tagGroup SexThe Perfect Game Ch. 03

The Perfect Game Ch. 03

byTx Tall Tales©

Chapter 3 - Girl's Night In

* * *

Part 3 of the perfect game - Playing the game under conditions I'd never quite planned for. Time to see how it adapted to very uneven odds.

* * *

The last week had been a bit awkward. Cheryl couldn't make up her mind whether she should be pissed at me, or to screw my brains out. Denise had called me at work twice to tell me what an incredible time she'd had, and we'd engaged in phone sex the second time. It was a good thing I had my own office, and had moved out of the cubicle farm a couple of years earlier.

Denise was pressuring me to get us all together again, and if not all of us, then a one-on-one revisit wouldn't be so bad. Dave's job involved travel at least a week out of every month, and in her mind, she could hang out with Cheryl and I the next time that he had to leave town. It wasn't what I had in mind originally, and though the temptation was huge, I was really worried about what might happen between Cheryl and me if Denise got her way. Things were happening fast, and I was still astounded by the results of my initial foray into game design.

We were still working on getting together with Frank and Delara, but the schedules weren't helping. Dave and Frank both were traveling, and then Frank and Delara were going on a vacation for two weeks at the end of the month. We were still working on it.

Young Beth, on the other hand, I hadn't heard from in weeks. I guessed that she and Cheryl were staying in touch, and I suspected we'd see her before long. She had come over for at least one evening every week since she'd moved to town, for a free meal and so the girls could call their parents.

During breakfast on Friday, Cheryl had a request.

"After work can you pick-up Beth? She's coming over for dinner, and spending the night." She looked at me expectantly, waiting, I thought, to see if I'd jump to any conclusions. She HAD promised that we would 'party' with Beth, during our last escapade with Dave and Denise, but I was just barely out of the dog-house, and wasn't about to press things.

"No problem. I should be able to break free by 5:00, we should be home before 6:00." I answered, between bites of oatmeal. (I know, I know, how boring.)

"And don't screw around, come straight home, alright?" She pestered.

Ok, so I had a rep for taking my time on all errands. Heck, going to Lowes for a hinge might take an hour. I was assuming her warning not to screw around wasn't the carnal screwing I might be tempted into upon seeing her voluptuous little sister, but my typical dilly-dallying.

"Straight home, I promise." I even crossed my heart for her.

"Good." She had put her dishes in the dishwasher, and bestowed a kiss on me before heading out the door.

I followed suit shortly after, but couldn't get the picture of the two sister's going down on me out of my head. I drove to work hard, but was proud of myself for not doing anything about it.

* * *

Beth lived in an all-girl dorm. Supposedly better for studying - less distractions. I'd only been there once before, but I did enjoy walking down the hall to her room, surrounded by the young girls all about. She lived on a freshman hall, and the place was pretty active; not surprising for 5:00pm on a Friday. I was passed by a girl in a towel, and nothing else, heading back from the showers. Passing another room, the door cracked, I saw a cute little brunette in her underwear primping in front of a mirror. Damn, I missed those days.

Beth met me at her door, and threw herself into my arms, delivering a huge kiss that curled my toes.

"I've missed you." She told me with a smile, when I finally broke free.

"Ditto, beautiful." I told her smiling beyond my control. I had to look over her young, taut, curvaceous figure. Nothing like her statuesque, tall blond sister, who warmed my bed by night, and fed my fantasies by day.

"ANNE - YOU READY?" She called out leaning past me down the hall. If you'd seen her figure you could forgive my casting another quick glance down to her full round, still virgin ass.

"Just a sec," I heard from further up the hall. The accent sounded distinctly southern.

"Who's Anne?" I asked.

"My roommate. She's coming with us." She answered, before stepping forward and giving me a big hug, "Damn, I really have missed you."

My hands caressed the back of her head, as I asked, "And Cheryl knows about Anne coming over?"

"Yep, I called her at work, and she said it was no problem. Anne has no family in the area, and is jealous of all the real meals I get to eat. Plus, I think it would be good for her to have a little getaway."

"Does she know about, you know..." I asked, my hands having found their way down her back to cup her round, tight butt-cheeks.

"Know what?" I heard a definitely southern accent dragging the 'what' out into two syllables.

Beth pulled away, grabbed a small gym bag and tossed it to me. I nearly dropped it as I turned and let her roommate Anne slide past me into the room.

