tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Homeless Man's New Wife

The Homeless Man's New Wife


Kelly was 22; she had blond hair, green eyes and a voluptuous body. She worked at a law firm. She was the type of woman that men wanted and was the envy of other women. Kelly had boyfriends before but they all broke up with her because she was no fun. She was a full blown workaholic. Kelly went on her lunch break. It was a nice day, the café she was going to was only about two blocks away from where she worked and since it was such a nice day she decided to walk.

While on her way to the café, Kelly spots a homeless black man asking people for money. People avoided him. Kelly decides to play dirty trick on him. As she approaches him a foul odor hits her. It was coming from the homeless man.

Ugh! No wonder people where avoiding him, maybe I shouldn't do this, nah it will be fine, Kelly thought. She finally approaches him.

Excuse me ma'am, could you spare some change?

Yeah, she gives him a 50.

Thank you!

The homeless man was happy until he looks at the 50.

Hey lady! Hey lady! What's the big idea of giving me this fake fifty?!

Isn't it obvious? Get a real job you bum! Kelly walks away.

Hey lady!

Ugh! Get away from me! She shoves the homeless man, causing him to fall.

I'll get you back for this! Hear me?! I Frank will get back at you for this!

Kelly waves the middle finger.

"Oh-ho! That's what she wants! Well fine, that's what she'll get!" Frank secretly follows Kelly. He follows her until she goes inside the café. Frank does not go in instead; he goes across the street and goes into the ally. In the ally he had perfect view of the café. He was planning to wait until she came out again. He could wait forever. No matter which way she went he was going to follow her.

After sometime had passed Kelly comes out of the café and heads back the direction she came. Frank quickly runs across the street and resumes following her. He was careful not follow too close to her. He follows her until she goes inside the law firm.

This must be where she works. I'll just wait until she gets done. Once again he goes across the street and goes into an ally and waits.

Evening came and at last, Kelly comes out. He sees her heading into the parking lot. He runs across the street and follows her. He sees her hooked up but he knew he could not take her now, it was still daylight. He creeps into some bushes and watches her approach a red car. He has a full view of her license plate. He takes out a pin and paper and writes down the numbers.

I got you now!

After she leaves he heads to the bus stop. Frank had little money that was given to him from nice people.

It's time for a trip to the library.

The bus comes and he heads to the library. At the library he pulls up some information.

SO, her name is Kelly. She's 22 and lives alone. Perfect! She does not live far from where she works and it only takes one bus to get to her street. Technology is so grand! It's the same bus I was just on. This is too good!

After he gets done, he goes to get a bite to eat and then he heads back to the bus stop. The bus soon comes and he gets on it. He was fully energized and thinking perverted thoughts about Kelly.

The sun was now gone and he finally made it the street Kelly lived on.

"Get ready Kelly, tonight is SEX NIGHT!!"

He heads up her street. Soon he was at her house. The lights were on and her car was in the driveway. Frank grins evilly and begins his decent

It was 8:00pm; Kelly was preparing to go out. She was looking forward to the night ahead. Great I'm ready, now where are my keys?


Who on earth could that be?!

Ding-dong. Ding-dong.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Kelly opens the door but once she does: PUNCH!

Kelly stumbles backwards and falls to floor. Frank gets inside and locks the door. He approaches Kelly and kicks her in stomach twice and then he grabs her by her long blond hair and drags her to the bedroom. "Let go of me, let go of me!" Kelly screamed. Kelly tries to get loose but can't. Frank pushes the half open bedroom door open and continues to drag until he reaches the feet of Kelly's Bed. He pulls her up. She tries to fight but Frank grabs both of her arms and is able to both arms into his left hand and with his right hand he slaps her and she fall unto the bed. Kelly was disoriented from the slap, thus giving Frank time to take off his clothes and then he starts removing Kelly clothes. She had on a pink half cupped bra with matching pink lace panties.

"Oh yeah!" Frank thought. He removes her bra and panties gazes upon her naked body. White, blond, D-CUP tits with pink nipples and a freshly shaven vagina, he starts licking his lips.

Kelly comes to her senses and she sees this naked black man grinning evilly at her.


Kelly eyes widen in horror. Frank was in fifties, old enough to be her father, he had a potbelly and the very sight of him disgusted her. She tries to get up but Frank pushes her down into the bed and gets top of her.

