tagBDSMThe New Tenant

The New Tenant


It was a lovely, hot summer Sunday. Cindy lay by the pool in her two piece swimsuit; It was not too revealing, yet it was very enticing. She would never wear it in public for it was too skimpy and showed off more than any of her other suits. She purred lightly as she felt the heat of the sun caress her tanned skin. There was no other better way to spend a Sunday she thought.

Cindy, a 25-year-old journalist at a women's magazine, had 2 weeks off to relax and enjoy. A beauty beyond imagination, she was a mix of Italian and Spanish ancestry. She had chestnut colored hair, light green eyes and a lovely 5 foot 6 inch body, filled with all the right amount of curves and flesh.

"Mmm" she moaned. The sun made her feel great and she stretched seductively in the chair, arching up her body lightly as if the sun was making love to her.


Mike just stood there, transfixed by his window; he had just moved into this new apartment building, and he now liked it even better. In his 35 years he had never seen such a delight as the one lying down by the pool beneath his sitting room window. From afar he could see the glittering skin and the lovely curves, and he could tell she was a beauty beyond compare. As she arched in her chair he felt a sudden rush and a tightening in his groin.

"Oh" he groaned, "she is too sexy."

"Sir, where would like these two last crates?" a voice said behind him.

He cleared his throat. "The empty room please".He said. He took one last glance at the goddess by the pool and turned away. Thank god he was a wearing a long shirt.


"A new tenant?" Cindy said

"Yeps, a new tenant" answered Julie. "And oh my god what a sight he is! I saw him helping the movers move his things up this morning, and Cindy, that man is pure sin!" she chuckled.

"Julie, get your mind out of the gutter, I bet a man like that has a thousand females flocking around him just waiting for him!" Cindy rolled her eyes.

And the subject was changed into other matters as the girls sat in Cindy's apartment drinking an afternoon coffee.


He looked at the room he had just finished, a wicked smile coming across his face.

"Yes," he said. This is what he wanted, a room for pleasures.

Walking onto his patio, he looked down to the pool. She had left, but he was sure he was to see that beauty somewhere in the apartment complex. There weren't many flats: just 8, and he wondered which was hers.


He had been out shopping, carrying a handful of bags. He cursed, barely able to carry them all. As one began to slip, he tried to hold it then he watched with horror as it was falling.

She dashed in, holding the bag. "Here let me help you" she said. "Big load for even a man."

Then it happened. She looked into the eyes of the new tenant. Her heart froze. He was a handsome devil. Those black eyes stared back at her as if he had seen a mirage. His pupils widened, she noticed.

She managed to break the eye contact and said, "Let me get the lift." Cindy felt a sudden rush of excitement through her body. Dear lord she thought, she was horny!

She was even more beautiful than Mike had imagined, and her scent was of roses. He was speechless. The only thing he could think of saying was thank you.

As they stepped into the lift he heard her saying, "What floor?"

"Third, please," Mike said. He was getting a hard on and was thanking the bags he had just cursed a few minutes ago.

She helped Mike carry a bag or two to his apartment. As they walked in, he noticed her looking around. But he would not let her go just yet.

"Coffee?" he asked.

"Sure," she said, "and hi by the way I am Cindy. I stay on the second."

"Mike, and as you see I stay here," he laughed. "I'll get the coffee, have a seat, Cindy."

Thinking he was not going to be able to hide his arousal, Mike pulled out his shirt, covering his groin.

Still evident, he chuckled. "Hope she doesn't look," he thought.

Cindy watched him come out of the kitchen clutching the two cups then noticed he had tugged out his shirt. Then she saw it: There was a bulge beneath the shirt. He looked aroused, completely aroused. She squirmed lightly as she felt a sudden dampness in her panties.

Mike handed her a cup.

"Thank you," she managed to say.

He placed his cup on the stool and sat by her. "I have yet to thank you properly for saving my groceries," he laughed. He was watching those lips. They were driving him mad.

He could not help it. He leaned in, and she did not move. He set his lips on hers, and then something happened; A wild fire was ignited. Her hands came around his neck, and his lips took hers passionately. He groaned; she felt it.

Thousand of sparks flew through Cindy. This was unlike her, for she had never done anything like this in her life. But she wanted this man! His scent was driving her nuts, and that arousal had added to her heat.

He wanted her now. his arousal was now painful. He groaned, and his hands came down to caress her breast. She was not wearing a bra, and he could feel her nipples erect beneath his touch. Then he broke the kiss.

She looked at him with wide savage eyes. He could see how aroused she was, and there was a questioning look in her eyes.

"Come," he said. "Trust me."

he took her hand pulled her up as she followed him into the spare room.

She let out a gasp as she walked in. Stopping in her tracks, she looked about: A swing, a bed, cuffs, gags, and everything else you could imagine that had to do with bdsm. It sent a wave of excitement and fear through her.

He he turned and looked at her.

"Trust me," he said again. "You will never forget this day in your life." He took Cindy's lips once more.

