tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Preacher's Wife Ch. 05a

The Preacher's Wife Ch. 05a


This is the long promised rewrite of The Preacher's Wife series (Cathy gives some counseling)!


Cathy Modeno was halfway through the day when John Simmons and has son Brian came into the comfortable little room. She was spending the day counseling, acting as the good preachers wife, and had looked forward to a day without event or excitement.

Both John and Brian were tall, the father a bit more muscular and with a goatee, the son lean and clean-shaven with close shorn hair. Both were several inches over six feet tall, and were dressed in rather rough work clothes. Unknown to her, the two men had seen her come to the shelter, and had quickly devised a story for themselves. They were neither homeless nor out of work.

Cathy was dressed in a one piece, soft knit dress that buttoned up the front; it hugged her breasts tightly, showing off a good amount of cleavage, and the straps of the dress were thin enough so that the straps of her pink bra were visible.

It hugged her lush hips and ass as well; she had to wear a thong to keep panty lines from showing, and it was this that had caught father and sons eye as she bent into the back seat of her car to get her notebook and some other supplies.

She had gone with bare legs today; the dress was modest in that respect, coming to just over her knees when she sat down.

As well, she wore a stylish indoor jacket with the dress which buttoned all the way up to her slim neck and ending just above where her belly button would be. It hid the nature of the dress she wore, and she smiled to herself at how the two men would look at her could they see it.

Cathy blushed slightly as she showed the men to the couch - why had she thought that? She thought to herself, but did notice that the look in the men's eyes was - she blushed harder. The looks were assessing, from the father and son both. Even with the jacket on her figure could not really be disguised.

When the father, John, patted the couch between himself and his son Cathy reacted without thought, sitting down between the two tall, handsome men, and knowing as she did it that she shouldn't. Her stomach writhed softly.

"Well, what can I help you with today, guys?" Cathy said. She laid her pad down on the table in front of her, then straightened up, at a loss with what to do with her hands. She finally settled for resting them on the couch on either side of her. Her skirt had crept up several inches, and was showing off her lower thigh nicely. She told herself that it did not matter, that these men were here for help.

"Well, my son had some questions about his girlfriend, Mrs. Modeno," John said, smiling at her, and then said, "Are you hot? It looks like you're a bit flushed."

"Umm, no, no, I'm alright - well, it is a bit hot in here," she said softly, trailing off as he casually reached up and unfastened the top button of her dress jacket, just under the silky soft skin of her throat. His fingers dropped to the second button. "I . . . I really don't think you need to do that," Cathy smiled tremulously as the man's thick fingers toyed with the second button. She swallowed, but for some reason could not bring herself to push the man's hand away.

My god, she thought, I can't just sit here and let him take my coat off!

"Well, what was concerning you, Brian?" she asked, ignoring the fact that John was now slipping the second button open. Her jacket was starting to gape open - only five buttons held it - and the smooth skin of her upper chest was becoming visible.

"I was just wondering what - umm, you know, what appropriate touching between me and my girlfriend would be; we've been going out for a while now, and we're starting to kiss a little more deeply, and she likes me to feel her legs."

"Umm, what do you mean by that, Brian?" Cathy asked, totally ignoring the fact that John had now unfastened the third button, and that the top of the dress and her exposed cleavage were now on display. She had rolled her hands into fists, and was pressing them into the couch cushions in anger - couldn't John get the idea she did not want him to go any further? "I really don't think that's necessary," she told John again, and the two men shared a smile when she did not actually try to push his hands away from her jacket.

She was opening her mouth to tell him to stop again when John said, slipping open the fourth button, "Why don't you show her what you mean, son?"

"Well, the kissing -- here, why don't I show you?" he said, and then he was bending over. His father was now toying with the last button of the jacket, and Cathy sat very still as the young man pressed his lips to hers. His tongue slipped out and licked her full lower lip, and then traced her juicy, pouting lips again, then again, and then Cathy stirred, and somehow found her mouth slipping open; she allowed the young man's tongue to begin exploring her, and could not help opening her mouth just a bit wider.

After what seemed a long minute, with Cathy opening her mouth wider still and tilting her head slightly as his agile tongue thoroughly explored her, he was sitting up -- "That was like it, kinda, Mrs. Modeno, but you're a better kisser!" he said. "Anyway, I'll show you how she likes me to feel her leg, and see if you think that's OK!"

