standard 1930s council semi.

I knocked and a boy of about 10 answered. I explained what I wanted and he called upstairs "Mum, some bloke's 'ere to see you."

"What's he want," came back a melodious voice.

"Say's he's got your purse, like," the lad told her.

"Ohhh! Come in, whoever you are. I'll be down in a second."

I stepped into the hallway. The lad didn't invite me into the living room but just stood at the foot of the stairs watching me warily. I had a moment to form impressions. There clearly wasn't much money to go around. The carpet was threadbare and there was no lightshade. But it was clean and there were wild flowers in a little vase on the window sill.

Then she came to the top of the stairs. I knew from her benefit book that her name was Debbie. She was of medium height and build. . She wasn't a classical beauty with her glasses and no make up on. But her chestnut hair, falling softly over her shoulders, was striking and she had a nice smile.

"Sorry to keep you. I was just going to have a shower," she said.

I could see that. The top button of her blouse was undone and her skirt zip too. She seemed quite un-phased about being seen by a strange man in this state and made no attempt to do up her blouse. She just said, "Go on into the living room and make yourself at home".

I did. There was children's clutter and the furniture was obviously second hand but it was clean and the sofa, with a colourful throw to disguise its age, looked comfy. There was a chair opposite. She hesitated, looked at me, seemed to decide that I was safe and sat next to me on the sofa. I gave her back her purse. She was nervous. It was clearly important to her and as she grabbed for it our fingers touched. She seemed to find this reassuring and relaxed until her fingers were gentle. She carefully opened the purse and counted the money. Obviously she had to count the pennies and knew just how much should be there. When the figure tallied, she half turned and gave a radiant smile as she thanked me. That wasn't all. I also got a peek of a pretty, pink and white bra half covering two full, firm breasts.

"I'm going to play footie, mum," called the boy and ran out leaving the front door to bang behind him. Debbie had such an open face. Already I could read that she was thinking, "We're alone now."

I asked "Where's your little girl?"

"Upstairs, asleep. Do want a coffee?" she added perhaps to cover her indecision.

"Please," I said and she got up and went through to the kitchen. She left the door open and I noticed the supple, natural way that she moved. I wanted to be near her and went to help. She didn't let me but I had time to look around the kitchen. Clothes were drying on a horse. Amongst the kid's stuff I couldn't help seeing a pair of tiny, sheer black panties. My eyes made the connection to her body and she knew it. But she just smiled as though they were normal attire.

I was more embarrassed and went back to the living room first. The sofa was low and when she followed and stood in front of me with the mug in her hand her skirt was at eye level. It was worn but interestingly short and her thighs were firm, bare and smooth.

She handed me the mug and again allowed her fingers a lingering touch. "Are you always gentle with your hands .....?" She wondered aloud.

"Paul" I said, not sure if I was taking unfair advantage of her gratitude.

She sat down and answered her own question by shooting out her legs and tossing back her hair. That thrust her bosom up. The effect was electric and I decided to prove my gentleness by accepting her second suggestion. I moved my hands slowly towards her blouse button, giving her a chance to back out. But she just leaned back and made a little purring sound.

That was it. I slowly undid her blouse and eased it off. She was still passive as I gently fondled round the flowers at the top of her bra. But she came alive when I cupped her breast. She wore no padding and I could feel her nipple harden. She sprang forward and thrust her breast into my hand, the nipple trying to get between my fingers. Beautiful as it was, the bra had to go. I reached round urgently for the hooks. But they were covered in hair and it was so thick and soft it made me wait and play with it.

My mouth occupied the time nuzzling her cleavage. She had no perfume on and smelt and tasted of natural woman. Lovely! And she made it better by using her own hands on my back and neck. They had washed a few dishes in their time but were so caring it was beautiful.

I don't know how long we played like that but eventually her bra seemed to undo itself and I eased the straps off her shoulders. She did the rest as I lay back and gloated at the most beautiful tits I have ever seen. Her eyes were closed but she seemed to know where I was looking and enjoyed it; a secret smile coming to her lips and a flush to her cheeks.

When she opened her eyes my cock was getting uncomfortably obvious in my trousers. She giggled and then, damn it, her mobile phone rang. She shrugged, got up and went to answer it in the kitchen. I couldn't hear the conversation but felt irrationally jealous and annoyed that the encounter was over especially as I noticed a photo of a guy framed on the wall.

"I'm out of here," I thought and started to pick my shopping up off the floor. Then Debbie came back. I glanced at the guy's mug shot with a question in my eyes. She read my meaning. "That's Wayne's dad," she explained. "I keep it there for him but if it bothers you......"

She leaned across me and stretched up to reach the photo. I felt her skirt hem in my hair and her hot firm thighs against my cheeks. The weight of her pushed my head back and I looked up.

She had little pink lacy panties, torn at the waist band and curled to one side. Underneath she was freshly shaved and her pussy looked pink, girlish and moist. Doubts fled and I slid my hands slowly up the back of her skirt. Her buttocks were firm, bare and like everything else about her warm, soft and uninhibited. She made no resistance and I pulled her down onto my tongue. She must have had those panties on all day and the scent of her sweaty horniness was just indescribable.

I held her tight and she used her hands on the back of my neck to guide my tongue all round her labia. It didn't occur to her to stop and take her panties off. She was happy to soak them. Believe me they were dripping by the time she jerked back as her orgasm hit her.

She tumbled over the arm of the sofa and I got up, unbuttoning and pushing down my trousers and underpants at the same time. I had the biggest ever erection.

"My God, Paul, fuck me", was her reaction. Somehow I remembered that she liked it gentle and controlled myself. I slowly completed undressing in front of her, letting her ogle me and wonder what was coming next. Then I gently lifted her bum onto the arm of the sofa. She read my mind again and put a cushion underneath. She was at the perfect height with her pussy oozing and her legs spread. I closed them gently before sliding down her panties. She tossed them off her toes and flung herself wide.

Standing between her legs she was so easy to enter and I rammed her deeply, satisfying both our immediate needs. "I'm going to cum," I said through gritted teeth after only a minute, trying not to in order to prolong the pleasure. But it was no use and I tried to pull out because I had no condom. She wasn't bothered and wrapped her thighs round me to hold me in. I exploded deep inside her and she moaned in ecstasy.

Afterwards she looked content and incredibly beautiful. I quickly hardened again whilst she made a love nest of cushions on the floor. This time I mounted her and gently stroked her clit with my cock tip, then eased in and almost out, driving her to frenzied grabs on my bum to push me back in. Eventually, exhausted we lay in each others arms for a few minutes until the glow wore off and the reality of my evening business class loomed.

She was still asleep so I wrote her a note. "Thanks. You were the best find of my life."

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