tagChain StoriesThe Literotica Olympics Day 12

The Literotica Olympics Day 12


Event: Triathlon

The twelfth day of competition in the Literotica Olympics began with a beautiful sunrise and temperatures in the mid seventies. Large crowds of spectators crowded the gorgeous white sand beaches of Hawaii as a gentle breeze blew in off the bright blue waters of the Pacific. People from various countries, sexual proclivities, fetishes and different walks of life gathered in a cordoned off section of beach to bear witness to the first ever Literotica Olympics Triathlon.

Gorgeous women of all shapes and sizes littered the beach, clad in the skimpiest of bathing suits, leaving very little to the imagination, causing men everywhere to stop and stare. They stood in small groups comparing notes on all of the fine feminine flesh surrounding them and gauging the likelihood that they might get lucky. A few stray surfers drifted in the water, waiting for the next ripe wave. The most prominent sound was the random call of the seagulls that circled aimlessly overhead.

The crackle of speakers interrupted the song of the gulls as a deep sexy voice billowed from them. Rumple Foreskin announced that the competing teams would soon be taking their places on the beach and that now would be a good time to grab a beer and find a good seat. A recorded sound byte then droned on explaining the ins and outs of the contest to anyone willing to listen.

Sweetsubsarahh sat in the corner of her tent and hungrily eyed her teammate Honey123 who was pacing the floor, replaying their strategy in muffled mumbles to distract herself from the mounting tension. Honey pulled the tent flap aside, peered out at the growing crowd and sucked in a nervous breath, feeling her belly tense and a mild wave of nausea sweep through her. Her body stiffened at the feel of fingernails dragging along her scalp, down her neck and over her spine, stopping at the waistband of her bikini bottoms.

"Nervous, Honey?" Sarahh asked in a low airy voice, jarring the fit brunette from her anxious thoughts.

Honey turned to her teammate and was just about to speak when a soft fingertip covered her parted lips.

"Look at it this way. Win or lose, we're going to have a hell of a good time," Sarahh explained and dragged a blood-red fingernail over the smaller woman's chin, neck and chest.

Rumple's voice drifted out of the loud speakers and into the tent, asking the contestants to make their way to their respective blanket on the beach.

"Showtime!" Sweetsubsarahh said excitedly and tweaked Honey's nipple through her bathing suit as she walked past her and out of the tent.

A hearty round of applause filled the beach as three teams of beautiful women emerged from their tents and reached their places next to large color coded beach blankets. Rumple introduced the first couple as the blue team and all eyes turned to the two ladies stationed at the royal blue blanket. A tall, dark-skinned woman stepped forward and raised her hand to the crowd, identified by Rumple as Cloudy the Warrior Princess. She then reached behind her neck, untied the string bikini and dropped it beside her in the sand before untying the sides of her bikini bottoms and adding them to the pile.

The small blonde behind her was then identified as Vella_ms and she moved to stand before Cloudy who slipped her fingers beneath the thin black straps at Vella's shoulders and slid them down her arms, revealing a beautiful vine and violet tattoo that snaked along her body. Vella stood motionless as the exotic native steadily pulled the solid black one-piece down her body until it reached her ankles, where she simply stepped out of it in all her naked glory.

A hushed silence fell over the crowd when Cloudy traced her fingers along the path of the blonde's tattoo, beginning at her right ankle, up her shapely leg, over her hip and around her ribs, cupping Vella's small pert breast in her hand where the tattoo ended. The blonde's calm countenance and pale skin provided a sharp contrast to her partner's bronzed flesh and made a sexy statement, hinting at the dominance and power of the earthy woman behind her. A cool breeze drifted along the beach and the smaller woman's nipples grew hard but to those watching, there was no doubt about the origin of such a reaction.

When Rumple began speaking again his voice cracked like a pubescent teenage boy's, bringing a giggle to Cloudy's lips. He then cleared his throat, placing his arousal aside for the moment, and moved onto the next team's introductions.

"The red team consists of a veteran Olympiad and a newcomer to not only the Triathlon but the Olympics themselves. Ladies and Gentlemen it is my pleasure to introduce you to the eight time gold medal winner, Miss Colleen Thomas."

