tagLoving WivesThe New Client Ch. 03

The New Client Ch. 03


Chapter 03: Decorating Begins

I awake the next morning still in a high state of arousal. I can still could taste my wife's pussy juice on my lips. I lie back lightly stroking my erection revisiting the images of my wife with Andrew and the excitement after Lynn and I returned home. I still have a hard time believing that I had witnessed my sweet wife sucking off another man. Fantasy is one thing, but seeing her acting on those fantasies took our marriage to a new plateau. A plateau that I eagerly anticipated, although accompanied by some trepidation. I look over at my wife sleeping, her breathing slow and steady. I am tempted to reach out and caress her, but after the events of last night I let her sleep while I get up, go downstairs and make some coffee. A little while later, as I am drinking my coffee and reading the Sunday paper, my wife comes down in her robe, leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"You were wonderful last night. You were such a tiger while you ate my pussy."

As she bends over to kiss me, I can not resist reaching into her robe and cupping the fullness of her breast. "I just got turned on watching you flirt and getting so slutty with your fantasies after we got back home."

"I guess I did get a little carried away. I had more wine than I thought."

"Probably because Andrew enjoyed the view every time he brought you a refill."

My wife just laughs, "You're so naughty. You don't think I went to far do you?"

"No. I got turned on and I am sure Andrew realizes you had a little too much wine and were just letting loose." Later that afternoon we have another intense lovemaking session reliving the events of the previous evening. This time she sucks me off to completion just like she pleased Andrew.

During the week Lynn prepares for decorating Andrew's townhouse. Once she starts she stays real busy and is very intense. She has to gather paint, fabric, tile and other samples to show Andrew her ideas. She also has to contact other contractors to develop the schedule for putting it all together.

I could not tell any difference in her demeanor than she has with other clients. We make love more frequently, although without the initial intensity. Lynn is still very responsive and her body seems to have a different feel. Is it due to the mental images that run through my mind? I still wonder what the interaction between her and Andrew is. She generally dresses in slacks with knit tops and jackets. Her outfits frame her breasts without looking slutty. She looks good in them. Is she still brushing his arm with her breasts? Does she lean over to give him a good view of the tops of her breasts and cleavage? Does she still sit with her legs open to display her pussy? Does he lean into her with his cock? This gives me some good fantasies to go with the reality I have witnessed.

A couple of weeks after the party we go out to dinner. During dinner I tell her how turned on I still am thinking about the party.

"I am too. Don't' worry I will take care of you when we get home."

We get home and she goes upstairs to freshen up. I give her a few minutes and go up to our bedroom. I enter the bedroom to find Lynn on our bed on her side totally nude.

"Why don't you join me?"

I hurriedly undress and slide in the bed next to her. Her lush body melds into mine. My cock is already beginning to stir. We immediately embrace and started kissing. I nuzzle her neck and move my hand down to her pussy. Even without any foreplay my fingers slide right in. While fingering her I bend down and take one of her nipples in my mouth. She spreads her legs further to give me better access. Three fingers slide right in.

"I can't believe how wet you are. Is this from thinking about the party?"

"Yes. I was thinking about how turned on you were after we got back home."

"I was thinking about you flirting with Andrew at the party. When I was across the living room while you two were on the couch what were you talking about? It couldn't have been all about decorating?"

"No it wasn't. Andrew noticed you sneaking glances at us. He was worried you might be getting upset. I told him that you didn't mind when I flirted and showed off my breasts. In fact I told him that it turned you on. He asked me if I thought you were getting turned on right now and I said you were. I told him you wanted me to wear this outfit so I could show off. I also told him I was thinking of him when I was putting it on. He then asked me if I ever did anything more than flirt. I told him no but some times I was tempted. He then asked me if I was getting tempted tonight.

"I just leaned over and said 'Yes I am. Would you like to tempt me more?' As I leaned over I let one of my breasts rest on his arm. I could not help but look down at his cock. It was starting to strain against his slacks. I looked back up into his eyes so he knew what I was looking at."

