tagGroup SexThe Pool Party

The Pool Party


The weekend came and Sabrina called me up and invited me over, her Aunt was having a pool party and asked if I would come.

I arrived before noon and seen I was just the only one there, guessing this was a private party for the both of them I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Sabrina and I walked into the pool room which was enclosed in glass; a big stockade fence surrounded it for privacy.

Sarah was floating on a lounge chair in the pool; she wore a skimpy thong bikini with her breasts barely covered.

Sabrina came out of the change room wearing her thong; she turned around slowly showing it off. I already had my suit on and pulled my jeans down and shirt off, the suit showed the bulge that was already beginning to grow.

I dove in the water which was a little cool, which helped the bulge in my pants go down. Sabrina then jumped in and joined us; I could see her nipples pressing hard against her top.

Oooooh this water is cold she yelled, look at my nipples they are hard as rocks.

We played together in the pool and Sarah got out and sat on the lounge chair to watch us, several times Sabrina would go down under water and come up between my legs.

I felt her lips pressing against my cock; she would then come up for air. I pulled her up and kissed her deep, my tongue searching for hers and lightly sucking it. I held her tightly and pressed my bulge against her.

Would you two like some lunch asked Sarah, I am going to call for Chinese take out.

We told her to order something good and resumed our play. After phoning the order in she told us it would be here in fifteen minutes, we decided to come out and dry off and join her for lunch.

The order came and a sweet looking Chinese girl about 21 came with it, as she came into the pool room she admired the pool and said she was jealous of us being able to cool off on such a hot day.

Sarah invited her to stay, she said she had to finish her shift; she said she got off in 2 hours.

Well why don't you come by then asked Sabrina? We're gonna be here all day and there is no need to miss out on a good pool party she said grinning. Now don't forget about us and come on back and cool off later, we would love to have you join our party said Sabrina.

We enjoyed our lunch and took a little break before going back into the pool; we sat on the lounge chairs relaxing. I could see Sarah looking me over, her mouth was slightly open and her tongue slowly licked her lips as she smiled at me.

I got up and dove into the water; I waded out to where I could stand and looked at Sarah. She climbed in and swam over to me; I kissed her deeply and my hands caressed her tight ass, I pulled her thong up against the crack of her ass and heard her moan as we kissed.

I teased her with my fingers rubbing against the front of her thong, her nipples pressed hard against her top as she got extremely excited.

It was Sabrina's time to watch us as we played in the pool, she sat back in the lounge chair with her hand between her legs slowly rubbing her puffy lips which shown fully against her thong.

Our guest came back early, she introduced herself as Lisa and she sat down on the lounge chair next to Sabrina.

She pulled her shorts and shirt off, she had a very skimpy tight bikini on which showed all her luscious curves.

She put some tanning lotion on the front of her; Sabrina asked if she wanted her to put it on her back.

She lay down on the lounge chair and Sabrina poured the lotion down her back, she loosened the straps to her bikini so she could spread it and not get any on her suit.

Sabrina rubbed the lotion in slowly up and down her back, this woman's body was well toned. She then squirted some on each leg and rubbed it in slowly.

She watched Lisa part her legs as she worked the lotion up her thighs, her fingers worked it in as they moved closer to her mound.

She tied her top back together and said she had done, Lisa thanked her and gave her a sweet smile.

I had moved behind Sarah, my hands caressed her breasts as I pressed against her. She wiggled slowly against my bulge and she reached down with her fingers to trace the outline of my cock.

Her hand pulled my briefs to the side and she worked my cock free, her hand stroked it slowly getting it fully hard.

I pushed her thong to the side, and felt her hand guide my cock against her lips. Slowly pushing it in I heard her moan deeply, I fucked her with nice long strokes while my fingers rubbed her hard nipples.

Sabrina looked at Lisa, who was watching Sarah and I; she noticed a damp spot between her legs and knew she was getting turned on.

They look so hot don't they she said to Lisa with a little smile, she rubbed her mound slowly and licked her lips.

Oh yes they do and I am getting very wet, her hand slipped inside her bikini and rubbed her pussy. It looks like you are quite turned on also Sabrina.

She moaned softly as her fingers rubbed her clit, she also was getting very hot watching Sabrina.

I was fucking Sarah hard and fast, we had waded over to the steps and she held the railing with both hands and wrapped her legs around my waist as I fucked her deep.

I could feel her pussy tighten hard on my cock with every stroke; her pussy gripped my cock hard.

