tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 08

The Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 08


Author's Note: Many thanks to mamachucha for his insights and suggestions. I appreciate any feedback, criticism or story ideas. If you would like to propose new ideas please contact me.


Cori and Norm emerged from the house to find that the guys had finished the deck, cleaned up their tools and had changed into their swimsuits. They were all swimming in the pool, cooling off from their hard day's work.

"Well, you guys do amazing work," Norm said. "Thank you so much. You guys enjoy the pool and we'll start preparing your dinner. By the way, do you approve of Cori's attire for the evening?"

He had her turn around slowly, letting them get a good look from all sides. She was wearing a hot pink wraparound lycra skirt that Norm had made her pull up to just under her belly button. The effect was that the bottom of the narrow skirt came only to the midway point of her ass cheeks and to the very tops of her thighs. Beneath the skirt she wore a matching hot pink g-string that went between her ass cheeks with a triangle of fabric covering her pussy mound. On top, she was wearing a white lycra tank top with a deep, rounded neckline that revealed ample amounts of her cleavage. Her hard nipples, still being stimulated by the gold rings, stuck out sharply, their rigid shape clearly evident through the fabric.

She also wore clear stiletto heels and a rhinestone choker that said "I Love Cocks." Her golden hair was down and she wore pink lipstick that made her lips look even fuller and more moist than usual.

A couple of the guys whistled their approval, but Crisp jumped out of the pool and went over to her. "This is nice," he said, "but may I make a couple modifications?"

"Of course," Norm said. "This is your show. You call the shots. Remember, lap dances for Waters, Benson and Cho first, then you, Cruz and Sanders get all-access for an hour."

"Got it." Without another word, Crisp yanked Cori's top down so that her tits stuck out through the top opening of the tank top. The tank's straps over her shoulders made the top press against the bottoms of her breasts, forcing them to sit up even higher and stick out even further than usual.

"Nice touch," Norm acknowledged.

Crisp grabbed a box-cutter from the tool kit and, gripping the bottom of Cori's skirt on one side, sliced a semicircle up to the top band of the skirt just above her ass crack and then down to the bottom on the back of her other thigh. He did the same on the front, the result being two huge sections cut out of the front and back of the skirt, leaving her g-string covered ass and pussy completely exposed.

"Big improvement," Norm said.

Crisp slapped Cori's bare ass and said, "Go on, now, babe. I'm getting very hungry."

Cori and Norm prepared a feast for their guests, complete with big, juicy steaks, ribs, grilled vegetables, salads, rolls, ice cream, two pies and a cake. They furnished beer and wine and Cori pushed the dining room table out onto the deck and set six chairs around it. Norm would be in his wheelchair and she would be serving, so she didn't need a seat.

Cori couldn't help but notice the guys as they got out of the pool and gathered around the table. They were all wet and shirtless, wearing only their swimsuits, revealing their broad, muscular chests and arms, their rippled abs. She was impressed. She loved her guys at the shop, but these guys were superior in terms of looks and condition.

She served all of them, bringing over slabs of meat and setting dishes of vegetables and rolls on the table. Enjoying their prize for the evening, the guys openly groped her as she leaned over the table or walked past. They grabbed her tits, pulling on the hard nipples and they playfully slapped at her ass. From time to time, a hand would dig between her thighs, exploring her hot twat for a few seconds before pinching her ass and sending her on her way to get another beer.

The beer was all in a cooler next to the table and to get it, Cori would bend over slowly at the waist, her legs straight, her ass sticking high in the air while she dug through the ice, trying to find the coldest beer at the bottom of the cooler. No wonder every time someone asked for another beer, the others applauded. It was a show-stopping performance every time.

"What are you gonna eat, sweet thing?" Benson asked as Cori brought him another steak. He put his hand on her ass and dug his fingers roughly between her thighs.

"Well, the food's all yours," Norm said. "But she'll eat whatever you want to feed her."

"Really?" Benson said, raising an eyebrow. "She likes to be fed, huh? Do you like steak sweetheart?"

"Yes," Cori said.