No! No! She screamed. She tries to get him off but he was too heavy and it was already too late; Frank was already thrusting into her. She still tried to get him off but a foul smell hits her and she loses her strength. She was defeated. Frank was going to have his way with her no matter if she liked it or not.

Frank continues thrusting; he rubs his face between Kelly's breasts. He starts groping, licking, kissing, pinching and sucking on her breasts. He tries to kiss her but she resists, so he slaps her and she opens her mouth. He starts tongue kissing Kelly. She felt disgusted having this man's vile tongue in her mouth and her tongue in his mouth. Frank moaned and groaned as he continued thrusting into Kelly. He couldn't believe he was actually screwing this beautiful 22 year-old blond.

Kelly lays there not saying a word and while she lays there feeling the sperm being pumped into her vagina she wondered how long would her ordeal last?

Frank gets off of her. Kelly was so shaken up that she fall out of the bed.

Thank goodness he's done, Kelly thought. But she was wrong.

"The night's still young," Frank muttered to himself. He approaches Kelly.

"Alright, start sucking!"


Take my penis into your mouth and start sucking. You've sucked on Popsicle before, right?

Yes, Kelly answered truthfully.

Good, it's just like that only better for you.

Kelly puts her purple polished fingernails on Frank's penis.

Wait, lick it and then kiss it. If you bite it you'll pay dearly, he threatens.

Kelly does as she is told. She puts her mouth on his penis and starts sucking. She could feel liquid go down her throat. "Ohhhh! Oh yeah!" Frank moaned. Keep going! She kept going until he suddenly rams it deeper into her mouth. She was trying getting it out. Frank finally take's it out of her mouth. Kelly was coughing and gagging. Frank squeezes the last of the semen out into his hands and tells Kelly to lick it. Kelly does this.

Kelly glared at him but he just grinned evilly.

Ok turn around and crawl until I tell you to stop. He reaches for the box of tissues and cleans his hands.

Ok stop! He commanded. He had a great view of Kelly's ass.

Oh dear, what does he want me to do now?

Suddenly she knew what he was planning to do but before she could do anything he was already there. He grabs her by her hair and waist. No! No! Kelly screamed. Kelly's struggles were in vain. Frank inserts his penis into Kelly's anus. Frank starts humping Kelly. Kelly let's a scream and tears start coming out of eyes.

He slaps her ass a few good times. Oh yeah! He said happily. He pulls Kelly up by her hair and starts groping her breasts, pinching her nipples. You have beautiful lushes' breasts and they're all mine! He wisped into her ear and licks it. He licks and kisses her neck.

Franks start humping Kelly faster and faster. At that moment Kelly couldn't take it, despite the fact that this was wrong it was starting to feel good to her. She lets out a moan and then another and another. She starts moaning in pain and pleasure.

Finally, Frank thought. She's moaning, which means she's loving it. I could have always forced her to moan but I don't like fake moaning, I want the real thing!

They were both moaning and groaning. Frank let's go of Kelly breasts and watches them bounce. Oh yes, such firm and juicy tits. He humps her faster making her titties bounce faster.

Kelly has her orgasm. Kelly lay there on her carpet; she was exhausted and coved in sweat. Frank wasn't done yet. He grabs Kelly by the hair and puts her on the bed. He gets on her and puts his penis between Kelly's Breasts.

Press your boobs together, he commanded. Kelly starts squeezes her boobs together. Oh yeah, Frank moaned. He begins titty screwing Kelly.

YEAH, I know you like that! He keeps going until the semen explodes all over Kelly's face, neck and boobs. Oh yeah! Frank was now satisfied. He gets off of Kelly. That was great! Man, I knew you would be good but not that good! Kelly exceeded Frank's expectations

Why? Kelly asked sadly. Why did you do this me?

Why? Why? Frank laughs. What a question. It's revenge!

"Revenge?!" Kelly was confused. What the heck did I do to you?!

Come on Kelly, I know you're a blond but not a dumb one.

But I don't know and how do you even know my name? She forgot what happened earlier.

He gets up and reaches into his pants pocket and gets something out. This wasn't random, Kelly. He throws it to her.

She picks it up and her eyes widen in horror, it was the fake 50 dollar bill.

Ring a bell, Kelly? You insulted me, Kelly! I told you I was going to get you back! I wasn't planning on doing this but you waved the middle finger and you knew what that meant! I just satisfied both of our needs. You wanted sex and I wanted revenge. We're both happy!

How did you find me?