Anne was a real cutie, with an impossible to ignore rack. She had big platinum blonde hair with dark roots. She was as short as Beth, but slender, except for those huge mounds on her chest. Sparkling brown eyes looked toward me, still waiting for an answer.

"She knows my sister is the best damn cook in our family, and her lasagna is a good bit better than the slop we get here," Beth answered for us, deflecting the question. I had to guess that meant she didn't know about our previous party actions.

I was the porter, lugging their bags down to the truck, while the girls chatted. If they were roommates you'd figure that they'd have plenty of time to talk together, but they gabbed like they hadn't seen each other in ages. I sat back, only rarely dragged into the conversation, sulking just a bit. I had really hoped that Beth coming up meant a full bed for the night, but I didn't think that likely with Anne along.

I was driving the F-150, and that meant the three of us were sitting in front. I didn't have one of those big four door trucks. My hip was pressed against Beth's and I could feel the warmth of her pressed against me.

Damn it!

* * *

It was a day for surprises.

When we got home, I brought up the rear, carrying the bags again, and watching the two 18 year-old jean-encased butts precede me up the stairs. Anne was fun to watch, a little shorter than Beth, with a kind of odd figure. Narrow waist and small hips, flaring out to very large breasts on her skinny little frame. I'd have guessed they were fake, they were so large on such a tiny figure. I swear she looked like she was ready to tip over at any time. If it wasn't for the tits, I'd figure she couldn't weigh 100 pounds soaking wet.

As I entered the apartment, I was greeted at the door by my lovely live-in, and as I gave her a hug after dumping the bags by the door, I saw her clone in the kitchen, an apron wrapped around a form-fitting sheath dress, while she was working on some dish. Denise? That, I really hadn't expected.

Over the home-made lasagna dinner, I got more of the story. Denise had dropped off Dave at the airport, and Cheryl suggested that she stop by for dinner, rather than dine alone. We were only fifteen minutes from the airport, and she'd have had to face rush-hour traffic to get home otherwise.

The only downside was that there wouldn't be much left-over lasagna, my favorite, with all these guests. Cheryl usually made enough for left-overs for a couple of days, and her lasagna was one of those dishes that was even better reheated.

We were just finishing up. I was helping with some of the dishes, while the coffee was made, and Beth and Anne were dumping their gear, which had never made it any further than the front door, in the guest room. I dried my hands and nodded to Denise who was waving the Bailey's over my coffee, offering to spike it. I took it to the living room and sat in my chair, relaxing after the feast, and enjoying the view.

"Why don't we play a game?" Beth asked from the kitchen, foregoing the coffee for a beer from the fridge.

I almost did a spit-take, and burned my lip on the hot coffee.

"Like what?" Denise asked, pleasantly.

"Oh I don't know. Alex didn't you say you had some new game you wanted to try out?" Beth replied, looking at me teasingly.

"I'm not sure if I even have it here," I said, wondering what she was thinking. Her sister was going to kill her. And probably me too.

Cheryl was gazing at her sister with a very strange look on her face. I was ready for the fireworks to go off. Denise was standing next to Cheryl, just watching the whole thing unfold.

"I guess we could play Trivial Pursuit," Beth answered slowly.

"We could play quarters," Anne offered. She was looking at Beth's beer, and I realized I had never offered her a drink.

"Anne, would you rather have a beer or a drink, instead of that coffee?" I asked, trying to be the good host.

"I don't know. I really shouldn't drink much. I'm not all that good at holding my liquor," she answered with that sexy southern drawl. "What do y'all have?"

"Pretty well stocked bar, and a few types of beer in the fridge," I said.

"Why don't we have strawberry margaritas? I saw frozen strawberries in the freezer," Denise offered.

"That sounds nice," Anne answered, "I guess one wouldn't hurt, please."

"I'll have one too," Cheryl chimed in.

Beth got up from her seat and joined her sister and Denise in the kitchen, and they were speaking softly. I thought hostilities might be in order, but a couple of giggles and snorts allayed my fears.

"What are you studying?" I asked Anne who was the only one in the living room with me. She was seated in the center of the couch, a few feet away, speaking in bursts between the loud grinding noise of the blender in the kitchen.

"Undeclared yet," she confessed. "I'm not sure what I want to study. I was leaning toward sociology, but it's not a great field for jobs, and Daddy wants me to study Political Science, sort of the family trade."

"Family trade?"

