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The Hole


Vicky Carlyle looked at the old Victorian style house as her husband carried some of their bags to the door. She couldn't believe it; they were actually moving... it had taken them three years to finally make the plunge from the busy city life to the middle of nowhere – because let's face it: that's exactly where they were. From the first moment she had laid eyes on it, Vicky had been in love with the house; the three story residence was everything she and Dave – her husband – had been looking for: peacefully isolated with lots of direct and indirect lighting – perfect for her painting and sculpturing – and lots of room for a couple of kids, maybe even a dog one day. Dave had joked on several occasions that the house reminded him of one of those houses they used in so many horror – and paranormal movies – and truth be told, it did look kind of eerie with the white wooden exterior and darkened oval-shaped windows. Off course the constant squeaking sounds from the hard wood floors didn't help matters along in that area, but Vicky considered herself a modern woman with no irrational fears and had vowed not to be scared in her new home. That vow was going to be put to the test quite thoroughly as Vicky was going to spend a lot of time in the house by herself, because Dave was going to be working full time at the local lumber mill. But that was all right with Vicky as she was actually looking forward to spending some time alone, cleaning up the place, decorating and furnishing it to her heart's content. Her husband was more of a practical, macho man and didn't care about the interior design, the color the walls were painted in or which type of fabric the drapes were made of.

Dave turned to look at Vicky and asked:"You okay love?"

"Perfect. I can't believe we finally did it!" she said as she walked up to the house, hugged her husband and delicately placed her head on his strong masculine shoulder, enjoying the feel of his body and his typical male scent. She closed her eyes and purred as he hugged her back and ran a hand through her brown weaving hair. A minute or so later, the moving truck arrived. The rest of the day was filled with unpacking, deciding which room to use for what and cleaning up the main living areas. Exhausted, Dave and Vicky were in bed by 10:15 and fast asleep by 10:20.

Come morning, Vicky couldn't believe how peacefully and relaxing she'd slept. It had been years since she had had such a restful night; maybe it was the complete silence in and around the house or the change of scenery; whatever it was, it had left Vicky energized and chirpy. So much even that she did something she hadn't done in a while: she pulled down Dave's pajama bottoms and swallowed his flaccid cock in one gulp. By the time Dave opened his eyes, his tool had already grown to such a size that Vicky could no longer fit it in her mouth. He couldn't believe the pure lust radiating from her as he looked into her eyes and smiled. He simply loved seeing his wife bob her head up and down his massive cock. Vicky looked up at him and felt the same way; she loved servicing his giant cock, which made her hands and even her mouth dwarf in comparison. For more than twenty minutes she sucked and jerked his cock for all she was worth; she knew he couldn't cum in that position and she loved to tease and please him endlessly. Finally, when he was nearly begging her to let him cum, she sat up, swung one leg over him and – using two fingers of her left hand to hold open her entrance – sat down on top of him, rocking back and forth, grinding her crotch onto his massive pole. He didn't last thirty seconds before his body started convulsing violently, pushing Vicky almost twenty centimeters up into the air, over and over again. She loved these powerful, intense orgasms of his; it always made her feel like she was riding a rodeo bull while getting deeply and wildly shafted. When his orgasm subsided, Vicky rolled off of him and looked at him, with a big smile on her face, whispering in a playful voice:"You okay there sweetie?"

Panting heavily, Dave replied:"That was amazing... god, you completely drained me!"

"Good." she said, hopping out of bed. "That was the whole idea!"

After an invigorating shower and a hearty breakfast, Dave gave his wife a big kiss goodbye and drove off to work; his first day at his new job. Vicky cleared the breakfast table and walked through the house, holding a cup of coffee, thoroughly enjoying her newfound peace and quiet. There couldn't have been a bigger difference between the busy, crammed apartment they had left behind and their new peaceful, spacious home.

When she finished her cup of coffee, Vicky decided to get some work done; Dave had asked her to clear out the attic as they were planning it to use as storage. "Getting rid of the old junk, so we can store new junk!" Dave had so eloquently described it.

