The Morrisons Ch. 09


Lisa was smiling and getting into the display mode when she said, "I'll even lie down and spread my legs wide here in the driveway and rub my pussy until I cum, if you let Becky blow you."

I looked up and down the road and thought to myself, this is Sunday morning so there shouldn't be much traffic, and also this is a back road so there shouldn't be much traffic here anyway. But then I thought back to a few minutes ago when a car passed as we walked down across the lawn.

My cock brain won out over my common sense when I said, "Becky, if you want to suck my cock right here, I'll let you, on one condition."

Becky looked at me with a confused look before she asked, "What's the condition?"

"Since both of you want to be so daring let's up the ante where all three of us have to stay right here at the end of the driveway without hiding until each of us have experienced at least one orgasm each. I will to fuck both of you right here and each of you must have an orgasm. Each of you will turn around and face the road then bend over at the waist and spread your legs so I can fuck you from behind. I'll reiterate, the person I'm fucking must experience at least one real orgasm. After both of you have had an orgasm, I will let Becky suck my cock. IF both of you decide to be so daring and take my challenge, I promise I won't move from this spot if a car comes along. But remember, once we start, all three of us have to stay right here and whoever comes by will see us totally naked and enjoying some form of sex. I promise you, it won't be any quickie." I countered with a huge smile on my face thinking there is no way both of the girls would accept that challenge.

Becky looked at Lisa asking, "What do you think Lisa, do you want to do something wild and out of character for us?"

Lisa looked both ways, listened carefully, then walked back to Becky saying, "If we get caught we can't cover any of our body parts, we have to be brave and show everything!"

I cautioned, "Remember once we start all three of us have to stay right here until each of us have had an orgasm and I will be the last one, so keep that in mind before you say you want to do this."

Becky looked up and down the road as she bent over at the waist and spread her legs saying, "Daddy Dan, please fuck me and make me cum."

I stepped up behind Becky and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slippery slit and got it good and wet before I lined it up with the opening of her lovely tight pussy and started pushing my hips forward slowly sinking inch by inch of my rock hard cock deep into Becky. Once I was buried deep inside Becky's womb, I held her hips tight and pushed against her ass cheeks to get every little millimeter of my cock inside her. I started to slowly fuck Becky and it wasn't long before I had Becky gasping for breath and pumping backwards to meet my forward thrusts. I reached forward and cupped her perfectly round tits in my hands and massaged them as we fucked out in the open where anyone could see us if they came down the road. Becky reached down and started massaging her clit and began bucking and breathing irregularly as she screamed, "Daddy, I'm there, FUCK ME HARD!"

Becky quivered as I continued to pound my cock deep into her and I felt her pussy muscles contract trying to milk my cock. When Becky's orgasm was dying down, I pulled my cock out of her before I stayed to long and shot my load inside her. Sweat was pouring off me by the time I finished with Becky and to my surprise Lisa was right there to take my cock into her hot love tunnel. I could see the sparkling of Lisa's juices in the sunlight as I stepped forward and pushed my cock against her tiny hole. Lisa moaned as the head of my cock penetrated her flower pushing the petals apart and slipping into the soaking wet depths of her womanhood. There was a squishing sounds and I pushed more and more of my cock into Lisa. It didn't take Lisa long before she began to breathe heavily and meet each of my thrusts into her pussy with a backward push of her own. Lisa and I were engaged in raw fucking with nothing but lust in mind. Lisa begged me to jam my cock deep inside her and make her scream and I was doing the best I could to keep up with her demands.

Meanwhile Becky was doing handstands and cartwheels in the center of the road. Spreading her lovely little legs so both Lisa and I had a wonderful view of her spread open slit. With every move her round titties bounced, then came right back to stand proudly out from Becky's chest. Finally, Becky sat down in the road with her feet flat on the surface and let her legs flop off to the sides opening her small pussy. Then Becky lay backwards until she was lying down in the center of the road with her legs spread as wide as they would g and her arms spread out saying, "Oh MY GOD, I've never felt so vulnerable. This is so strange!"

