tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Last Day of High School

The Last Day of High School


Let me just start off by saying that I have never seen Katie's parents naked, ok? I never have, and I never want to.

Katie had been my best friend since middle school, when she and her family moved to my neighborhood from California. Today, Katie and I had taken our last final exams of high school, and to celebrate, we were sleeping over at her house. We were going off to far-flung colleges in the fall, and vaguely I was aware that there was hard work and late nights of studying ahead of me. I'd been told it was harder than anything I'd ever done before.

But for right now, I got a small thrill every time I reminded myself that I had no homework left, no summer reading left, nothing. I was done!

Katie and I were in her family room, watching as many of the silly movies we had rented from the grocery store as we possibly could.

Look, guys, let me make this clear right from the start: Katie and I were not and are not lesbians. If you want to know what I was wearing, you pervert, I was wearing jeans and a college t-shirt, and yes, I had on plain white panties and a bra underneath them.

Katie was dressed similarly. Sorry, no silky nighties or prancing around in nothing but our moist, see-through panties. This isn't that kind of a story.

One thing, though, if you like this sort of thing, ok, our feet were bare, and we had painted our toenails together earlier in the afternoon. I'm happy for you if that floats your boat. But here's the thing.

I had known for a while that Katie and her parents had gone to nude beaches when they lived in California.

I could never quite understand that. My own parents were divorced, and whenever I stayed with my dad he was pretty uptight, never even walking around in pajamas like my mother did. We never went to the neighborhood pool together, at least not once I started to go through puberty. And the thought of being naked in front of either one of my parents, much less both of them, and dear God the thought of them being naked in front of me, was just not something that could ever get itself inside my head.

Katie had eventually even told me that, now that they lived here in the east, she was still allowed to be naked inside the house at any time she wanted to be. It simply wasn't an issue, she said. The same was true for her older brother, who by this point was already away as a freshman at college. As time went by and they assimilated into eastern urban living, the way it played out was that any one of them might go from one room to another, like from the bedroom to bathroom or back again without getting dressed, and they would think nothing of passing another family member in the hall along the way. But they did not go out of their way to be nude in their new home. It was not like it was "all naked, all the time." I don't think I would ever have gone to Katie's house if that was how it was.

Still, Katie was assuring me tonight, the house rule was that clothing, inside their home, was always optional.


We had been bitching about the lame senior prank that our class had come up with. We had picked a day in early May, just before finals started, and the senior class decided we would all ride our bikes to school that day. The class president had even worked it out with the local police department that the roads in the area of the school would be closed off to cars that morning, and even the Mayor had agreed to ride her bike along with us. Sure, it was pretty lame, but in the modern world, if we had tried a senior class prank like all of us cross-dressing, or impersonating our teachers or something, we probably would have been arrested and expelled from school.

Still, that night after the last exam, Katie and I were throwing out ideas for better senior pranks, and as the evening went on, our ideas got wilder and wilder. When I half-jokingly suggested that we should go skinny dipping in the pond that was about a half of a mile from Katie's house, she wouldn't let it go. Every time I came up with a newer idea, Katie was still stuck on the logistics of how we could get to the pond and where we would hide our clothes and what we would do while we were there in the nude.

I never actually agreed to go skinny dipping with her, but by about 10:00 at night we were both showing signs of being seriously tired. That's no surprise, as we had just been through a tough week of final exams. As we watched our movie, I noticed Katie fading in and out of sleep. Then I woke to find her touching my shoulder and whispering to me. "Hey, let's go get a nap." It was me this time who had fallen asleep. "Ok," I managed to say through my sleepiness. "Let's meet in my room at midnight and we'll go outside," she said, with a wicked smile. I raised my head, intrigued by the expression on her face. "We're going to go skinny dipping tonight. Meet me in my room at midnight," she paused, looking at me, and then added, "and be naked." She gave her shoulders a little shake as she said "and be naked" that said she was really enjoying this idea.

I was shocked at her attitude. I could, I guess, understand and go along with her idea that we would go to the pond at midnight and, in the darkness, get naked behind the trees and go skinny dipping, but this was not at all what she was suggesting. She wanted us both to get naked here in our respective rooms in the house, and then take our bare bodies outside into the neighborhood, and walk the half-mile to the pond without any clothes on, and go for a swim. And then, of course, we would have to walk back.

