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The Game


After my long and dull meeting ended I was eager to get away from the clichéd business speak and settle into a quiet bar stool for a slow gin and tonic. Maybe chase it with a beer. I took a walk several blocks from the convention center in hopes of not bumping into anyone I'd know and found a quaint little establishment that seemed perfect for what I was looking for. The lights were down low, the music not deafeningly loud and a cute bartender to boot. Perfect.

I order up my gin and tonic and sip it slowly, feeling the cool drink slide down my throat, the alcohol easing my tired being. Soon I'm in my own little bubble, impervious to the outside world, for a short time at least. Until Amber arrived and introduced me to her own version of existence. Little did I know.

5'6", dark hair, slightly over 110 lbs and fit as a marathon runner, she scooted up in the bar stool next to me. Initially I was so absorbed in my drink that I didn't even notice her. If it hadn't been for the gentle wafting of her lovely perfume I may never have. Normally I'm not even a perfume kind of guy, most of them give me a headache. But Amber smelled like pure sweet vanilla cream.

My nostrils flair and I look around to see where that lovely fragrance is coming from. Our eyes meet and we both instantly know. What a rare and wonderful coincidence. We smile approvingly but don't speak. I sip again at my drink and moan softly at how it makes me feel, moments later she does the same. Like a lock and a key.

At ease in each other's presence our verbal doesn't begin for several minutes and when it does there is no talk of the weather, no talk of the stress of life, no mention of traffic or any of life's other dull mundane details.

She speaks first. "You're not wearing your ring, but you are married and not happily. You immerse yourself in work and then sip the occasional gin and tonic to make it go away. It's not enough. The gin and tonic is not enough to suspend reality. You need more."

Our eyes lock during her assessment, neither of us deflect, like two opposing trains on the same track. I say the only thing worth saying. "Yes, you are correct." Takes one to know one, I surmise, instantly understanding that her existence is an anti-parallel universe. We are mirror images.

We empty our drinks, pay the tab and slip off of our bar stools. Extending her hand she says "follow me, let us suspend reality more effectively."

I follow her out of the bar, my eyes darting uncontrollably up and down her lithe body. The gentle curve of her hips, narrowing to a waist tight enough for me to nearly wrap my hands around. Small, perky tits. White creamy skin gracing the lines of her long, slender neck. We walk arm in arm across the street to her hotel, take the elevator up without so much as a word.

We enter her spacious room and walk toward the bed when she starts to speak. "I knew instantly when I entered that bar today that we were made for each other. I'm a very sexually driven woman who needs much more than my husband can or will provide. I need to be sexually pleased, I need to fuck and suck and cum and I plan to use your wonderful body to meet my needs. You have a gorgeous body. I wonder if your wife even appreciates you. I think not. I think she takes you for granted. Well I won't. I'm going to relish in using you and milking you dry."

We embrace briefly, I run my hands up and down her curvaceous sides. She breaks our embrace and moves to the night stand and takes out a blindfold from the top drawer. "I'm going to slip into something more comfortable and while I'm doing that, take off your clothes, all of them, fold them neatly and place them in the dresser. Put on the blindfold and remain standing here until I return." Our eyes lock, I know my pupils have dilated with excitement, so much so that the room is suddenly much brighter.

I do as requested, first unbuttoning and removing my shirt, my nipples already rock hard. Then my pants, my socks and finally my underwear. I fold them neatly, place them in the drawer before returning to the center of the room and donning the blindfold.

Several minutes pass before I again detect her presence. Again, its her lovely perfume that betrays her return. I can feel her gaze then hear her soft footfalls on the carpeting as she walks in slow circles around me. I feel so exposed and aroused being placed under her microscope.

"I can see you take good care of yourself" she says, running her hands up and down my firm abdominal muscles, circling around me. Her hands move lower to squeeze my ass. "Such a tight firm ass you have my darling." Her hands move up and down my firm thighs as she moves back around in front of me. "Oh and this cock... this cock is gorgeous. I'm going to have so much fun fucking it, sucking it, teasing it. Your balls are big and heavy and full of cum. We'll both surely enjoy that too. I promise you."