Except for a quick look around on their initial tour of the house, Vicky hadn't been up there at all, so she didn't quite know what to expect. The first thing that surprised her was how much light there was up there; she had expected it to be a lot darker and spookier, but the four circular skylights on each side of the pyramid shaped roof provided the attic with an abundance of light – at least during the day. Nearly the entire space was filled with old furniture, paintings and boxes, most of them covered in old dusty sheets. Full of resolve, Vicky started labeling what she wanted to keep, which seemed to be taking forever.

Because the attic was three stories up from the kitchen and Vicky wasn't a big fan of climbing stairs, she had packed some lunch. Around noon, she sat down on a wooden crate, leaning her back against a brick support wall, in the middle of the attic. While she was eating her lunch, she suddenly felt an ever so light breeze in her hair. When she turned around to look at the wall, she saw a tiny little crack in between two bricks and figured this was the source of the draft, which was strange considering it was a freestanding wall – connected only to the roof and the floor. Moving her hand around different parts of the wall, Vicky was unable to feel any kind of breeze. Confused and figuring she'd imagined it, she sat back down and poured herself a cup of coffee from her thermos. At that moment her cell phone rang; it was David, checking in during his lunch hour. He told her about his day so far and she told him about the progress she was making with the attic.

At the end of the phone call, Dave started getting frisky and asked her what she was wearing.

"A white halter top and cut-off jeans." she replied.

"And underneath?" he asked.

"All white." she replied, truthfully.

"Maybe I'll come home and rip the whole outfit off of you." he said, getting all worked up.

"Save it for the bedroom, hot stuff." she said, fighting a smile.

They agreed to save their lust until later that night and said their goodbyes. Vicky finished her coffee, doing her best not to think of Dave's words as she got up and turned around to pick up her thermos. As she glanced at the wall, she couldn't help but notice that the tiny crack from before was significantly larger than she remembered. The hole could now easily fit a marble... confused, she pressed her hands against the wall and pressed hard, testing the structural integrity of the wall. When it didn't budge, she ran her fingers over the hole, gently tracing the outside, trying to figure out why it was larger than before. Unable to find an answer to the multiple questions racing through her mind, she stepped back and looked at it one final time, thinking she would ask Dave to have a look at it. Immediately her mind wandered back to Dave's promise to rip the clothes off of her the first chance he got!

Suddenly, without warning, an enormously powerful, invisible force – originating from the hole – started tearing at Vicky's white halter top until it ripped in several places simultaneously, and sucked the shreds of fabric off of her body, into the hole. Startled and alarmed, Vicky screamed as she backed away from the hole several meters. Her first instinct was to run and get the hell out of there, but thinking of her promise to herself not get scared, she told herself that this was probably easily explained. As she no longer felt a force tugging at her, she calmly approached the wall again; when she glanced behind the wall and didn't see her top – or what would be left of it – she started getting alarmed again. She searched the entire attic, but her top, or its remains, were nowhere to be found. Eventually she decided to try and retrace her steps. A bit apprehensive, she stepped in front of the wall again and looked at the hole, squinting her eyes – anticipating some sort of reaction... but none came. Then she asked herself what else she was doing at the time of the incident and as soon as she thought of Dave ripping the clothes off of her, the force reappeared – this time directed at her jeans cut-offs. Although her body itself hardly felt any pressure or influence, Vicky could hear the fabric tearing and ripping under the no doubt enormous suction it had to endure. Seeing no danger to herself – aside from losing another piece of clothing – she tried to calm down and told herself not to run or scream, unless there was a clear threat. Although the jeans fabric was considerable more durable than the material her top was made of, in the end, her cut-offs had no other choice but to rip at nearly every seam simultaneously.

The resulting shreds of clothing were sucked into the wall through the hole, leaving Vicky in nothing more than her panties and bra. To her own surprise, Vicky found the phenomenon more arousing and exhilarating than frightening. After taking another peek behind the wall – and finding nothing – the mystery only grew, along with Vicky's fascination. Realizing she was alone in the house – and probably for miles around – Vicky felt a sexy shiver running through her body as she stepped closer towards the wall again, thinking to herself:"In for a penny, in for a pound..."

