tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 09

The Hard Body Clerk's New Beginning Ch. 09



Cori woke up the next morning in exactly the same position she had fallen asleep in -- laying nude, sprawled across Norm's naked body. But there was one difference, now she had Norm's cock in her pussy. The old man had woken up to the best view imaginable -- a gorgeous 22-year-old blonde laying naked on top of him with her pierced nipples poking into him and her warm thighs pressed against his crotch.

Naturally, he woke up with a hard-on and decided to give his step-daughter a hearty wake up fuck. He shifted his hips and used his good hand to pull her leg to the side in order to spread her open. He squirmed and shifted until his cock was rubbing against her pussy, then he used his hand to stuff it inside. Because of the angle, he was only about half way inside her, using his hand on her ass to move her around and provide a little bit of friction. After only a few seconds of this, she woke up, groggy and sore.


"Shut up and ride," Norm said. His tone was terse, almost angry. Cori had a headache and her body ached all over. She felt mildly sick to her stomach and now, to add to it, he was fucking her and angry at her all at the same time. What was the matter?

She gave him a quizzical look, rubbing her eyes as she sat up and mounted him fully, instantly starting to grind and rock her hips, giving him exactly what he wanted even if she herself was far from in the mood. As many a man had told her, her body was built for sex 24/7, whether she felt like it or not. As if to back that statement up, she felt her nipples hardening and her pussy heating up as her body went from sleep mode to fuck mode in a matter of seconds.

She rode him dutifully if without passion. Norm noticed that something seemed different about her this morning, but thought little of it. He had a full-fledged slutty whore at his disposal now. If last night hadn't proved that, he didn't know what would. Who cared what mood his little bitch was in as long as she was looking good and following orders?

He fucked her as hard as he could under the circumstances. There was no tenderness. No slowing down. No light touches on the stomach or caresses of the breasts. He slapped at her sore breasts, making them bobble up and down. He dug his thumb roughly against her clit and pulled on the pussy ring, yanking it toward him. He smacked her ass with his good hand and told her again to "shut up and ride."

Cori had felt uneasy from time to time since she'd been here, but never more so than now. Something was definitely wrong. Either she had changed or Norm had, but she suddenly felt little love for him. She found herself not wanting to be around him, let alone riding his cock. What was going on?

She ground her hips against him and tried to get him off quickly, which she did as he pushed down on her hips and came inside her. "Bet you needed that," Norm taunted meanly. "It had been at least 7 hours since you'd had a good shot of cum. Probably about to go through withdrawals, weren't ya?"

"What's the matter with you?" Cori said, climbing off and starting toward the bathroom.

"Me?" Norm laughed. "Looks like you're the one who woke up in a bad mood. What's the matter, pissed off because the guys didn't spend the night to gang bang you again today?"

"Fuck you," Cori said, putting her head down to hide her tears as she stalked off to the bathroom and closed the door.

"You already did," Norm laughed. Man, I've turned into a major asshole, he thought. No, he thought again, after years of holding back, you're finally doing and saying what you wanted to do all your life. Fuck that bitch if she that she was better than he was. He hasd let her mom walk all over him and where had that gotten him? He looked at this as payback -- finally he was charge and getting the pussy he deserved all along. He got himself out of bed and went off to get some breakfast.

Cori looked at herself in the mirror, surprised to see the "I Love Cocks" collar still around her neck. She had been wearing it so long, she had forgotten it was there. Frowning, she took it off and threw it in the trash can. Then, remembering that she did in fact love cocks and that it was kind of a fun little accessory under the right circumstances, she bent down and picked it up, laying it on sink.

She looked at herself in the mirror again and her sadness and confusion turned to anger. She was angry at herself for letting them treat her like a whore yesterday. She had enjoyed a lot of it, yes, but it had been counter to everything she had established with her guys in Georgia. They had complete access to her there, but she always had their respect and control over her own decisions. Yesterday, there had been respect, no control and so, she realized, she had given in and made the most of a bad situation. Because of her eternally positive outlook, she had managed to convince herself that it was all in good fun and that she was doing it for Norm.

