tagGroup SexThe Hero's Return

The Hero's Return

byEnglish Bob©

Sir Richard Loxton kicked his steed into a gallop. He could see the ancient city of Asran in the middle distance and was ardent to be home. Home where his loyal people would welcome him with enthusiasm; home where he could at last settle; home where his beautiful wife Adina would be waiting for him after his long absence. Sir Richard saw the standard bearer lead the column, his charge flying high in the clear blue sky and flaunting the Loxton colours proudly. A dozen infantrymen followed in his wake; all good men and true – chosen men bearing their battle scars with fortitude and pride. Richard, their beloved leader and king, rode flanking them to the west, guiding them back to their home.

The townspeople of Asran had gathered in the square to welcome home their king and his soldiers. A feast of wild boar and other exotic foods had been prepared and delicious aromas wafted through the still air. There were cheers and applause for the conquering heroes as their horses stampeded through the gates. The late afternoon sun glistened on sparkling armour and chain-mail. It bathed the face of Sir Richard and warmed him gloriously. He swelled with pride.

The evening was given over to the great feast held outside in the square. Richard and his men ate and drank with gusto, filling their bellies and recounting their war stories to whoever would listen. And in the background, fearsome and lurking, John Naisby stood, the Lord High Chancellor.

Naisby was indeed fearsome. The king's wrath was well appreciated in Asran and the news that it was Naisby's duty to impart would doubtless turn the king's mood. But the news, however bad, could wait no longer and, with his heart pounding resonantly in his chest, the Lord Chancellor made his way through the throng to where Sir Richard was seated at the head of the great table.

"My Lord, I must speak with you. It is a matter of some urgency."

"Can it not wait, Naisby?" Richard boomed. "Can you not see that I am at leisure now? My most beautiful wife is back at my side and all is well with the world."

Naisby felt himself shiver slightly as the king roughly pulled his wife to him and embraced her lewdly.

"I regret, My Lord, this information can wait no longer. I must speak with you. Now and in confidence. May I await you in my chambers?"

Sir Richard breathed a petulant sigh. It seemed that there was always some calling on his person. He had intended to wait but a few more minutes before repairing to the comfort of his own chamber, there to enjoy the comfort of his wife. It had been many months since their last private union and Sir Richard smiled as he thought that his pride was not the only thing that was presently swollen. But urgent matters of state once again beckoned and he could never forget his exulted position.

"Very well, Naisby. I will join you shortly. At least allow me to finish this most excellent meal!"

Pleased at least that a proportion of his duty had been completed, Naisby scuttled away towards his chambers. But there was still fear in his heart. Fear of how the king would receive the most distasteful news.

"I regret most sincerely in having to impart this information, My Lord," Naisby was shaking from head to toe. "But it is my duty to keep the king abreast of developments within his court."

Naisby trembled again as he studied Sir Richard's expression. There was never any telling how the king would react to news.

"Ah, I don't blame you old friend." Richard said solemnly. "I have suspected My Lady Adina of unfaithfulness for some time. You are not to blame, Naisby, 'Tis something I must deal with though. It cannot be rumoured about court that the king is being cuckolded. And with servants, to boot!"

As Sir Richard laid a friendly hand upon Naisby's shoulder, the older man relaxed visibly.

"But what is to be done, My Lord?" He questioned.

Richard stroked his rugged chin thoughtfully. He was a fine strategist, certainly, but affairs of the heart were not ever high on his list of priorities. His eye's suddenly blazed. An idea was clearly evident.

"A punishment that fits the crime, old friend." He stated, turning to look at Naisby. "I have a task for you, Lord Chancellor. In fact two."

"My Lord?"

"Seek out My Lady Adina. Speak to her. Inform her that the king desires her presence and then escort her to my chambers and request that she waits for me."

"Of course, My Lord. But you mentioned two tasks?"

"Secondly, find two of my finest, brave-hearted soldiers. Bring them to me immediately."

Naisby bowed his obedience dutifully and left the king alone with his thoughts. He was relieved to be out of the room. He was uncertain what the king was scheming, but he knew as well not to question him. The Lady Adina would be delivered to the king's chamber without postponement.

"I have a pleasant surprise for you." Said Richard as he led the two soldiers along the dark, labyrinthine corridors. "A most pleasant interlude with some female company awaits!"

The two soldiers smiled to each other and thanked their king profusely. They spoke to each other in quiet whispers.

"I hope 'tis not the whore, Maylin." Said the first, taller warrior. "The last time I was in consult with that buxom wench I was left with nothing more than a dose of the pox!"

