tagIncest/TabooThe Hot Tub

The Hot Tub


Setting the Stage

I knew a secret about my sister that I’ve carried for years. Not a secret really, but a collection of memories from her younger years. It was this: She got extremely horny any time she drank. I don’t know how many, if any, of her friends or boyfriends ever noticed this but in my years of growing up with her, sharing the house the way we did - I had. It’s not that she was a slut either. She tended to have regular boyfriends, real relationships and she did not ‘put out.’ But those nights she came home drunk, I could see it in her eyes. The desire, and she would rub herself into the furniture watching TV with me, even touch herself for a little while before she went to bed. I loved watching her those nights, her raw sensuality. And I envied her looks, her sexuality and popularity. Anyway, it didn’t matter much anyway, I was her brother. . .

My sister Teresa moved away at 18 (I was 16) and got married when she was 19 to a really great guy. I was married quite a bit later when I was 24. My sister’s marriage was falling apart the year that Sophie and I were married, and before our first years anniversary we began receiving these frantic calls from T (what I liked to call her). I mostly talked to her, consoled, listened, gave advice; and we got very close, like when we were younger in our teenage years and through it all Sophie was very supportive.

Then came the day I got the call, “Jack, I need a break. I’m too overwhelmed. I’m going to snap. I just need a week away. Can I stay at your house?”

“Uh, sure. I need to check with my wife, but yeah. It should be fine.”

I knew it would be, my wife Sophie and my sister T got along great.

We made the arrangements, she was going to come Saturday night the following weekend and stay seven days. Both Sophie and I were busy with our work and we knew that T did not have a job so she would basically be hanging around our house during the week. But we really didn’t mind - that’s what families are for.

And then I did something two days before she was to arrive. I don’t know why, it was almost unconscious. I went to the store and bought a case of really good wines; and a couple expensive bottles of Irish Whiskey (my sister’s favorite). My wife and I keep virtually no alcohol in the house, and I passed it off as the liquor store having a huge sale (a lie) and the fact that we would be entertaining all week (the truth).

Day One - Arrival

T showed up Saturday afternoon, she is dishwater blonde, petite and still adorable - a little girls face. She had this wonderful loose, innocent and languid sensuality about her. Her mouth was wide and full, red; and her smile broad filled with white teeth. She had wonderful curves, narrow waist and well defined ass. Really great. Actually, I can’t say that when she came to the door I really noticed all these things but that’s T. She walked in with her bags, wearing a pair of jeans and lovely body shaping low cut T-shirt.

Sophie is not like T at all, she is thinner, smaller breasts, very blonde shorter hair, a little bit lighter skin tone, more of that Scandinavian look (which she is). Sophie had deep blue eyes to T’s grey/green.

T was pretty quiet and down as we showed her around, set her up in her room, fixed a nice dinner and sort of sat and watched television. She thanked us profusely, sat on the couch in her jeans and low cut top (was I noticing now?). And it was a pretty quiet evening. She went and changed into some amazing red silky pajamas beneath a thin black robe she let hang open, which is totally her style from my memory. She sat with us a little longer, head laying on the sofa, and then went to bed about nine.

Sophie looked at me when she was gone and said, “Wow, she’s pretty upset. I’ve never seen her that quiet.”

“I told you.”

One other thing to add to this story. We have a big hot tub that sits out on the back deck, set back from the house in amongst some shrubs and trees. We love it, had it installed about two years ago while we were still just living together. Sophie and I have a great sex life and it now includes that hot tub.

We use it about three times a week or so and after T went to bed, Sophie came over sat on my lap and breathed in my ear, “Come on lets go into the tub.” And she started tugging at my shirt pulling it out of my pants and then unbuttoning me. I looked up at her blue soft eyes and wet lips, kissed her and lay my hands on her breasts while tugging at her top. We tongued and undressed slowly.

“We need to keep the lights out though,” I said looking back toward the bedroom where T was. “You can see the tub through her window.”

“Oh, uh Ok, she’s probably asleep now anyway. Come on.” And Sophie rose seductively, taking my hand and pulling me along.

We left a little trail of clothes out to the tub. Needless to say I had a great evening.

