tagHumor & SatireThe Giant Squid

The Giant Squid


WARNING: This is a satire on Tentacle Porn. What is described is a fantasy with a mythical creature. Do not attempt to duplicate this in your fish-tank.

Copyright Oggbashan January 2004

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Anne-Marie walked over to the glass side of the seawater tank and watched her favourite inmate, Arnold the giant squid. He swam to the window and his huge eye stared unwinkingly at her.

Three months ago he had been tangled in a deep-sea trawler's net. Anne-Marie had been on board studying the marine life that was accidentally trapped in the trawl with the commercial fish the crew wanted.

It had been her third voyage with the same crew. By that voyage they knew that unless they could live in the sea Anne-Marie wasn't interested. The marine biologist had made her preference for aquatic life clear with a kick in the balls if words hadn't got the message across clearly enough. The crew treated her with the respect they would have for a large shark – a nice specimen to look at but don't get too close.

The captain had been about to declare the voyage complete after this last trawl. Some dirty weather was on the way and he wanted to unload his catch and be in harbour before the sea became too unfriendly. Then the giant squid got in the way of the trawl. When he was hauled on deck he had damaged the equipment beyond repair at sea and was injured himself. The crew would have dumped him overboard but Anne-Marie pleaded with the captain. Her offer of hard cash for Arnold clinched the argument.

A tank was flooded with seawater and Arnold was lowered into it still tangled with the trawl. Anne-Marie in a figure hugging wetsuit entered the tank to a serenade of admiring whistles from the crew. She cut much of the tangle surrounding Arnold and the crew dolefully lifted the remains of their equipment from the tank.

Anne-Marie couldn't untangle Arnold completely, as the sea became too rough for her to remain in the tank. Once they had reached port and unloaded the catch the trawler eased its way across the harbour to the Marine Institute. A radio message from Anne-Marie had arranged for Arnold's reception. Some irritated sharks had been displaced to a smaller tank to give Arnold the largest one.

A mobile crane lowered a massive bucket into the sea beside the trawler. The trawler's winch and A frame lifted the giant squid in a rope cradle and lowered him into the bucket that was just awash. The mobile crane lifted the bucket and Arnold over the dockside and through the sliding roof of the Institute to lower the giant squid into his temporary home.

The intention had been to retrieve the rope cradle but Arnold wrapped his tentacles around it like a small child clinging to its favourite teddy bear. They left the cradle to be removed later.

For the first few days Arnold lay quiescent, scarcely moving. Anne-Marie entered the tank frequently to disentangle the remaining shreds of the trawler's equipment from Arnold. Two divers were with her at all times to ensure her safety. The waste of manpower had annoyed her but the Institute's Director insisted on their presence.

Eventually the rope cradle was the last item to be removed. Anne-Marie attached a rope to the lifting eyes and edged the cradle away. Arnold opened a large eye. A tentacle moved slowly then grabbed the cradle pulling it towards him. Anne-Marie was enveloped in the netting and dragged with it towards Arnold. The safety divers reacted promptly, slashing at the netting with their knives to release Anne-Marie. She surfaced spluttering because her air hose had been displaced.

The damaged netting was left. The Institute would pay for its replacement. Arnold could keep it now that it was useless. Anne-Marie was told firmly that she must not enter the tank unless accompanied by the divers.

That had been three months ago. Now Arnold the squid had recovered from his injuries and would swim across the tank with waving tentacles. The tentacles were up to eighteen feet long and his body was about twelve feet. Inside his tentacles a wicked parrot beak could open to a three or four foot gape. It snapped viciously at Arnold's food.

Anne-Marie had aroused her colleagues' derision by her insistence that she could communicate with Arnold. She would hang over the edge of the tank and wave her arms in the water. Arnold would flutter his tentacles and move one to her so that she could stroke it. The tentacle's tip would wrap itself around a bare arm without sticking and quiver on her skin. From time to time the tip would reach up to touch her face. When her colleague Jean-Paul had seen a tentacle wrapped around Anne-Marie's neck with the tip caressing her lips he had reported what he had seen to the Director. The Director commanded her not to be so foolish with a wild creature. Anne-Marie was annoyed with Jean-Paul. She thought had acted out of jealousy because she had rejected several of his requests for a date.

Now Anne-Marie was only allowed to approach the open top of the tank with another biologist present. She considered this an insult and intended to disobey the order again tonight. She was frustrated that the real proof of her communication with the giant squid was one that she couldn't share with her fellow biologists.

Almost every evening after all the scientists had left and the security staff were patrolling the Institute's perimeter Anne-Marie would visit Arnold before she went home. She would sit on the side of his tank dangling her bare legs in the water. That signal was one that Arnold always understood. A tentacle would approach her, feel her leg to check that it was bare, and then two other tentacles would follow the first.