It should go without saying that, at that point in my life, no one had seen me naked (not since I was a babe in diapers, anyway). Strolling out through the night air with no clothing on might have been a normal occurrence for Katie, but it was a new and unthinkable experience for me.

I was staying in the "guest room" in Katie's house -- really, her brother's room, until he had gone off to college last fall. To "be naked" when I showed up in Katie's room, as she had just suggested, meant that I would have to undress alone in the guest room, then sneak down the hall of her parent's house in my birthday suit to Katie's room , and then the two of us would have to go outside and walk the half-mile or so from her bedroom to the pond, both completely naked. In all of the time, from going to meet up with Katie in her bedroom, to leaving her room into the outdoors under the moonlight, to swimming in the little neighborhood pond, and then all the way back, Katie was expecting me to be bare-assed naked. And to make matters worse, much of the distance, as I thought about it, would be out in the wide open, midnight or no midnight, with no cover for our 18-year-old bodies. Anyone who drove by or jogged by or walked their goddamn dog by would see our naked young bodies and there was really nothing Katie and I would be able to do about it.

This, naturally, was why Katie had suggested it in the first place.

Of course, I could show up at Katie's room at midnight in my nightie or a robe or even in my bra and panties instead of buck naked, and it wasn't like she could fire me or send me home. Still, this was something I needed to think about carefully. After all, the skinny dipping was my idea in the first place. Why had I even suggested it in the first place? I held on to the possibility of showing up at midnight without being naked and exchanged "have a good nap" wishes with Katie and went along to the guest room.

At first I just took off my jeans, telling myself that it was because they were a little tight, and I stretched out on the bed to get a little rest, wearing my t-shirt and bra and panties. I got a slight tingle in my private region from lying there on top of the bed in someone else's house with my panties and my thighs and my legs exposed to the cool night air. Although I could usually get myself to nap for an hour fairly reliably (and I even set the alarm on my phone to make sure I didn't sleep past midnight), to my frustration, I found that I couldn't fall asleep.

I thought about my appointment to be in Katie's room, naked, at midnight. I imagined myself leaving the guest bedroom, and opening the door ever so slightly first to make sure no one was in the hall before I slipped out there in the buff and left the safety of my clothes behind and went to meet her. But in the quiet room by myself, I wasn't even ready to take off my shirt or my underwear.

In frustration from my inability to sleep, I eventually stood up out of the bed. I had finally worked myself up to the courage that I was just going to strip myself naked right here and now and get ready for midnight, but once my bare feet hit the cold floor of the guest room, I lost an ounce of nerve. I stood there in my shirt, bra and panties for the longest time, frozen to the spot, straining to hear any noise in Katie's house that might threaten my privacy.

I heard none.

Gradually, over the ensuing minutes, I slipped my t-shirt over my head and laid it out carefully on the foot of the bed. I was still covered by my bra and panties. I desperately wanted to take these off, too, to be as naked as the day I was born in someone else's house, but it felt as though my arms were paralyzed.

I stood there in the strange room, dressed in only my underwear, unable to move, still listening carefully to the quiet night. But there was nothing, no sound.

The silence encouraged me, so I reached behind me and unclasped my bra and let it fall into my hands, exposing my breasts to the night air in the strange room. I imagined myself walking outside of the house and to the pond in this state of partial undress. I knew that even at midnight in this neighborhood an occasional car could be expected to go by. I imagined myself walking along in the darkness with my tits out like they were now, being suddenly confronted by a passing car, knowing that the people inside were seeing me like this, and not knowing who was inside it or what their reaction to my naked flesh in the night might be.

It took me several minutes to get used to the fury of feelings that this fantasy sent through my body. Shame and pride and defiance and arousal and an instinct to hide myself all contended in my mind. The result was that I stood stock still in the strange room, acutely aware as the moments ticked by that all I was wearing was a pair of simple white panties covering my most secret of secrets.