Now, a day later and with a clear head and very sore body, she realized that she would never have put herself in that situation willingly. She knew and so did Norm. That's why he had drugged her. A sleeping pill, he had said, but now she had her doubts. And she understood now that the chains weren't for her protection and the guys weren't for her pleasure. If she had balked, he would have let them rape her anyway to get his kicks and his precious deck.

It was all so clear to her now. All of it, except why. Why was he doing this? She would have been willing to please him almost any way he wanted and would have been happy to do so. Wasn't that enough? What was driving him to act like this? And, she realized, did this mean she had to leave? She hated him right now, but she also knew that if she left now and anything happened to him, she'd hate herself. She was getting a pretty good dose of that already this morning and it didn't feel good.

Cori liked being active, positive, cheery. Today, she felt melancholy, depressed, sleepy and extremely sore. None of what made her the bubbly burst of pure sex was present today -- except for her flawless body, of course, which never took a day off.

She got in the shower, letting the hot stream sooth her aching muscles. The bruises all over her body told the story -- the guys hadn't hurt her, per se, but they sure had been rough. Her health and well-being hadn't been first and foremost in their minds. John, Ben and Ty would never have treated her that roughly for such an extended period of time.

Cori's hand rubbed over the nipple rings and she seethed in anger. Against her better judgment, she had let him do this to her. She should have known then, when he didn't respect her wishes, that things were going down the wrong road. She had given in to please him and look where it had gotten her. She removed the nipple rings and clit ring and set them on the side of the tub. Norm would probably be mad, but she didn't really care. She realized now that he had been working her, using his disability, her mother and her kindness against her. Well, that stops now, she told herself.

As the warm water cascaded over her, she thought about her strategy for dealing with Norm. One thing was for sure, his cock had seen her pussy for the last time in a while. And she would wear what she damn well pleased. If he wanted her help, she'd give it to him, but only on her terms. She'd help him rehab, cook, clean, run errands. Two weeks, she told herself. In two weeks, he's either going to be self-sufficient or I'm hiring someone to come take care of him. If I have to send him money, I will, but in two weeks, I'm outta here.

Her new plan settled, Cori emerged confident and determined. She dressed in the most conservative and comfortable clothes she had. She put on a pair of gray, athletic-style cotton shorts with a drawstring and notches cut in the legs. They were quite short and tight, but not nearly as much as most of her shorts. Her ass cheeks were almost completely covered and there was only a hint of the white t-back thong sticking out above the waistband. On top she wore a red cotton tank top that scooped low enough to show plenty of cleavage, but otherwise covered most of her breasts and actually extended almost to her belly button. By Cori's standards, this was about as conservative as it got. She wore no heels and only a hint of makeup.

When she walked into the kitchen, she found Norm at the table, reading the paper. He looked at her and frowned.

"What the hell is that supposed to be?" Norm asked, nodding toward her outfit. "I thought we had an understanding about how you should dress. Come on, I'll pick something out for you, you stupid slut."

Stupid slut? When did this all start? Cori was pissed now. She was not stupid and, while she admitted she had acted like a complete slut yesterday, she knew in her heart that she wasn't. Half the men in America might think otherwise, but her opinion was the only one that mattered.

"I'm not stupid and I'm not a slut," Cori said, keeping her voice calm and level. "I'm just saying enough. I know you've been manipulating me all along and it's my fault for letting you do it. But I hope you had your fun yesterday, because it stops now."

"Whatever," Norm said, shaking his head. His mind was racing. How had she figured it out? How could he turn this back around before it was too late. Stay on the attack. Wear her down, he told himself. For the first time, he made a mistake in judging: deep down she knows she's a slut, he thought, I just have to make her understand that. "Seems like you were the one having fun yesterday. How many times did that little cunt of yours cream? Huh? Six, eight times? You loved every second of it and it's only because you think you're too good to be a slut that you're trying to convince yourself otherwise. You know it and I know it. All I'm asking is that you act like it. Quit trying to be something you're not." Cori put her head down and Norm thought he had her. "Now, be a good piece of ass and go back in there and put on something that Pappy can enjoy looking at. I thought you might like to go back to the mall today and let those guys do whatever they want to with you."