Watching Becky sent Lisa over the edge and she started enjoying her orgasm with a scream, a series of pants trying to get some air in her lungs and then more moaning and screaming as she pushed her ass against me trying to get all my cock in her hot cunt. Once again, I had to stop fucking the lovely young lady my cock was buried in and withdraw my cock before I blew my load into her. Once my cock was out of Lisa I walked out into the center of the road and took Becky's hand and pulled her up to her knees and aimed my cock towards her lips. Becky briefly looked at my cock covered with Lisa's pussy juice before she opened her mouth and engulfed the head of my cock. Becky sucked on the head of my cock a few seconds before she used her tongue and circled the rim as the base of my cock head sending shivers through my body. Then Becky opened her mouth completely and deep throated my cock until she gagged on it. She pulled back for a couple of seconds and then drove my cock into the opening of her throat and held it there while she used her tongue to lick the underside of my cock. I wasn't going to last much longer, so I warned Becky by saying, "I'm going to cum soon, are you going to swallow it?"

Becky doubled her actions and sucked my cock as well as massaged the underside of it with her tongue. The first spurt of my cum shot out of my cock took her be surprise and she paused momentarily before she swallowed and began to suck again. I held the back of Becky's head and pumped my cock into her mouth until I was spent. Becky swallowed most of my cum and what little squeezed out on the base of my cock, Becky took her time to lick me clean before looking up at me asking, "Did I do a good job, Daddy Dan?"

I looked down at her and told her I had never experienced such an explosive orgasm as I had standing here in the middle of the road with her sucking my cock. Becky smiled up at me saying, "We've pushed our luck, we better get out of the road before someone comes along and catches us."

Becky and I walked into the end of the driveway and joined Lisa then the three of us walked up the driveway a short distance before we turned right and started walking around the edge of the property.

We talked as we walked and both girls were thrilled to have taken the chance on being seen when we had sex at the end of the driveway. Both of them asked what we would have really done if a car was coming down the road and I asked, "What do you mean? What would we have done?"

"We would have stayed right there just like we agreed before we started. If I was going to have to stay, both of you would have had to stay too." I said.

Becky said, "That's what made me so wet. I didn't know if we would be seen or not and the not knowing was exciting, exhilarating and absolutely stimulating."

We walked into the woods at the back of the property and found the stream and walked along it as it flowed quietly in the opposite direction of our travel. Lisa was watching the water and yelled, "Look there's a fish."

Becky and I stopped in time to see it dart to the other side and under a tree root. I said, "That looked like it might have been a trout and if there is trout in this stream then there has to be some place for them to spawn."

Lisa looked at me asking, "What do you mean, Daddy Dan?"

I told both of them the trout need a place to go to lay their eggs and there had to be a place in the stream that was wider with fast running water. We walked along and watched the water and saw several more fish before the stream started to widen. We found an old overgrown road running along the edge of the stream so we walked on the old road about ten minutes before we heard water running like from a waterfall.

A short distance further we found the source of the water fall sounds and it was indeed a small fifteen foot waterfall dropping into a large pool of water at the base. It looked like someone created this pool a long time ago by the way the stones were arranged around the edge. We moved over to the edge of the water and I leaned down and put my hand in the water. I looked at the girls and said, "The best way to get into this water would be to rush in, because this water is cold."

Becky being the more daring one dropped her towel and looked into the clear water. When she saw it was deep enough without any rocks to bump into she ran and dove underwater and came up screaming, "HOLY FUCKING SHIT, THIS WATER IS COLD!"

I smiled at Lisa asking, "Are you going in?"

Lisa replied, "Of course I'm going in. If I don't, Becky will never let me live it down."

Lisa took off and ran in like Becky did and came up screaming, "GOD IT'S FUCKING FREEZING!"

I stood on the edge of the old road and after a debate with myself I too ran and jumped into the water before my brain could come up with a sensible reason for not torturing my body in freezing water. The minute I hit the water and surfaced I could feel my cock retreating and shriveling up to the size of a little boy. The three of us met in the middle of the pool and found out the pool was deeper than it looked. I am six foot tall and I couldn't touch bottom even though the water was so clear we could see the stones on the bottom. I'm not sure if my body was becoming numb or what, but it seemed the longer I stayed in the water it wasn't so cold. We only stayed in the water about ten minutes before we got out and stood in the hot sunshine to warm up.

