tagGroup SexThe Mystic Adventure Ch. 04

The Mystic Adventure Ch. 04


(This is part 4 of the Mystic Adventure. It doesn't really stand on it's own so please consider reading from part 1.)

We lay there a bit longer as the girls recovered their senses and I tried to figure out how my life had changed so utterly and completely during the last few days.

I thought back to the morning of the drive to the airport and how I felt somewhat lost without "you know who". I had dreaded the process of tying up loose ends and then trying to meet a new person. The process of finding out if two people are compatible and could get along through all the little challenges of a relationship can be exciting but daunting as well. I remember thinking that I would just cool it for awhile.

Yeah, I don't think this quite fits the definition of "cooling it".

I looked over at Kelly. She was looking at me.

"You're thinking you should have left me at that Cruise counter aren't you?", she grinned.

Fuck. It's like she can look straight into my head, see exactly what I'm thinking, and then come up with a quip that sums up a feeling I've been working on shaping for how many minutes, by saying just the opposite.

I rolled over onto her and kissed her with as much passion as I could possibly muster. I had that feeling again. That feeling of just wanting to "absorb" her or something. Our bodies were fully pressed together but I couldn't seem to get close enough to her. I wanted to melt into her somehow.

I caught a breath by just opening my mouth a bit but still basically keeping it on hers, "Yeah, big mistake", I mumbled. "I shoulda kept walking."

She grinned around my mouth and pulled me tighter - like she was trying to get closer to me.

"God. You two are sickening." We looked over at Kim. She still had her eyes closed and was trying to give us shit but she broke into a grin, betraying her sarcasm.

Kelly gave her a playful punch in the arm. "Watch it sister, I *am* still letting you play with my toy you know."

"Oh, he's *your* toy now?" Kim was still smiling.

Hmm. I was a "Boy Toy" now? How cool is that?

Kelly looked back at me and her face suddenly got serious. "Yes, he is."

Head. Spinning.

She had done it again. I thought I had prepared myself for her devilish attacks on my heart but clearly, I hadn't. She had distracted me with her playful banter and, when I wasn't looking, sliced me open and climbed inside in one masterful stroke.

Even though I was laying on top of her, I could feel my knees get weak. I felt it throughout my whole body actually. I looked deeply into her bright blue eyes and saw them well up with tears. She lifted her head up and kissed me and pretty much fucking merged our soles.

I think this is where the term "head over heels" came from. I felt like one of those guys in a cheesy sci-fi movie when he's falling through some sort of time warp. I didn't know which way was up and which way was down. I just knew that I was tumbling into a heavenly oblivion.

I'm not sure how long I fell but at some point, we disengaged and looked over at Kim.

She was just staring at us. "Fuck. Me."

I guess a little bit of what was happening on the inside of us was conveyed to the onlooker on the outside.

Kelly switched gears again. "Yeah, I'll still let him fuck you but no more quips about us being sickening - got it?", she said matter-of-factly, but playfully.

"OK Boy Toy, you're crushing me." She pushed me off of her and sat up. I lay on my back in the sugary sand.

Kelly looked over at me, "I hate to leave this place but don't we have reservations for dinner at the the Bitter Pill Yacht Club or something Brad?"

I laughed at her "accidental" screw-up of the name. "It's the Bitter *End* Yacht Club you goof. It's a quick sail up to Gorda Sound. We should be fine but we should be going."

The girls grabbed their clothes and waded out into the water to wash the sand off before putting their things back on. We swam back through the tunnel to the other side and made our way over the rocks and back to the dink on the beach.

On the ride back to the boat, Kelly slid her hand over to mine and grabbed hold. It was very sweet and touching. She looked over to see Kim looking at us again.

"Not a word Kim", Kelly said before Kim even had a chance to *think* of anything to say. Kim just smiled and shook her head.

We got back to the boat and the girls hosed themselves off with fresh water on the transom platform while I started getting things ready for the trip up and around the top of Virgin Gorda to Gorda Sound and the Bitter End.

There were quite a few boats anchored off the Baths and I was looking around to figure out the best way to maneuver out after raising the anchor.

"Kell, hand me the binoculars." Among the boats arriving at the beach hunting about for a spot, I saw a boat that looked familiar. Kelly handed me the binocs and I tried to get a look at the name of the boat. "Razor," I said. "Steve's here."

