The Kennel Club


Matt looked over at Brian licked his fore finger and made a check mark in the air. "That’s two." He said reaching for a cracker and some cheese not realizing he had started a contest that would change the club forever.

Taking the empty glass from the tray I went to the mini bar to pour myself a scotch. Lightening flashed and thunder followed on its wake. The dogs started to whine. No one moved to let them in. I stretched to look out the window and saw they were all huddled together in front of the door, Mini smack in the middle of them. When I turned to finish filling my glass I saw all the eyes snap back to the TV and the game. They had all been looking up my skirt.

All the seating was taken, I stood there a minute trying to decide what to do when Ted scooted over toward Will and patted the seat between him and Matt. I was a bit miffed at Brian. He could have moved and given me his recliner, but I guess the thought never entered his head. He was comfy and that was all that mattered.

"Thank you." I said to Ted and settled in between the two men and sipped my drink. It tasted good for a change and I was enjoying the mingling scents of the two men on either side of me. It was a stimulating smell; spicy and masculine with the mixed scent of two different males. I felt my nipples start to harden. I reached for a carrot and dipped it in the ranch. When I leaned back to nibble it a drop fell on my leg. I popped the carrot in my mouth wiped the drip off with a finger and licked it off.

Ted leaned over and murmured in my ear "The next one's mine."

I laughed and said "Deal." Not thinking it would happen again.

A short time later my glass was empty. How did that happen? I was feeling really relaxed and happy. Getting up for a refill I asked if anyone else wanted one. I just couldn't help being a waitress; my mother had trained me well. I quietly cursed her. All the men jingled their remaining ice. It was easier to just take the bucket around and fill each glass than to try and carry all the glasses to the bar and then serve them back. I was still feeling a little flirty so as I filled each glass with ice I leaned over excessively giving each a nice view of the curve of my breasts. My reward was a groan of approval from each.

When I got to Brian I did the same to him. He reached up grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled me down to a long slow tongue swirling kiss. While he kissed me he set his glass on the end table and reached up to toy with my nipple. Some one said "foul play." And another said "incomplete pass, 5 yard penalty." Brian let me go and we all laughed.

I took the ice bucket back to the mini bar and opened the next bottle of scotch. Refilling all the glasses I was surprised that they behaved and didn't try to touch me. Secretly I had hoped for at least one attempt. When I got to Seth he whispered under his breath "Be careful Sis, this could get out of hand real quick."

I laughed "Sounds like it could be fun." I gave him a wicked smile. "might even swing your gate the other way. And they wouldn't anyway, we're just playing."

He frowned. "I'm just saying is all."

I sat watching the game sipping my scotch really feeling the buzz. A rare occurrence for me, I like to be in control. But sometimes it is nice to just be able to let it all go. I leaned to the snack tray again and dipped a celery chunk in the ranch thinking the valley in the celery would keep the ranch in place but as I leaned back another drop splashed on my leg. I went to wipe it off and Ted grabbed my wrist. He surprised me with his speed and I looked up at him startled.

"I told you the next one was mine."

I tried to pull free and his grip tightened. With his free hand he reached out and wiped the drop from my leg. Sticking his tongue out he slowly licked it from his finger. He let go of my wrist after he finished. My heart was pounding, he had scared me and that was exciting some how. I looked over at Brian. He was staring at me, a slow smile crossed his face. He licked his finger and made a check mark in the air. Glancing at Matt he said "One for me."

"No," Mat replied. "I think that one goes to Ted." We all laughed but I could tell it rankled Brian. He has a competitive nature anyway and the liquor was accentuating it. I felt the twinge of warning and pushed it aside. The scotch and wine had muffled it.

It was then that lightening struck somewhere close and thunder followed loud and fast. The dogs set up a howling that was sure to derail trains. Brian sat up in the recliner. "Guess I better go let the chickens in before they rip off the back of the house."

I moved the snack tray from the foot stool set a bowl of chips on each end table along with the ranch dip. I carried the rest on the tray into the kitchen. Brian opened the door and a flood of dogs rushed in almost knocking him down, all whining like they had just been beaten. They milled around lost for a moment and then Jimbo heard Ted's voice and barreled into the living room followed by the rest of the pack, except for Smarmy who wedged himself between me and the cupboard I was standing in front of. Good thing I'm not a collector of knickknacks because there wouldn't have a single unbroken piece left in the wake.