"Well, here you go." Benson held out a small piece of steak between his fingers and when Cori opened her mouth he put the meat and two fingers inside her mouth. Taking the cue, Cori sucked the meat out of his hand and then licked and sucked on his fingers, teasing them the same way she would a cock. Only when he pulled his fingers away did she chew and swallow the meat. "Damn," Benson said, rapidly tugging down his swimsuit.

"Here," he said, "have another piece." He put a small piece of steak on top of his cock head and offered it to here. She knelt down, looked up at him and moved in, taking his cock and the meat into her mouth in one smooth motion. She sucked on the meat and his cock, drawing the juices from the steak and letting them trickle down her throat while Benson's juices percolated in preparation for their own journey down Cori's gullet. She sucked him for a few seconds, then pulled back.

"Hey, where are you going, babe?" Benson said.

"Meat's gone," Cori smiled, turning and walking away toward the grill. The guys loved it, laughing and making jokes at Benson about how he didn't have enough meat for her. Benson laughed right along, taking the ribbing good-naturedly.

"Well, at least I had some to give her," Benson laughed, "while the rest of you sat around chewing your own meat."

"We'll see about that," Cruz said, standing up and dropping his shorts. He dipped his cock in a glass of wine. "Are you thirsty, Cori?"

"Parched," Cori smiled, turning back around and dropping to her hands and knees. She crawled toward him slowly, panting "water, water" like many a movie scene with a character crawling through the desert.

"Here's your oasis," Cruz said, wagging his cock at her. It was wet with wine and glistened in the fading sunlight. Cori stopped just in front of him, looked around the table, making eye contact with everyone there, winking at Norm, then slurped Cruz's cock into her mouth with the gusto of a hungry dog chomping on a treat. She quickly licked the wine from his cock and kept right on sucking until he pulled out. "Better get you a refill, you thirsty slut," Cruz said. He poured more wine on his cock, then aimed it back at her face. He repeated this three more times until he was on the verge of cumming, then decided he better stop and wait for his hour of fun later.

Before Cori could stand up, Waters announced it was time for desert. She crawled over to him and he presented her with a pair of big round balls that he had completely covered in icing from the cake.

"Mmmm, my favorite!" Cori squealed. "I love frosted chocolate balls!" She stuck her tongue out and lapped at the icing, noting how the man's cock twitched at the slightest contact from her tongue on his balls. She dipped her head between his legs and came at his balls from below, putting her tongue at the base and licking a clean stripe all the way to the base of his cock. Then, she sucked each ball into her mouth separately, removing large chunks of icing which clung to her lips like three-day-old cum. She paid special attention to the base of his balls where she knew it was very sensitive. She felt his hard cock rubbing against her face, the soft head pushing against her forehead or eyelid or even sliding through her hair.

When she finished licking his balls, she looked up and Waters was smiling, holding a cherry plucked from one of the pies. He dropped it on top of his cock, all the way down at the base and just nodded. She knew what to do and started working his cock into her mouth, letting inch after inch pass into her throat as she steadily closed in on the juicy cherry. "She's bobbing for cherries, boys," Waters announced, looking down, always excited to see his cock disappearing into the mouth of some hot babe. Of course, not many deep-throated so well, so willingly, but there was no stopping this slut. She just kept going deeper and deeper, even holding his cock in her mouth while she sucked the cherry in and swallowed it.

He nearly shot his load right there, but pushed her away, wanting to hold on until the festivities after dinner. "All right, is everyone done eating?" Crisp asked.

"What's the matter, skip, got a hot date?" Sanders asked.

"As a matter of fact, I do," Crisp said, squeezing Cori's breasts. "Now, I believe you boys are going to warm her up for me. I'm getting a little warm already, so I suggest you get on with it."

Norm started a CD that included a mixture of high-energy hip-hop, sultry R&B and slammin' rock 'n roll. Cori took her place on the raised stage in the corner of the deck, grabbing a hold of the stripper pole and twirling around it a couple times to get the feel of it. It felt sturdy and ready for action.

She had no routine, but she leapt into it with gusto, spinning around the pole, climbing up it, hanging upside down, wrapping her tits around it and licking it up and down like a giant cock -- all more or less in time to the music.

The sun was all the way down now and Norm looked around the neighborhood, trying to see if anyone was looking out their windows. He didn't see anyone, but again, most of the houses were single-stories. He knew his neighbors had to at least be hearing the noise. He hoped they wouldn't get any complaints about noise.