The petite woman remained at her teammate's side and appeared embarrassed at having so many people's attention directed at her. The beautiful woman beside her smiled wide at Colleen's shyness and gently urged the slight woman forward, her hand at the small of the redhead's back. Colleen moved her hand to her shoulder, partially covering herself and indicating her discomfort as a healthy blush swept up her neck and settled in her cheeks. Despite her awkwardness before a crowd, she was a vision in the royal blue bikini that sparkled brightly in the midday sun.

Her long legs were off-set by the almost indecently high-cut bikini bottoms with black ties at her hips. A light dusting of freckles covered her flat tummy, leading up to full creamy breasts where the blue top covered her well but still provided a delicious amount of cleavage to peek above the top of the cups. An uncomfortable silence followed and her green eyes shifted up to the announcer's booth, where Rumple was obviously waiting for her to remove the sexy suit. When she made no move to discard her covering he continued the introductions.

"Colleen's lovely teammate has precious little experience, but something tells me that she'll walk away with more experience than she can wrap her mind around after competing with the talented Ms. Thomas today. Please welcome Literotica's very own, Minsue."

The gentle blonde stepped forward and waved at the crowd, her excitement evident when her generous breasts jiggled as a result of her enthusiastic waving. She then stood there with a huge grin on her face until a well manicured fingernail tapped her on the shoulder. Minsue turned bright blue eyes to her teammate and suddenly realized everyone was waiting for her to ditch her lucky suit, complete with embroidered goose just above her left breast. She giggled loudly, turned back to the crowd, shrugged her apologies and unceremoniously pulled the shiny silver shoulder straps down and pushed the suit over her hips, letting it fall to the sand around her ankles.

Deftly lifting it with one foot she looked ready to toss the garment aside only to have it snatched from her grasp by her teammate. Minsue turned questioning eyes on the petite redhead and watched in aroused embarrassment as Colly pressed the crotch of the silver suit to her nose and inhaled deeply. A few loud whistles from the crowd distracted her then and when she looked back she found the smaller woman staring at her with undisguised lust in her eyes.

"Oh boy," Rumple began. "Let's continue on to the yellow team before things go any further with the red team. The lovely auburn-haired woman you see is Sweetsubsarahh, a relative newcomer to this event but one with a solid reputation for enjoying such competition to the fullest."

Sarahh stepped forward and cocked her head slightly to one side, her auburn hair spilling over her shoulders. A sexy grin graced her lips as she reached to the center of her white men's dress shirt. She proceeded to unbutton the large shirt one tiny button at a time until it split in the middle just slightly. She then parted the crisp fabric and placed her palms flat against her sides revealing her gorgeous breasts, flat abdomen and clean shaven pussy. Her blue eyes sparkled as she made deliberate, pointed eye contact with several of the spectators.

"God what I wouldn't give..." Rumple said hungrily before catching himself and clearing his throat again to continue in a more self-assured manner. "Where was I? Oh yes, the yellow team. Sweetsubsarahh will be competing with the beautiful and talented Honey123 today. Honey is a tremendous all around athlete and those of you that were fortunate enough to be present at the Fencing competition can attest to her renowned athleticism."

The bubbly brunette stepped up behind her teammate, reaching around Sarahh's shoulders and pulled the shirt from her body quickly. A volley of miscellaneous cat-calls leapt from several men in the crowd and Honey stepped forward to take a sweeping bow. She then stood straight and confidently discarded the skimpy red bikini she'd been wearing. Sarahh watched in fascination as her teammate grew bold beneath the appreciative stares of the crowd as they surveyed her toned, well-muscled body.

"There you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen. The six top contenders for the final heat of the Triathlon. Many have come... Heh, and boy have they come, but standing before you now are the best of the best," Rumple explained, his voice clearly showing his audience that he was smiling wide as he continued.

"Ladies, please notice the toy boxes at the head of your beach blankets and be reminded that only one item from the box can be used in this competition. Three climaxes must be achieved by each team using a different technique each time before the clock stops and the scores are tallied."