Cori looked up. But instead of defeated, she looked determined, angry. "It's not going to work," she said flatly. "You think you can degrade me and con me into doing things, but not anymore. I don't feel sorry for you anymore. I don't feel guilty about my mom anymore and I don't feel like doing anything to help you feel good anymore. You're a sick, bitter man and I realize now there's nothing I can do about that. Now, if you want, I will stay for two more weeks and help you with your rehab and your finances. But the sex stops now. And I'll wear what I want. I'm going to the store today to get some decent clothes. And I'll sleep in my own room tonight.

"You can take that or leave it," she continued. "But that's the deal. No exceptions, no negotiations."

"Hmm, you're smarter than I thought," Norm nodded, grinning. "You have more guts than I thought too. That's good. Sure, I'll play along. Dress how you want. Sleep by yourself. That all sounds good to you now, but I know your little cunt gets hungry. It needs to be fed and I'm guessing that by this time tomorrow, you'll be begging me for some cock. You can deny all you want that you're a cock-hungry slut, but I know better. But for today, sure, if you want to be a normal, good girl, we can play that way. But when you're on your knees inhaling my cock, I promise not to tell you I told you so."

"We have a deal then," Cori said, choosing not to respond to his taunts. That was his way of getting to her. At least it had been. Now that she knew his game, she wouldn't fall for it again. "So, what do you want for breakfast?"

After breakfast, Cori left Norm to take a nap while she went to buy her own clothes. How long had it been since she'd shopped for normal clothes? She couldn't remember, but it was so much fun. She found shirts that actually fit without showing off any nipples or cleavage. She bought real bras and regular cotton panties and briefs. She brought normal length shorts and, gasp!, even pants! She even bought a one-piece bathing suit that was the right size and a pair of sandals and a pair of tennis shoes. No more heels! It was a liberating day and she finished it by treating herself to a big juicy hamburger, fries and a shake -- foods she seldom allowed herself to indulge in while trying to maintain her perfectly toned and shaped body.

Before she got home, Cori stopped at a gas station and changed into some of her new clothes, putting on a pair of white cotton panties, blue jeans, her tennis shoes, a white bra and a gray t-shirt that was actually long enough to tuck into her jeans. This would really show Norm she meant business.

While Cori was gone, Norm did take a nap, then woke up, angry and desperate. He was mad at himself for pushing Cori too far. Now, the best thing that had ever happened to him was about to go away. He wanted to repair the situation, but he knew that by showing his true colors, she would never trust him again. She had shown more pride and strength than he had expected and he knew she would never willingly fuck him again. He held out little hope now that she was actually a nympho slut who would be begging for cock by tomorrow. His initial thoughts about her a few days ago had been correct -- she was a remarkable young woman who wasn't to be taken for granted or taken advantage of. He had done both.

He wasn't sure how he was going to change things around, but he'd play along with her today and try to get a better read on what she was thinking. He might have to go without any of that fine pussy for a few days, which would be torture, but best to let her cool off and her pussy heat up before he tried pushing again. He wasn't confident it would work, but it was the only semblance of a plan he had.

When she came back, virtually covered from head to toe and beaming like she had never been happier, Norm knew it was going to be an uphill battle. But he put on his best happy face. "Hi, Kitten," he said. "I'm sorry about this morning. I was way out of line. I'm glad you went shopping and got some more comfortable clothes. Whatever makes you happy is fine with me. No more sex stuff, I promise."

Cori just said thank you and took her bags to her room. She liked what he said, but didn't believe he meant a word of it. If he had his way, she knew she'd be tied to the bed with dildos in her ass and pussy and his or some other guy's cock in her mouth.

"I called the doctor and told him I thought you were getting better," Cori said as she came back into the living room. "He wants to see you today. He also asked if your sleeping pills and Viagra were working all right. Where are they?"

Norm hung his head. "In my nightstand."

Cori went into the bedroom, found the pills and flushed them all down the toilet. "You won't be drugging me or your dick either one any more," she said, giving him a cold stare.