I looked around to see if I could see any surveyor ribbons indicating property lines but I didn't see any. After we warmed up we started walking back along the old road until I found an orange surveyor's ribbon tied on an old tree and then I realized we weren't on my property. I made a mental note to contact someone and buy this property.

When we arrived back at the house we walked up on the deck and I saw three heads in the pool. I walked over to the edge of the pool and saw Bill, Ashley, and Debbie floating around on the noodles and talking quietly between them. When they saw me, Ashley said, "Hi Dan, we are just taking a dip."

I smiled and said, "Enjoy yourselves; we just got back from our walk."

Becky went into the house and got three bottles of water from the refrigerator and brought them out on the deck. She handed one to me and one to Lisa. I told the girls to enjoy themselves and I was going to see how Ted and Marion were doing. Becky asked, "Daddy Dan, do you want some lunch?"

I turned saying, "Let me go check with Ted and Marion and see if they ate and if not, would you mind making lunch for all of us?"

Lisa said, "I'll go with you and it they haven't had lunch, I'll come back out here and help Becky."

Lisa and I walked into the den and found Marion standing on a ladder holding a monitor while Ted guided it into the holder mounted on the wall. The interesting part is, Marion had her legs spread and we had a wonderful view of Marion's open pussy. Neither Lisa nor I said a word while we stood behind Marion and watched as she moved and her pussy would open then close then open again depending on her movements. We heard Ted say, "There, that one is mounted, you can get down honey."

Marion moved and just as she started down the ladder she looked over her shoulder and saw Lisa and me standing behind her. She blushed slightly and said, "I must have been giving you two quite a view while I was holding that monitor."

I smiled and said, "What a lovely view it was Marion. When you get ready to hang the next monitor, please let me know so I can enjoy the view of your lovely bald pussy again."

Marion blushed saying, "Oh Dan, stop that. I'm an old woman and I'm sure you would much rather look at Lisa's pussy than mine."

Lisa blushed and said, "Marion, I was even enjoying the view of your lovely pussy along with Daddy Dan. I have the same thing you have and I was fascinated watching your pussy open and close as you were moving around on the ladder."

I broke in asking, "Have either of you eaten anything for lunch?"

Ted stopped what he was doing and said, "No. We were going to eat later when we got home."

I said, "Becky and Lisa have offered to fix us something, so we can all eat together."

Lisa said, "I'll let you know when lunch is ready."

After Lisa left the room, I watched Ted and Marion work as they finished putting the monitors up on the wall and hook up the wires before they set up the recording machines and wired them. Soon Lisa was back saying, "Lunch is ready."

Ted, Marion and I walked out and found that Lisa and Becky set lunch on the dining room table.

Bill, Ashley and Debbie were standing with Lisa and Becky waiting for us to arrive. Each chair was already covered with a towel so all we had to do was sit down and enjoy our lunch. I thanked both Lisa and Becky for making lunch and said, "Let's sit down and eat."

When lunch was over everyone pitched in and we had everything cleaned up within a few minutes. Ted and Marion went back to the den to work and Bill, Ashley, Debbie, Becky, Lisa, and I went out on the deck to soak up some sun and enjoy the afternoon. All four girls moved a lounge around so their feet were towards the sun. Bill and I moved a lounge over by the girls. I moved mine between Becky and Lisa while Bill moved his between Ashley and Debbie.

Ashley asked Bill to spread some lotion on her body as she handed him the bottle of sunscreen. While Bill was applying sunscreen to Ashley, she spread her legs wide giving him full view and access to her inner thighs and bald pussy. Debbie spread her legs and asked Bill to do the same to her when he finished with Ashley. Bill was like a kid in a candy store when he stopped and looked at both Ashley and Debbie's nude body spread out on the lounge waiting for him to rub his hands over their body.

