The Morrisons Ch. 15


I smiled and said, "Well Kathy with a "K" stop analyzing and just say yes."

Kathy looked at Jake and said, "Ok, yes!"

Then she looked at me and said, "Is your life made up of momentary decisions? It seems to me that I went through this process only yesterday morning when you had Beth call and ask us to come down here today. Now you only gave me a moment to make up my mind to leave the country. What's next Dan, are you going to book us on a flight to the space station next?"

I looked at Kathy and scratched my chin and made the noise, "Hmmmmmmmm."

Suddenly Kathy screamed, "NO, DAN! I'm not going to the space station!"

All of us started laughing and suddenly Carrie and Fred appeared out of nowhere and Carrie said, "Ghezzz mom, we're out here in nature, stop screaming unless you're having an orgasm."

All of us started laughing again and I said, "Come on let's head back towards the house. It's hot enough to relax in the pool."

Kim said, "Well now that it's out in the open, come over here Beth and walk with me."

Carrie asked, "What's in the open?"

Kathy said, "You should have hung around with us old people and you would have learned everything."

Carrie said, "Oh My God! Beth, are you a lesbian?"

There was an immediate outburst of laughter from everyone except Carrie and Fred, which lasted a couple of minutes, before it died down. Then Beth said, "Well Carrie, I guess you and the folks are going to learn something together this time. No, I'm not a lesbian but I have learned to enjoy the sweet taste of a juicy pussy. And I love a very hard cock sliding into my pussy just as much. So, I guess my new title would have to be bi-sexual."

Kathy and Jake were silent as we walked and only Carrie exclaimed, "Oh Beth, would you teach me what it's like to be with a woman? I've always wanted to try but was always afraid mom and dad would say something. But now that you've opened that can of worms, I might as well express my interest too."

Kim looked at Kathy and said, "We always encouraged our daughter not to be afraid to try anything that interested her as long as she wasn't going to be bodily harmed. Our daughter is also bi-sexual just like me. I've found the soft touch of another woman is just as appealing to me as is a hard cock."

Kathy smiled at Kim and said, "I'm not sure what to say other than I'm happy to learn that my daughter is not doing anything that's bad for her like drugs and drinking. I'm still trying to process the bi-sexual thing, but I guess if I was to give an immediate response, I'd have to say, what's she doing isn't going to get her arrested. And from what I've heard, she is a responsible adult making a contribution to our society. I guess now, after hearing she's bi-sexual, I'll have to squash all my hopes and dreams of visiting my daughter in the White House one day, after she'd been elected as the first woman President of the United States.

All of us cracked up laughing and the one laughing the loudest was Beth's father, Jake. He rolled out a belly laugh that echoed through the woods. Finally Beth stopped laughing long enough and asked, "Why can't I be President? Bill Clinton taught all of us that oral sex isn't really sex."

Beth continued saying, "Bill Clinton's famous words are, "I did not have sex with that woman!" Later, all of us learned that Monica gave ole Bill the best blowjob he's ever had. On top of that, we also learned Bill also used Monica's pussy to moisten and add flavor to his cigars."

Beth giggled when she said, "I'm nowhere near that kinky. I still have a good chance to be elected as the president."

I looked at Beth and said, "I'll be your campaign manager if you ever decide to run for President."

Jake added, "Beth, I don't care if you are bi-sexual and I agree with Dan, I'll be happy to go on the campaign trail with you and support you all the way."

Carrie said, "Beth, you know I love you, don't you?"

Beth smiled at everyone and said, "I was nervous and didn't know how I was going to explain my new relationship with Dan and Kim, but I am so happy I come from such a supportive family. I can tell you mom and dad; I will never do anything to dishonor the Thompson name."

Kathy said to Beth, "I'd love to take a private walk with you and Kim, if that's possible."

Kim smiled and said, "Kathy, I'd love nothing more. Why don't we let everyone else go ahead and we can walk by ourselves."

Carrie and Fred walked up and got between Jake and me and the four of us walked on by ourselves. Finally Jake said to me, "Kathy always likes to clarify all the particulars in her mind so she's on the same page with everyone else. I bet she's going to pick Kim's brain to make sure she is really supportive of the idea you mentioned back by the pond."