As Cori's routine continued, she completely discarded her top and stripped off what was left of her skirt. She teased her pussy -- and the guys -- by rubbing her g-string back and forth between her legs and grinding her cunt against it before kissing it and tossing it to Crisp.

Now she danced with only her heels on, her long hair flowing around her, her tits remarkably firm and steady, jiggling and bouncing in unison. Norm tossed her a bottle of baby oil and she proceeded to pour it over her body, starting between her breasts and letting it cascade over her knockers, across her flat stomach, between her thighs and down those long legs. She stood with her legs straight and bent halfway over, her ass pointed to the guys. Looking over her shoulder, she dumped a third of the bottle on her ass, covering both cheeks and the inviting area in between.

She tossed the bottle aside and lay on the deck, rubbing the oil all over her body until she was completely covered, slick and shiny and very well lubricated. "I think it's time for a lap dance," Benson said. Like the other guys, he was sitting in a wooden Adirondack chair with a reclined back and wide arm rests.

Cori approached him, eyes glazed over, a smoky, sultry look on her face now. She was no longer a shy, innocent schoolgirl or a playful, naïve tease. She was in full character as a hot, lusty sex toy who knew exactly what she was doing, what she wanted and how she was going to get it. It was that ability to change personas that made Cori so unique. Norm was amazed at the transformation. She deserved an Oscar, not because she could role play, but because she could make you believe she was exactly the way she was acting. He wasn't sure who the real Cori was -- innocent babe, friendly tease, naughty exhibitionist or cum-loving slut -- but he was beginning to think the real Cori was actually all of them rolled into one. She was too convincing in each role not to be.

Right now she was working hard to convince Benson that he needed to cum. And it was working. He had removed his swimsuit and she was now laying naked across him, her oil-slicked body rubbing up and down on his, her hard nipples poking against his chest, her legs rubbing against he cock. She was writhing and moving with the musical beat, but she had stopped hearing the music a long time ago. She was lost in her own world, a world of movement, touching, firm hands, firmer penises and wet, needy pussy. She had completely lost all sense of inhibition. She was no longer trying to put on a show. She just wanted to please and be pleased. She wanted to build each of them up until they could stand it no longer, then she wanted them to fuck her with the same kind of fury and passion she felt deep within her.

She felt Benson's hard cock sliding around between her thighs and she wanted him inside her. She shifted her hips and spread her thighs a little wider, then slithered in his lap until she felt his cock slip inside her. He was so hard and she was so wet that it was almost accidental, but once he was inside her, there was no turning back. He grunted and grabbed her hips, thrusting himself into her while she pressed hard against him, straining to keep as much of his cock inside her as she could.

There were comments like "Work that pussy, old man," or "Save a piece of that for me," but Cori was blocking it all out. The world consisted of nothing but her body and his cock right now and she was using it and playing it for all it was worth. She was wriggling her hips, twisting and pushing, working his dick into different areas, scratching various itches, priming herself for a massive orgasm. It didn't cum, however, as Benson, despite his best efforts, was unable to hold out any longer.

"Not in her pussy," Crisp yelled at the last minute. "Don't want no sloppy seconds --- or sixths."

Trying hard to obey his boss, Benson pushed Cori off him roughly. The combination of his push and her slick body sent her sliding off the chair and onto the lawn. Benson jumped up and stood over her, pumping his cock until jets of stringy white jism spurted out, landing on her chest and stomach, sliding off her oil-slicked body and dribbling onto the grass.

A round of applause followed, but Cori was still in her zone, still on fire, ready to cum. She got on her hands and knees, looking hungrily at the circle of cocks around her, glancing only at the faces long enough to select her next target. Waters. She knew the older black man was one of the lap dance recipients. She didn't ask his permission, but slowly crawled toward him, pulling herself up on his chair and sliding on top of him.

"Suck it first," Waters said, pushing the top of her head and sliding her down his body. She sucked and licked with a fervor even she seldom demonstrated. She wanted his cock to be so hard, like a big beam of steel driving into her. When he was about to that point, Waters grabbed her hair and pulled her back up his body until she was straddling his shaft. She drove her hips down, taking his cock into her and riding him hard. She ground her hips against him and moved in small, fast circles. She put her hand between her legs and pressed against her clit while Waters squeezed her tits like a pair of stress balls.