Day Two

Next morning I was in the kitchen in sweats fixing my morning coffee and T came out wearing her red pajamas and open muslin robe. Black and red. These pajamas were damn fine, loose silk shorts and silk top and not fully buttoned. I could see her tummy. God she looked good. Then Sophie came out in a robe covering the smallest of negligees which - though it was invisible under the robe - I knew was there. Damn, I’m in heaven I thought. I handed coffees all around.

T leaned against the counter staring at her morning cup of coffee, hair hanging down, disheveled, and said straight away, “I didn’t know you guys have a hot tub.”

Sophie and I looked at each other. I replied matter of fact, “We, uh, put it in awhile ago. It’s great. We love it.”

T looked at Sophie, and then at me, “I bet you do.”

Did she see us?

Sophie just said, “It’s nice,” sipping her coffee and glancing again at me.

T had this expression on her face that was interesting. She kept looking down and then sidelong at the both of us. Somehow the topic raised a sexual tension in the room, and considering how freshly fucked Sophie looked just now I think she got a little shy. There was a pause, and then Sophie just took her cup and walked into the living room.

“Did I embarrass her?” T mouthed at me.

“She’s fine.”


It was Sunday and the day was fun really. There were chores to be done, things to fix. Sophie and T went shopping, I watched a basketball game. Great day. In the early afternoon T and Sophie got home and Sophie wanted to take a quick nap. So T came in and sat with me.

“How you doing?” I asked.

“The million dollar question. Everybody asks me that. Truth is I don’t know. I don’t even feel like I’m in my body right now. It all feels so unreal.”

“So what is going wrong between you two. He’s a great guy!”

Her eyes started to glass up.

“Great guy, great guy. That’s what everybody says. He’s a great guy that doesn’t love me anymore, thinks that I don’t love him. He won’t touch me anymore. Hasn’t for awhile.”

“You mean . . . physically?”

She threw her hair back, defiant, “Sex,” she mouthed the word with her red lips. “No sex. Nada. He accuses me of seeing other men. Doesn’t want to sleep with a whore. I don’t know where it came from, out of the blue. Truth is I think it’s a projection. I think he’s seeing someone. Trying to push me away, make me be the bad guy. Cause he’s such a GREAT guy.” And she put her head down again and I could tell she was tearing up.

“You never told me about the physically part,” I said. “How long?”

“Six months now. God. Six Months! What am I supposed to do? We used to have great sex.” She paused, “Great.” She sat over by me and looked at me with her tear streaked face.

“Do you love him?” I asked.

She just started to cry some more and wipe her eyes. The pain was so palpable. I slid closer to her and put my arm around her shoulder, touched her nose wiped some of the tears from her cheeks. She looked softly at me, “I think I still do. I want to. But I don’t know anymore. I’m just always walking on eggshells.”

It was heartbreaking. “You have my support sis.”

And she leaned her whole body into me which was a bit of a surprise. I could feel her breasts on my chest and arm, which was totally fine. But the softness and roundness of her flesh was wonderful. She smelled wonderful and I put my nose into her hair and rocked her.

“It hurts so much,” she really started to cry now. “Do you know how long it has been since anybody has even just held me?”

I just kept rocking her slowly holding her stroking her hair, cooing “It’s ok. It’ll be ok.”

T settled down some, apologized as she sat before me with her streaked face and disheveled hair.

“I’m a mess. I’m so sorry, so sorry.” She got up to go fix herself up.


That evening we had a wonderful time, we had barbecued chicken, corn, a real family meal. I brought out the first bottle of wine. A Riesling, one I knew T would like. We stood out on the back patio sipping our wine and cooking, and T kept looking at the hot tub which was settled in nicely among landscaped pine trees, shrub roses, and privet hedges.

She looked at me and then Sophie, “Maybe we could hot tub later this evening?”

“Uh,” was all I could manage and now my eyes darted to Sophie.

She smiled, “That would be fine. We don’t normally wear anything but we could find some bathing suits. . .”

T interrupted with, “Oh, I don’t care. I didn’t bring a suit anyway. It would be like when Jack and I took baths together.” She smiled wide over her drink, all teeth, sipping on her second glass of Riesling. I could see her cheeks reddening.

“We were six!” I rejoined. Everybody laughed.

Then, “Chickens ready!”