"I . . . I don't think that's a good idea, Brian," she said - she tried feebly to push John's hands away again, but then he had succeeded in loosening her jacket completely. It fell open, revealing the tight thin dress clinging softly to her slightly rounded tummy and her large, heaving breasts. The edge of the bra was easily visible, as were her stiff, strawberry sized nipples.

"It really would help," Brian said; ignoring her tits, he looked her in the eye and slowly reached out, slipped his hand onto her leg just above the knee. "She likes it when I rub and squeeze her legs, Mrs. Modeno," he said softly, rubbing his hand down to the inside of her lower thigh; he slid his big, hot hand from her knee to about midthigh at the edge of her skirt.

"Umm, well, I guess that would be OK, Brian," she said, all to aware of the fact that her cantaloupe sized breasts straining against the thin dress were now attracting attention from both father and son. God, why had she chosen to wear this dress? What had the Deacon done to her?

"Sometimes men will want to detain you," he had said - Cathy shivered heavily, and a flush of heat shot through her taut, lithe body.

"And how far up her legs can I slide my hands, Mrs. Modeno?" he asked, pushing his hand off of her knee again, up onto her lower shapely thigh. His thumb brushed the edge of her skirt this time, pushing it slightly higher.

"I . . . I think that's far enough, Brian" she said, trying to make her voice stronger, trying to keep the trembling out of it. He smiled at her, and squeezed the soft flesh of her lower thigh gently. "My girlfriend likes it when I squeeze her leg too - do you like it, Mrs. Modeno? She say's it makes her horny as hell!". Cathy shifted slightly, her fists still pressed into the couch, and her legs seemed to slip apart accidentally. Brian slipped his hand a bit further up her thigh, and squeezed with a bit more force. She decided to ignore what he had just said, though it shocked her.

"I - I really do think that that is far enough, Brian" she said, biting her lower lip. John had started rubbing the inside of her arm, and he slipped his hand up a bit higher so that he was rubbing her upper arm. One time the backs of his knuckles brushed against the side of her heavy breast; Cathy squirmed, and the next time his knuckles pushed even harder into her swelling, sensitive mound.

"But it's ok if I squeeze your leg for a minute, isn't it, Mrs. Modeno?" Brian said, softly kneading the woman's thigh now as she squirmed around, trying to avoid John's knuckles. She was all to aware of the sight of her massive breasts moving as she twisted and turned. She would get through this, she said to herself - this time it will be different!

She finally reached out to Brian's hand, and managed to push it off of her shapely, silky thigh - her skirt had ridden up a bit, showing off even more of her lithe, muscular thighs but she did not think to push it back down.

"She also likes me to do this other thing, Mrs. Modeno - can I show you?" he asked. "I just don't know if its right!"

"Umm, well, what is it, Brian?" Cathy asked, trying to catch her breath, wishing her nipples would lose their hardness.

"She likes me to push against her tits with my palm," Brian said, and then reached up casually. Cathy watched his arm coming up, her pretty mouth sagging open slightly, her fists again pressed into the couch cushions. She watched in a daze as he pressed his palm against the tip of her left breast. The heat from his big, hard hand immediately soaked into her heaving globe and her nipples stiffened even further.

"Ohn, god, Brian, I . . . I don't think, ohhhnnnn, I don't think you should do that!" she gasped as he began rubbing his hand in a circular motion, dragging her left nipple around with his palm.

She was startled at how intensely his big, hard hand was making her feel -- waves poured out of her swollen, supersensitive knockers and threatened to overwhelm her.

She finally reached up and tried feebly to push him away as he switched breasts again, and then he was saying, "She liked it when I did this too, Mrs. Modeno," and then he was spreading his fingers, thrumming them across her stubby, thick nipple, first one and then, quickly, the other and back again.

"Uhhggnn," Cathy sighed softly as the young man tweaked her sensitive bud, and began switching from one breast to the other with more leisure, as though to see whether he could get both nipples at the same stiffness - he pinched her tender flesh harder than before, and Cathy tried to breathe evenly. Her mouth sagged open as she stared down at his hand; his fingers were brushing the exposed portions of her silky hot titflesh regularly now.