Could I slip them down and off of my body and really stand here naked? Was I prepared to go where that nakedness was destined to lead me? To Katie's room, nude, to greet her there, and then to the quiet dark outdoors, for an incredibly risky naked walk to the pond?

I stood still, waiting for my heart to slow down to normal.

As the moments ticked slowly past, my confidence grew, and my desire to do this thing slowly crept around my thighs and through my belly and to my breasts, to my swollen nipples, and the voice inside me said "yes! I want to do this! I want to stroll up the dark street completely naked with Katie and go skinny dipping in the pond with her." I said this to myself again, hoping that the repetition of it would help me believe it.

So, deliberately, as though showing myself that I had the will to do it, I thrust my panties down quickly over my hips and let them fall to the floor, and I immediately stepped out of them. There. I was naked. I was standing absolutely stark naked in the night, in the strange room that had been Katie's brother's bedroom before he left for college. I stood still for a moment, my feet a bit apart, and reveled in the feeling of the night air on my naked body for a few minutes. I was acutely aware of every nerve ending in the parts of my body that were not used to being bare when I wasn't taking a shower or changing my clothes. I envisioned myself in this naked state leaving the relative safety of this room and walking down the hall of Katie's house, where anyone in Katie's family could see me. My belly tingled and my nipples practically throbbed at the thought.

Then I realized that I still had almost half an hour before I was due, naked, in Katie's room.

Taking care to be as quiet as I could, I stretched out completely naked on top of the bed in my room. I lay there trying to relax every muscle in my body, taking secret pleasure in my nudity. Without thinking, I let one hand roam around one breast, then the other, playfully brushing my nipples, and then along my smooth thighs. I know Katie had always told me that nudism wasn't about sex, but I felt incredibly sexy being nude like this, especially being nude in someone else's house. I ran a finger along my sex and my outer lips parted easily. My finger came away moist and I wiped it dry on the top of my thigh.

I rolled my head to look at the door and imagined myself stepping out through it and into the hallway totally naked, a few moments before midnight, to stride down to Katie's room. I imagined being confronted in my nude walk by Katie's father, and my hand returned to my sex at the thought of how that confrontation might go, her father modestly dressed in pajamas in my mind while there I was, just as naked as I am right now, trying to remember that it was my right in this house to be naked just as Katie had permission to go bare any time she wanted to be. I didn't have to cover up or explain myself, but how would I feel being completely and totally exposed to this man? Would he grow a bulge in his pajama bottoms while he looked at my body?

And then my fantasy shifted, and I imagined being confronted, in my nude trek down that hallway, by Katie's mother, and I grew even wetter thinking of just giving her a bare-naked smile and a wave and no explanation as I passed her and strode on without explanation to her daughter's bedroom door. I checked the time again on my phone. Just a few minutes 'til midnight.

Moving as slowly as I could, to avoid making any noise, I stood up from the bed. Once again, my bare feet felt glued to the floor. But I imagined how the tingle in my belly right now would be magnified when Katie and I, two naked 18-year-olds, were walking outside together, nearly a half a mile away from our clothing and our rooms.

I wanted that feeling. So I took a deep breath for courage, and stepped cautiously and quietly toward the bedroom door.

I pressed my ear up to the door and listened for any sounds in the hallway beyond. I could hear a car drive by outside, but nothing else. As carefully as I could, I opened the door and peered into the hall. Still, nothing. So far, so good. Now was the moment of truth. Here in this room, my privacy was safe. No one would see my naked body. Once I stepped out, however, everything changed.

Not wanting to lose what courage I had, I took the plunge. I stepped out of the room and into the hallway in one swift step, and gently pulled the bedroom door closed behind me. Again I was intensely aware of the caress of moving air against the tops of my thighs and between my legs. Moving as quickly as I could down the hallway without making any noise, I headed for Katie's room at the other end. I passed doors for a closet, the bathroom, and Katie's parents' room on my right before I came to Katie's room at the end of the hall on my left.

I pressed my ear to her door and tapped on it quietly with one finger.