Oh gawd here I cumm screamed Sarah, oh yes fuck me you big stud. Ohhh yes do you feel my cumm warming your hard cock John, I am so wet for you.

Her cumm gushed around my cock as I pushed it deeper; I fucked her with long deep strokes until she came again. I could feel her body shake as her orgasm took over; it lasted several minutes until I pulled it out slowly and hugged her tight.

Looking over at Sabrina and Lisa I noticed they had moved close together on the pool deck. Their hands were busy rubbing each others pussy while they kissed deeply.

Sarah and I got out of the pool and sat down in our lounge chairs to watch these hotties pleasure themselves. We smiled to each other as our hands rubbed each other.

Sabrina and Lisa had gotten lost in each others pleasure, they kissed deeply and sucked each others wet fingers. Their suits had dropped and their hands roamed each others breasts. Sabrina lay back as Lisa kissed down her tummy, she climbed between her legs and slipped her tongue slowly against her clit.

Oooooh yes right there Lisa, tease me with that hot tongue of yours. Sabrina loved having her pussy licked but she also loved to give while receiving. Oooooh Lisa turn around and let me help you cumm.

Lisa quickly moved on top of her in a 69, Sabrina's tongue found her clit as she teased it.

Her hands caressed the young girl's ass as she licked her hot pussy. Sabrina looked over at me and motioned for me to come over to them, she stuck two fingers inside while lips sucked hard on her clit. Do you want another one Lisa, or do you want John's big cock instead?

Oooooh yes I want that big cock in me as you lick my clit she moaned, she raised her hips and spread her legs wider as I moved in back of her.

Ohhhhhhhhh gawd yes she screamed as I slid it in slowly, fill my pussy with your hard cock John.

As I fucked her slowly I could feel Sabrina's tongue licking me as it slid in and out, I was very close to shooting my cum and told her.

I felt Lisa cummm hard on my cock, her body shook as she milked my cock tight.

Ohhh gawd I am gonna cumm I moaned, I took my cock out and found Sabrina's mouth; she quickly swallowed it deep sucking it hard.

Mmmmmm John let me have that hot cumm she moaned, she took me deep and swallowed my hot juices as I came.

She licked and sucked me faster making me hard again, her hand guided my cock back into Lisa's tight pussy.

Now fuck her good and hard John I want you to make her cumm lots of times.

She looked at her Aunt who had went inside to get one of her toys, mmmm she thought I could share that nice double ended toy with Aunt Sarah while we watch John and Lisa.

She pulled herself from under Lisa's grip and climbed up on the lounge chair with her Aunt.

She whispered loudly in her Aunt's ear, does Aunty Sarah want to share her toy?

She grabbed one end of it and lowered her lips to the end of it. Mmmmm lets suck this together and get it all wet she moaned.

Sabrina and Sarah each came close and sucked the big double ended cock getting it all wet, they brought it down and each pressed an end inside them. As they fucked the cock hard you could hear them moaning to each other, they were starting to rock the lounge chair and you could hear it bouncing on the deck.

I fucked Lisa hard, making her cumm multiple times; I heard her moan to ease off as she was starting to get dizzy from her heavy breathing.

I stopped and pulled out slowly, I heard her moan softly as it finally popped out.

We turned to look at the others and saw them in a frenzy fucking the toy very hard and fast. I got up and brought Lisa with me, I grabbed the lounge chair to steady it and told them to slow down as they almost knocked the chair over.

I told them to get on their hands and knees on the deck and take it in from behind; they smiled and quickly took position. I held the large dildo as they each pressed it inside and pushed themselves back.

We watched them as they fucked each other in this new way. I motioned to Lisa to stand in front of Sarah while I dangled my cock in front of Sabrina; she took it in her mouth and rocked back and forth with it.

Sarah lifted her head up and pressed her tongue against Lisa's pussy. Mmmmm you taste so good little girl. I am going to have to order take out more often.

She buried her tongue deep inside and fucked her while she rocked back and forth.

We all were coming close to orgasm and our moans were getting louder and louder. It was such a turn on for all of us getting pleasure. One by one each of us came hard and Sabrina and Sarah sucked all the hot cumm from Lisa and I.

We all fell onto the deck in a heap kissing each other sharing each others cumm.

The party ended late and we made sure we got Lisa's cell number so we could invite her to other parties.

I stayed the night with Sarah and Sabrina and they kept me up in more ways than just awake.

Thank goodness the next day was Sunday and I had a day to recoup before starting a new work week. Where that will take me you will find out as you continue the series!


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