"You look a little tense, Mrs. Modeno, maybe you could use another nice friendly kiss," John said, staring at the gorgeous woman. She was staring down at Brian's hands, and he bent down, leaned into her and gradually sealed his lips with hers.

Cathy could not help herself for some reason - she felt John's hand now slip onto her thigh, and her eyes slipped shut of their own accord as he nibbled at her full, pouting lower lip and then started slipping his thick, minty tasting tongue in and out of her softly panting mouth.

His tongue licked her even teeth, the roof of her mouth, and toyed with her own tongue. Cathy could not stop the sick urge to start moving her tongue, pushing it into his mouth and then sucking on his, and she moaned louder when Brian finally began cupping her heaving breasts, and squeezing them roughly.

Cathy came to her senses, somehow pulling her mouth away from John's; her squirming had caused her shapely thighs to part some more, and John was now running his hand up and down her silky skin as Brian began pulling on just the woman's nipple, stretching her whole tit globe out inside the dress and bra.

Cathy realized that he had undone one of the buttons and that her heavy breasts were even more visible, and more of the sexy pink bra.

"Ohn, noo, god, Brian, please stop that right now!" she gasped, and reached up, somehow succeeded in pushing his hand away, but it went right back and began pinching her right nipple, pulling on it and twisting it. Cathy gritted her teeth, and tried not to let her eyes roll up; she could not stop the sharp little moan, and the fact that she was now arching her back slightly, pushing her heaving, pulsing breasts out for the young man completely escaped her.

John smiled at the sight of the gorgeous woman, and gradually inched her skirt up a bit more. He was amazed they had gotten as far as they had, and suddenly knew that if they played their cards right they would be able to go all the way. This gorgeous chick was a natural born whore, John realized, and so did his son.

"OK, Mrs. Modeno, but you have to do something for me," he said, for now ignoring her feeble efforts to push his hands away. He continued to pinch and twist her supersensitive bud, and it made the middle aged woman gasp and squirm, causing her thighs to fall even further apart.

"Wh . . . what's that, Brian?" she asked, desperate to make his hand stop what it was doing.

"You have to take your shirt and bra off, and give me another kiss to get even with dad."

"Ohnn, god, I wish you wouldn't pinch them that hard, Brian! That's - that's absurd, I don't think, Ohnnnn, nooo, don't start squeezing me again, OK, I'll do it, but you have to promise you won't touch, just look, OK?"

"Yeah, of course, Mrs. Modeno," Brian said, and then drew his hand away.

Cathy tried to ignore John's hot, big hand rubbing and squeezing her thigh, tried to calm her mind. She could do this, she thought, and then reached up and started slowly unfastening the small buttons of the dress; they went to the very bottom of her belly, and in a daze she unfastened them all. She saw that her skirt was pushed a long way up her legs, so that her pussy had to be less than five inches above her skirt, but she managed to ignore that, and the fact that even as she watched John's hand was able to inch the skirt up another half an inch.

She licked her lips as she pulled the dress off of her shoulders and let it collapse around her waist, and then she was unhooking the little bra from the front. She left it over her shoulders but shrugged it off of her breasts, and without being told she pressed her hands back into the couch cushions and arched her back, pushing her perfect titties out for the men's inspection.

Her big, firm knockers were the size and shape of cantaloupes, with just a hint of sag to them, and turgid nipples the size of her little fingers and poking from the shuddering globes by a half an inch. As well, her whole aureole had swelled, giving the appearance of a strawberry sitting atop the firm mound.

"That's beautiful," John said, his warm breath against her supersensitive knockers making her shiver. She felt Brian's hand in her hair turning her head to his, and she opened her mouth willingly to his tongue, began sucking on it and dueling against it with her own tongue right away - after all, she had said she would kiss him.

She moaned and sighed into Brian's mouth - he was a very good kisser, even better than his father, and she realized she was losing track of time. Every time she tried to pull away, he would just tighten his grip on her hair and increase the passion of his long wet kiss.

Cathy was almost disappointed not to feel her big breasts being abused, and she breathed a sigh of relief as the boy finally let her lean away from him. "That was great, Mrs. Modeno," he said, smiling at her.

She had done it, she realized, but she just sat there for a long moment, her perfect breasts heaving, her mouth hanging open slightly.

"Hang on, you kissed him a lot longer than me," John suddenly said. Cathy bit her lower lip, and shifted to look at him. Her dress was now pushed almost to the point where her shapely thighs joined at her crotch. "Let me kiss you one more time, Mrs. Modeno, that's only fair."