I told you this wasn't random! I know everything about you. I know that you have no friends and no family. Your parents died in an accident and you have no siblings or any other relatives. You have no friends because you're a full blown workaholic. It's like you don't even existence in this world. To make up for it you mess with the less fortunate like me. You're a terrible person! It will be shame to leave someone horrible and yet so beautiful unchecked and alone. What to do, what to do? I tell you what Kelly, here's what I'm going to do. "I'm going to tame you of your bad behavior and make you my wife!"

Kelly's eyes widen in horror, she knew what this meant. She was going to be his sex slave and he her master.

"No!" She said in defiance. Come on, Kelly. There's nothing wrong with chocolate and vanilla getting together for a mix. Besides, we wouldn't be married; it will be just a bunch of really good sex. Come on, Kelly, you know you loved it! The way I fondling your tits, the way I was caressing your hips and I know you loved my penis in your anus! You didn't moan till then. Tell me how many times have you been banged?

One, when I was eighteen, she admitted.

See, only one time, you need a good screw! So what do you say?

No, I'll pay you whatever amount and you ask and don't have to worry about the police, I don't want my name to be plastered like this.

Kelly, Kelly, you think everything is about you. I'll have to fix that.

No please, just take the money and leave, I'll do better, I promise!

Ok, I believe you, only because you look so desperate. I'll come by tomorrow morning. He suddenly looks at the clock. It was nearly one in the morning. Man time flies when you're having fun. Kelly, I'm afraid that the last bus had already left. Under these circumstances I'll stay here for rest of the night.


"Yeah, and I think it's time for another round of sex!" He approaches her.

Kelly breaks and runs but Frank grabs Kelly's arm and slaps her. Kelly falls on the carpet. She was crying and Frank pulls her up by her hair and throws into the bed. Frank goes and turns the lights off. He returns to Kelly laying there in the bed crying. He gets in the bed with Kelly and pulls the covers over them. He starts moaning and soon she's moaning. Frank has his way with Kelly all night long.

It was Saturday. Kelly awakes. She wondered if she had a dream last night but then she realizes that she is naked and she spots her clothes on the carpet and the clothes of someone else. Frank enters the room wearing nothing but underwear. Kelly raps the cover around herself.

No need for that, I already had a great view of your goods!

What time is it? Kelly asks.

Almost ten, why, you got some where to be? Kelly shakes her head.

I have breakfast ready but before that you have to wash. "Let's take a shower!" Frank said in a delightful tone. Kelly groans and reluctantly followed him into bathroom.

In the shower Frank was making out with Kelly. His hands ran down her back to her ass cheeks. Frank was having the time of life. In the shower with this gorgeous 22 year old blond, his hands caressing her body, her breasts against his chest. He stops and tells her to go the wall. Kelly does as she is told. Kelly knew what was about happen and indeed it happen. Frank sodomises Kelly again. Kelly yelped the first time he enters her. He slaps her ass and then grabs her hips. He starts thrusting faster and faster and soon Kelly has her orgasm.

After the shower Frank got dressed. After he was dress he selected what Kelly was to wear. He looked through and was disappointed that Kelly didn't own a thong but at least she had some lace panties. He watches her put on just a matching blue half cupped bra with blue panties with blue heel shoes.

They finally sit down the eat breakfast. So, you work at a law firm and own this house and drive a red Mercedes, right? Kelly nods. You're doing really well for yourself and at such a young age, he congratulated.

Why are we having a normal conversation like we're married or something?! Kelly snapped.

Easy girl, it was just complement, unless you do want it to be that way.

"No! You can just have the money and go!"

Alright, alright! But at the rate you're going you'll be along for the rest of your life. Kelly says nothing.

After breakfast, Frank gets up and takes his and Kelly's plate to the kitchen. He tells Kelly just to sit there until he comes back. Kelly obeys.

Frank returns. In his hand was a small piece of pancake that he didn't eat. He approaches Kelly and drops into her cleavage. Oops, I'll get it out. He sticks his hand into Kelly's cleavage and starts feeling around pretending to look for the small piece of pancake. Kelly never felt so humiliated in her life, letting this man fondle her like this.

Got it! He said. You may exit the table.

As Kelly exits the table he tells her to stop. He approaches her and pulls down her panties. He shoots two fingers up in Kelly's vagina making her gasp and moan. Please, please stop, she begged but she knew it was useless. Frank was going to make the last day count like the shower. She was starting to get aroused again. With his right hand he gropes her left breast. Kelly almost falls but Frank hand catches her hips and he forces her against the wall. He continues to rub her on the inside and then he takes his fingers out and licks them. "You never tasted so good!" He puts his fingers back in and his right hand continues to grope her left boob making Kelly moan louder. He pulls down on her bra and causes her left tit to pop out. He starts sucking on it.