"But before we get to what I want to do to your cock, your beautiful lips need to become acquainted with my pussy. Mmmm I can't wait to cum all over your pretty mouth. Come now, let's get you into position. I want you to lie on the bed on your back with your head hanging over the edge. I'm going to lower myself onto your face and grind my sweet pussy against you until I explode and bathe your face in my sweet girl cum."

Amber guides me onto the bed, I roll over and slide to the edge. I can hear the soft rustle of of clothing as she removes her panties. Then feel as she teases the soft material over my nose. The wonderful fragrance of her perfume combined with the heady scent of her wet pussy fill my nostrils. I take it in, moaning softly. "Mmm, you smell wonderful, Amber. I can't wait to please you with my mouth, my lips, my cock, my fingers... my entire body is yours to enjoy and do with what you like."

"Oh, that's a good slut. I'm glad to see you're devoted to your cause. You're just what I've been needing for a very long time."

Slowly she eases up close to me, her wonderfully fragrant pussy hovering just inches over my face. She begins rubbing my chest, gently squeezing and pinching my nipples. They harden at her touch and she continues, gradually increasing the pressure until she's pinching them hard. "Oh, I can see you like a bit of pain play, don't you slut. Pinching your nipples has already made you harder... oh... and I think I see a bit of precum already forming. Well, we can't let that go to waste, can we?"

She reaches down and takes my cock in her hand, gently squeezing at the tip, opening up my cum slit and scoops up a generous droplet of precum. "I need to know how you taste, but before I find out for myself I want you to tell me." She brings her finger to my mouth and I open up obediently. I suck on her finger as if it were her clit and lick the precum from my lips. "That's it slut boy, relish in the taste of your own juices for a moment, then describe their flavor for me." I suck her finger a while longer before she removes her finger.

"My precum tastes thick and rich on my tongue. It's both salty and sweet and very enjoyable to savor."

"Very nice description" she replies. "Maybe I need to have a little taste for myself." She leans down, holding the base of my cock in her soft hand she puts her mouth around the head of my cock, her tongue darting in and out of my cum slit. She presses firmly with the tip of her tongue, probing deep inside my cock. "Mmm" she moans, the vibrations reverberate against my hard cock. "I'm glad you also enjoy my precum, my Queen." I open my legs wide to give her full access to my cock, balls and whatever else she might desire.

She runs her sharp nails up and down my inner thighs. "Oh, that's a good little slut. I just love to see how horny you are. There's nothing I like better than a horny man slut."

"But enough about you, it's time for my pleasure." She stands back up, hovering over me and takes my face in her hands, slowly lowering her pussy onto my mouth. I open my mouth and firmly press my tongue against her clit while she grinds her sweet pussy against me. I moan softly against her horny pussy. "Mmm, you taste soo good my Queen. Just relax and let me please you, cum whenever you're ready." She continues grinding her pussy against me, my tongue pressing against her clit, running along her slit and probing her tight pussy hole with each stroke. I can feel her lips swelling, her clit hardening over time and I know it won't be long before I get my prize. She leans forward and opens her legs wider, placing even more pressure on my face and begins grinding harder and faster. Soon her legs are bucking, intense moans escape her lips and her pussy begins to quiver.

"Oh my god... Oh my god... I'm cumming" she screams. Her pussy bucking and grinding faster and faster as it erupts on my mouth, coating my face with her sweet juices. I lap at her pussy, eagerly trying to milk her for all I can get. I take her clit in my mouth and suck it hard, running my tongue over the sensitive bud and moan against it. Her orgasm proceeds for several more seconds as she feeds me even more of her sweet girl cum.

She stays pressed against me but reaches back and removes the blindfold, finally allowing me a view of the beautiful pussy I just sucked to orgasm. She is clean shaved, the very tips of her outer lips a beautiful dark brown, the inside the most beautiful bright pink I have yet seen.

"Mmm your pussy is as beautiful as it is delicious, truly a pleasure to fuck with my mouth."

"Glad you enjoyed it because there'll be a lot more before I'm done with you" she says with a mischievous smile.

Amber stands up alongside the bed and with the blindfold gone, her naked body is a sight to behold. Long thin legs reveal the fruits of her exercise program, showing definition as she shifts her weight from side to side. My eyes glide up her creamy skin and settle on her perfect perky A-cup tits. Her nipples stand erect, red in the center slowly fading to a dark brown at the edges.