As she looked straight at the hole and forcibly thought about clothes being ripped off her, her flimsy panties were drawn into the hole in barely two seconds. Naked, aside from her bra, Vicky grew hornier with each passing second and as she kept thinking about ripping and tearing, she felt her bra beginning to stretch. The anticipation of being naked in front of this exciting phenomenon made her so horny that she actually started touching her crotch – finding her slit and probing it. Just five seconds later, her bra gave way and flew straight into the hole. Vicky moaned and immediately crammed two fingers up her twat, dropping to her knees and furiously fingering herself as even her most skeptical and cautious side had to admit that she was being sexually manipulated by an invisible force, manifesting itself through the mysterious hole in the wall!

Naked and on her knees, Vicky frantically masturbated as seldom feelings of lust and desire swept through her body, causing her to finish with a spectacular orgasm barely three minutes later. Fully aware that no one could see or hear her, Vicky screamed at the top of her lunges and ended up on her back, her legs spread high up in the air and her fingers digging down energetically, prolonging and intensifying her mighty orgasm.

Fueled by pure lust, Vicky kept going until she was too tired to keep her legs up in the air and her fingers inside of her. Drenched with her own juices, sweat and covered in dust, she drifted off to sleep, feeling strangely at easy and comfortable. When she woke up about two hours later, she smiled when she noticed the hole was gone. The fact that her clothes were still nowhere to be found proved that she wasn't going insane.

After taking a long, hot, relaxing shower, Vicky spent the rest of the day absent-mindedly tending to the garden as her brain was trying to comprehend – and explain – what had happened in the attic: she wondered what was up there: a ghost or spirit of some sort, a miniature black hole, a magical portal...

She didn't know and frankly – after the spectacular orgasm it had given her – she really didn't care; if she loved the house before, she absolutely adored it now!

When Dave came home from work, he gave her a peck on the cheek and asked her how the rest of her day had been; Vicky gave him a pretty detailed report – except for the whole being naked and masturbating incident, off course. While Dave unwound from a hard day's work on the front porch, Vicky made dinner. After a few glasses of red wine and a romantic candle light dinner on their new patio, the happy couple continued their amorous evening in the bedroom, where they made love for the longest time before falling asleep in each other's arms. Life was good indeed!

The following morning, when Dave asked her what she would be doing today, Vicky fought a smile and stated that the attic still needed a lot of attention. As soon as he had left for work, Vicky climbed the stairs to the attic and paused nervously for a second, before stepping onto the wooden floor and walking towards the wall. Dressed in another white halter top and some kaki shorts, white socks and white sneakers, she stepped in front of the wall and looked at the hole, which had reappeared and seemed somewhat larger than yesterday. It was perfectly spherical and approximately three centimeters in diameter. No matter from which angle she looked at – or in – it, she couldn't see anything other than complete blackness. Curious, she knelt down in front of it and peered through it with one eye, as if it was a keyhole. Again nothing but pure blackness...

With no other option left, she gently traced the contours of the hole with her fingers, checking to see if they were sharp or not; they were actually quite soft and pleasant. As she suddenly felt a tingling sensation on her inner thigh she jumped up, worried that some sort of bug had crawled up on her. After verifying that that wasn't the case, she knelt down again and gently touched the outline of the hole again; when the tingling sensation reappeared, Vicky connected the dots. Telling herself she needed to be sure, she cautiously put a finger into the hole and smiled as she felt what seemed like a finger gracing her clit and entering her, although she was still fully dressed. She quickly put a second finger in the hole and laughed out loud as she felt a second one enter her too. "How are you doing this?" she asked, as her fingers starting roaming around in the hole, venturing farther and farther. Pretty soon her fingers were two knuckles deep in the hole – not to mention her own hole; almost as deep as the brick wall and still Vicky couldn't detect any edge or boundary to the phenomenon.

Exploring quickly became secondary as she felt her panties getting soaked from her fluids; she pulled her fingers out, got up and took off her kaki shorts and her panties, kneeled down again and whispered:"OK, let's see what you've got!" As she reinserted her two fingers, the hole immediately decreased its radius until it was approximately the same size as her Vicky's twat. As even the smallest of movements now caused a spasm in her pussy, Vicky put her free hand against the wall for support and closed her eyes as she kept fingering frantically, faster and faster, panting:"God... oh my god!"