I pulled out another nice bottle of white wine. And by the end of the meal Sophie and I had had two glasses of wine each, and T had put away at least three. We were feeling good, tipsy, relaxed, telling jokes. Truthfully I never drink and so am really quite a lightweight.

About nine o’clock there was this lull in conversation when T rose from the table and said, “I feel like a hot tub,” and walk away.

I saw Sophie reach and pour herself a third glass and down about half in one swallow, and look at me as she did. She then rose herself and said, “OK.”

We went to our rooms where there were robes in the closet and got ready. Sophie and I changed quietly. This was no big deal really; we had many gatherings, many friends and we would all change and run out to the tub and soak together au natural, but the fact that T was my sister was a little bit in the air.

We all stood at the edge of the tub which was steaming into the air and bubbling in a wild foaming cauldron that formed an opaque white surface. I went first, dropping my robe off and standing for the first time in twenty years nude before T and then sank down into the tub. The two girls were next. I wasn’t going to stare, but certainly noted that as T’s robe fell she had the most wonderful full breasts, large aureoles and this cute little triangle patch of brunette pussy. The kind that is set low on the abdomen, and then as she turned to seat herself. Damn! T has the finest ass! And for just a moment this flash of pussy from between her legs as she bent down into the water. It is always a pleasure to see a naked woman, no matter what, or who, for a guy. It’s a reality hard wired into our brain.

We each sat in a corner and let the jets massage our muscles with hot water, and we each had our respective glasses of wine. I had also opened and set out another bottle by the edge of the tub.

“More wine?”

Sophie slid across with her glass, came over and sat right down on my lap. I poured out a little bit more as Sophie wrapped herself around me, tugging at my earlobes, then kissed my neck a little and snuggled in. T watched us earnestly and I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was beginning to feel down. She was the odd one out. Her husband was not here, wanted nothing to do with her - and me with Sophie sitting in my lap giggling and wiggling around reminded her of that.

A few moments later, sensing T’s mood and wanting to do something about it I announced, “Time to switch corners. Each corner has a different set of jets.”

We switched each to another corner. Sophie however began to move again toward me.

T said darkly, “If Bob were here he’d stay in his corner. Even if he were here I’d still be alone.”

Sophie slid back.

I interjected, “Come on. Relax. You’re supposed to relax, close your eyes. Let the water work its magic. Disappear for awhile T.”

“You’re right. Sorry for . . .” She leaned back and didn’t finish.

And then rather than let Sophie move again I went and sat between the two girls, put my arm around Sophie and let it drift down under the water rubbing and cupping her small breasts, feeling her nipples rise under my touch and drifting to the small of her belly. She was sipping her wine some more. Both women were drunk now, and my secret memory of T was being triggered. T was drunk.

Sophie came over then and slipped back onto my lap where I was sitting, and reaching with her hand beneath the opaque water started to rub my cock. She was being very naughty right now. I wrapped my left arm around her waist and let my hand slide down between her legs to her blonde puss, but again there was T out of the corner of my eye. Beautiful beautiful T pouting in the corner.

She was sitting with her eyes closed, but then opening them briefly to look at us, then closed again. Quiet, and I could tell sad. And then I did what I never intended, never dreamed. As I caressed Sophie with my left hand sliding along her front and down between her legs. I reached across with my right hand beneath the water and began to stroke T’s thigh as well. Just the outside edge of her thigh up to her hip where I could feel the swell of her ass and then back down to her knees, scraping her lightly with my nails.

Her eyes immediately opened and caught mine and she smiled a coy little smile, closed her eyes again, and did not move a muscle, said nothing. My heart began to pound and my cock went immediately hard, to the simple joy of Sophie now whose hand wrapped around the head (believing it to be entirely her doing) and began pushing my cock down between her legs. Sophie was certainly preoccupied and in her drunken state was trying to maneuver herself and me in a pretty obvious manner which I’m sure she ‘thought’ was surreptitious.