Each team made their way to the large toy box assigned to them and all but the blue team put their heads together to discuss which item they'd be reaching for when the time came. Several onlookers scratched their heads in wonder when Cloudy strolled over to the box, took out a flat black object and placed it under the corner of the blue blanket. She then sat down on the lid of the box and leaned back on her hands. Her head fell back and long sable hair swayed in the breeze as her breasts poked back at the sun beaming down on her. Vella obediently knelt beside the beautiful native and sat silently, watching the woman before her.

While the other two teams went over their strategies again and whispered in secret, three judges emerged and took up their stations at the foot of each colored blanket. Just this year, the World Association of Triathletes decided to change their rule books to allow for male judges, as the female judges were far too particular about what they deemed a good performance.

Men simply enjoyed girl/girl sex no matter how it happened and were fairly effective at determining a fitting score for each orgasm as it happened. A three score indicated that there was no chance in hell they could have wrung such a reaction out of the woman. A two score represented a climax that they thought themselves capable of but had only achieved a handful of times. Climaxes scoring a one were the kind they saw most regularly in their own sexual endeavors.

Ironically enough, the head judge of the competition, holding executive power over the other three judges was Liar. His name belied his true nature, for he was anything but dishonest. The dashing Swede sat high atop a lifeguard tower where he could look down on his three judges as well as each team of women. He raised a large blue and yellow flag, signaling the teams to take their places and ready themselves for the green flag.

He then pointed down at each of his judges in turn, Lucifer_Carroll, Belegon and Cheerful Deviant. When each man had given the thumbs up signal, Liar reached for a large green flag and lifted it high in the air. A massive clock at the base of his tower ticked over one second and the competition was under way. The onlookers cheered and three beautiful women appeared from behind the judge's tower.

Each woman was tall, thin, large busted, wearing the tiniest of string bikinis and ridiculously high heels. Because the event was taking place on American sand, each woman's bikini bottom carried the logo of a major beer company. The women then strutted a proud path around each blanket, holding a large white square, bearing the number one in its center, high above their head. It was a bit comical that this was the same method for identifying rounds in boxing matches but fitting none the less.

A loud slapping noise came from the blue blanket where Cloudy had taken Vella over her lap and was spanking her soundly with a black leather paddle. The small blonde's face contorted with each strike, her eyes squinting tightly shut and her mouth set in concentration as the next stinging slap was delivered to her round bottom. A woman in the front row gasped at the sight, her hand flying to her mouth conveyed her shock that such treatment would be used in order to arouse someone.

A short time later, however, the same woman could be seen tracing a fingernail around her nipple as Vella's hips pressed into Cloudy's lap, desperately seeking some kind of pressure to ease the urgent need in her pussy. The initial grimace on her face was gone, replaced by an unmistakable expression of bliss even as tears spilled down her soft cheeks. The tall native then stopped the punishment and dragged the soft deerskin tassels, hanging from the handle of the paddle, over Vella's smooth backside, soothing the bright red skin and further increasing the blonde's need for release.

"What do you say, Vella?" Cloudy barked at the petite woman across her lap.

"Thank you, Mistress. Please continue. I'm so close," Vella replied in a throaty growl as the tip of the soft material teased the moist flesh at her entrance.

Cloudy immediately landed two more powerful blows on the blonde's ass, pausing to maneuver her teammate's sex over her thigh. Vella quickly settled herself over Cloudy's leg and rested her forehead against the blue blanket just beside the exotic woman's foot.

"Cum for me, Vella. The time is now," Cloudy commanded, applying a flurry of quick strikes to the smaller woman's ass.

Vella's fingers shot straight out at the initial pain, but immediately curled back in, clutching the blanket. The frenzied rhythm of her hips grinding into Cloudy's thigh was a testament to the pleasure coursing through her tiny frame. The next solid blow proved to be her complete undoing as her torso shot up, her head tilted back, followed by a primal scream as both extremes of pleasure and pain collided inside resulting in a massive explosion that racked her rigid body for several long seconds.

She was a sight to behold at that very moment, her beautiful face raised to the sun, mouth half open as untold things exploded inside. Her profile, featuring her upturned face and the erotic curve of her spine, would grace the covers of newspapers around the globe the following morning as Lucky-E-leven, Literotica's chosen photographer, lay in the hot sand and captured the tremendous moment on film. Cloudy leaned back on her hands and took in the sexiest display of controlled chaos known to man, that of a woman gripped by climax.

