tagFetishThe Night She Used Me Ch. 2

The Night She Used Me Ch. 2


I was certainly in the middle of the most unusual night of my life. I had two beautiful girls using me for their wild sexual pleasures. It must have been in the early morning hours when I was awakened by the touch of hands on my legs and on my cock. I was still tied to the bed. Christine refused to release me from the handcuffs and strap that bound my hands over my head. She said I had to sleep that way. Fortunately she had allowed me to go to the bathroom while she changed the bed linen before her and Heather joined me for the night.

Now here I was with a gorgeous girls on each side of me while I was restrained to the bed. Almost a man's dream I would say. And I was enjoying it. Only now the apprehension was building again as to what these girls had in mind for me now.

I was still in a half sleep as I felt Christine's touch on my cock. My movements woke Heather up and she turned the light on. "What's the matter?" She asked with her eyes still partially closed. Christine replied, "I'm horny."

Christine stood up over me, straddled my body, and as she looked down at me she squatted. I knew what she wanted. So I immediately leaned as far up as I could and began licking her clit. She just closed her eyes and enjoyed my mouth on her. When she was satisfied she turned around and made me do her ass. "Lick my asshole slave." I sensed she was really hot and horny. She never called me slave before. She spread her cheeks and bent over giving me a gorgeous view of her tight asshole. I've never hesitated licking Christine's ass, but somehow being ordered to do it was so much more exciting. I pushed my mouth between her cheeks and started licking and sucking her rear hole.

Heather was pretty awake now. Christine whispered something to her but I couldn't hear what it was. From the movement I knew Heather got off the bed and returned quickly. She then began spreading my legs apart and pushing them up in the air. Christine grabbed me by the ankles and watched Heather start massaging my asscheeks. She was kissing and licking my ass, spreading my crack open and tasting my asshole. Just knowing that cute blonde's face was in my ass was making me nuts. "Let me do it," I heard. Suddenly Christine and Heather changed places. Now Heather's cute tiny ass was in my face and I was munching on her delicious asshole.

Heather was now the one holding me by the ankles to keep my legs up high. Christine started rubbing her fingers between my asscheeks. At first she was just massaging my crack and playing with my asshole. Then I felt the squirt of something on my ass. She was spreading a lubricant on me. Christine spread the lube all throughout my crack paying a lot of attention to my tight anal hole. Then I felt it. She placed a large object right on my anus.

"Are you going to put that in him?" Heather asked with a sound of disbelief.

I knew Christine was going to use a dildo on me, but I had no idea how large it was. Just the tone of Heather's voice was making me a bit nervous. How big was this thing? I was in no position to stop what she was going to do anyway. "What are going to do Christine?" I asked showing my anxiety. "Going to fuck your ass," she responded quickly. "And hard, too."

She had a huge twelve-inch dildo that was almost two inches thick. No wonder Heather commented on it. And I was about to find out for myself.

Christine pushed against my anal hole with the giant dildo. I felt a little twisting motion too. When she pushed harder still and I felt my asshole being ripped open I knew it was something new she bought just for tonight. "Relax, honey." "You're going to take this twelve rubber cock up your ass."

She increased the pressure on my hole with the dildo. "Ohhhhh!" "Ahhhhh!" My asshole stretched and stretched until finally, "Ohhhhhhh,... Fuckkk," I felt it pop into my ass. "Fuckkkkk!!!..." "Ohhhhhhhh!!!...Fuckkkkk" I yelled out into Heather's ass.

Christine began pushing on it. I could feel it traveling slowly into my ass going deeper and deeper. It was huge and made my ass feel so full. I didn't know how much of this I was going to be able to take. She was still working more into me. "Oh Christine, I cried out." And she pushed again. I felt a sudden surge inside me as the dildo lodged itself further up into my rectum. "Ohhhhhh!!!" I yelled. "How much?" "How... ... Deep?" I was getting out of breath dealing with this huge insertion into my ass. "Eight inches," Christine replied. "Want more?" All I could do was moan.

Heather got really turned on watching me get fucked in the ass. She started rubbing her ass up and down my face. While she did I tried handling what Christine was doing to me.

Christine then began pulling it out. "Fuck"...."Oh Fuck" What a feeling in my ass as it traveled out of my anal chute. It was an incredible sensation feeling my ass release this huge object. But just as it almost escaped the grip of my tight anal ring, Christine pushed it all the way back in. My ass was instantly filled again. I let loose with a loud cry that was somewhat muffled by Heather's ass. "OHHHHHHHHH!!!" And then out it came again, quickly.

"I'm going to really fuck your ass, honey." She cried out.

I wish I could have used my hands and arms to brace myself for what Christine did. I would have grabbed Heather's ass and completely buried my tongue inside her asshole. I would have clutched her for dear life wrapping my arms around her waist holding her gorgeous ass to my face. Christine fucked my anal hole with a frenzy. She used that dildo pushing it fully inside me and extracting it nearly in one motion. And kept doing it, fucking me, ramming my asshole.

I squirmed and bucked my hips, but Heather had my ankles held tight while Christine tried to keep my rear end on the bed. I know she wanted to be brutal with me, but brutal in a very sexy and nasty way. She accomplished that and more. As much as I bounced around from her anal assault I loved it. The huge dildo rammed into me hitting deep in my rectum. I groaned loudly. "Ohhhhhhh, Fuckkk!" "Christine...fuck me." Before I could get those words out of my mouth the dildo was pulled from ass and quickly shoved back in. A couple times she shoved it so hard it hit bottom inside my rectum making me scream out at her in both discomfort and pleasure.