"He's a state senator. I've worked in politics since I was old enough to pass out a flier. But I'm kind of looking for a break." She leaned back in the couch, stretching, her arms reaching out across the back of the couch.

She was easy on the eyes, and her shirt was so tight it created a delightful little tug across the front. I could easily see the outline of her bra underneath it. I'd dated a lot, but never a girl with such large boobs, at least not in proportion to her body.

I realized I was staring, and I looked up enough to catch her eyes.

"That was pretty good, really. Most guys would never have made it through dinner without getting lost down there for a bit." She teased, letting her eyes dip down to her own rack for just a second, giving a hint of a shimmy. "Then again, I guess I have a lot of competition here."

Just then a tall glass full of frozen margarita was placed in front of her, and I looked up to find Cheryl eyeing me.

Damn! Damn, Damn, Damn.

"Why don't you go and see if maybe you do have that game you were talking about back there somewhere. I figure it's as good a time as any to give it a try. What did you say it was called?" Cheryl asked me, a smirk on her face.

"Uh..." I couldn't even speak. Was she serious?

"Incremental?" Beth asked, once again pushing her favorite choice for the name of the game.

I suddenly realized that I didn't even know if Beth was up-to-date about the last time the game was played, and the resulting revelation that I'd actually created it.

Denise sat down on the far side of Anne, drink in hand. "New game? What the heck, count me in. I've got nowhere I've got to be anytime soon." She crossed her legs, and my eyes were drawn to the gap between her thighs, where her mid-thigh dress ended.

I got up and headed back to the bedroom to bring out "The Game".

Hot Damn!

* * *

Game Time


I brought the shoe-box of pieces out and placed the spinner in the middle of the table. The girls were asking about the game, all three of the vixens acting as if they'd never heard of it before. I felt a little dastardly, like we were all ganging up on the little cutie seated between my live-in girlfriend, and my new 'occasional' girlfriend.

"It's pretty simple. The object of the game is to collect seven different colored 'Reward' cards for successfully completing a variety of challenges." I started explaining, showing the colors on the front of the Reward cards from the pile on my right.

I held up the cards from the pile on my left. "Each card in the 'Challenge' deck has a variety of challenges on them. Six to be precise. Before selecting your card, you choose which type you are going to do.

"The choices are: trivia question, a tough true/false, a 'word definition', charades, a 'Pictionary' type, and finally Potpourri. The challenge types are listed on the outermost edge of the spinner." I pointed out the choices on the spinner, as I passed around a few of the cards. I felt kind of silly giving cards to Cheryl, Denise and Beth, but was willing to play along.

"After picking your challenge type, you draw a card and find out what your actual challenge is. The answers to the questions are on the back of the card. The challenge cards are kept in this box, like Trivial Pursuit, so nobody can see the answers.

"Once the challenge is over, you pull a card from this pile, the Rewards. If you failed your challenge you have to perform the penalty on the card. The penalty may require you to spin the dial to select how it's done. If you pass the challenge, you get to keep the card. On the bottom of the card is a color. Collect all 7 different colors and win."

"There are a few little extras. There are some 'SPECIALS' in the deck. You can tell because it has a black border. It can be used to change how you play challenges and stuff. Everybody starts with one Special, a Chicken-out, that can be used instead of doing a challenge. When you draw a Special, you keep it and draw again."

"So it should be pretty simple. First, pick the type of challenge; the spinner has the six challenge types listed around the edge in case you forget. Draw a card from the 'Challenge' deck. Perform the challenge. Draw a 'Reward' card. If you failed the challenge perform the penalty on that card, otherwise you can collect the Reward Colors. Collect all 7 different colors and win."

"What if I don't want to do a challenge?" Anne asked. Everybody's favorite question.

"Well, you have your Chicken-out, that will get you out once, and you might draw another one. Also, you can try for a second, hopefully better challenge, by chugging your drink, and answering a question from the little pile that has question marks on the back. If you still won't do the challenge you lose, and are out of the game."

Beth was reading one of the cards I'd passed out. "Mine says to do something for two minutes, do we have a timer?"

I opened the blue "Crown Royal" bag I was using to hold the rubber-banded decks, and pulled out a little wind-up egg timer - an improvement on the one-minute hourglass timer we'd been using. Too much maintenance remembering to flip it on two and three minute challenges. "Yep, here we are."

"Sounds like fun to me," Denise offered, tossing the card she'd been looking at back into the pile. "I'm ready for something different."