He undressed Cindy and himself, never breaking the kiss. He then held her away from him, and feasted on her beauty. Her skin was so soft beneath his touch. She was amazing.


Cindy struggled at the bindings of the swing. Her body was frenzied with lust. He was driving her mad with desire. She wanted to touch him, to grab his hair as he sucked on her nipples, yet she was bound and helpless. Waves of more desire kept shooting through her as he sucked. She moaned gently, and then she felt his kisses draw lower; towards her navel, and then down to her clit. She arched her back as he began to lick her. She let out a deep moan,

"Oh, my god," she said breathlessly.

Cindy tasted wonderful to him. Her clit was so wet, so hot. His lips began to kiss and suck her, his tongue lapping. He knelt down on the floor so his face was right between her thighs; his arousal harder than it had ever been was about to burst. But he had just begun and would not stop till she was pleading for mercy.

As he found her bud and began licking it with his tongue, she twisted in her bindings. He looked up at her.

"Enjoying, my dear Cindy?" he asked.

"God! Yes!" she managed to scream.

He returned to licking her bud, her folds now glittering. He probed his tongue into her, fucking her gently with it. He could taste her wetness, her cum. One hand left its grasp and came to tease her bud as he probed her with his tongue. She screamed in pleasure.

She couldn't take it anymore. The pleasure was too strong. Cindy was thrashing her head around, moaning, screaming, her body wriggling, arching, the whole swing moving beneath her shaking body. He was pleasuring her so much and driving her wild. She felt a carnal need grow deep inside her; a need to be fucked so hard that she would not have a breath left in her. she wanted to feel him deep in her, thrusting, grinding.

"Please, Mike," she screamed as she felt her climax.

He heard her, but ignored it. He could feel the new cum on his tongue and was lapping at it hungrily. His finger left her bud, to be replaced by his tongue. He slid two fingers into her as he sat back and watched her face. Her expressions were wild, her mouth gaped open from panting, ang her chest rose and fell.

He looked down and saw his precum; he was so damn hard he could not explain it. Yet he held her still, fucking her now with 3 fingers, her tightness around his fingers, her wetness. He leaned back in and began lapping at her one more time, wanting her to cum again so he could taste her sweet nectar once more.

She felt her climax building again. His fingers were probing fast and hard. She screamed and pleaded, her body twisting, the binds at the arms and legs sent pain into her, yet she ignored it as the desire overwhelmed her. Then she came, letting out a deep long "oh my god! Yes!" her whole body shivering from the experience. Then she felt a slight cool breeze between her thighs only to be exchanged with a hot throbbing cock. Nudging at her folds. She opened her eyes and saw him standing there looking at her his eyes so black, his face full with desire.

After she had cum again mike could not take it any longer, the way she clenched at fingers when she came was wild. He wanted to take her hard, fast and without mercy. He stood up between her thighs, nudging his large cock at her folds, the wetness over his tip as he teased her with it. Then suddenly his hands grabbed the swing, and he plunged, with one hard thrust, deep into her. She screamed her pleasure. His hands still at the swing, he pushed out and again harder this time, and again and again. Taking her with a savage need, a need to rip her apart with his cock.

She was thrashing her head from side to side, moaning, screaming, panting; and her hair flew, wildly loose about her.

Then he stopped, leaving himself deep in her. His hands, reaching for her wrists bindings, undid them. She then wrapped her arms about his neck. He then released her ankles wrapping each leg about his waist. He carried her to the bed and laid her back.

Falling on top of her he thrusted again. Not giving her time to adjust, she climaxed again, wetting him deep in her. He stopped, kissed her lips, and flipped her over. He pushed her head down into the pillows, lifting her perfect ass to his view. He stroked his cock between her ass cheeks, then once again went deep into her pussy with one hard thrust.

Cindy bit down onto the pillows, muffling her urge to scream so loud that she would bring the whole complex down. He was so good; he was making her want more. The more he was fucking her the more she wanted it, and it was a totally new feeling for her. Each thrust was ripping her apart with desire and excitement. Cindy was shocked she could feel this way.

Then she felt him start to thrust with less urgency than before, taking her hard yet gently. His warm hands were on her waist as he held her. But it did not last for long, she felt him once more quicken his thrusts and all was lost as she felt herself reach yet another climax.

Sweat broke down his forehead, he would not last much longer, he felt her tightening around him and knew she was about to cum again. Once again he began to quicken his thrusts, as he knew they would both come together, the it happened with one hard grind he came, deep inside her. He let out a deep moan, a shout "god! Cindy" and collapsed upon her back. She laid there spent beneath him, her face hot and flushed, her panting deep and her body trembling.

Slowly he slipped himself out of her and she felt the sudden rush of cum seep between her thighs, she turned over gently, her whole body aching and trembling. She looked at him and said "wow!"

He leaned over her and kissed her lips caressing her face and said, "give me 10 and I could show you more."


The second day Julie asked Cindy if she had met the new tenant. Cindy laughed and said, "Yes, I helped him with his groceries."


Many thanks to my editor P. A. Solcrofft for helping me out on this story.

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