"Ooh," Kim perked up, "let's call him on the radio and see if he wants to have dinner with us!"

"Actually, I have a better idea," I said.

"Let's let him get anchored and then you guys put on your skimpiest suits and take the dink over and ask him to put suntan lotion on you. Tell him you asked me but I didn't want to get my hands greasy. You'll blow his mind."

"I think Kim might blow something else," Kelly winked at Kim who seemed to be almost licking her lips at the thought.

"You're bad Brad," Kim said, "but I like the way you think."

The girls went below to get on even smaller suits than they already had on and I tried to stay out of view in case he happened to scan the other boats just like I did. As I watched him anchor, I noticed that his buddy just seemed to be sitting in the cockpit, not doing anything to help. Steve was running back and forth between the helm at the stern and the anchor at the bow - practically killing himself to get the boat anchored by himself. Steve did a great job getting the anchor set though and I was impressed by his seamanship.

Once he was settled, I called to the girls down below to see if they were ready.

They were ready.

As they came up the companionway stares, my jaw dropped again. I didn't think it was possible to have so little fabric be involved in a bathing suit. I instantly knew that they were wearing suits from Micro Kitten which are widely known as pretty much the smallest suits there can possibly be. The tops were thin strips of sheer fabric that barely covered their nipples and nothing else. Kim's was lime green and Kelly's was white. The bottoms were so small that even though their pussy hair was trimmed to almost nothing, it still peeked out of the top of the suit.

"Oh my fucking god," I said as they came into the cockpit. "This may not be such a good idea. I don't think it's healthy for a man to have virtually all of his blood rush to his dick at once. You two are going to kill him."

They laughed as they adjusted the little straps and patches of fabric.

"Not much left to the imagination is there," Kelly said as she looked down at her own crotch and tried to keep the fabric from being sucked into her cunt.

"I can imagine plenty." I handed them a hand-held radio that I had set to channel 8. "I've set this to continually transmit. I want to hear everything so keep it close to you if you can.

"Take the dink forward from here first, then over to his boat and then back to his stern so he doesn't see you until you get there. This is going to be awesome."

I helped the girls into the dink and it was all I could do not to attack them right there. They were impossibly hot in those suits. Frankly, I was a little jealous that they were wearing them for Steve and not for me. Yeah, like I've suffered so much on this trip...

Just before Kelly got into the dink, she stopped and turned to me. She put both her hands on my face and kissed me tenderly. It was like "Ok, pause the slut act, yeah, I'm still totally into you, I'll be back after I finish this little diversion," kind of thing. By now, I was feeling like I could completely tell every little meaning in these things she did and that's exactly what she meant with that kiss.

It felt good.

She hopped in the dink and they headed off for the show.

I turned on my radio and could hear them fairly well even over the din of the engine. I knew it would be fine once they turned it off at Steve's boat.

I looked over at Razor to see if Steve might spot them coming but he was busy in the cockpit and would disappear below from time to time bringing back food or drink for his buddy. The girls quickly made their way over and then cut the engine back to approach quietly. They pulled up to the stern and cut the engine.

"Hello! Anybody home?" I had the binoculars out and saw Steve's buddy look up and see the girls climbing out of the dink. I swear, the beer he was holding actually fell out of his hand as he stared at them, frozen with the view.

"Whoever it is, come on aboard," I heard Steve's voice and then saw his head pop up out of the cabin.

"Holy fuck."

"Hi Steve! We thought we saw you come in," Kim said as she came forward. As Steve came up from the cabin, she walked right over to him, wrapped her arms around him, and smashed her face onto his."

After a few seconds, she pulled back. "You remember us from the dock right?"

"Yeah sweetie, I think I remember you quite well. Where's Brad?" He started looking around but Kim grabbed his head.

"Aw, don't worry about him. We were going to lay out and get a tan but Brad didn't want us getting the deck all oily. He's such a poop. Can we use yours?"

I looked back at Kelly who had discreetly put the hand-held radio in a drink holder in the cockpit so that I could pick up all the action. Good girl.

She went over to Steve's buddy, "It looks like you dropped your beer. Let me get that for you." She bent over his lap to reach down to the cockpit floor to reach the beer can rolling around there. Of course, this put her ass, which was basically only covered by a string, right in his face.