"Me too," Beth piped in, pulling the sample Reward cards into a neat pile.

"Why not," Anne finally answered, "how bad can it be? If it gets too boring we can always try something else."

Boring was not in the cards. At least not in THESE cards.

* * *

Deck 1:


We turned my chair so it was facing the couch across the coffee table, and added another chair from the dining room. Beth was perched on the chair to my left, while I was facing the three blonds on the couch. Cheryl was across from me, with Anne in the middle, and Denise to my far left, across from Beth.

I spun the spinner dial to see who would go first, and realized I was getting hard already from the memory of what had happened the last time I'd played this game. Or should I say the previous times?

We started out smoothly, with everyone testing the different types of challenges, and going through a few silly dares and a bit of drinking, while we also gained a color or two.

I recalled how Denise's had been a 'puppy' the first game, and smiled when Anne got her first 'active' challenge. She had to do 5 jumping jacks. She was game enough, and the girls teased her as her melons 'rose' to the occasion, bouncing up and down enough to hurt somebody.

We had our first 'declined' challenge shortly after. It was Beth surprisingly enough. A partner was supposed to feed her something from the refrigerator, while she was blindfolded. It could be anything. She wasn't feeling that adventurous. Beth chugged her drink, which was almost empty anyway, then answered the question "Have you ever stolen anything worth more than $20?"


"Beth!" Cheryl interrupted.

"What?" Beth replied cautiously.

"How about my clothing?" Cheryl said firmly.

"That was borrowed." Beth said.

"Borrowed! I've never seen any of it again." Cheryl exclaimed.

"Ok. I stole my sister's hand-me-downs."

"Hand-me-downs? My new Christmas sweater was hardly a hand-me-down."

"Ok, ladies." I finally butted in, with some trepidation. "Missing clothing. We get it. Let's move on."

Beth's challenge was to do the "Hokey Pokey" and we found that her singing definitely left something to be desired.

I got slammed by Denise on the next challenge. After her failed Pictionary attempt at drawing "Lazy", she had to describe someone using words that began with the letters of that person's name. She spun and landed on me.

"Let's see. Alex. A-L-E-X. A is for ..."

At this point she got a lot of suggestions from the peanut-gallery. "Arrogant", "Asshole", "Archaic", "Antagonistic", "Attitude."

"A is for Athletic, L is for Liar, E is for Egotistic, and X, X is for..." she seemed stuck again.

"X-rated," Cheryl chuckled, and Denise laughed and repeated the suggestion "X is for X-rated; or so we're lead to believe."

Ouch. The "Liar" and "Egotistic" hurt. I really was a pretty honest guy, or so I liked to think, but I guess I was still suffering the fallout from lying about the origins of the game.

There was a lot of joking, teasing and drinking going around, and at times I would almost forget where this was supposed to be going. Everyone still was eagerly tracking the rewards progress.

I got the only even somewhat risque challenge for that first round. "Go into the bathroom and come out with your underwear on the outside of your clothes. Wear them that way for the rest of the round."

I came out a short while later with my boxers, on the outside of my Dockers, to hoots and catcalls. As soon as Cheryl answered her Trivia correctly, I was happy to go change back.

Five people, four turns each, and the pile was dwindling. Denise had pulled one of the Specials, the Twin, which we explained allowed her to make someone else do her part if she was chosen to participate in a penalty. Nobody had used any of their "Chicken-Outs". Time to add the next decks.

* * *

Deck 2:


I explained the concept of incrementally harder challenges and new rewards, and shuffled in the next set with a couple of new Specials.

Beth and I got off easy with the next set of challenges, but Denise got the first new interesting one.

"Show us how you flirt by demonstrating on (any-spin)". She spun and hit Beth. She didn't hesitate, and got up and stood next to her.

"Gee, Beth, you look nice tonight." She reached out and let her fingers caress Beth's arm a bit before tugging on her shirt, "Is this new? I really like it." She was speaking softly, head canted a bit to one side. She stood very close, "Are you enjoying the game? I know I am." I saw her lick her lips slightly, and then she picked up Beth's drink, "What's this?" She tasted it, her teasing tongue darting out, "Mmm, that's nice but you better be careful. You don't want to get too drunk, someone might try to take advantage of you." She brushed her arm down Beth's arm, and now Beth was blushing. With the blush, I guess Denise figured she'd won. She turned, gave a small bow, and retook her seat.

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