I smiled and said, "Jake, the idea originated with Kim."

Jake said with a chuckle, "See how easy it is to get to the bottom of something? Kathy will spend the next half hour getting to that same answer."

When we got back to the house the caterers were under the tent setting up and the DJ was testing her speakers. We paused and Jake looked at the caterers and the DJ and asked, "How do you ask a caterer or a DJ to be nude for your parties? Do you come right out and say we want you to cater our party, naked? What do they say back to you?"

I put my arm around Jake's shoulders and said, "I didn't do it, my housekeeper is in charge of all this and she can be very persuasive all the time. I have expressed an interest in her working at my company, but she keeps telling me she is happily employed and besides I couldn't match her current benefit package in the company atmosphere."

Jake laughed and asked, "I guess you can't have nude women running around in the office."

I smiled at Jake and said, "Only behind closed doors."

Jake looked at me with a frown then a smile spread across his face and said, "Oh, I see."

We walked up to the house and Terri was standing with the phone in her hand and she was talking to someone. I asked Jake, Carrie, and Fred if they wanted a beer and all three of them accepted. I started to walk into the house to get them when Terri stopped me, pointed and said, "Dad, in the cooler."

I walked over to the large cooler and pulled out four cans of beer and walked back to Jake, Carrie, and Fred and passed one to each of them. I asked, "Do you want to relax in the pool for a little while?

Everyone agreed and when we walked over to the pool and saw a couple of kids playing in the water with a couple of young ladies I didn't know. It looked like they were having fun so we walked down the steps into the pool and started talking. Terri walked over and said, "Dad, I want you to meet Brianne Jamison and Jen Baker. Brianne is Patty's sister and Jen is Brianne's friend. They are the babysitters I hired. The two younger children are the DJ's children. I told her since I was hiring a babysitter for some children we were going to have here; she could bring her children so that way she could play for us today without going through the hassle of finding a sitter. Also I was on the phone with Jeff and he said they will be here in a few minutes. I told him to push the button on the call box and I'd open the gate for him."

I thanked Terri for everything she was doing and asked her, "Is Ted, Shelly, and Hanna back yet?"

Terri said, "Mary called them on the radio a little while ago and asked what was taking them so long and Ted told her Hanna was packing up some of her personal items to bring out here. This is the first time she has been back to her apartment since the night she went to the hospital and since she is going to be staying here, at least until after the trial, she wanted to bring some of her stuff back with her."

After Terri walked away, I looked at Jake and I saw he had a funny look on his face. I quietly said, "The man has a question or maybe some questions."

Jake said, "I don't want to pry, but Terri calls you dad, yet you told us you only have one daughter named Jenna. I'm just curious that's all. But again, it's not my business so you don't have to say anything if you don't want to."

I said, "It's a long sorted story, are you sure you want to hear it now or do you want me to fill you in later?"

Jake said, "Tell me when we are alone so Kathy doesn't try to analyze that too."

Jenna came running out of the house with Lisa, Becky and Kevin and all three of them rushed the pool and at the last second I called, "Watch out of the little kids?"

The four of them came to a fast halt and looked into the pool then dove in. When they came up they swam over to me and I said, "Jenna, I want you to meet some people. This is Jake, Beth's father."

Jenna swam over to Jake and stood up and walked right up to his and hugged him tightly against her and said, "I'm so glad to meet you. Your daughter speaks very highly of you and her family. May I kiss you too?"

Jake said "Sure, I guess so."

Jenna moved her face towards Jake's and kissed him on the lips, then really kissed him on the lips. The second kiss lasted about thirty seconds before Jenna pulled back and said, "Wow, did your wife ever tell you, you're a great kisser?"

Jake said, "Young lady, Jenna, uh, normally, young ladies don't throw themselves in my arms and start kissing me."

Lisa and Becky started laughing and Lisa said, "Mister, you don't know Jenna yet. She's been known to do just about everything."

I looked at Jake and said, "My daughter is, shall we say, an extrovert. She doesn't have a shy bone in her body."

But, as I was saying Jake, "The other three young people are Lisa, Becky and Kevin. They are friends of Jenna's.