I was putting the cheeses and meats in ziplock bags when lightening flashed and thunder boomed again. Smarmy whined and tried to wiggle closer. I tossed him a piece of summer sausage which he snapped out of the air and swallowed whole. As Brian walked by he patted his leg and called Smarmy to follow him.

When I returned to the living room the dogs had settled into place each in front of their master. Ted moved over again as I came in making space for me. I stepped over Jimbo and as I wiggled into place my skirt slid up a little. There was a nice expanse of my thighs visible that stopped just short of bringing my lacey covered crotch into view.

As I sipped and watched the half time show I noticed that each man kept sneaking glances at my lap. All except Seth who kept sneaking glances at the crotches of the men. The more they drank the bolder the looks became. Brian didn't seem to mind, in fact I think he liked that his buddies found me exciting. It stroked his ego and I noticed the bulge in his shorts. It was apparently stroking his libido as well.

Ted took a chip and dipped it in the ranch and on the way to his mouth the end broke off and plopped onto his leg. He stuffed the remaining piece in his mouth and reached for the bit on his leg.

Without thinking my hand flashed out and gripped his wrist. "Turnabouts is fair play. This one is mine." With my free hand I picked up the piece of dip covered chip and brought it to my mouth aware all the while of the others watching, the game forgotten replaced by their interest in this new game.

Dip still smeared part of his thigh and I locked eyes with him and slowly wiped it off with my finger as Ted had done to me. Before I sucked my finger clean I looked at Brian, he frowned at me. I wanted to get even for the little display he had put on for Matt in the Kitchen earlier so I stuck out my tongue and licked up the side of my finger. When my tongue reached the tip I pulled it back into my mouth my finger following. I sucked it hard, running my tongue around it, cleaning it good before I popped it out with a loud slurping noise.

Ted groaned, Matt shifted in his seat and took a deep breath, Will reached down and adjusted his stiff cock to a more comfortable position inside his shorts, I couldn't see Seth because he was behind me, and Brian licked his lips and smiled. I let go of Ted wrist and settled back in the sofa. The pause of expectancy filled the room for a few seconds until cheering on the TV regained their attention.

The game continued for a while and Brian got up to go to the bathroom. While he was gone I leaned forward and scooped a healthy bit of dip onto another celery stick. As I leaned back most of it slid off and landed on the curve of my right breast and slowly, coldly, slipped down my cleavage. I started to wipe it off with my napkin when Ted grabbed my wrist. I turned toward the movement at the edge of my vision and saw it was Brian returning from the bathroom. He had stopped just short of entering the room and was watching the exchange.

"Remember our deal." Ted said and reached for the smear of dip. I caught his hand before he could get to it.

"I remember our deal was for what landed on our legs." I pushed his hand away.

"I don't remember naming a specific body part and this looks much tastier." Ted reached for me again.

By now all the attention in the room was focused on us and the exchange. Even Seth was interested. I expected Brian to step in and say something witty to end this silly game that was spiraling toward dangerous waters, when for the second time that night he did something I didn't expect.

Ted grabbed my right hand to stop me from cleaning off the dip and Brian stepped up to the back of the couch and grasped my left arm, stretched it out the length of the sofa back and pinned it in place. This position arched my back slightly thrusting my breasts higher.

I jerked on my arm and Brian tightened his grip. "Ooww, Brian, let go." I jerked again.

He smiled a wicked little smile at me. "You need to learn not to start things you can't finish and then expect me to save you." He nodded at Ted, "Take your due."

Ted leaned forward grasped my other wrist and held it over the back of the couch further elevating my breasts and stretching the fabric of my tank tighter over them. The chill of the dip had hardened my nipples and now they were very visible against the tight fabric. Ted licked his lips and lowered his head toward my soiled breast. His tongue was warm and wet as he licked the first bit off. Then sucking part of the skin in his mouth he scrubbed it clean with his tongue. He inched a little lower and sucked and licked off more of the ranch dressing.