The red team's judge stood up carefully when Vella collapsed onto the blanket, panting wildly as her orgasm began to subside. Poor Belegon was trying so hard not to trigger the release of his stiff cock that he didn't even have the wherewithal to be embarrassed by the prominent tent in his khakis. Slowly but with absolute confidence, he raised his lollipop score stick, indicating that the red team had completed round one and earned a score of three in the process.

Twenty yards down the beach, the Round Two bimbo had just completed her lap around the yellow blanket as Sweetsubsarahh and Honey123 kissed passionately. Lucifer_Carroll lowered his number two scoring stick and took a long drink of ice water to cool down after watching Sarahh straddle Honey's face and ride to a wild climax. The tall auburn-haired woman reluctantly broke the kiss, licked Honey's lips, tasting her own juices there and finally crawled over to their toy box.

Honey rolled to her belly and looked up to see her teammate buckling on a black leather strap-on harness, complete with a huge rubber cock. Her soft brown eyes opened wide at the realization that the large member would soon be lodged firmly in her small body, and though she knew it was part of their game plan, she hadn't expected the equipment to be so big. Sarahh looked down at the slender woman, and traced her tongue along her lips as she stroked the black phallus several times for effect.

"Are you ready for me, baby?" Sarahh asked arrogantly as she moved to kneel beside her teammate.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Honey answered on a sigh and began to roll to her back.

"Oh, no you don't," Sarah scolded and pushed Honey back to her stomach before spreading the smaller woman's legs and knee-walking in between them.

Honey turned around quickly, a wild look of fear in her eyes and was about to protest when a long slender finger slid into her pussy. A sudden moan of surprise replaced her objections and she drew her knees up slightly, looking very much like a frog. Sarahh wound her arm under Honey's middle and lifted the tiny brunette's hips off the blanket, positioning her ass directly in front of the massive cock at her middle.

Honey pushed up on her hands and the next thing she felt was the cool tip of her teammate's cock sliding up and down the length of her slit. The cool, smooth contact blotted out any fears she may have had about her ability to handle the large weapon. Her excitement over being watched by so many people caused her to push back when it nestled against her entrance.

Sweetsubsarahh smiled, knowing exactly how the smaller woman was feeling and wrapped her hand around the cock to keep it on target as she began pressing forward with her hips. Honey's pussy was so wet that the bulbous head slipped in quickly, followed by the next two inches. Her eyes flew open wide as her body recognized the sudden fullness and a sharp gasp was heard by all. Sarahh withdrew just slightly and when the petite woman whimpered in disappointment, the auburn-haired woman thrust forward quickly, sinking the entire length of the dildo balls deep in Honey's pussy.

"Oh my God!" Honey exclaimed as the smooth leather harness contacted her ass.

"Yes, say your prayers Honey," Sarahh teased as she withdrew slowly before plunging her hips forward and burying the cock deep inside the brunette's body yet again.

The small woman's elbows gave out and her head collapsed on the blanket, leaving her gorgeous ass poking back at her teammate who had taken up a rhythm of long steady strokes in and out of her slender body. Several men in the crowd untucked their shirts or pulled towels over their laps as their hands reached down to stroke their own rigid tools. Sarahh noticed a rather good looking fellow leaned back on one hand, staring at her, his eyes as big as saucers and his hand going wild beneath a beach towel as she fucked her teammate's pussy.

In her no-nonsense, oh so coy manner she winked at the man, pointed to him and mouthed, "You're next," indicating to him that she'd gladly do his ass when she had finished with Honey. His eyebrows shot up in surprise and the redhead reached up and tweaked her nipples as she watched his toes point straight out and his breathe catch in his throat as he came with a shudder. A satisfied laugh bubbled up in her throat and she winked at him when he raised embarrassed eyes to her once more. Returning her attention to the squirming brunette on the end of her cock, Sarahh wrapped her fingers around Honey's hips and slammed into her forcefully again and again, fucking the breath right out of the smaller woman.

A loud air horn sounded off somewhere up the beach, honking out the tune Yankee Doodle, and the loud speaker clicked on seconds before Rumple's scolding voice boomed through the air, "Abs! You know better than that! Cut it out!"

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