"Split her open!" Sanders cheered.

"Mash those tits!" Cruz said.

Cori heard none of this, but when Norm spoke up, her pussy exploded. "Please make her cum," he said. How sweet! She thought for a millisecond before she felt the electricity course through her clit and pussy walls, traveling through her body, resulting in a slight but telling tremble.

"Oh, she's cumming all right!" Waters said, hammering his cock into her pussy which was now clutching and tightening around him like never before as sweet cream spilled from between her legs, flowing down his cock and over his balls.

Apparently, this was all too much for Cho, who could wait no longer. He came over and stuck his cock into Cori's panting mouth, forcing it down her throat. She was still cumming as two cocks now filled her trembling body. She flared her nostrils and breathed through her nose, trying to catch her breath as she slowly came back to earth.

"Dude, I need to cum," she heard Waters say. It was like he was in a different room, underwater. He sounded so distant. But his cock was so near. She almost screamed in anguish when it was pulled from her hungry pussy and she was pushed to the ground. "Kneel down, slut," she heard him say. She knelt in front of him and opened her mouth willingly as he put his cock inside her. It was only then that she was aware Cho had moved off to side. She caught a glimpse of him stroking his cock.

Waters stretched her throat with his cock, pumping her face a few times before filling her mouth with his salty load. "Don't spit or swallow," she heard Cho say. She held the cum in her mouth and a moment later, one cock was pulled away and another -- Cho's -- was inserted. He came instantly, adding his load to Waters', testing the limits of her ability to hold it all in. But hold it she did, not losing a drop.

"Show us," Cho said, stepping back. Cori opened her mouth and slowly turned on her knees, showing them all the massive mouthful of cum that coated her tongue, stuck to the insides of her cheeks and oozed between her teeth. "Good. Now swallow every fucking drop."

It was an unnecessary command as Cori would have had it no other way. She swallowed eagerly, happy to take the full double-serving into her belly. Now, fresh off a hard orgasm and with a belly full of cum, she was temporarily satisfied. But she turned and saw Cruz, Sanders and Crisp stroking their cocks and looking at her with the eyes of predators and she felt her pussy tingle in anticipation.

"Got something for me, boys?" she asked. There was no teasing in her voice this time. It was sultry, sexy, daring. Not waiting for an answer, she stood up and, without looking back, walked over to the stand Cho had built for her, studying it. It was basically a wooden bench that was about eight inches wide and was waist high. In front of the bench, was a padded step, which could be left there or moved away, depending on the desired position. When Cori knelt down on the step, she was at the perfect height to be bend over the bench. So, in effect, she could be bent over it in a standing position without the step or in a doggie-style position with it. There were wooden pegs positioned all around the bench, each with holes drilled in them for easy attachment of any ropes, chains or other bondage devices.

"So, are we gonna use this thing or what?" she asked.

Crisp just chuckled and said, "Fuck yeah, we're going to use it and every inch of you, my dear. Now, get your little cunt ready for the fuck of its life."

Crisp pushed the step aside and pushed Cori forward over the edge of the bench so that her tits hung freely over the other side. "Bring me that cushion or we're going to rub the skin right off her," Crisp said, pointing to one of the cushions on the outdoor chairs. Cruz brought it over and they laid it under Cori's belly, protecting her soft skin from the wood.

Cho's ingenious design included several movable pieces of wood, one of which was a large, round pillar rising about four inches above the bench near one end. Crisp lifted Cori's legs and instructed Cruz to put the pillar under her hips. "Slide it up against the bench," he instructed. When Crisp let Cori's legs down, he spread them wide over the sides of the pillar, letting her feet dangle. Her ass and pussy were now sticking straight up in the air, her torso angled downward, laying across the bench. Cori started to slide forward, so Crisp and Sanders secured her ankles to two of the pegs with bungee cords, snapping the clips at the end of the cords around the heels of her stilettos. The cords would allow her enough movement to be pushed back and forth while being fucked and preventing her from sliding forward over the bench.

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