Meanwhile both Becky and Lisa stretched out on their lounges and Becky handed me a bottle of lotion and asked me to spread some on her body. I squirted a few globs on her body, especially her titties, her flat belly, her bald pubic mound, each thigh, and each foot. Then I got down on my knees and put a small glob in my hand and rubbed my hands together before I smoothed the lotion all over Becky's face, down her neck, then moved down until each of my hands had a wonderful "C" cup titties with her quarter sized, light brown areola with her tiny nipple poking up in the center. Her nipples might be smaller than other females, but they were just as hard and standing out proudly from Becky's perfectly round titties. I spent more time massaging them than necessary before I moved down her body to her flat stomach. As previously stated, the one thing that really stood out about Becky is her prominent pubic mound, and with her keeping herself completely bald, when she lay down as she was now it stood up above her hips. When I moved my hand over her pubic mound she moaned and spread her legs further apart giving me full access to her pussy lips below. After making sure Becky's pussy was well coated with sunscreen I moved down her thighs and eventually her feet making sure she was ready to lie out and get some sun on her whole body.

When I was finishing Becky's feet, Lisa asked me to do the same to her. Not being one to ignore a female in distress, I turned and picked up the bottle of sunscreen lotion and decorated Lisa's titties, flat stomach, her bald pubic mound, down her thighs, then all the way down her legs to her feet. I put the bottle down after I squirted some in my hand and started rubbing some lotion in her face, down her neck to her lovely "C" cup titties with their beautiful pink areola and pencil sized nipples, which like Becky, were as hard as bullets and stood up proudly from her tits. I loved massaging the lotion into her lovely tits, but I wanted to lie down too. So I moved down across her flat stomach and on to her lovely, bald, pubic mound. I rubbed the lotion into her pubic mound then dipped my hand down between her legs; Lisa spread her legs wide giving me full access to her bald pussy lips. I used the heel of my hand to rub a little harder on her clit causing Lisa to moan loudly and roll her head side to side. I moved my hands down each thigh and shin until I reached her feet.

When I finished I stood up and rubbed my hands together then rubbed the residue down my own body. I picked up the bottle of sunscreen lotion and was about to apply some to my body when Lisa and Becky jumped up and told me to lie down. I made one final adjustment to the position of my lounge then lay down on my back and immediately spread my legs. (it's a guy thing) Lisa and Becky each took a side and Becky held the bottle of lotion over my body and dribbled some all the way from my neck to my feet. She stopped and let some dribble down my cock as it stood up proudly, making it look like I'd just cum. Then each girl started rubbing in the lotion from each side, leaving my cock and balls for last. After I was well coated with lotion, both girls moved back up to my cock and there were two hands stroking my cock and two hands were rubbing the lotion into my balls.

When they were satisfied I was completely covered with lotion, each of them bent over to straighten their towel on their lounge. I loved the rear view they provided me. I watched each cute lil pussy glisten when the sunlight hit it, then each one opened slightly at the top of Becky and Lisa's toned thighs and winked at me while they adjusted their towel. I watched as each girl sat down and then laid back on their lounge before spreading their legs and opening their pussy to the sunlight in hopes of removing all evidence of tan lines.

Meanwhile, both Ashley and Debbie were having fun with Bill by teasing him so his cock stood up from his groin. Both girls had coated Bill with lotion and then told him they were doing him a favor by teasing him. When he questioned their reasoning, they informed him since he had a white ring around his waist and upper thighs where he always wore shorts, his cock will get an all over tan because it was standing up. All of us laughed and Bill said, "Ok, whatever you say."

We were still enjoying the sun when Ted and Marion took a break and came out to cool down in the pool. They were in the pool for about fifteen minutes when both Becky and Lisa got up and walked over and jumped in. It wasn't long before we heard giggles and then some moans coming from the pool area. I looked over at Debbie, Ashley, and Bill and they looked at me then we laid back on our lounge and enjoyed the sun shining on our naked bodies.


I must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I knew my daughter Jenna was stroking my cock asking me, "Daddy, don't you think you should turn over? Your cock is getting a little pink and I don't want you to burn this before I get it inside me tonight."

I opened my eyes and smiled and my daughter saying, "I guess I better get up and get something cold to drink."

As I started to get out of my lounge I looked around and saw the other lounges had been all neatly restacked by the railing and the pool was empty so I asked, "Have you seen Ashley, Debbie, Bill, Lisa and Becky?"

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