"You bet you can sun bathe on my dick, deck. Anytime you want ladies."

"Would you put the lotion on us too? We can't reach everywhere it needs to go."

Oh yeah, baby. Lay it on thick.

Steve was starting to chuckle, now starting to realize that this was a game they were playing. He looked up again; scanning the surrounding boats and quickly saw me sitting on deck with the glasses on him. He gave me the "You!" point and a thumbs up, which I gave back.

"Hi Steve, I'm Kelly. I know you already know Kim. Who's your friend? He seems a little tense."

"Hello Kelly. You, both of you, are absolutely stunning. I can't believe Brad lets you off the boat.

"This is Jerry. He's an old friend from way back. Still kind of struggling with your sea legs aren't ya Jerr?"

Jerry didn't say anything. I think was still in shock at the exposed girl flesh that was 6 inches from his face.

Kelly sat down next to him and put her arm around him and gave him a hug. This, of course, caused her tits to be smashed into his chest. "Aw, I'm sorry to hear that Jerry. I'm sure you'll be fine. You don't mind if we sun bathe on your boat do you?"

Jerry just stared at her tits and slowly shook his head in reply.

Kelly popped up and put her arms around Steve and gave him a quick hug and kiss. "It's great to meet you Steve. Will you do us? With the oil?"

Man, she's good.

"Oh darlin', I would be honored to do you, with oil," Steve said as he followed them up on deck.

They both lay down on the towels they brought and handed Steve the oil. They were on their stomachs and Steve started rubbing oil on their backs. I couldn't really hear very well since the radio was back in the cockpit but I could see them pointing to where he missed a spot. I could see Steve hesitate after he had done their backs and legs. The only spot "undone" were their asses. Kim raised her head and looked back at him and pointed to her butt. That was all Steve needed and he went to work oiling up their asses.

Kim reached over to Kelly and untied her top. She motioned for Steve to do her back again and then untied her own top and lay back down. When Steve had finished their backs, they rolled over onto their backs for the front side application. Of course, with their tops untied, they "accidentally" got twisted as they rolled. Kim reached over to Kelly and pulled her top all the way off and then pulled her own off as well. I saw Steve just sit down and look over at me and shake his head. Yeah, welcome to my world buddy.

Steve hesitated again, not knowing whether to apply the oil to the front or not. Clearly, they could reach everyplace they needed themselves but that wasn't really the game was it? I saw Kim make a gesture that said "Well?", and Steve poured more oil in his hand. He started on Kim's belly and slowly moved up toward her tits. He finally gave a "what the fuck" shrug and went to it. He added more oil and worked it in slowly, making sure to get every inch covered. He moved back down to her belly and then down lower. Her suit was so small that he practically had to finger her to get all the exposed areas covered with oil. She spread her legs just slightly to make sure he could get his hands where they needed to go.

Steve repeated the same process with Kelly and then the girls rolled back over. Steve sat there for a few minutes and then I saw Kim point back to the cockpit. Steve got up, went back to the cockpit and picked up the handheld radio Kelly had left there. Kim had obviously told him to use it to talk to me.

"Hey man, you there?"

"Yeah, how's it going Steve? Having a nice vacation?"

"I am now Brad. I owe you one buddy."

"Nah, I owe you. I didn't want them messing up my deck with all that oil. I'm glad to be rid of them."

"Yeah right!" We both laughed at the last remnants of the game we were playing.

"How's Jerry doing? He doesn't look like he's having much fun."

Steve looked over at Jerry who was simply staring at the two girls laying on the foredeck. "I'm afraid he's not. He's feeling sick and talking about heading home early so I may have to cut short this trip and ferry him back to Road Town so he can catch a flight home."

"Man that sucks. He just looks like he needs to loosen up a little bit. I bet if he keeps watching what the girls are doing on the foredeck, he won't want to go home so badly."

Steve looked over at Jerry again and followed his gaze up to the bow. The girls were essentially writhing all over each other in hot oil. Kim was on top of Kelly straddling her and mashing her tits into Kelly's face. This forced her ass up in the air as Kelly tried to fit a fourth finger in Kim's exposed snatch.

