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The Neighbor


Tom lived a pretty normal life, worked 9 to 5, had a middle management job and a reasonable attractive wife who worked as a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company. He and his wife had sex 3 or 4 times a week when they were not too tired from work and their steady exercise routine. Tom's wife Lisa was out of town about a week out of the month for work giving Tom some free time to go out with friends and play golf.

Tom's next door neighbors were around a lot too. Mike was turning into a golf buddy and his wife Taylor liked to hang out with them and have drinks a couple nights a week. Mike was a good guy to hang out with but other than golf he never did anything without Taylor or without Taylor's permission. Tom never understood how Mike was so wrapped up by Taylor, she was not exactly a supermodel. She stood about 5 feet eight inches and was what one might call voluptuous, even a bit thick. She had long dark hair and decent size breasts. She usually dressed like a business woman but in a sexy way. Perhaps that was it Tom thought. Perhaps her dress and attitude which exuding a sexy kind of confidence is what held Mike so tightly. Either way Tom was content with his petite little money making wife...or so he thought.

One day after work when Lisa was away on business Tom was at home working out. Tom liked working out at home over the gym, how else could he work out in only boxer shorts. As Tom was in the middle of doing lunges across the living room there was a knock at the door. When Tom went over and opened the door he was greeted by Taylor dressed in a gray skirt suit with a low cut black silk blouse, black high heels and black stockings.

"Hey Tom, hope I didn't catch you at a bad time I just wanted to return this casserole dish I borrowed from Lisa last week," Taylor's arm extended out with a clear pyrex dish held in her hand.

"No problem I will tell her you brought it back," Tom said taking the dish.

"You look kind of heated up Tom what have you been doing?" Taylor asked in her throaty voice.

"Just working out a bit."

"Oh really? You know Mike really wants to get in better shape and I thought I would get him something for his birthday but I am not sure what. Mind if I see your equipment?"

"Yeah sure, come on in," Tom stepped out of the way allowing Taylor to walk past him into the house. Tom caught the scent of her perfume as she walked by him and thought it smelled like something Lisa wore sometimes, one of his favorites.

"So do you get lonely when Lisa is out of town big guy?" Taylor asked as she strutted in front of Tom towards the living room.

"Well it is nice to have a little time to yourself, but sure I miss it when she's not here. Some things are better with two people than just one you know," he quipped.

"Yeah I guess lifting heavy things is better with a spotter," Taylor said as she looked at him with a smirk and raised eyebrow.

"Silly me trying to trade jibes with you Taylor," Tom retorted turning to show her his workout bench and adjustable dumbbells.

"Oh come on Tom," she said laughing," I know Mike takes care of himself when I'm not around. I was just teasing. What am I suppose to think when a guy answers the door breathing heavy wearing only his boxers."

"Really I was just working out Taylor."

"Well Lisa has been gone a couple of days I am sure you are taking care of that sort of thing."

"Yeah well," Tom said getting a bit uncomfortable," so this is the bench and the dumbbells are pretty expensive but the adjusting feature is great for working different body parts."

"Looks like you are making good use of them," she said as she sat on the couch and crossed her legs," but don't change the subject yet Tommy. Don't waste all that sexual energy on a bunch of dumbbells." Taylor's eyes took on a look that Tom could only think of as predatory and it did not worry him for fear of Taylor but for fear that he was starting to get turned on. Her scent, her outfit, and her attitude were making him wish he had rubbed one out today to keep the thoughts he was having at bay. For now he did not know where the conversation was going and had no idea of what to say.

She took the opportunity that Tom's silence allowed her," You know Tom you don't have to waste your time and money on porn to get yourself off, I would be happy to give you a little something to jerk off to. " Taylor uncrossed and crossed her legs causing her skirt to ride up her legs and reveal the tops of her stockings as she leaned back on the couch and stretched her arms out to rest them on the back of the couch. She took a deep breath and Tom's eyes went straight to the ample cleavage she had on display.