"I'm glad you like what you see" she says, knowingly. After several minutes of gazing at her, she sits on the floor facing me, her image inverted as I stare into her lovely face still lying upside down on the bed.

"I think it's time to play a little game" she says, gently stroking my hair with the tips of her fingers. "Now that I've gotten to cum I feel much calmer and have the patience to play with you a bit more. Here's the game we'll play: I'm going to put the blind fold on you then I'm going to play with your cock, tease it, maybe even hurt it a little bit in various ways. It will be your job to tell me what it is that I'm doing to your cock. Am I stroking it with my hands? With my feet? Am I sucking it? Was that my teeth raking over your cock head or was it my fingernails. Was it my tongue slipping inside it's pretty cum slit or was it a cock plug? The list goes on. There will be several rules. 1. You are not allowed to cum. If you are getting close and don't think you can take any more you need to warn me and I'll stop what I'm doing. 2. No peeking. If I catch you cheating you will be punished. Finally, you need to correctly guess what I'm doing 3 times before I take the blindfold off. When I take the blindfold off, you'll be rewarded, I get you off using one of the methods you guessed correctly. Your choice. And of course for each time you incorrectly guess what I'm doing, you will receive a punishment."

"Now, flip over and lie on your back, get your head up at the head of the bed. I'm going to tie you up spread eagle so I have full access to whatever I need." She left the blindfold off while she tied first my arms, then my legs to the bed with soft silk scarves. Of course she did whatever she cold to tease me while doing so. She positioned herself so her tits were just inches from my face while tying my arms. Her nipples so beautiful and inviting that my mouth began watering. When it came time to tie up my legs, she crouched on the bed, bending over to give me the most marvelous view of her round ass, her cheeks gently parted to show off her pretty little shaved pussy. Finally, she squatted down over my chest to slip the blindfold on. By the time I was finally tied up and blindfolded a steady stream of precum was running from my cock.

"Well, my gorgeous slut, it's time to begin. I'm really going to enjoy teasing and tormenting you. Your balls will be so sore you'll just be begging me to make you cum by the time this little game is over. It's going to be harder than you think, trust me."

"Okay, here goes." I could feel my cock being lifted gently away from my body as something was quickly wrapped around the length of my shaft. My cock head still seemed exposed since I could feel the coolness of the air there but not over the rest of my cock. Had she slipped me into some sort of chastity device? I waited patiently. My cock head swelled as my cock was gradually squeezed more and more firmly, then I felt a sudden sharp pain as something struck the engorged head of my penis.

I screamed out softly and jumped at the suddenness of whatever she had done. Did she flick my cock head with her finger? Did she strike it with a whip? A pencil? I waited patiently. She did it again, my legs jumping at the sensation. Directly beside me on the bed I heard her giggle at my reaction. "Oh, slut, you're so cute when you jump like that. Did I hurt your pretty cock? Did I make it sting a little bit. Well, just remember any pain I inflict on your pretty cock is only to put into perspective the pleasure it's about to receive."

Again, I felt the sharp sting on the head of my cock. Knowing that she was standing beside I surmised it must be something long handled, otherwise she wouldn't be able to reach. "Sex Queen, are you whipping my cock?" I asked, hoping I'd be correct.

"Very good slut. That one was easy, I revealed my position by talking to you from beside the bed. The next one will be more difficult. Tell me though, did you enjoy having your cock bound up tightly and then whipped. Did it make you horny?"

"Yes, my cock is so hard and sensitive. I don't think I've ever felt so hard and horny. My cock must be gushing precum for you Queen."

"Oh, you're right indeed. The entire head of your cock is covered in your precum. You've got one correct answer but before we move on to the next stage I think you need to be tormented a bit more." With that I felt the whip come down more sharply on my cock head, slapping it hard. My balls were next, she lightly tapped each of my balls, alternating between them and increasing the intensity with each slap. She started off very soft and gentle and continued until my legs kicked with each stroke of the whip. "Oh, you're so cute when you jump and kick." Finally she climbed up onto the bed and sat on my chest to remove the cock restraint. Before getting back up, she took a moment to rub her pussy against my face again.

"Thank you for that Queen. I love your pussy and it's a privilege each time you let me taste it."