"Yeah, but then you have to kiss me just once more, so we'll both have been kissed twice."

"I - I don't think my husband would approve of this," she said weakly, but John just snorted laughter. "I don't think your husband needs to hear about any of this," he said, the implication clear. "Do we have a deal?"

"Umm, OK, I guess," Cathy said uncertainly, and tilted her head towards John.

"Actually, I want to kiss something else," he said, and then he was leaning down. Cathy drew in a sharp breath as the man began rubbing his surprisingly soft lips over the silky, hot skin of her swollen breast. He began licking the globe gently, then centered his tongue on her throbbing nipple.

"Ohn, mm, ohn, no, no I told you you couldn't touch me like that," Cathy gasped, but her fists remained pressed into the couch cushions.

John pulled his mouth away long enough to tell her that she had just told his son that, then he smiled and said he was not feeling her up, after all, just giving them a bit of a kiss.

Cathy just bit her lip as the man bent back down and sucked as much of her tittie into his hot, wet mouth as he could. "Ohnnn, fuck, maybe you shouldn't bite my nipple like that," Cathy gasped, her lithe body twisting as the man mauled her heaving breasts with his skilled mouth. His hand squeezed her thigh harder, and he bit down on her nipple, then once again sucked as much of the pliant, silky soft breast into his mouth as he could, then was chewing once again on her nipple.

"Uhnn, uh, uhn, uhn, I -- really don't think -- I really think you should stop!" she finally gasped, and then gasped again as he began squeezing the firm globe he was sucking on. Brian immediately reached up and began kneading large fistfuls of her other breast again.

"I just wanna feel how soft these are naked, Mrs. Modeno," he smiled as his dad kept chewing and sucking on her now completely wet right breast. "That's OK, isn't it?"

"Uhnnnnnnnn, ooooooooo, nooooo, ohnnnnnn, yes -- uhn, uhn, I think I'm gonna cum!" she wailed, trying yet to keep her voice down as she began twitching and thrashing on the couch. She hated these men for what they made her, she told herself -- she hated them for making her act like a cock hungry whore, but then all thought was lost as her consciousness eluded her, and all there was was a soft, orgasmic glow through which she felt herself being mauled and caressed, through which she felt her tight body jerking and twisting to the soft, inexorable waves of the orgasm.

She couldn't believe she had gotten off, she thought a few moments later - all they had been doing was rubbing and squeezing her large, firm breasts. She stared at John, and then moaned slightly as he bent and began licking her left breast again.

"That's given me an idea, Mrs. Modeno," she heard Brian say. "If dad can kiss your boobs for his kiss, you could give me the kiss you owe me somewhere else, right?"

"I . . . ohnnnn, uhn, uhn, ohhhh, I don't think that's a good idea, Brian," she gasped softly, and turned to see him standing on the couch. Even as she watched, he was finishing pulling his fat, ten inch cock out of his pants, and then he slapped it against her cheek. "Ohn, my god, no, please, please, pl - mmmnnfff, umm, mnnnnnnn!" Cathy moaned as Brian once again grabbed a thick tangle of her hair, and guided his fat, plum sized cock crown to the protesting woman's juicy lips.

He pushed, at the same time pulling her hair, and felt her mouth slip open far enough so that his bulbous cock head slipped between her silky, pouting lips. Cathy squirmed around, and tried to slide down into the seat of the couch to avoid more of the young man's shaft sliding into her vulnerable mouth as she could. She also felt a strong flash of renewed lust as the two men abused her. She knew it wouldn't be long before she came again, and raged at herself for losing control.

Finally, because of her squirming about and trying to evade Brian's thrusting cock, John's hand found her panty covered pussy. The panties were already soaked in her juices, and it was to much for the flustered woman; she involuntarily rolled her hips against his hand, and as though by magic he found her swollen little clitty and began teasing it through the skimpy panties.

Cathy moaned and gasped around Brian's fat cock as he slid four inches in and out of her mouth, and at some point she began sucking on the fat, stiff tool. She was soon making slurping sounds around his rigid pole, and moaning in another orgasm as Johns fingers ripped her panties apart, as he began fucking her with two fingers, at the same time continuing to chew and lick her heaving breasts.

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