Then, suddenly, Vicky got a nasty idea and whispered:"If it works for fingers..."

Anxious to test her new theory, she redrew her wet fingers and softly put her mouth at the entrance of the hole, giving it a gentle, cautious lick. After feeling the reciprocal lick between her legs, she smiled widely and immediately shoved her tongue down the hole – and her own twat. In the heat of the moment, she forgot – or either didn't care – that she already had her own tongue up there and inserted two fingers into her pussy; when Vicky tasted her own fingers and realized that she was violating several laws of physics by fingering and eating out herself out at the same time, a violent orgasm exploded deep within her.

While her tongue and fingers kept working, the rest of her body rocked and trembled, shuddering in a mind-blowing orgasm. Several minutes later, out of breath and unable to take any more stimulation without fainting, Vicky finally let up and collapsed on the floor. To her surprise, she was still feeling frisky and so, while she was catching her breath, she started looking at the hole and thought about her halter top and bra getting ripped off. As she had hoped, the hole reacted almost instantaneously by violently tugging at her top until it ripped at the seams and disappeared into the hole; a few seconds later, the same thing happened to her bra.

Eager to put her newfound toy further to the test, she started thinking about Dave's cock, fully erect and vibrating up and down out of hardness. Half expecting a brick cock to materialize in front of her, Vicky was somewhat surprised to see the hole simply expanding its radius to about 15 centimeters. After staring at it for a few seconds, wondering what was expected of her, Vicky carefully – vividly remembering what happened the last time she stuck a finger in there – traced the outline of the hole; when she didn't feel anything between her legs, she decided it was safe and gently stuck her hand into the hole. Pretty soon, her whole hand – up to her wrist – was inside of the hole, which was a blatant violation of the wall's spatial dimensions. Suddenly her hand bumped into something... immediately Vicky realized what it was – hard as a bone, yet soft to the touch – and nonchalantly wrapped her fingers around it. As she started jerking off the otherworldly cock, she smiled at the hole's resourcefulness, wandering what else it could do. At that moment another hole opened up about a meter away from the first one; appearing at the same height and having the same dimensions, it didn't take a genius to figure out where the phenomenon was going with this...

Without slowing down the wanking with her right hand, she moved her left hand to the new hole and gently reached inside, already having a pretty good idea of what to expect. Seconds later she had her left hand wrapped around an equally big and hard cock. Vicky jerked and jerked through the mysterious holes, getting it all out of her system; she felt so naughty – almost slutty – although there was no physical cheating going on, nor would any sane person call this cheating. And yet, she felt like a slut: jerking two big cocks at the same time; something she'd never done before. As many minutes passed, Vicky's arms grew tired till the point where she could hardly keep them up anymore. Desperate for a break, she cautiously – not sure how the phenomenon was going to react – let go of the big shafts and redrew her hands. As she sat down on a nearby wooden crate and let her arms hang limply by her sides for a while, she saw both holes disappear before her very eyes, leaving behind a dull, brick wall.

Vicky was not extraordinarily vain or arrogant, but she knew she gave a mean handjob – and blowjob for that matter. That wasn't just Dave talking but also the many boyfriends she'd pleased before him. And yet, the cocks inside the wall seemed immune to her ministrations, which was kind of an insult to her. As she let her arms rest, she continued her analysis of the hole: it seemed to be there for her, adapting itself to her needs and desires, but apparently not needing any pleasure in return. Maybe the entity or ghost drew pleasure from pleasuring humans; maybe the only reason she felt those two cocks was because she wanted to feel them. In order not to be drawn into a metaphysical debate with herself, Vicky focused on another possibility: maybe the cocks didn't cum because she had made no such request. As this theory was the most appealing one of the bunch and the easiest to disprove, she decided to put it to the test. Sufficiently rested, she kneeled in front of the wall again and started thinking about the two cocks she had had in her hands just a few minutes ago. Instantly, the holes reappeared at the appropriate height.

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