"Ohhhhh!" Kelly moaned. She knew this was it.

Kelly screams in pure sexual ecstasy. "Good!" Frank said. You've had another orgasm. I'm done now; pay me my money so I can be on my way, unless you want me to stay. Kelly shakes her and pulls up her panties. Frank follows Kelly to her room. He watches her ass wiggle and slaps it.

Frank names the amount and Kelly writes in down. She was glad that her ordeal was almost over. Ok it's done. Suddenly she feels hands on her breasts and then a kiss to the neck.

I thought you said you would leave if I paid you the money!

I will I just wanted to thank you for the booty. "Thank you!" He dry humps her ten times before leaving.

Once Frank is gone Kelly starts crying.

She stayed in her house all day and all night crying. When she finally fell asleep she has a nightmare that Frank was violating her again. She decides to stay at home the next day. Later that day Kelly was watching TV, trying to put her horrible ordeal behind her. The phone rings.

Kelly: Hello?

Frank: Hey Kelly, how are you doing?

Kelly: Frank? Why are you calling me?! You said you would leave me alone!

Frank: I will but first I want you do something for me.

Kelly: What?!

Frank: "Have some phone-sex!"

Kelly: You perverted man! How the heck did you get this number?!

Frank: I told you I know everything about you, Kelly. Now do this one last thing for me and I promise I'll leave you alone.

Kelly: You promise?

Frank: Yeah, just do this or I'll come over!

Kelly: No, I'll do it!

Frank: Good girl! Now imagine I'm in your office. I grab you by your hips; put you on the table and you lift up your short skirt and show me the pink thong I bought for you and then you take it off and you let me stoke your vagina! Tell me that that turned you on!

Kelly didn't want to say but she was becoming wet.

Frank: Tell me or I'll come over!

Kelly: Yes, yes it turned me on!

Frank: Good! Now one last thing! I want you take off your clothes and start playing with yourself.

Kelly: "What?!"

Frank: Do this or I will come over!

Kelly: Ok, I'll do it.

Frank: Put your phone on speaker so I can hear you moan!

Kelly takes off her clothes and starts squeezing and fondling her tits and then starts touching her vagina. She tries to suppress her feelings of excitement but it's in vain. She was becoming wetter and wetter. She starts moaning and groaning and she has an orgasm.

Frank: "Good work, Kelly, you wouldn't believe how spent I am!" Thank you! And as I agreed I will leave you alone. "Bye, beautiful."

Kelly starts crying. She couldn't believe that Frank still had control over her. Later that day she takes a nap. She was hoping it would take the stress away. While she is sleeping she has another nightmare about Frank violating her. She awakens in a fright and realizes that she's wet.

An hour later she was watching TV. A sex scene came up and Frank appeared in her mind and she starts to feel sexual urges. She changes the channel and feels better. But as the day goes on she couldn't get Frank out of her head. Every time he appeared she started to feel moist between her legs and her nipples would get hard. She didn't know what was happening to her. She decides to read a book in order to clear her mind and it seemed to work.

Later on she eats dinner and continues reading. Two hours later she looks for desert but there was nothing in the refrigerator. She checks the freezer and finds some Popsicles. She opens one up and starts sucking on it. As she sucks on it she starts to feel aroused. She comes to her senses and screams. She throws it and the other popsicles in the trash.

There must be something else to eat, she said. She looks in the freezer but couldn't find anything. She digs deeper and finds another Popsicle. Its okay, she thought. I just have to have some self-control!

She opens the Popsicle but unlike the others this one was chocolate. Kelly became mesmerized by the Popsicle, it reminded her of Frank's penis and the more she thought of it the stronger her urges became. She tries to control herself and put down the Popsicle but she kept licking and sucking on it. She couldn't hold back any longer.

She runs into her bed room and puts the Popsicle on the dresser. She takes off all of her clothes and she sucks and licks the Popsicle and then inserts it into her vagina for while and then her anus. After that she titty screws herself. She moaned and groaned. "Yes! Yes! Yes! OHHHH! AHHHH! I'm Cumming!" She laid there feeling good. "Oh Frank, don't stop!" She wisped.

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