tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Public Adventures of Mark Ch. 02

The Public Adventures of Mark Ch. 02


It was dark now when Cindy got back to the car. Mark was inside still cold as the car wasn't running yet. Cindy slid in behind the wheel and looked at him.

"So how was your little walk?" she said with a giggle.

"I've never been so nervous. Those girls were laughing at me," he said looking about.

"Of course they did were. What did you expect?" she slid over and took her gloves off and putting her warm hands under his skirt. She fondled his half limp dick and gave him a kiss.

"I tell you what I'm going to do. I am going to suck your dick and when it get's nice hard, I want you to get out and go stand in front of the car and masturbate," she cooed.

"Cindy! Are you crazy," he was shocked at her suggestion.

"Look at all these cars. You are standing between a lot full of empty cars, and we are far way away from the store," she smiled.

"It's dark out Mark. Jerk off and raise your skirt up high when you're ready to cum, so I can see you shoot your cum into the air and onto the ground." She smiled as she handles his semi erect dick.

"Nobody will know. I'll be watching though. Do it for me."

She then went down on him an started a rapidly sliding her warm lips up and down on his dick. The idea she had thrown out was very erotic and exciting, but the reality of standing outside in a public parking lot jerking off was more that he could agree with. The sucking felt so good though.

"OK Mark. Outside. Let's go," she said as she urged him out of the car.

"Start masturbating. Grab your dick in your hand and stroke it," she said again. Mark was stroking himself now as she opened his door. An excitement ran through him that he didn't understand. There was nobody insight. He stepped out in his high heels, looked back at her and walked to the front of the car. He looked around and then he began to masturbate under his skirt as Cindy sat in the car smiling and watched. His summer dress and high heels sandals did nothing to shield him from the cold. His hair was in rollers, and he felt so self concious.

Mark began stroking himself faster his eyes closing with excitement. His red toes curled under slightly as he felt the eruption coming from his loins. Mark lifted his skirt to his chin and just as he began to ejaculate, Cindy turned the car lights on. Mark was stuck in his passion throws now. His skirt pulled up and his semen shooting violently into the air in the bright lights of the car. He pulled down the skirt immediately. He was mad at her for doing that. He stomped back to the car, but Cindy had locked the door and rolled down the window just a bit so he could hear her.

"That was great Mark. You shot your cum really high in the air. It was easy to see," she grinned.

"Let me in Cindy," he grumbled.

"Didn't you enjoy that Mark. Big boy like you standing in a parking lot dressed like a girl jerking off. You must of had the time of your life," she looked serious, then a smile broke through.

"Cindy. Just let me in the car," he said again.

"Sure sweetie. Just take that dress off first," she grinned.

"I'm naked under this dress. You know that," he hissed.

"Oh Mark, stop exaggerating. You have a bra on. Just take the dress off," she smiled.

"Someone might see me naked Cindy." Mark nervously looked around.

"Oh no. A naked man wearing only high heels, in the parking lot, wearing makeup and hair curlers. How embarrassing and humiliating that would be," she laughed. "Look around you. Not a soul in sight. It's ok. Take the dress off and I'll unlock the door.

"No Cindy. This is all too much," he said in a panic.

"I see. I agree. It is a bit too much isn't it." she said as she pondered.

"How about if I give you this scarf to put over your hair curlers. That should make it much better for you," she laughed holding a scarf toward him.

"Cindy get real."

"Take the dress off Mark." she said again.

"Fine." He looked around and then he unzipped the dress and pulled it off his shoulders and let it drop to the ground. He stepped out of it and stood up naked.

"There. You happy now? Now let me in the car," he said.

"Walk around the car one time in your high heels and the door will be unlocked when you finish," she looked at him. "Well, go on."

Mark was stricken with fear at this little game she was playing. She was in a control position now. He looked around and nobody seemed to be in the area. He looked at her again as she signaled for him to get moving while she sat in the warm car. Mark put the dress on the top of the car, and then began to walk to the toward back. He walked fairly fast, his heels clicking on the pavement as he made his way around the car for Cindy's amusement. His dick hanging now rather prominently hanging and bumping about as he trotted in the heels . He picked up the pace and made it to the door. It was still locked.

"Cindy. Open the door!" he said looking in the window.

"I want the runway walk Mark. Not the I have to hurry and get in the car cause I'm naked walk." she giggled.

"No Cindy. Let me in. I'm not doing it."

"You have no problems doing the walk at home, she looked at him.

"Go on now. Head up, back straight. Once around the car, and then you can get in here where it is warm," she laughed.