"I know, I know," Norm said, holding up his hands. "I'm sorry. I was wrong. I wish we could go back and start over, but I got carried away. I never had a chance to be with someone like you before and I just didn't know how to act. It's no excuse, just the truth."

Cori just smirked, shaking her head. What a bunch of bullshit. "Whatever," she said. "I'll help you get in the shower and get dressed. Then we need to go see the doctor. After that, maybe we can have dinner at the truck stop tonight and talk to your partner about what's going on there. I want you back on your feet physically and financially as soon as possible -- we've got two weeks."

"All right," Norm said. For the first time, there was no sexual tension as she helped him undress, shower and dress. He didn't even attempt to cop a clumsy feel or brush his arm against her breasts. He didn't even say a word when he saw the nipple and pussy rings laying on the side of the tub. The message was clear.

After a thorough diagnosis, the doctor confirmed what Norm had been trying to hide from Cori -- he was much better than he had been letting on. He had about 60 percent strength back in his arm and 50 percent in his leg. A couple more weeks and he should be fully mobile. Even now, he should be able to bathe and dress himself. Norm hung his head again as Cori just looked at him and glared.

She didn't say a word to him as they drove to the restaurant and Norm didn't try to break the ice. Things were getting worse for him by the minute.

They got to the truck stop and, as his business partner Chuck had been telling him, it was virtually deserted. Only a handful of truckers were inside and no locals. In their heyday, Chuck and Norm had built this restaurant into one of those places that even the locals liked, the food was great and it had the character of a good greasy spoon. In a short time, though, things had fallen apart. Other chains had opened up nearby, and even the truckers who stopped to fill up often went across the road to get a good steak or some quality Mexican food. Chuck and Norm had been slow to respond, thinking their business loss was only temporary. Now, it appeared permanent and probably fatal to the business.

Chuck was inside when they got there and sat down with them at a table. He looked to be 10 years younger than Norm, a tall, slender man with olive skin, graying hair and a large, hooked nose. After asking about Norm's health and introducing himself to Cori -- their only previous conversation had been when he called to tell her about Norm's stroke -- they ordered some food and got down to business. Cori, filled now with confidence and determined to wrap up her business in San Diego as soon as possible, took control of the meeting.

"All right," she said. "I can see this place isn't doing well. Is it worth trying to save or would it be easier to sell to some chain?"

"It would be easier to sell," Chuck conceded, trying not to look at the pretty young woman's breasts. Not knowing that she usually was flaunting them much more than this, he found her appearance absolutely delightful. Anyone could see that she had large, firm tits under that shirt and her shapely ass looked nice and round. She was a naturally pretty girl and wasn't easy to look away from. He wondered what she'd look like in a bikini on the beach. "The only problem is that we were stupid and took out a huge loan when things started going bad. We thought if we put in some new booths, a fresh coat of paint, some new flooring and a new sign, we'd be back on top. Turns out, that had nothing to do with it. If we sold, we'd barely have enough to cover the loan, let alone have anything to live off of. We have to find a way to make at least some money and pay back some of that loan before we sell."

"OK," Cori said, recalling what she could from her college business classes. "Then how can we get people to come in here. Most of your customers are men, I take it?"

"Yes," Chuck nodded.

"Do you advertise?"

"We've got a couple billboards, but that's about it."

"These guys all talk on their radios all the time," Cori said, thinking out loud. "The first thing we have to do is win back the truckers. They're your core demographic. And the best way to get them is by word of mouth. We need to create an experience they really enjoy and want to tell their buddies about. From the prices on the menu, I think we're already offering pretty good value. That's obviously not enough."

Cori knew the simple, quick answer for how to draw guys in was, of course, pretty women. The problem was, she didn't want to do that -- for a number of reasons. One, she wasn't going to be here long enough to do something like she did at the Body Shop -- she could draw them in for a few days, but once she was gone, the customers would be too. Two, she didn't want to give Norm the satisfaction of seeing her dress and act like a slut again -- in his mind at least that would be validation that he was right about her.

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