"You told him I liked you showing your breasts?" What else did you talk about?"

"He said people might think we were getting a bit too obvious and we should move. I looked up and didn't see you in the living room. So I went and went into one of the other rooms to talk to some other people. Andrew disappeared. I think it was when he felt my tits that he started to realize how far I would go."

"You mean when you pushed your breast into his arm?"

Lynn lowered her head down and started tonguing my ear. Her voice lowered and sounded real slutty, "There is more. Would you like to hear?'

At that point I experienced what a lot of cuckolds feel when their deepest desires are confirmed. My breathing grew tight and I barely whispered, "Yes, tell me."

"After 20 minutes or so, Andrew found me and told me to meet him downstairs. We went by different rooms so we wouldn't be seen together."

"You must have been getting excited?" "Yes I was. I thought what he might want but was not sure. I met him at the base of the stairs. Off to the right was a large rec room with some people playing pool. We went to the left down a hall with smaller rooms. When we were out of sight, he stopped behind me and put his arms around my waist. With the wine and my excitement, I leaned back into his chest. He was now looking over my shoulder down my top.

"I asked him, 'Do you like looking at my tits? I am glad I could show off for you tonight. I have been turned on since we first sat down.' I moved his hands from my waist until he was covering both my tits. He started kissing my neck and squeezing them. He was pinching my nipples through my top. I could feel his big cock up against my ass. That is what you wanted him to do isn't it? It wouldn't be fair for him to look but not touch."

"I was fantasying about seeing him play with your tits. Did it feel good?"

"Yes, I am glad I finally went beyond flirting. He pointed to a love seat in an out of the way alcove and we went over and sat down. Are you sure you want me to tell you? I have never gone this far before. I can tell you are turned on."

"This is turning me on as much as the night of the party. I wondered when you would start to go far. I guess it just took a sexy guy like Andrew. What happened when you sat down?"

"We started kissing. He put is tongue right in my mouth it felt really good. I kissed him back. While we kissed he unfastened a couple of buttons on my top and put his hand in my bra right on my nipple. You don't mind do you? Would it turn you on to see him play with my nipple?"

"Yes. So that is why you were so turned on when I put my hand in your bra. You were thinking of Andrew."

"I was thinking of Andrew, but you were also turning me on. It was the fact of having two different men playing with me. Do you like another man getting me hot for you? He pushed my cup down and freed one of my tits. Then he bent down and tongued my nipple, just like you did later on. He moved his hand down to my pussy. It felt good. I spread my legs open to give him access. How do you like your slut wife telling another man to play with her pussy? I kept telling him he was getting me all wet. He was getting really hard."

"How could you tell? Did you look down in his lap?"

"I was kissing his neck so I could not look down. I reached down and followed the outline of his cock through his slacks. It looked big when I was checking him out, but once I felt him he was really big. Are you still getting turned on thinking about me playing with a big cock?"

"Yes. I would really like to see that. Is that when you started to fantasize about sucking his cock?"

"No. I was fantasizing about sucking him earlier, but now I really wanted to feel in my mouth."

"Did you?"

"You would really like that wouldn't you? Not that night tonight but I will. I thought I heard someone coming down the hall. So we both straightened up. After that I was paranoid about someone catching us so I said we better leave."

I am raging hard from hearing what else she did, even if she did not tell me about giving him a blow job. She is probably worried what my reaction would be. I position her cunt above my hard cock. She slides down on my cock. Lynn has never been so wet. She begins to ride me and I was thrusting up as hard as I could. I have her tits in my hands squeezing her nipples.

"Andrew wants you to ride him like this doesn't he? You are acting like such a slut."

"Yes..he told me he wants to fuck me. You don't mind do you?"

"No. That would be hot."

She bends over to my chest and grinds her clit against my shaft. I can feel her juices running out of her cunt down on my balls. She lowers her head to tongue my ear again.

"I want to fuck Andrew. I know you don't mind. Can I fuck him?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes I want you to fuck him. I want to feel your cunt with his cum inside."