Mark looked around again and began his strut to the back of the car. As he got there he looked both ways to make sure no one was coming and stepped out and walked behind the car. One foot in front of the other in those high heels, slight sway in his hips, arms very straight with hands slightly turned out. He walked past the drivers side and in front of the car again where Cindy hit him with the lights again just as he was coming from in front. When he got to the door it was unlocked. He opened the door and jumped in. Cindy was laughing as he tried to get warm.

"That wasn't funny at all Cindy," he scowled.

"Yes it was honey. It was hilarious, She said laughing.

"You need to be paraded like that more often I think. Don't you know your public awaits you?" she laughed as she started the car and backed out. They were back on the road when she asked if he had settled down yet.

"Other than I'm riding around in the car naked," he looked out the window.

"I'm lucky nobody saw me back there Cindy."

"Oh but somebody did see you. There was a older woman sitting in her car that saw you do everything in front of the headlights," she laughed.

Mark was stunned for a moment.

"She had such a shocked look on her face Mark as she was watching you jerk off. You were great," she smiled at him.

"That's why I had you do an encore performance around the car. It was so funny." she laughed out loud.

Mark had no idea that Cindy was just making that part up. Humiliation from thinking you were seen is just as bad as actually being seen, but safer. He had been brought out to experience public humiliation dressed as a woman and Cindy was making sure he was not disappointed, and enjoying herself at the same time. He was literally pushed to the edge on his first trip out. Cindy would never reveal to him that nobody had actually seen him doing those things at the car. He didn't need to know as far as she was concerned.

When they got home Cindy pulled into the garage and closed the door. She turned the ignition off and looked at Mark.

"Well? Did you enjoy it?" she looked at him smiling.

"It was quite a rush, that's for sure," he responded feeling so much more relaxed now that they were safely home.

"I was so really nervous most of the time, I was just real uptight you know? he broke a slight smile now.

"It will be so much fun to lay in bed reflecting on it. Don't you think?" she looked thoughtfully.

"Yes. Speaking of bed," he said giving her a look of desire.

"Oh my sweetie. My pussy was wondering if you had forgotten about it, with you dolled up and all." she reached over and put her hand behind his head a pulled him to her and kissed him. She rubbed his rollers with her palms as she released him.

"I'll be so glad to get these things out of my hair. What made you think to have me wear rollers instead of my wig?" he was feeling them now with his fingers.

"Mostly the look, and the looks they receive," she smiled her eyes on the rollers.

"Will you take them out first? They are very uncomfortable."

"No" she said looking at them again. "Wear them to bed tonight. Sleep in them. I'll take them out for you in the morning after breakfast. How's that?" she asked.

"Cindy. This is not public humiliation now. This is private irritation. I'd like to get some rest tonight if you don't mind." he gestured to the rollers.

"Sure sweetie." she said. "Would you like me to plan another little adventure for you?" she asked.

"Yes." he said in a bashful way.

"Whenever you think you want to do something like that, I'd like to be told and not asked." he said sheepishly with his eyes down, revealing more of his desires to her. She lifted his chin and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

"Tomorrow morning then, after I take your rollers out, we'll take you out again for some public exposure." he started to interrupt, but she stopped him.

"The rollers stay in for the night Mark." she could see his dick starting to respond to her firm directness.

"Let's go in the house, get ready for bed, then we can have sex, and talk about your little adventure more." she looked at him now with true sexual desires of her own, like the whole evening had been a huge foreplay session for this moment.

Cindy lay on her back in the bed staring at the ceiling. She was completely naked as she relaxed. Her head was propped up on a pillow and she had one arm behind her head and the other she was rolling and gently pulling on one of her nipples. Her left leg was stretched out and her right leg pulled up with her knee in the air. She had her legs spread wide as she talked to Mark.

"I don't know which would be more fun, having you try on women's clothes in the stores or have you spend some quality time in the salon," she said as she thought about new adventures for Mark.

Let's see what do I want everyone to see when they look at you, hmmm. A crossdresser, fag, or a sissy? I think I could have a mix if I did it right," she looked down at him.

Mark lifted his roller head from between her legs. Though he was tired and had spent much time licking and sucking her pussy already, Cindy was not done yet.

"Oh no sweetie. I'll let you know when it's time," she said pushing his head back down and positioning her pussy against his lips.

"Hold still," she said as she gripped his rollers with both hands and began rubbing her pussy up and down his face. From his chin to his forehead, she humped his face for a few minutes, and gave a sigh of satisfaction.

"Gently continue sweetie. I want to read my book for a while before bed. be sure to insert your tongue as deep in my pussy as you can as your doing it. you know I like penetration too," she said patting his head and opening her book now.

"Oh my," she smiled as Mark put his tongue in deep and also gently inserted his finger in her ass. Cindy held up the book to the lamp and read with a very happy smile on her face.

It had been a evening full of adventure for Mark. Cindy had plans for him for the morning, and all he could do was imagine what they could be. Especially after today.

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