tagNonHumanThe Pandora Effect Ch. 07

The Pandora Effect Ch. 07


Thanks to all of you who keep giving me advice, it is appreciated. Thanks to Dawn for the help with editing and guidance, you really are the greatest. Not to give too much away, but one of MizT's friends is back. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this installment of 'The Pandora Effect'.


Bashir Haddad pushed the old beige curtain over and peered cautiously outside. He watched as Nadia slid into the passenger seat of the grey sedan and shut the door. The driver, a young blond haired man with stylish clothing, carefully maneuvered the car out of the parking lot and drove out of sight.

The terrorist, who was bent on world domination by werewolves, released a low menacing rumble as his wife and co-conspirator sat quietly and watched him. Rashida had one hand placed in her lap, while the other rested on top of the small pile of maps and photos Nadia brought with her.

While the fallen angel discussed her idea on how to release the deadly virus, Rashida remained quiet. It was never a good idea to interrupt her husband while discussing business. The olive skinned beauty released a soft sigh, which got Bashir's attention. Slowly, he let the drape fall to its normal resting place, and turned to look at his werewolf mate.

"I don't like that bitch one bit. Something doesn't smell right with her, or how she knows so much about these so called Special Forces that took out Mansur."

"You know I would never question your talent when it came to tactics, but what if she's right about these Navy men. If they truly are working with the CIA, then it will be just a matter of time before they figure out about Scotland."

"Watch your tone woman. I don't believe for one second a group of sailors could ever take out a werewolf. I think that bitch of a scientist had something to do with it, I just don't know how she did it."

"I'm sorry Bashir, I meant no offense. What are your thoughts on two of them being like us? That is if what she said was true about the Navy men."

"I can't see a pair of werewolves working with humans like some kind of pet. It makes my stomach turn at the thought. The only thing I found plausibly true was the trouble we're going to have moving the virus around."

Bashir turned towards the window and once again moved the drape open slightly. This time he looked up into the sky as he wondered if the Americans had a satellite on their position at this very moment. He scanned the parking lot but noticed nothing out of the ordinary. He silently chided himself for thinking they were being watched.

Rashid moved her delicate fingers over one of the photos on the table and spun it around. The area looked discreet enough and she noticed very little security around the port. She silently wished her mate would accept Nadia's idea on releasing the virus. It sounded like the perfect plan with a low percentage of failure.

She moved the photo out of the way and picked up the schematics for the environmental control systems of the building. If they could get the virus connected to it, the mission would be deemed a success and they two of them could wait for the humans to die off rapidly.

She didn't like or trust Nadia Karpov any more than her mate did, but the suggestion of where to release it was brilliant. It could be transported worldwide in the matter of a day and no one would be able to stop it. She looked up at her pacing mate, as he contemplated what actions to take next.

"I wouldn't let Nadia trouble you so much. She's just a scientist with an over active imagination. I bet we prove her wrong when Mansur knocks on that door and tells us the ship is now on its way to the United States."

"I need to take my mind of the mission for a few hours. I need to think with a clear head and this bitch has gotten on my nerves for the last time."

Rashida placed the schematic back on the table. She knew what he needed and there was only one woman who could provide the distraction he desperately needed. She slowly unbuttoned the front of her dress and allowed her pert breasts to be viewed by her mate. As she moved the material off her shoulders, it fell down around her waist as she waited for Bashir to notice her.

With a knowing smile, he turned as he heard the soft flutter of material sliding to the chair. Bashir watched as his mate opened her legs and leaned forward, placing her hands on her silky smooth thighs. Her head slightly leaned forward as she parted her lips for him.

Even though it was normal for women from their country to be submissive, it was even more so when it came to werewolves. He was the alpha male, supreme to anyone in his pack. He could have her any way he wanted and right now, he wanted what she was suggesting.

"Yes, I think that would be a suitable distraction," he whispered as he slowly moved in front of her.

As he stood between her splayed thighs, he reached down and palmed the perky mound of her chest as she worked on his pants. When he squeezed her tit flesh roughly, Rashida moaned in pleasure. She knew she was about to be on the receiving end of his frustrations, and she smiled at the idea of being used as a sex toy.