Lynn begins to shudder and lets out a loud moan as she cums. She collapses against my chest. My cock is still hard buried in her cunt. After relaxing Lynn rolls off next to me.

After a few minutes relaxing, she shifts position with her head above my cock and her pussy pointing toward my face. This is my favorite position for getting sucked. She spreads her legs giving me good access to her pussy. She is swollen and open from our fucking. I can imagine what she will look like after Andrew has stretched her with his big cock and filled her with cum. She proceeds to give me an exquisite blow job. I picture her doing the same thing to Andrew in the alcove. I am sure she is reliving blowing Andrew as she pleasures me with her mouth. It doesn't take long and I explode in her mouth. She takes me down her throat.

She moves back beside me and give me a big kiss. She has the same salty taste she had after the party. "Do you like the taste? Will you want to kiss me after I suck off Andrew? I should have listened to your fantasies earlier. Even though I did not fuck him, just having him kiss me and play with my tits and cunt lets me know how great this is going to be."

"Sweetie, that was great. I don't know when I been this relaxed. We have had great sex but this was over the top. Are you still ok with the things I did with Andrew at the party? Do you still want me to fuck him? Because I sure do. I cannot wait to feel his cock stretching my cunt."

Even with Lynn's slutty talk, my cock is sill limp. There is no more. "Of course I am ok with it. You fulfilled a lot of my fantasies and I found out that they are as exciting with you and another man as I imagined. How are you going to decorate his house now with all of this sexual arousal?"

"You know how much time and effort I am putting into decorating his someone's house. I am not going over there to fuck him all day. But it will happen."

He lives fairly close by so it is easy for her to run back and forth to meet with other contractors and workmen. She even has a key. He works close by so it is easy for him to duck over during the day. So she has plenty of opportunity. After expressing her blatant desires to fuck Andrew, I begin to fantasies how she will actually go through with fucking him. I decide not to push her on it or make it sound like I am nagging her. I will let nature take its course and wait for her initiative.

Every time she says she has to run by Andrew's house I relive watching her suck him and the added thrill of her wanting to take his cock in her pussy. One Thursday as I arrive home for work, Lynn is headed out the door. She gives me a peck on the cheek and says she is going over to Andrew's for a couple of hours. After she leaves I start to think about how she is dressed. She has fresh make-up, lipstick and her hair is set. She is wearing one of her lightweight knit tops with her bra clearly visible, scoop neck that shows the beginning of her cleavage and dark slacks. Could this be the night? I even check out her diaphragm case and find it empty! The next couple of hours are agonizing. Sort of like watching the clock in "High Noon."

She comes through the door a couple of hours later. As I stand up to greet her, she aggressively gives me a deep passionate kiss. I taste the familiar salty taste on her tongue.

She practically orders, "Get us a glass of wine and meet me in the sitting room."

Now I know what I am in for. I take the wine upstairs. Once again she has candles lit. She is on our love seat wearing just her knit top and brief panties with a look of lust I have never seen. She accepts the wine and takes a couple of quick sips before putting the glass down. I get undressed and stand before her. She pats the sofa next to her motioning me to join her.

She immediately starts to kiss me with her full luscious lip. Lips I know were kissing Andrew just a short time ago. I fondle her breasts and kiss her neck and shoulders. She has a salty taste of perspiration. Lynn pushes my head up and sits up straight, putting her shoulders back and jutting out her breasts.

"Would you like to see my tits? Andrew did."

She takes off her top, unfastens her bra, and brings my lips to her nipples. She applies pressure on the back of my head as I take her nipples deep in my mouth. Her nipples and breasts also have that salty taste. I move my hand down to her pussy. Sliding my hand into her panties I feel she is not just wet but gooey with a mixture of her juices and Andrew's cum.

"Would you like to see my pussy? Andrew did."

I move off the love seat down on the floor on my knees. Then I notice she has already put a towel under here to collect her juices.