I was starting to respond. I couldn't help it. It did feel good, the slow circles he licked and cleaned made the juices start in my pussy. I looked up at Brian and knew he could see my reaction. It seemed to excite him. He was liking watching Ted suck on my breasts while he held me still! I was shocked. I also noticed the bulge in his shorts, he was hard. This was turning him on! I couldn't believe it of him, hell I couldn't believe it of me.

Ted's ministrations reached the edge of my tank top and I felt his tongue slip wetly under the edge and lick as far down as he could reach. He cupped the bottom of my breast and pushed it up against his mouth. I could feel the hot gazes of the other men in the room; hear a soft moan from Will on the other side of Ted as he shifted forward to look around Ted's shoulder.

Ted's thumb found my nipple and toyed with it making it harder, sending thrills racing along my sides down to my crotch. God I wanted him to pull aside my tank and suck hard on my ridged point. I wanted Brian to tell me to let him. Ted lifted his head and glanced at Brian. I saw Brian give him a slight nod. "Finish your cleaning job Ted, never leave anything half done."

I squirmed and tried to get loose. Brian grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head back so I had to look up at him. "It's your deal."

Ted hooked his fingers over the edge of my tank and pulled it down over my breast exposing it to all the watchers in the room.

"Nice nipples." Muttered Matt "Tell us how they taste Ted. I've always wondered" He encouraged him and leaned forward for a better look. I could feel his breath on my shoulder.

Ted leaned in and slowly licked the hard tip, then leaned back a little and blew on it. The cold of the drying spit puckered and tightened the skin making my nipple stick out even farther. "I don't know if I like it. I need to taste that again." This time he sucked it hard into his mouth and moaned with pleasure as he lightly chewed on the tip and worked his tongue back and forth.

I had leaned my head back so that it now hung over the back of the couch my eyes closed. I love to have my nipples sucked and pinched and played with and Ted was doing a fine job.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I should stop this, but it was dulled by the wine, and overpowered by the scent of men and the feel of hands on my arms holding me down. It was a variation of my secret fantasy to be forced to allow several men to use me at once.

Ted released my tit from his mouth and looked over at Matt. "Such nice big hard nipples." He said and pinched it, I jumped and a moan escaped my arched throat. "I think you should taste one, Matt, they are wonderful." He pulled my tank down on the other side exposing my other breast. At this invasion I tried to sit up and protest only to realize that Brian still had a tight grip on my hair and was holding my head back.

I struggled against the hands that held me in place. "Ok I think this has gone far enough."

"I don't." Brian said and let go of my hair to undo his shorts. "You started this little game, now you're going to play it out."

With that green light Ted latched onto my right nipple and started chewing and sucking and kneading my tit with his free hand and Matt did the same on the left one. I short circuited, my brain was bombarded by sensations I had only dreamed of. My protests were replaced by soft moans and ragged panting. I still continued to struggle but now only because it added to the excitement, to the thrill of it.

"Matt, Hold her arm for me." I felt Brian's hand replaced by Matt's and I briefly wondered where Brian was going. It didn't take long to realize that he was undoing the zipper of his shorts. He turned my head toward him with the tight grip he had on my hair and slapped my cheek hard. My eyes popped open and I was staring straight at the head of Brian's rock hard 8 inch cock.

All the sucking on my tits stopped as both of the men sat up to watch. I felt Ted continue to fondle my breast and toy with the nipple. Matt was squeezing the other one and would occasionally pull on the nipple.

Brian bumped his cock against my mouth which I kept closed. I wasn't going to give him a blow job while his buddies watched. This was just too much. "No" I said and clamped my mouth shut.

"No?" Brian said and slapped my cheek again, harder this time. "Suck me."

"No." I said and tried to pull my head free.

Brian tightened his grip on my hair and pushed his cock against my closed mouth. Still I refused to open it. At the same time both Ted and Matt pinched hard on my nipples and I gasped at the sudden sharp pain and Brian shoved his cock in my mouth.