"It's okay Tom, it's not like I am saying you should cheat on your wife. I just really would enjoy watching you pleasure yourself and would be happy to give you a little fodder for the fire while you are at it. Think of it as phone sex without the phone. Oh Tommy," her grin went from ear to ear as her eyes traveled down to his crotch and saw a slight protrusion, "something tells me you like my idea."

"I'm not so sure Taylor..."

"Oh I think you've made up your mind Tommy, just reach down and put your hand inside the front hole of your boxers," Taylor's voice took on a new sort of confidence that Tom could not seem to ignore and his hand found the opening of his boxers and grabbed hold of his cock.

"Yesssss baby, that's better," Taylor hissed as she watched Tom giving in to the temptation. "Now pull that cock out and start to slowly stroke it," she softly said as her legs uncrossed and crossed again making her skirt ride even higher up her thighs so the dark garters were in plain view in stark contrast to her pale skin. "Stroke that cock for me Tommy, yes that's it baby, feels good doesn't it?"

Tom's hand moved up and down his cock as his eyes took in Taylor's nylon clad legs and followed them up to her thighs and found himself hoping for a glimpse of a little more.

"Tell Taylor baby, tell me how it feels," she cooed.

"Feels...feels good," Tom let out in between deep breaths.

"Yes it does, just keep stroking slowly. No not too fast baby," she said when she saw Tom's pace start to quicken. In response Tom's hand slowed back to its original gait. Part of him could not believe he was doing this but he was so turned on by the situation he could not make himself stop.

"Ooo that's good Tommy, you listen really well."

Tom could not believe how turned on he was, as much as he loved his wife he knew if Taylor asked right now he would lay her in second. For now all he did was stroke and listen to Taylor.

"Now Tommy just think about your head between my thighs, your face in my crotch with your tongue lapping at my pussy," her hands had moved down and started massaging her thighs. "Keep that pace slow and if you feel your knees getting week just go down to the floor baby. It's good to kneel for me while you stroke your cock. It let's you not worry about how weak you feel right now giving in to all your lust."

Tom felt relief as he went down to his knees and kept stroking his rock hard cock. His mind was so fuzzy and his arousal so intense he only wanted to stroke. His breaths were becoming more and more ragged and occasionally came out as a moan.

"Oh yeah stroke and moan for me baby, you know how good it feels stroking your cock like I tell you. Let me give you just a little more help," Taylor said as her hands moved down and unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it aside revealing her large breasts encased in a black lace bra. "Oh your eyes have found something else they like that I have," she said in a mocking tone. "Just watch and stroke that cock for me baby."

Tom's head was spinning as he was caught up in the moment and Taylor's direction of his masturbation.

"You can speed up a little now Tommy," Tom's hand immediately moved faster, the sensation causing a loud grunt to come from his mouth. "Ooooo yeah Tommy, that's it. Now baby you're going to come soon and when you do I want you to stare into my eyes. You'll want to close your eyes but just fight it and stare in my eyes and enjoy the sensations."

Tom's eyes moved up to meet Taylor's and his hand kept moving up and down as he felt his legs start to tighten up.

"Yes, here it comes baby, you can't help yourself you need to come for me. Yessss, you can't help it can you baby..." Taylor's last statement ended with the beginning of Tom's eruption. Groan and grunt poured from Tom as ropes of come shot from his cock. His eyes were locked on Taylor's which were beaming a look of satisfaction.

Tom's orgasm finally subsided and his head dropped down as he tried to catch his breath.

"Well thanks for the information about the workout equipment Tommy, and thanks for letting me watch you work yourself out," she said with a smirk as she got up off the couch and walked over to stand in front of him looking down at him on his knees. "You should probably clean this mess up before someone sees it Tommy," her voice carried a bit of disdain now losing the sultry tone it carried only moments earlier. Tom felt a rush of shame for what he had just done as his head started to clear. Taylor looked down at him one last time, patted his head and slid her hand down to his chin and lifted his face up to look at her," Don't worry baby, I won't say a word about this," and then walked out of the room which was followed shortly after by the opening and closing of the front door signaling her exit from the house.

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