With that, she cuddled up next to me and kissed my lips. "You're a beautiful plaything and I'm so glad I found you." Then, whispering in my ear "I'm especially glad you like the taste of my pussy, because I've got something very special in mind for you."

Then she stood up, walked around the bed and climbed up between my legs. Again, I felt my cock gently lifted up away from my stomach and something quickly slid down it's full length. I couldn't tell if it was her hands, clenched into tight fists, one over the other, if it was her pussy, or maybe even some other toy. The contrast between having my cock and balls whipped and then stroked tightly was incredible. She continued stroking the full length of my cock for a few more seconds before sliding quickly off and tugging firmly on my balls. I gasped at the sudden transition from intense pleasure to pain, my legs again bucking wildly.

"Oh, that's very cute" she giggled. "I think you probably know that was my hand tugging on your heavy balls, but any idea what caused that wonderful feeling on your cock?"

"No, I don't want to guess yet" I replied "I don't want to be wrong."

"Suit yourself then." She returned to stroking my cock as she had previously, this time slightly slower, taking time to let the head of my cock completely emerge from whatever she was pumping it with. My cock stayed upright throughout so I guessed it was probably not her hands stroking me. Was it her pussy? Was it her feet? A toy? Her weight on the bed was too close to me for it to have been her feet, so that left either her pussy or some sort of toy. My thoughts were interrupted by another sharp tug on my balls.

Again I cried out and jerked at the sudden pain and again I heard her soft giggle from between my legs. The intensity of her voice suggested she might be facing away from me and without even thinking, I blurted out "I think you're riding my cock this time fucking, me with your pussy."

"Very good. I think you already know me too well. You know how randy my pussy is, you probably figured I'd need to be fucked soon, didn't you?"

"Yes, I figured your little cunny was getting horny again, but it was your voice that gave it away again."

I felt her rise, standing between my legs. "Well, slut, you've done very well so far. That's two for two already. You've only got to get one more right answer before I let you cum. I think this game is moving along too fast. And I know that my pussy needs to fuck and cum again."

She stood motionless for a short while, contemplating her next move. "I'm going to remove your blindfold temporarily, all the better to tease you my pet. I know how you love to gaze at me. And I need to ride that beautiful cock a while longer, I need to cum all over it." She sat on my chest, facing me, legs spread wide and lifted the blindfold. The first thing my eyes settled on was her tight pussy nestled be between her creamy white thighs, then her firm stomach, her perky tits and finally her cute, naughty smile.

"Oh I need to ride your big hard cock for a while. but I can't have it going off yet. My little friend here is going to make sure that gorgeous cock behaves." From under the pillow she removed a long slender cock plug with a mean steel ball mounted on one end and a glans ring on the other. She slowly slid her body down mine until my cock head was pressed against her tight opening, then reached down between her legs to rub my cock head up and down the length of her slit. The sharp localized sensation on my cock head overstimulated me and my legs and torso bucked with each stroke.

She kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue pressed inside my mouth for a moment before she pulled away. "Here, give my mean little friend a kiss before I slip it inside you." She held the plug up to my lips and I did as she asked, sucking on the ball of the plug and wetting the shaft with my saliva. Just as she was inserting the plug into my mouth she suddenly slid down onto my cock, taking me all the way into her wet slippery pussy.

I gasped as she lifted herself off of me as quickly as she had impaled herself. She knelt on the bed between my legs and took my cock in one hand and with the other began slowly inserting the plug into my cock. She slowly fucked my cock with the plug, inserting a bit more with each stroke until it was all the way in and held in place with the glans ring.

"Oh, I think you cock is fit for a Queen now slut. I just love the deep purple of your cock head. You're so swollen and hard for me. With that plug in place you'll never be able to cum." She stroked my cock slowly with one hand, the other hand running slowly up and down my inner thigh. "Mmm, my pretty slut, I can't wait to cum all over your beautiful cock!"

"Watch while I ride that beautiful cock now slut." She stood up and turned around, facing away from me, squatted down and guided my cock into her pussy. Moving her hips around in a circular motion she began fucking my cock hard and deep, impaling herself on my cock. Long before she showed any signs of cumming, I began to feel my orgasm build. I cried out, my orgasm building and building. I warned her that I was getting close, feeling my balls tighten up. I was sure I was only seconds away from cumming but she kept riding me hard. If anything her pace quickened.

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