Rashida pulled the slacks down to his knees and stroked his hardening cock. Her mate moaned as he felt the hot tongue slid over the mushroom head and lick at the dripping hole. When she felt his powerful hands on the sides of her head, she obediently opened her mouth as her face was pulled forward.

The human form of the female werewolf fought the urge to gag as the large tip entered her throat. She didn't want to show any weakness as her nose brushed against his pubic hair. The meaty cock pulsed with excitement as the warmth of her mouth surrounded him.

Bashir wrapped his fingers in her silky brown hair and pulled her mouth off him. Quickly she placed her small hand around his cock and marveled at the girth. She kept the cock pointed at her lips as he looked down at the waiting entrance to her tight throat.

With a quick movement, he buried his cock deep and more pre-cum oozed out as he felt her tongue dance around the hard flesh. He held most of his cock in her sucking mouth as he made short thrusting movements with his hips. The bulbous head moved rapidly in and out the tight entrance of her throat as she looked up at her mate.

"How did you know what I needed woman?" She moaned loudly as Rashida allowed her mate to use her face to excite himself. When he pulled his cock free, she jacked the now slippery shaft with a tight fist.

"It's my responsibility to know what you need to relax. You can have me any way you want so that we can get back to achieving our mission."

Bashir thrust his cock forward as his mate gladly took the assault. As his mind flashed with the vision of a smiling Nadia, his anger grew and he increased the pressure of his strong hands. He silently wished he could be doing this to the smug woman who thought she was better than they were.

Rashida slowly ran her hand up her mate's muscular thigh and cupped his swinging balls in her palm. From the urgency he displayed at the pace his was thrusting his cock, she knew he needed release. She heard him moan as she massaged the heavy cum filled sack. Rashida enjoyed the fact that he become more vocal about her ability, at least she thought he was talking about her.

"That's it you bitch, suck it." With a deep moan, Rashida sent vibrations around the rapidly throbbing cock.

"Fucking little bitch! I'm going to flood that throat with my cum. You better swallow every drop or I'll make you pay," Bashir growled loudly as he pictured the arrogant scientist on her knees, servicing him like a common whore.

Rashida continued to moan as her husband raced towards his release. "That's it my mate, make me pay like the bitch I am."

With a final thrust, he buried his cock as far deep as it would go. He held the dark haired beauty's head down roughly, as he emptied the contents of his balls straight into her esophagus. Stream after stream of thick white cum flowed from his cock as Rashida struggled to swallow it all. She couldn't remember the last time he came so hard, and she drank from him noisily.

As Bashir pulled his softening cock free of her mouth, he fell back into an open chair and leaned his head back. The prideful female werewolf sat back as well, leaving her dress bundled around her slim waist. Rashida felt a small amount of her lover's seed on her chin and raised a finger to her face. After scooping the remains into her supple mouth, she looked over at her drained husband.

"After you recover, we can either go over the plan or, if you wish, you can take me."

"We'll go over the route to the ferry terminal. I'll need some relief after accepting that bitch's idea of how to disperse the virus. Now show me the environmental schematics."

Briefing Room, SEAL Compound, Aviano Italy.

Neal Hawkins stood at the head of the large polished table. He tried to hide the worried look on his face as Alpha fire team took their seats. Behind him was a large map of Europe with small blue circles in Russia, the Ukraine, and an area just south of Sicily. When everyone was settled, the senior SEAL on base addressed his team.

"Before we begin, I'd just like to say how nice it is to have my favorite team leader back on base." He made a point to look directly at Adam Dawson.

"I would also like to welcome back a very talented -- Intel Officer -- and Adam's wife, Kristine.

Kristine thought it was odd that he would welcome them like that since he saw them just last night at the club. She smiled brightly back at him, but inside she was screaming to get on with the briefing. She knew Neal didn't understand that a pair of werewolves were in possession of the world's deadliest virus. Commander Hawkins turned towards the map and placed a long wooden pointer on the circle in the Ukraine.

"Since the unexpected arrival of your team Adam, I've looked over the Intel and have a theory on what they plan to do. Of course, I leave it up to Kristine to figure it out but I thought I'd throw my two cents worth in."