Kim slid down to put her face in Kelly's cunt and started lapping at her cunt. After a few licks, she slid back up to Kelly and stuck her tongue in her mouth. Well, I guess that's just a variation on my pussy to mouth fantasy. It's minus the dick - my dick - but smokin' hot just the same.

Kim then spun around and stuck her head between Kelly's legs again. She paused, looked up at Steve and Jerry, and then went back to licking the fuck out of Kelly's cunt. She spun around again and mashed her face and tongue back into Kelly's.

"Jesus Christ," Steve muttered, his finger still frozen on the transmit button of the radio.

I swung the glasses back and saw that Steve and Jerry were standing, mesmerized by what was happening on deck.

I swung the glasses back to the girls in time see them both apparently reach a mind-bending orgasm. They slid up next to each other and kissed and caressed each other, then fell back exhausted.

After a few minutes, the girls got up and headed back to the cockpit (how aptly named just about now huh?). Steve still had his finger on the transmit button so I heard the whole conversation.

"Well, we've had enough sun for now. Thanks for letting us use the deck. I don't think we got too much oil on it." Kim reached up to Steve and gave him what looked like a deep, tongue thrashing kiss which, no doubt, tasted like the woman I was in love with. Hmm. Yeah, that felt good to say - in a strange sort of way.

They were carrying their tops so they were basically totally naked as they headed back to the dink tied up at the stern. Kim turned to Steve before she got in.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Brad has reservations at a place called the Bitter End Yacht Club for dinner tonight. We're getting ready to head up there. Do you want to join us? We'd love it if you came."

"I just about did already darlin'." The girls cracked up and I even think I heard Jerry give a chuckle as well. Maybe that *did* loosen him up a little...

Steve looked over at Jerry, "Well, you feelin' up for that or do you need to get back?"

It was the first words I'd heard Jerry say the entire time. "I think that sounds like a good idea."

Yeah, no shit it does, huh Jerry?

"Excellent." Steve looked over at me and then down at the radio and realized he'd been transmitting the whole thing.

"Can you add two more to the reservation Brad? We'd love to join you if you'll have us."

"Already did Steve. I didn't really think you would turn us down. The reservations are at 9:00. How about if you guys come over to Mystic at 8:00 for cocktails and then we'll head to the Yacht Club from there?"

"You are the man Brad. Don't bring any money. This one is on me."

"We'll see you at 8:00."

The girls got in the dink and headed back to the boat. They didn't even bother putting their tops on at this point so they gave a pretty good show to anyone who might have noticed them zipping over.

I helped them into the boat, ogling them all the while.

"Oh man, that was fun!," Kim said jumping up and down. Damn, I hate it when she does that.

"Yeah, you two looked like you enjoyed your sun bathing session," I joked.

Kim grinned at me.

"Jerry looked like he was going to pop a gasket," I said.

"He's actually kind of cute," Kelly said. "I think he just needs to let go. He needs a Pact like we have."

"Well, I noticed he went from being ready to go home to being ready to party with you two after seeing the hot oil wrestling so maybe he can relax."

"I bet we can loosen him up can't we Kim?" She winked at Kim and grinned again at me.

The thought of her making out with Jerry was kind of conflicting for me. I felt sort of possessive of her now after what had been happening over the last few days. But it was also kind of exciting to think of watching her with someone else. Frankly, I had no right to hold her back from anything after what I had done with Kim under her eyes so yeah, fuck, this could be interesting.

Jesus, this could turn into a full out orgy given the way things have gone. Yes, I know, you thought of it first little buddy. I can tell.

It's kind of weird, I like seeing cocks when I watch porn. I'm not gay but, while girl-girl stuff is hot, I still like seeing a dick, or five, in there banging the shit out of the girls. I guess it could be the same thing in real life but it still seemed like it would be weird.

Why do I feel like I'm going to find out in a few hours?

The girls went below and put on slightly more modest suits for the sail up the coast. They then went up on the bow to get the anchor up and we motored out to put the sails up. It was an easy reach North to the top of the island and then a quick tack to head back down the channel into the harbor.

Gorda Sound is a busy place and there were lots of boats on moorings scattered throughout the harbor. You can't anchor in the harbor, you have to pick up a mooring and pay a nightly fee to the Harbor Master. In return, you can hail the water taxi to take you to and from your boat to the main dock. This is actually really nice since riding the dinghy to shore in your evening wear is rather inelegant.

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