"Maybe it will be the maid Sofia." The second soldier replied. "She has the tightest of all cunts, I believe!"

"A tight cunt she has indeed, but you and I both know that her back passage is even tighter, eh Randolph?"

Both soldiers laughed arousing the attention of Sir Richard.

"'Tis neither of the two lowly wenches you speak of," he said, stopping outside an unmarked oaken door. "You Titus, and you Randolph. You are both good, loyal soldiers. You deserve better than mere serving wenches and whores for your entertainment!"

With a flourish the king swung the solid door open and ushered his two subjects inside the chamber. The room was dimly lit but the two soldiers could clearly make out the familiar figure of The Lady Adina lying reposed on the great bed. They – and she – all gasped as they quickly realised the significance of the situation.

"But, My Lord .." Titus started.

Richard face was barely illuminated, but the sly grin was entirely evident. "You have never disobeyed me, Titus. Do you intend to start now?" "What is the meaning of this, Richard?" Adina said. She made an attempt to pull her robe back around her barely clad body. Richard switched his attention back to his wife. His smile quickly faded. "I have long suspected you of disloyalty, My Lady." He said quietly. "Perhaps my two finest men will be able to quench your excessive ardour! Do not make any attempt to cover yourself, my dear, these two men are here for one thing and one thing only. I know you will not disappoint me further by denying them what I have said is to be theirs." Adina looked at her husband and knew that to disobey him further would not be wise – she had seen that look on his face before. Inwardly she cursed Lord Naisby. It was clear that, after she had denied him the favours that she had been so free with to other courtiers, he was the one who had betrayed her. But, of course, it had been she who had betrayed the most. She who had betrayed the king. The two soldiers, Titus and Randolph were surely surprised by their kings' order, but the men had spent the last several months sleeping in rough ground or under canvas. Neither had there been any female company during that time and both soldiers were more than happy with the prospect of sexual congress with a well-bred lady. Richard watched his men strip from their clothes with all haste. He smiled and licked his lips as he thought of the prospect of Adina's humiliation at their hands. He knew they would be more than ready for female contact – any female – and that they would hardly be expected to treat her any better than a common whore. In a second Titus was upon Adina. His hands pawed crudely at the thin, almost translucent fabric of her chiffon tunic, mauling her olive coloured skin and pulling the garment open to expose the smooth, upward curves of her breasts. His hungry lips sought her teats and sucked them greedily into his mouth. Richard could see the little buds throb and swell as his warrior feasted upon them. And then Randolph was also ready. The young soldier now brandished a different weapon. His thick cock projected from his body like a curved sabre as he approached Adina. Sir Richard gasped when he saw the ferocity of the soldier's manhood. The head was hard and swollen as it lay gripped in the mans fist and veins bulged along the thick shaft as he approached the head of Adina. "Ah! My lady likes to swallow man-meat!" Randolph commented as he pushed the head of his turgid appendage between her painted lips. Adina's mouth opened wide to accept the great size of him. She could feel her tight nipples aching as they were sucked and chewed by the man under her. She could hardly believe what she was doing – how whore-like she was acting – especially as it was all being conducted under the careful scrutiny of her husband. "That's it, my dear!" Richard laughed as he saw his sweet, unfaithful wife permit the large manhood to penetrate her mouth. "Taste his manliness, my sweet, show him what a slut-lady you really are!" As Adina continued with her oral caresses. Titus had moved away from her heaving breasts and was busying himself in the task of removing her undergarments. "Ah, a sweet little cunt indeed!" he cried as the garment fell away to reveal the lady's moist treasures. "A little taste, I think!" Adina moaned around the thick protrusion that continued to invade her mouth. She could feel the soft embrace of a male tongue on her most private of parts and, involuntarily, her long, shapely legs spread open to further expose her womanly charms. The warm, wet flesh slithered gloriously over her sensitive clitoris and she felt fingers – long, masculine fingers – simultaneously infiltrate both of her nether openings. Richard smiled warmly from his seated position of scrutiny. His wife's low moans had increased in pitch and were turning quickly into banshee-like wails. Titus was thrusting his fingers deep into both her holes, the digits aglisten with her feminine fluids as Adina reached a thundering, climactic peak. "I think the lady shall not yet be sated, Titus." Sir Richard exclaimed. "Perhaps a more vigorous approach is warranted?" With hard, rapier-like cocks, both soldiers bundled the near naked wife of their leader back onto the day bed. It was clear that Adina could hardly keep her hands from straying to the inflamed poles of flesh and, despite her post-orgasmic shuddering, she managed to grasp a thick protrusion in each dainty hand. It was now the turn of Titus to sample for himself the pleasures of Adina's warm and wet mouth. His cock slid gracefully between her lips and with a quick thrust of his hips passed into her constricting windpipe. He groaned long and deep as the wonderful feelings of excitement washed over him. Sir Richard watched avidly as, leaving his compatriot to his own pleasurable deeds, Randolph took up a position between Adina's outstretched legs. His fist tightly gripping his mighty weapon, the soldier played the swollen head through the moist folds of her nether lips and over her throbbing, partially hidden clit. Another moan of excitement emanated from the woman and Randolph used that moment to thrust the entire length of his erect member into the depths of her body.