"That's it. Now you can have a good view of the messy cunt I brought you." She lifts her hips and slides her panties off. I take them the rest of the way. She spreads her legs and shows me her cunt. Her pubic hair is all matted and wet, and her slit is stretched out. There is cum starting to leak out. I bend over a start to lick her pussy. She grabs the back of my head and pulls my face into her gooey cunt.

"That's it taste me good. Isn't that what you have been dreaming of since we first started dating? I just made you a good cuckold. You don't mind do you?"

"Your pussy tastes better that ever. Tell me what you did."

As she begins she relieves the pressure on my head. I lean back a little and lick the wetness in her fur and around her slit, gathering up the salty residue with my tongue.

"When I got there, I wanted to show Andrew some work that had been done today. But, he had is mind on something else. He pulled my close so he could feel my tits and ask me if I wore my diaphragm I told him I was ready. We went down to his rec room. As we went down the stairs, I heard the sounds of sex. I was wondering if we wanted to do something kinky. But it was just a porn dvd. Not that I needed any more stimulation,."

"We went over to a leather sectional that we had been on before to look at samples. Standing up we began to kiss. I unbuttoned his shirt and kissed and sucked one of his nipples. He took it off while I was licking him. Then I unbuckled and unzipped him. He stepped out of his pants as they fell to the floor. He just had his boxers on with his cock sticking out the slit as he sat on the sectional. I took off my slacks and joined him. I wanted you to see what Andrew saw. I took off my top and unclasped my bra. He slid my panties off. I reached over and helped him off with his boxers. Now we were completely nude. We started kissing like we did the night of the party. I reached down and stroked his cock. It seemed even bigger. Are you turned on? That's it keep licking my pussy and I will tell you more."

"I bent over and started to suck him. That's what you would really like to see isn't it? I wanted to get a better angle so I moved off of the sofa between his knees. I started sucking his cock just like you are eating my pussy. Since I didn't have to worry about anyone discovering us I was moaning and making a lot of noise. I sucked him just like I told you about after the party. Being on my knees I had a better angle and could take more of him in my mouth. He put pressure on my shoulder driving his cock deeper and I gagged a little. Would you like to see and hear your sweet wife gagging on Andrew's cock? "

" A couple of times I looked up straight in his eyes. He just laid back to enjoy my sucking. I sucked him for a long time. I couldn't believe what a slut I was acting. I placed a hand on each of his thighs and opened his legs even more. I could now reach my tongue and lick the underside of his balls. I licked and kissed them all over. They tasted nice and salty just like I had imagined. I rubbed his head against my tits and nipples and squeezed some cum out of his slit to give them a good coating. I wanted you to have some thing to taste. I rubbed some on my lips. Even while sucking another man, I was thinking of my sweetie."

"He moved my head off his cock before he came. I laid down on the sofa with my head resting on one of the end cushions. I spread my legs to give him a good view of my pussy. He leaned down and started eating my pussy. He is not as enthusiastic as you but he is pretty good. He kept eating me out until I came. Then he got between my legs and rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slit. It was driving me crazy. I reached down and guided his cock to my opening. He eased the head in even though I was already sopping wet. He slid his cock all the way in. It was so deep. "You're pussy is so tight," he told me.

"I'm not used to a cock this big so I don't get stretched like this." " I put my arms above my head and let him fuck me. I was really vocal and moaning the entire time he fucked me. He started to go fast but I told him I liked the feel of his cock buried deep in my pussy. So he slowed down and fucked me for a long time. I came again and he started fucking me faster going deeper and deeper. Then he exploded. I could feel him releasing load after load. That is what you are tasting right now."

"As I got ready to leave, Andrew asked me if I wanted to shower or freshen up first. I told him that I had to get home.

"Won't your husband be able to tell what we have been doing?"

"My husband was turned on watching us flirt."

"Flirting is one thing, but fucking is another."

"Oh, this will turn him on even more. In fact I am even going to tell him about it."

"You told him I would get turned on if I found out you fucked him?"

"Of course I did. You want to watch us don't you? Andrew has to know you don't mind if I fuck him."

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