"A fresh set of eyes never hurt anything Neal," Kristine responded as she watched the elder SEAL.

"Now Garrett, you lost a team here in Krasnoselivk. You had Intel on the whereabouts of Major Karpov and allowed the tangos to get close enough to attempt an assault."

"That's correct Sir. That was the third team to try."

"The mission failed and they got their hands on the virus. Adam's team took out one here in the Mediterranean. The thing that had me puzzled was why separate your forces?"

"Maybe that's the mission details for them Sir," Kevin said as he shifted in his seat.

"That's what I thought too Dvorska, but why separate when you're stronger as a team?"

"Why do you think they separated Neal?" Adam asked.

"Personally, I don't think they ever intended to separate. Given the route the Naqada was on, it was headed straight for Gibraltar. Why not set the ship on cruise control and hop off near shore?

Kristine got up and approached the map. As she studied it, she saw that what Neal was saying made sense. The only thing that didn't add up was why hire mercenaries to guard the ship after he left. The virus would have killed them also.

"Why leave the virus with mercenaries who could have taken it and used it for their own agenda?"

"Easy, they didn't know it was on board. I think your tango was going to meet up with the others here in Gibraltar. Now where to go after that is the million dollar question of the day, but that's why you have a job Mrs. Dawson."

Neal handed her the pointer and strode towards the door. As he opened it, he turned around to the team. "When you come up with a game plan, let me know, I'll be in my office going over job offers."

The SEALs turned in their chairs and stared at Kristine who was studying the map again. Her focus was the coastline of Spain and France, because if Neal was correct she wondered how they would continue to move the virus. Adam decided to interrupt her raging thoughts.

"I smell the smoke from over here Kristine. What's on your mind?"

"Why the hell would they go from Ordzhonikidze all the way to the rock with that much virus? You'd have to get it out of Europe to do any real harm to the world, so if Neal is right, where do they go from here?"

"My concern is where to point the damn satellites. I know I'm the Director of the S.A.D. but I only have so many birds I can throw at this."

Adam leaned his head back and stared at the ceiling. He let out a heavy sigh and placed his hands behind his head. "Let's go over what we do know again. Garrett, how is it spread?"

"Airborne. Infection, followed by death, followed by 'The Night of the Living Dead' movie."

"The tangos can't keep trying to release small amounts without being compromised. They gotta get rid of the shit quickly, now that their furry little friend is out of the picture."

John Balch got up and moved towards the map. He ran his fingers along the coastline from Portugal to Denmark, then turned to look at Garrett. He had a troubled look on his face and Adam knew something was bothering him.

"You have something to add, Doc?"

"If they want to get it out of the country, about how many ports are we going to have to cover? There's only like a thousand ways to move the virus."

Garrett looked at the young medic. "Not as many as you think Doc. We've got bulletins all over the place and I have agents in all of the major ports."

"Alright listen up everyone. We're just going to keep coming up with more questions than answers doing this. Kristine, Garrett, you two head to the Intel center and start moving birds around. We might get lucky if they show themselves."

"I'll get on the horn to Langley and get those guys looking too," Garrett added.

"Bob, get the guys to the armory and pack for a quick exit. My guess it will probably be close quarters fighting, so skip the heavy stuff except for V-man. I'm going to talk to Neal about a backup team."

"Boss, you want me to set aside another stack for the backup? If we have to make a fast insertion, I don't want to be slowed down with prep work," Senior Chief Holiday asked.

"Sounds like a good idea Bob. After that, everyone hang loose until Kristine tells us where to go. No one leaves the base and make sure you have your pagers, dismissed."

Adam got up quickly and left the room. Kristine saw the way her husband acted and knew he was troubled at the lack of Intel on the targets.

"These fucking werewolves are pissing off my husband. When I find those fuckers, they're gonna wish they never started this shit."


Nadia scanned the area, as her young driver pulled into the parking lot of her hotel. She realized that the CIA was probably looking for her too, but she had little fear they would succeed. Even if they did, there was nothing they could do to her in the way of any real harm.

