tagHumor & SatireThe Incredible Growing Man

The Incredible Growing Man


I gaze down upon my fellow man slaving for his currency, humbled into a submissive relationship, twisted into a melancholy lifestyle, deflated into unfilled potential. When lowly men think upon genus they fall in line with the pitiful masses paying such wasted homage upon Einstein, Mozart and the like. Simpletons all, always following talking heads seeing everything the wrong way when in reality, in our true native form, mankind has not changed one iota for a million years and that the same sexual urges that guided us as we made our way upon dry land to find wet pussy still hold reverence today.

When I discovered a mere two weeks ago how to use science to enlarge my penis, it was the day of my true birth. Quite soon mankind will see my penis in all it's gargantuan splendor and the cultural differences, the language barriers, the pointless wars, the insipid religions will all vanish in half a heartbeat as mankind will see it's new calling in life.

I will single handedly catapult mankind into the stage in evolution that was always meant to be. But two short weeks ago at my new birthday I weighed in at a mere unacceptable 6 inches. Today I am a beautiful up and coming 8 inches in height and increased girth. Like clockwork I am growing methodically 1 precious inch per week. It is the ultimate thrill ride.

Each day brings time to reflect and measure my success. My assistants, all highly paid prostitute professionals are under my tutorage to not only pleasure me, but to be the future teachers of womankind as the female species must learn to deal with men in their true natural form.

My morning ritual is a blowjob by three assistants. It's the ultimate master-slave tug of war. Tongues roll all areas of my penis surface whereas in their hearts the women think they control a man. Things will change my friend.

From lunch onwards I take down 1 at a time for common intercourse with an emphasis on maximum penetration. My assistants are not paid to be actresses. Their enjoyment is of no significance. I am a man of science elevated to demigod status and soon the world will know who I am. At first my female subjects can handle my larger sized penis but things will change in my favor.

At my 6-week birthday I have hit the 1-foot mark and as my triumph neared I was faced with an unexpected side effect. Even though each day I could measure exponential expansion in my sexual energy level and sperm count, I found myself plagued by a new unexpected variable that my body was shrinking in other areas.

My legs and arms had gotten significantly shorter and my belly button was at the base of my scrotum. My testicles were stout and growing but the penis was absorbing all of my life force. I went back over my calculations and had no explanation. My body wasn't creating new skin but was taking from one part to another. I had lost a foot in height and at 5 foot tall now my 1 foot sized penis stood out but I wanted not to be big but the biggest. It was my destiny.

Slowly but surely in the weeks that passed my assistants felt the full pain of my ever expanding cock. I was their master and they felt my full power. It was in one afternoon session as my now 16-inch cock brought pure pain that the girls decided in unison to quit. I begged them to stay, offered them a big bonus for just 1 more session and they agreed. Fools they were for they didn't realize that they angered a god that I had become. The first victim waited with a blank expression on her face as I got on her. I violated her in my wrath and she screamed. Her friends rushed in and threw me off with ease for my height and weight were shifting and I lacked the power that I once had.

I had no doubt ruptured her in my rage and the girls cried over their friend and left. What was the life of one prostitute lost compared to a man with who will have the largest cock? I was a god amongst men and soon I would share my knowledge and the world will be filled with gods. A new era will be ushered in.

And yet what if the girls tell and the police come? Truly know one would take the words of hookers over a well-educated scientist. But then again, what if they see me with my cock? Truly they would suspect something. I needed a plan of action.

I looked down at the poor woman who had served me well but she was expendable. With my diminished size and muscle tome I slowly but surely was able to dump her in the bathtub. I had more important matters to contend with.

I had hired an agent as all great men do to announce my important discovery. He came to my place and I showed him "The Goods". He went over all the documented footage and I assured him over and over that this was real and no one had tampered with. At the end he told me that my physical height was a problem. He called me a god amongst the dwarves and left. I felt lost betrayed. I thought I had a real agent but he was nothing but a puny human fool looking for a quick fix scam. I was saving humanity.

I realized that it was my time to market myself. I would just call the local news and they would be all over the story. The word had to get out. As I reached for the phone I felt a bump on my head.

When I awoke I saw my hands had handcuffs on them. I looked for my assailant and saw her approaching me. It was that prostitute I left for dead. I realized that my downfall was a woman. I knew that with my resources there would be a price to pay as everyone does have a price. I just needed her to cool off.

She told me that I broke up her insides and I asked her to name a price. She would be financially secure for as long as she lived. How could she resist?

She took out a vial of liquid on my desk and drank it.

Time passed on so slow. Weeks went by and slowly months came and went. No one contacted us and the food rations were running thin. I knew the moment she drank the formula what my fate would be. In time her pussy had healed and expanded. Her body like mine was vanishing into our sacred organs. Shortly before my legs and arms were all but gone she propped me up upon a table set at a 45-degree angle. As my mouth vanished I had a few chance days left to look upon her enormous pussy beckoning me for entrance. I used all my will power to make one last dive and then vanished in a pleasurable journey that I felt with each pour of my penis shaped body culminating with my atoms being shot out at tremendous speed into a vast wet chamber of eternal bliss.

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