Will shifted to sit on the foot stool so he wasn't blocked by Ted body and had a better view. Ted and Matt went back to sucking and pinching and squeezing my tits. Brian started pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. He was grunting with each thrust. Smarmy had gone around the back of the couch to make sure I was ok and he sat softly chuffing by my ear. He was used to me and Brian having sex. In fact I think he liked to watch because I had seen him licking himself several times while we were hot into it.

It didn't take Brian long to cum, it never does the first time and especially since it had been almost a week since we had been together last. I couldn't swallow it all, the angle of my neck and the downward tilt of my head prevented it. And some of the first squirt dribbled from my mouth. Brian jerked his cock from my mouth and finished by pumping the rest on my face. This was definitely a night of firsts. He had cum on my tits before but never on my face.

"Nice Brian, very nice." Seth said. "That was very hot." I realized that Seth had moved to join Will on the foot stool. It must be quiet a show from that angle. Me pulled back and pinned over the back of the sofa, Brian fucking my mouth and Ted lustily sucking and squeezing my right tit while Matt did the same to the left. Three men at once working me over, I was in the middle of my fantasy, I was in heaven and I knew I shouldn't be.

I coughed and Smarmy came over to see if I was ok. He started to lick my face and I tried to turn away. Brian jerked my head back and said, "Let him clean up for the next man." I squinched my eyes shut and clamped my mouth closed and Smarmy licked all the residue of Brian's cum from my face. Somewhere in there it registered what he had said, "… for the next man."

Ted rubbed his hand up my thigh and I tried to hold them together so he couldn't reach my soaking pussy and know that this was really turning me on. I was ashamed of my reaction and excited by it none the less. Matt saw what Ted was after and grabbed my other leg. He pulled it open and Ted plunged his hand up under my skirt. The moment his fingers touched the sodden silk of my panties he moaned. "She's soaking wet, Brian. I think she likes this."

He curled his finger over the crotch of my thong and with a sharp jerk ripped it off and tossed in on the floor. Micky, Will's dane, jumped up to fetch the tossed garment. But stopped short at the scent of my pussy on it. He sniffed it and licked at it and then snatched it up and moved over in front of the TV to chew and suck on it. Will laughed, "he loves the taste of pussy, takes after his master. I can't tell you how many replacement pairs of panties I've had to buy my girlfriends."

Brian suddenly let go of my hair and my head dropped back. "Who wants to replace me?" The momentum of the situation had reached its height and would stay there for some time to come. The blood of all the males in the room was at boiling and so was mine.

"I'd love to." said Will and stood up. "But let's move her to a better location where we can all see and get at her easier."

"Good idea," said Ted my tit popping from his mouth. He took a firm grip on my arm as did Matt on the other side and together they lifted me from the sofa and positioned me on the foot stool. My ass was at one edge and my head hung off the other. I was struggling to get away now. It had been fun for awhile and I figured it would settle back and I would just go away to another room and read or watch a movie while the men finished the game. But the game on TV had lost its interest because they had all found a new one… me. Matt and Ted pulled my tank off both trying to keep my arms held in place.

"Here use these," Brian said and tossed each one a leash. They looped the ends through the handles and slipped it over my wrist. Then Brian ran one end under the leg of the sofa and clipped it in place. The other leash he tied around the other leg of the big chair Seth had been sitting in. My arms were now stretch wide apart and the harder I pulled the tighter the leashes got on my wrists.

I was kicking at them now and shouting for them to let me go, to stop this. Will caught one ankle and pulled my leg straight. Ted caught the other and pulled my legs apart. I was now spread eagle for them to ogle; I was helpless to cover myself. Brian retrieved my panties from Micky and shoved them in my mouth. The slimmy feel of dog spit mingled with the taste of my own pussy almost made me gag. But I controlled it, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. "That should keep her quiet until we can shove a cock in it."

I was firmly tied in place; arms and legs spread wide open, available for any use the 5 men could concoct. Ted was the first to resume his activities. He sucked in a mouth full of tit and went back to nibbling on my nipple. His hand tugging up my skirt and then his fingers exploring my wet spread hole. He fingered my clit first, the hard flicks of his fingers causing my thighs to jerk with the short instant bursts of pleasure. Then he spread my lips open. The cool air on my wet cunt made me shiver.

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