With no danger in sight, she exited the sedan and looked at the young tasty morsel that was assigned as her driver. His blond hair and deep blue eyes, made his youthful appearance that much more inviting to the succubus. With the others in the same hotel as the terrorists, he would not be missed if she decided to feed, instead of just using him as a sex toy.

"I'm sorry young man, what was your name again?" The fallen angel had a flashing smile on her face that hid the dark sinister side beneath.

"It's Peter Ma'am."

"Oh don't be so formal Peter. When you call me Ma'am, it makes me sound like I'm your mother or something."

"Sorry Nadia, just being polite. We really should get inside away from any prying eyes. It's not safe to stay out in the open too long."

Nadia walked over and wrapped her delicate arm around Peter's more muscular one. She shivered slightly, not from the cold, but from the vibrant life force that flowed through body. She could sense how strong it was, which could only mean one thing. Was it truly possible that she was assigned a virgin? She gazed towards him as she tried to remember the last time she feasted on an innocent.

"So Peter, you seem so young to be in company with mercenaries? How old are you dear boy?"

"I just turned eighteen a few months ago."

"Oh my you are young, but from what I can see, you're more than capable of handling yourself."

"I know, that's what I've been trying to tell my older brother, Nadia. Fredrick said I could be part of the group, but he won't let me go on the mission. I keep trying to tell him I'm ready, but he treats me like some little kid who can't handle danger."

"That sounds so mean. Maybe he's trying to keep you away from people that will kill you. It is the job of an older brother to make sure the younger one doesn't get near any dangerous people."

When they reached the door, he quickly opened it and moved to the side. His chest was puffed out and he tried to stand a little taller than his six-foot frame would allow. Nadia couldn't help but laugh inside at the young man trying to impress her.

"I may be young Nadia, but trust me; I can handle anything that comes my way. You don't need to worry about anything. Your safety is my primary concern."

As the dark angel walked into the lobby, she slowly turned to her young companion and smiled seductively at him. She knew no man on earth could escape her once she started to charm them.

"That made me feel all tingly inside, Peter. I guess it just does something to me when I know I'm protected by someone so strong, and so -- brave."

Peter moved to her side and took her arm. He quickly scanned the lobby for trouble as he led his charge to her room.

"That's me alright, strong and brave. Fredrick will see that I can handle anything."


Adam walked into the waiting area of Neal's office. As he closed the door, he could feel Rosa's eyes start to undress him. The sultry secretary smiled when they made eye contact, and she shifted in her chair a bit as she studied the extremely tone SEAL.

"Good morning Mr. Dawson. It looks like you slept well last night; you have a sort of sparkle about you this morning."

"Hi Rosa, actually I'm pretty beat. I got promoted last night and the team and I partied pretty hard. After that my wife, who came into town last night, tried to kill me with sex. Is Neal in?"

"Just a minute Sir, I'll let him know you're here." Adam could tell from her flat tone that she was indeed upset at her lack of progress in scoring with him.

After contacting her boss, Adam walked in a sat down in front of Neal and waited for him to acknowledge him. He had three separate sheets of paper on the large desk and studied each one back and forth.

After a few minutes, Adam decided the frontal approach. "I was sort of hoping you'd help with the current job you have Neal, or are you really interested in managing a fast food joint?"

"I should just let the wife decide. Hell, I haven't looked for a job since I was twenty three."

"You could always take up fishing."

Neal leaned back in his high backed leather chair. "Fuck you Dawson. Guys like us don't fish, we hunt."

"Speaking of hunting Neal, I have Kristine and Garrett over at Intel trying to figure out the tango's next move. The rest are in the armory packing for a quick exit."

"That's good heads up on your part Adam, now I know why I promoted you. I do want to discuss something with you about your team."

"Yeah I know Kristine has this thing about it being her team. Really Neal it's..."

"She's not the one I'm worried about. If those two are out there, she'll figure it out. My concern is Garrett Brown."

Adam leaned forward and looked at his longtime friend. "I was a little nervous about him as well, but so far he's handled his own and kept up with the rest of us."

"You just don't make enemies with the Director of the CIA unless you're incompetent Adam, or you're just plain stupid. I don't want him turning incompetent and freezing up when my SEAL team is under fire."

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