Nothing. My tap must have been too quiet. I tried again a little louder. Still, nothing. There I was, standing in the hallway of her parents' house, in flagrant nudity, outside their daughter's door, in the middle of the night. I urgently felt the need to get out of that hallway. My heart was pounding and I was sure it could be heard by anyone who was awake in the house.

I placed my hand on the doorknob and just before I was able to turn it to let myself in, ... Panic!

I heard the bathroom door start to open!

A wedge of bright light sprayed out into the hall from the bathroom before the light switch was flicked off. The door opened the rest of the way, and the occupant of the bathroom stepped quickly out, before I could regain my senses. Although it was dark, whoever it was would be getting a perfect view of my bare ass and my naked legs, and me, slightly bent at the waist, caught in the act of trying to sneak into Katie's bedroom.

Thank God, it was just Katie! She still had on her jeans and her Florida t-shirt. She quietly gave me a "shooing" gesture that said "get into my room, quick!" and she scurried behind me, through the door and into her room.

When she had the door closed, Katie turned to me and beamed. She did a little dance and whispered, "look at you! Awesome!"

I folded my arms protectively over my chest and instinctively bent one knee in front of the other, trying to be as modest as a naked young woman could be in the bedroom of her best friend -- her fully dressed best friend. "Yeah, great," I whispered back with mock fury. "So what's up with you? I thought we had a plan?"

She looked down at her clothed body and giggled quietly. "Oh, yeah," she whispered, unbuttoning her jeans and wiggling them past her hips. "I fell asleep. I was just splashing some water on my face." She stepped out of her jeans and flipped them across the floor with one foot, leaving them in a crumpled pile in the corner, and then, without losing a beat, crossed her arms and pulled her t-shirt over her head and sent it to join the jeans. She stood there before me in a beige bra and plain beige cotton panties.

"Are you ready for this, girlfriend?" she whispered as she took out her earrings and set them on her dresser. I didn't have an answer, and she didn't wait for one. She pulled her bra straps down from her shoulders, turned the bra around her body so that the clasp was in front, and looking down in the near-complete darkness, she unhooked and removed it. The bra and, a moment later, her panties, joined her other clothes in the heap in the corner of her room.

I couldn't help staring at her boobs and comparing them to mine. Hers were a little bigger than mine, and like her hair, her nipples and aereolae were darker than mine. She may have been experiencing the same tingle that I felt when I first took off my clothes, because her nipples had cute little bumps in a circle around them, and her nipples themselves stood out firmly from her breasts with distinct little, I don't know what to call them, "crinkles" across each one. I knew that boys thought I was pretty enough (yes, guys, I catch you looking at me, and in case you didn't know, we do notice), but I couldn't help but feel just a bit jealous of the size of her breasts. I judged that they were just perfect, which meant that mine were just a bit small.

Then my eyes involuntarily moved further down her body and I was in for another surprise. Katie was completely smooth down there, while I still had every pubic hair God had given me. It was odd to see her bare slit, something you usually associated with a prepubescent girl, but there it was in the middle of an obviously fully developed, curvy young woman.

I guess it was a little obvious that I was staring, because Katie put her hand where her pubic triangle would be and whispered, "do you like it? I shave it like every day to keep it smooth like this." She moved her hand casually away from her lower belly to brush some imaginary thing off of her upper thigh. "I think it feels kind of sexy. Do you ever do it?"

I was still watching her hand, and I shook my head quickly and asked "Do I do what?"

"Do you ever shave, you know, down there?"

I stifled a giggle. "No, I've never done anything like that," I said, running my fingers through my little bush as I did so.

I was suddenly very conscious of being naked and alone with another nude woman, in her bedroom. There was no sexual tension between us, really, and Katie didn't do anything that could be misinterpreted as a sexual advance toward me. On the contrary, she was very matter-of-fact about the whole thing. I realized that there was no noticeable difference between her manner and her gestures now that she was naked in front of me, and her way of standing and moving when she had clothes on. I, meanwhile, had stopped "combing" my pubes and had returned my arms to their crossed position on my chest, while my right knee, remaining slightly bent, nervously swayed back and forth in front of my left. I envied Katie's casual attitude toward being bare-assed naked, and I guessed that the confidence of being nude came with experience, which I was sure starting to get tonight!

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