Looking at Jenna I said, "Jenna, over there is Jake's daughter Carrie and her boyfriend, Fred. You might want to make them feel welcome as well."

Jenna rushed over as fast as she could in the water and hugged Carrie and kissed her then moved on to Fred and hugged him to her body and when she kissed him she really kissed him. Carrie started laughing because Fred was wide eyed and not sure what to do. Finally, Jenna released him and in a little girl's voice she said, "Daddy told me to make you feel welcome mister. I hope you feel welcome now."

Carrie, Lisa, Becky and Kevin all began to laugh as Fred stood there looking at Jenna making little girl faces at him. Finally, Fred began to laugh and said, "I'm not sure how to take all of you. We are friendly where I come from, but not quite like this. I hope Carrie don't get mad at me."

Carrie replied, "Oh no Fred, you ain't gonna drag me into this. You decide if you like the attention or not. I know I loved the kiss I got from Jenna."

Jenna smiled and said, "You're welcome ma'am. And these people are my friends, Lisa, Becky and Kevin."

Each of Jenna's friends hugged Carrie and Fred and welcomed them. Then they started talking about things they were interested in. Slowly they moved away from Jake and me as they continued their conversation.

I looked up and saw Jeff and Tina walking out of the house and onto the deck with Terri and three children following them. Terri stopped by the coolers and got a couple of beers out of the beer cooler then opened the other and took out some bottles of water for the kids. Terri escorted them over to the pool and I looked up as Terri said, "Dad, this young fellow is John, and his sisters, Abby and Deana."

Immediately the kids started begging Tina to get in the pool and I watched as Terri called for Jen and Brianne and when they came over to our side the pool Terri said, "This is John, Abby and Deana."

Turning to the kids Terri said, "This is Brianne and Jen, they are going to watching you and taking care of you today, so your mom and dad can swim and talk with the other people here."

While Tina was talking to Terri, I looked at Tina's bald pussy. They finished talking and both Jeff and Tina walked down the steps into the pool. I looked up and noticed her tits were about a "C" cup and they were sagging a little bit and her areolas were pink and about a half dollar sized.

I walked over and shook hands with Jeff, and Tina moved into my arms and gave me a hug. When the hug was finished, I turned around and introduced them to Beth's father, Jake. We stood talking and watching the kids play in the pool with Jen and Brianne. Jeff told us it was great to see his kids having fun with other kids since his kids couldn't do anything outside without someone being close by them. Tina said, "Dan, we can't thank you enough for everything you have done for our family. If I can ever do anything for you, please don't hesitate to ask."

Jeff said, "Dan, now that I have a much better paying job we are looking for a house outside the city so our kids can have a little more freedom than they've had recently. We want something with a large back yard where the kids can play and not be worried about being bothered."

Looking at Tina I said, "We are going to be away next week on a business trip, so I'll make arrangements for you and the children to come out here and play in the pool if you want to."

Tina said, "We can't impose on you like that."

I said, "We are going to be in Germany next week, you won't be imposing on anyone."

I called Terri over to the edge of the pool and said to her, "Terri, please give Tina a key to our house and make everyone who will be here, aware that she and her children will be coming here daily, to play in the pool."

Tina rushed over and hugged me, pressing her body against mine. Immediately, my cock started coming to life as Tina kissed me and moved her naked body against me. I felt her stop moving when she moved her pubic area so my cock was nestled right in the top of her pussy slit. Then she gradually moved her hips with my cock remaining in her pussy groove. Tina pressed her body against me very tightly and said, "God Dan, what did we ever do to deserve everything you've done for us."

As Tina released me, Jeff came over to me and said, "I know you're my boss, but may I hug you as well?"

Even though my cock was more than half way hard, from hugging Tina, I smiled and opened my arms and Jeff stepped forward and hugged me tightly against his naked body. I'm sure Jeff felt my half hard cock pressed against his flaccid cock, but neither of us bothered to avoid the contact. After a few seconds of hugging, Jeff stepped back and said, "I'll never be able to repay you for everything you've done for me and my family."

I said, "Jeff, I told you before, "You did your best to keep both Terri and Hanna safe and that's all the payment I need from you. Terri, as you can see, is a much different person since she came here and Kim and I consider her our daughter. She has full authority of our house, and I didn't give up that right lightly."