"Your observations were not wrong, Titus." He claimed between grunts of exertion. "My Lady does indeed possess a fine, tight cunt!"

"And you were correct in your analysis of her wet mouth, my friend." Titus replied. "She clearly enjoys the savour of male flesh."

"Enough talk!" Sir Richard suddenly exclaimed. He wanted to reassert his authority. "Time to root the lady soundly!"

Their instructions received and clearly understood, the two loyal subjects commenced thrusting their weapons in and out of Adina's mouth and cunt. Adina could hardly remember a time when she had felt more complete; more full of male flesh, than she was at that time. Her heart raced beneath her heaving bosom as her body was thrust back and forth by the rough soldier at each end of her body. This time things were very different. She had no control over her, albeit extremely pleasant, assault. These were no servants that were invading her, no lowly form of peasant that she could command with a word or two. These were her husbands' warriors and they were under his decree. She was merely their plaything, designed for their enjoyment alone. But, secretly, Adina knew that she was gaining equally as much pleasure as the soldiers.

She was aware of the men moving her again; repositioning her for further pleasure to be taken. Her body was lifted, her legs spread open again and she was lowered back down. She gasped as she felt the great size of Randolph's weapon pierce her cunt. Her body continued to sink down further of its own accord and she moaned quietly as the entire length of the soldier's manhood ascended almost into her very womb. She opened her eyes just in time to see Titus pressing his own fierce looking erection ever closer to her mouth. She took the second weapon willingly, almost gratefully between her lips and drew in a great breath as her peak ensued yet again. She could feel the rivers of her own moisture flooding down between her legs.

Sir Richard could see that his two combatants were fast approaching peaks of their own. He was little surprised and was frankly amazed at their stamina thus far.

"I think the bitch is ready for her prize, gentlemen." He said. Richard's exterior expression may have seemed calm and collected but inside he was a mass of excited and expectant nerves. Again, the soldiers knew better than to disobey their beloved and respected leader. Weapons were quickly withdrawn from their most pleasurable homes and pointed directly towards Adina. Both men knew that release was imminent and with a few brisk strokes of their fists, creamy white fluid soon began to issue forth.

Adina gasped and gurgled as the sperm coated and covered the upper part of her body. She could feel the tingling down between her legs and couldn't help but use a finger to increase the pressure until she felt her cunt explode once again in a mighty climax.

As the two men breathed deep and wiped off their weapons, Richard was also breathing hard. He could feel his own erection throbbing wildly beneath his britches.

"You have served well, my friends," he said, "both on the battlefield and in my chamber. But you can leave us now. Your pleasurable work is complete. Go and leave us alone."

As the two warriors collected their clothing and beat a retreat from his chamber, Richard looked down at his exhausted wife. The fluid from his soldiers still stained her olive skin and ran in tiny rivulets over her heaving breasts.

"I believe My Lady to look like a common whore now!" He said "And to act as a common whore means you should be treated like one. My men have used you well and for their pleasure, but I suspect that the pleasure was not entirely theirs….am I correct my dear?"

Adina looked up at her husband and smiled. It was the look of a newly made subservient.

"So, my little whore," Richard continued, "I believe you have one opening still left that has not yet been taken. It is now my wish to take my own pleasure from you."

As her husband roughly turned Adina over onto her belly and raised her backside into the air, she could already see his stiff erection as it protruded from his open britches. She knew what was to come and wanted it. She wanted him and him alone, she now realised.

The burning sensation in Adina's backside as her husband pushed his weapon into her rear passage quickly subsided into a warm, tingling glow as he began to slide his manhood in and out of the tiny hole. All the while he took her, he grunted his words out.


Adina took it all as she knew she would and, as the warm rush of his fulfilled excitement finally filled her back passage, she knew that she was his.

"My Lord," she began between deep breaths, "I will never be disloyal to you again. I give my solemn word that no other man will ever touch me."

Sir Richard Loxton smiled. He knew he had won; he always won. But his attitude towards his wife had changed.

"That may not be entirely necessary." He said slowly.

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