"You fuckin whore." "What are you doing to me?"

"Fuckkk!!!" "Oh, Fuckkk!!!"

And she kept going. "You like it hard and nasty, don't you?" She asked.

Her comments only got me more wound up. "Bitch!" "Fuckin dirty bitch!" And she lodged the dildo deep in my rectum again. "Ohhhh!" "Ohhhh you filthy cunt!!"

Then I felt a mouth on my cock. I wasn't hard, but I guess she was going to see to that. Christine gobbled my cock into her mouth while giving me a few last jabs up my ass before pulling the dildo out. Even then it felt like my ass was gaping open. "How did that feel," she asked. And quickly went back to sucking me. She sure knew how to push my buttons.

My asshole was just beginning to feel normal again, but that feeling wasn't going to last long. Christine's cocksucking had me hard. She was deepthroating me, licking my cock, and tasting my balls. She knows exactly how to get me hard and keep me that way.

Her fingers roamed down to my ass slipping one inside. It easily pushed through my anal hole after the abuse she had just given me. At that point I really didn't think much of it because I know how much she loves playing with my ass. But then another finger entered me and a third. Now I knew what was happening. We had talked about this many times. I could feel her fingers curling and slipping in the fourth. She was twisting them and pushing at the same time. "I'm doing it this time, honey." "All of them." "I want to feel inside your ass so badly."

I began squirming on the bed, pulling hard on the strap and cuffs that held my hands tied above my head. She was sucking me again. Heather was reaching down to my thighs, licking my legs and watching what was happening to my ass. Christine was getting all four fingers in me now. I could feel them deep inside. Then she pulled out a bit, formed her fingers together, pointed right on my asshole and pushed. Heather quickly squeezed some lube all over my ass and Christine's hand. Christine pushed harder twisting her fingers. She was gouging her fist into me. My asshole felt like it was ripping apart.

"Oh honey look at your asshole." She applied more pressure. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!," I screamed out. She was still pushing and twisting... then suddenly "OHHHHHHHHHH!!!..FUCK!!!", it was in. "Fuck...Fuck!!!..." The extreme discomfort from stretching stopped and I felt this hugeness inside my ass. She had her whole fist in me.

Then I realized she was still sucking my cock. I was still hard. She began probing inside my rectum. I could feel her fingers deep in my ass snaking around, feeling my insides. And still she sucked my cock. Only now she was sucking with a passion. Her fist started pulling back out stretching my asshole a little and then forced it firmly in my ass again. I could feel the pressure building inside as she pushed deeper. Then she'd retract a bit and again with a wiggling motion force herself deeper and deeper into my rectum.

"My God Christine," Heather gasped. "Look how much you got in him." "Part of your forearm is inside his ass."

When I heard that from Heather an instant rush of sexual electricity went right through me. Christine was being so nasty violating my ass like this my entire being felt used. And still Christine was pushing forward. Deeper. Deeper up my ass. "Oh my God Christine...." "Fuck..." "Oh Fuck..." "You nasty ass fuckin' cunt." "What the fuck are you doing to me."

My reactions were totally overwhelming me. My body felt so used and I felt completely owned by my darling lover, Christine. My body was hers to use. And I wanted it.

"Do it" "Do it Christine." "Fuck my ass." "Fist fuck me."

Seeing me so totally out of control she started sliding her fist and arm out of my ass. Then quickly and completely shoving it back in. Each time her fist became lodged in my rectum, my cock went down her throat. She repeated that process over and over, burying her fist deep in my ass while swallowing my hard cock. Christine wasn't going to stop her simultaneous fistfucking and deepthroating until I came. I was moaning out of control.

Heather's ass was still right in front of my face. If I was able to use my hands to grab something I would have grabbed Heather and hung on for dear life. But all I could do was bury my mouth in her ass instead. And that I did. I planted my lips to her tight asshole and sucked. I gave her a rim job she'll never forget while Christine continued on my asshole. I'm sure she never felt an anal suction like I did with my mouth while my ass was being used. I was moaning and screaming and sucking in her ass all at the same time.



Finally in the midst of one of my deep moans, one of my frantic cries from being so overwhelmed and used; my cock just exploded a massive flow of cum. I was deep in Christine's throat when it happened too. When she felt my cock erupt, what happened next even surprised me.

Christine started pulling easily but steadily with her arm extracting her fist from the depths of my ass. My mind didn't know where to focus, on the pleasure of my hard spasming cock or the quick intense pain of my widening asshole. The sudden stretching of my ass and the quick anal emptying seem to intensify my orgasm. I never thought I'd react that way, but my cock was rock hard and throbbing like I've never felt before. I was drowning her in cum.

When she backed off my cock, I was still cumming. I was creaming hot jizz all over her beautiful face. She caught a lot of it in her mouth and coughed up some from her throat. There was cum everywhere. And me, I was thrashing around tied to the bed having the most intense orgasm of my life. My ass felt so abused, but I loved it. My cock was still twitching and dribbling as she took me back in her mouth. "Oh that's, it eat bitch." "Suck my cum." "Suck it." I so desperately wanted to grab her in my arms and hold her, hug her, squeeze her tightly. And Heather too. "Untie me please Christine," I begged. Instead, they just licked up my cum and let me watch as they sucked on each other's clit until they each orgasmed. That seemed so unfair. I wanted to make them cum. And I wanted my hands free so badly to touch my beautiful girls.

I glanced at the clock on the night table. It was 4:00 am, still the middle of the night. Heather turned out the light and they both cuddled up to me. Was I supposed to fall asleep?

* * * * *

I welcome your comments. I'm considering additional chapters if you like this story so far.

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