Arnold would wrap two tentacles round her ankles and ease Anne-Marie's legs apart. The third tentacle would slither up her skirt, between her legs, brushing the inside of her thighs, before its tip would penetrate her. As the weeks passed Arnold inserted more and more of that tentacle into Anne-Marie. So far all the tentacle had done was arouse her, as her male colleagues could not.

Anne-Marie had been grasping the tentacle for the last few days and moving it backward and forward to convey the instruction that she wanted the giant squid to mimic a man thrusting and withdrawing. Last night Arnold had made the first response, entering her once, retracting the tentacle slightly and then thrusting again. Tonight she hoped he would repeat that and perhaps do it twice instead of once.

Anne-Marie removed her tights and her panties and rolled them before placing them in her handbag. She switched off the office lights and walked to Arnold's tank. She placed her handbag on the floor and climbed to the lip of the tank before lowering her bare legs in the water and wriggling her toes.

The giant squid stirred. The first tentacle swayed through the water towards Anne-Marie. It touched her foot gently. Then it wound itself twice round an ankle. She could see the second and third tentacles sliding through the water. She gasped as her ankles were parted and the third tentacle pulsed its way between her thighs. She bit back a scream as it pushed inside her with more force than Arnold had used before. She lowered her hands to grasp the tentacle intending to show how she wanted the squid to move but a ripple of muscles shook away her hands.

She panicked as she saw that more of Arnold's tentacles were upon her. She would have pulled back in alarm but a tentacle had wrapped her waist and another caressed the back of her neck. The tentacle inside her pulsed in a rhythm that aroused her sexually to a level she had never reached with a man. She threw her head back but met the tentacle at her neck. Its tip flew around her face and a wide band of muscular tendon wrapped her mouth, one sucker positioned exactly over her lips and pulling at them in a parody of a kiss.

She could still breathe through her nose but raised her hands to pull away the tentacle gagging her. Arnold released her waist and repositioned his grip around her arms and waist. She was now struggling violently against his grasp. Five tentacles were holding or possessing her. Three anchored the giant squid firmly to one of the large rocks in the tank. There was no way that she could have pulled herself free.

The pulsing inside her grew more insistent. The muscles on that tentacle were throbbing in waves and forcing her vagina fuller and fuller as they inched their way to filling her to her maximum capacity.

Anne-Marie had dreamed of this moment but the reality of total helplessness in the grasp of the giant squid was not the fantasy she had wished. This was almost brutal and she was frightened that she had communicated her need but not her limitations. She couldn't accept any more penetration without injury. If Arnold pulled her towards him she couldn't resist and could drown. If the tentacle around her mouth moved only slightly her nose would be covered and she would suffocate.

Yet – she was climaxing over and over again with the sense of surrender to an invading male who was entering and filling her every need. If her mouth had been free would she be screaming for help or screaming in ecstasy? Her whole body was shaking with the insistent ramming of the tentacle between her legs and her brain was swamped by the strength of the sexual satisfaction sweeping through her body.

Suddenly her dilemma was resolved. She should be screaming for help as the giant squid dragged her off her perch on the edge of the tank down into the water. Just before she was immersed she snatched a breath through her nose. How long would that last? A minute? Two? If the squid's tentacles contracted around her the air would be forced out of her lungs and her life would be over.

She saw the squid's parrot beak snap open. It could cut her body in two or swallow her whole. The tentacles were turning her headfirst towards the beak when she felt several shocks in the water. She was suddenly released and scrabbled her way towards the surface as the water around her turned black with the squid's ink.

Gasping for breath on the surface she felt a rope land across her shoulder. She grabbed at it and was swiftly pulled to the edge of the tank. Shaking the water from her eyes she looked into the face of Jean-Paul as he dragged her over the edge of the tank.

He held her cradled on her lap as she sobbed frantically. He was stroking her sodden hair and rocking her like a fractious baby. She rested her head against Jean-Paul's shoulder as she cried.

"Stupid bitch," she heard him say but in a caressing tone of voice. "You knew best, didn't you? All Arnold wanted was your body – to eat. I'm more demanding. I want your body and your brain."

This didn't penetrate Anne-Marie's mind at first.

"How is he?" she asked.

"He's OK. I just fired a few shots into the water. I didn't aim for him. I might have hit you. Sod him. He's just an animal. How are you?"

Jean-Paul kissed her wet head.

"I'm OK. Thanks to you."

Anne-Marie turned her face to his and accepted his kiss.


"How was I here? I've been watching you every night, sitting in the dark clutching a loaded rifle and waiting for you to go too far with your fishy lover. I felt like a Peeping Tom but I didn't want to interfere because you obviously enjoyed what you were doing. I've been playing gooseberry. It's just as well I did, isn't it? Arnold had other ideas about consummation."

Anne-Marie shuddered.

"Thank you Jean-Paul. You saved my life."

"I know I did. Now can I have a date with you?"

Anne-Marie's salty kiss answered him.

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