Jake watched everything and finally asked, "The suspense is killing me, what's the connection between you and Terri and what's all this talk about trouble and keeping Terri safe?"

I looked at Jake and said, "The short story is, Terri and Hanna used to work in a local store and Jeff was the assistant manager. The owner of the store made Terri and Hanna strip naked and when they didn't move as fast as he wanted, he beat them. He made the girls do sexual things and Jeff tried to protect them. When Terri came to our interview for our housekeeping position, we weren't aware of what she had been through and what she was trying to get away from until the end of the interview, but by that time we were all nude. At first, Kim and I felt guilty about having Terri be nude with us given her recent history of having to strip, but she assured us being nude with us was not the same as Harold, her former boss, making her strip and suck his cock in front of his friends. He also took the girls to a salon and made them be totally waxed, then suck the cock of the salon owner. Finally Harold took the girls to a photographer friend of his and made them pose for all kinds of pictures."

I continued by saying, "Jeff helped us by downloading the pictures of the girls Harold took on his camera. The pictures were enough evidence for the police to raid all three businesses. All three men went to jail, but they bailed themselves out quickly. There have been some attempts to hurt the girls so the police have undercover officers here and at Jeff's house. That's why his children can't enjoy any freedom until the trial and the guys go to jail. That's the short version of the events which we were talking about."

Jeff looked at Jake and said, "I don't know you and I don't know how much you know about Dan, but I want to tell you, he has helped Terri and Hanna by providing a safe place for them to live. He also helped my family because I couldn't go back to work for Harold after taking the pictures off his camera and turning them over to the police. Dan and his whole family are exceptional people."

Jake stood looking at me and said, "Can I talk privately with you?"

I smiled and said to everyone, "Have a good time, enjoy the pool, we'll be right back."

Jake and I grabbed a towel after we got out of the pool and dried off before we walked into the house. I said, "Let's go to the den."

I grabbed two more beers and the two of us walked into the den. The monitors were all turned on and while I closed the door Jake stared blankly at the pictures on all the monitors. When he turned and looked at me, I said, "This is our new security system I recently had installed after a stranger came here and asked to speak to Terri Powell. Little did he know, Terri was the one who answered the door and she was the one to whom he was talking. We realized the guys who abused her, found out where she was living, so we wanted to be ready in case they sent someone to cause her harm."

Jake looked at me and said, "Dan, I'm at loss for the right words, but I want to say as a father and a husband, you moved to the top of my list of all time great guys I've known. This morning I was a little skeptical of your intentions towards my daughter when I first heard you say you wanted her to have your children. I'm going to be very honest with you and tell you that I thought you were just a rich guy who was going to take advantage of Beth. In the past half hour I've learned more about you and now I see a whole different picture."

Jake continued, "In my opinion, the majority of the wealthy affluent people could care less about the small people, but the mental vision I have of you now is one of compassion and diligence towards your fellow man. I know I'm not a Harvard grad and I'm probably fucking this up, but I want to say, you are to be congratulated for everything you do, apparently behind the scenes, to help those who need it most. I would certainly be very happy to call you a friend and I'd certainly love to have you in my family with whatever title we have to place on you as the father of my grandchildren."

After saying his piece, Jake stepped forward and opened his arms and once again I found myself hugging another naked man and our bodies pressed against each other in a friendly embrace. I patted Jake on the back and said, "You do know we are naked and we're hugging each other right?"

Jake started laughing while holding the hug and said, "I'm just checking out what you're giving my daughter."

Both of us broke out laughing and our bodies moved against each other. Finally we stepped back and Jake said, "I don't know what more to think. I've never met anyone like you and I'm not likely to, anytime soon. So who is the police officer you have here?"

I smiled and said, "Well, you've already met Mary and she is one of the officers. Hanna, the other girl who was abused, is currently with Shelly and Ted. Shelly is one of the officers assigned here and Ted is the guy who installed this security system. He is also a police sergeant and he's Mary and Shelly's supervisor. Ted and Marion have been staying here since that incident with the guy who came here looking for Terri."

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