T for her part shifted slightly closer, closer, giving me better access now to her body. So I continued to stroke her from just under the surface of the water line; first her front and back, even brushing the swells of her breast lightly, and then down around her ass, feeling her hip bone and the start of the crack of her ass. I rubbed my hand again down along the length of her thigh to her knee, which she had also turned and shifted closer to me so that her knee was almost touching us. I let my hand lay on her tummy and palmed her there below her navel sliding lower until I just grazed the top her pubic hairs. I saw her eyes go wide when I touched her there with my now trembling hand, but she did not move or give any outward indication what I had just done. She was ‘resting’ in her corner.

Gradually, she kept shifting her body without the slightest notice of Sophie who was engaged in her own ‘secret’ and drunken activity. And this is how we all sat for what seemed like forever in that steamy heat.

T continued to smile, glancing at me occasionally.

“Isn’t this great.” I said.

Sophie purred, “Mmm, yeah. Just what I needed. Great idea Teresa.”

And T just saying, “I’m invisible, pretend I’m not here.” And then, “These jets are great. I bet they’d be good on my legs.” And she turned herself so that her back was too us now.

I now had unfettered access to T’s back and ass, while I was also slowly sliding my cockhead back and forth along the wet little slit of my naughty wife. She was getting so wet and I could feel her opening to me. I whispered to her, “You are being so naughty.”

She just whispered back, “Shhhh”

My right hand now was stroking T’s ass and sort of testing, teasing her. I was slidding my fingers into the crack of her ass and following it down to the seat. Then back up around her hips and testing testing that edge where she was sitting. She didn’t move, but each time I slipped a finger into her ass crack as far as I could there was a lovely little moan, “Mmmmm,” from the corner.

Emboldened I began pushing harder, pressing lifting, basically attempting to reach beneath her, for her anus and further. I was watching her the whole time with no reaction from her as to what I was doing, when she slowly lifter her ass up ever so slightly, just an inch! I didn’t know what to do! Was she giving me access? My horny little sister? I raised my hand immediately back up and rubbed her hips some more and up her back, but then back down again - my head was swimming - and she was still raised that little inch. So I let my hand keep going this time and with the flat of my hand up pressed into her ass letting it slide along her skin, over her anus and pressing against her until I cupped perfectly my sisters open pussy. I could feel her pubic hairs tickling down on my palm, and with my hand wrapped around her pussy from back to front, I pressed my middle finger upward and stroked into her soft full pussy lips and open her gradually like a flower, slowly stretching her open, then pressing into her wetness. God she was so wet! And I watched as she arched her back with the pressure from my delicate intrusion. “Mmmmm.” But otherwise, no indication of my now intimate intrusion.

Sophie was at that same moment pressing down on me so my cock was now slipping up inside her and I entered her completely feeling my arousal rise in me from all sides. Sophie was completely focused upon her own pleasures now and there was no pretense of ‘secret’ sex in the hot tub as she rose and fell on me. Putting her head forward and back, licking her lips and me pinching her clit, drawing circles around her wet little puss and pulling her tight against me.

As I became ever more aroused however, my movements upon T became more forceful and bold, I stroked her sex roughly, spreading her open with my fingers, and finding her clitoris so that at one point I was pinching and stroking two clits using the same circles and tweaks. And finding her asshole again even pressed my forefinger up inside as she gave a start but even then let me continue pressing into her to my second digit, so that I was finger fucking her ass; and then reaching beneath her again pressing my middle finger deep up inside of her and rubbing her clit hard. We were in a steaming heaven, silent and happy. T content to let Sophie and I fuck (our secret), as she was finger fucked herself (our secret).

I thrust upward, T began to rub herself hard against my hand and little Sophie tilted her hips and with abandon sought her orgasm. I could feel my cum rising and spray up into my wife, as she continued grinding and in silence - painful silence - came in waves with her head down nearly touching the edge of the water, as I felt her spasming around my cockhead. As much as I tried at that moment, and T was definitely trying too as she was mashing her pussy into my hand, but she did not come. So that as Sophie slipped off of me, turned, looked me in the eyes and kissed me sensually; my right hand of necessity drifted away from T and she began turning herself as well back to the corner once again - but reaching and taking my hand squeezing it once tightly before she let go.

Sophie I believe at this point realizing how obvious she must have been became quite embarrassed and said, “Well, I think we should call it a night. I’m getting kind of hot.”

I know we all thought of witty responses to that comment, but T and I bit our tongue and kept silent on that one.

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