tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Real Story of Snow White

The Real Story of Snow White


Once upon a time a beautiful young woman named Snow White was born and raised in her families' castle. Snow white had a jealous stepmother who arranged for a huntsman to kill the beautiful young woman when she came of age, but the devious huntsman was not able to kill the beautiful young woman. When she awoke in the forest alone, Snow White made her way to live with a group of diamond mining dwarfs in their home.

We all remember this story from our childhood. However, how many of us know the real story and not the fairy tale that we were fed from our childhood? This is the real story!

When Snow awoke alone in the forest, she was scared. She was even more scared as she felt a hand pushing her skirts up and one on her tit as she realized that the bosom of her gown was torn. When she looked up, she gave a shriek of terror to find a horrid little man touching her.

"Who are you?" Snow whispered as she tried to push the little man's hands away from her body. She frantically tried to cover herself and pushed herself away, but the little man kept coming at her tugging at her clothes.

The little man did not answer; he made a few hand gestures at her. Snow stared blankly as she realized the little man did not speak. The dopey little man removed the length of rope he had connected to his belt, pushed her to the ground and tied her hands in front of her. When he was done tying her up he pushed her skirts up around her waist. Snow tried to fight, but the dopey little man was surprisingly strong. She felt his stubby little fingers on her inner thigh as she closed her eyes tight scared that she was going to be raped by this dopey man.

Snow felt the little man rip her panties and she tried to hold her legs together. However, the little man forced her legs apart. She felt a finger start to play with her pussy lips and was horrified to find that she felt something dripping out of her. Panicked she tried to fight the dopey man again, but he suddenly stuck one finger into her and she screamed. The little man suddenly removed his finger and looked at her. Smiling at her he gestured something at her and pulled her to her feet. Grabbing the rope, he started to walk. Startled Snow tripped and fell to the ground; scrambling to her feet, she hurriedly started to follow the strange little man as he did not seem like he would stop. It seemed like forever to Snow that they walked and walked.

Finally, they arrived at a little settlement. Snow found herself in the midst of six other little men. She saw the little dopey man talking and gesturing and the other little men talking amongst themselves. They seemed to be fighting over something. Finally they came over to where they had tied her and the one that seemed to be the oldest started to speak.

"Hi, my name is Doc. These are my friends and fellow miners Happy, Bashful, Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy and the fellow that brought you in is Dopey. We mine diamonds and keep the forest safe. What's your name sweetie", doc said as the little men surrounded her and kept touching her.

"My name is Snow", she said as she tried to pull away from the groping hands.

"Well Snow, Welcome to our home. Your very pretty", gushed the one Doc had said was Happy. In addition, Snow could see why he each of the dwarves were named what they were. One kept sneezing; one kept looking shyly at her and there was one who kept glaring at her.

"I want to be the first", said the one little dwarf who could not keep his eyes open as came up and started to put one of her tits in his mouth.

"Now Sleepy, Your scaring Snow", said Doc as he pulled the dwarf away from her. "I believe in being straight forward Snow", said Doc. "So I am not going to beat around the bush. Like Happy pointed out, you are a very beautiful woman and we do not see many women out in these woods. Dopey claims that you are a virgin and that is the only reason he did not fuck you when he found you". Doc watched the beautiful Snow blush and tense as he continued. "We need a woman to not only take care of our houses, we need a pretty little filly to take care of our manly needs. The problem is who gets you first. We have no problem sharing you sweetie, and we shall because we are going to keep you busy, but we have to be fair. First however, we all need to prove you are a virgin. Gentlemen, how about we help the fair maiden out of her clothes"

This set the little men to be all over Snow, pulling and ripping her clothes off her shaking body. "No, please just let me go. My father is King. He will pay you for my safe return", Snow sobbed as the little men kept fondling and kissing her now naked body.

"We know who you are Snow", said the grumpy little man as he grabbed one of her tits and squeezed. "We also know who your step mother is and what she would do to not get you back safely. So what my dear friend is not telling you is that if you do not obey us in everything we say, we will send word to your step mother exactly where you are. Do you understand?" Grumpy said as leaned in and bit her nipple, which to her shame was erect and hard from the groping.

"Yes", stammered Snow, "I understand" The next thing she knew the one called Doc was standing in front of her and had his fingers pushing up into her. With a smile and a chuckle Doc said, "yep she's a virgin. Now how in the hell are we going to figure out which one of us gets her? I have not been this hard since I was a lad".

Bashful whispered, "let us have a contest to see who wins her", as Snow moaned as Bashful licked her tits in between words. "Whoever mines the biggest diamond gets her diamond!" All the dwarves looked at each other and nodded their assent.

"Well then Snow, it is set. You have two days. On that day, whoever has the biggest diamond gets to fuck you first." Doc then smiled as he continued; "Now we are going to lock you in my cabin. If you promise not to run away, we will let you roam the house. Do you promise to behave Snow?" Snow nodded her head. Turning towards his fellow miners, Doc then said, "Well fellows if you promise to behave and only visit in two's I think we can still have some fun with her. Follow me fellows, I think our fun should begin now all together.

Doc grabbed Snow's hands and led her to his cabin. "Fellows, I think we deserve some relief. Drop your drawers, grab a chair, and let us see what this little filly can do for us. Snow get to your knees and get ready to be fed some of the best milk in the world".

Snow was terrified to do what was being asked, but also terrified to be sent back to her wicked step mother lowered herself in front of chair number one where doc was sitting and licked her lips.

Doc grabbed her hair and guided her mouth to his cock. "Open up sweetie" Doc said as he pushed his cock into Snow's virgin mouth. As he guided his throbbing cock in and out of her mouth, Snow moaned. "That's it sweetie. Suck harder. Put your hands on my balls and fondle them as you suck."

Doing as she was instructed, Snow sucked and slurped on Doc's cock. After a few minutes Doc started to moan and exploded his load into Snow's mouth. "What a good girl you are sweetie. Now continue on down the row while I recover" panted Doc.

Snow wiping her mouth of the cum that had leaked out slowly moved to the second dwarf and then third dwarf. As she moved down the line and brought each little guy to his explosion; Snow started to think that maybe this was not too bad. Except for poor little Sneezy, who jerked out of her mouth when he sneezed, and grumpy who mumbled at her the whole time she was sucking him, it had not been too bad of an experience. Snow shook her head as she finished off Bashful and carefully rose to her feet.

Doc escorted her into the bedroom and tucked her in. "You rest now sweetie. You did a good job tonight". Snow smiled at the kindly dwarf and drifted off into a deep sleep.

The next two days passed very quickly. It consisted of the dwarfs coming in two by two and commanding her to strip. Sometimes the dwarfs would take turns sucking on her pussy until she screamed and came for them. Snow found that the dwarfs were fascinated with sucking on her tits and the more that they sucked and bit her the harder she came. She found that the more they used her the more she enjoyed it. This embarrassed Snow. She was a lady, she was not suppose to enjoy sex. Other times the dwarfs would come in and command her to suck on their cocks. Sometimes they would tit fuck her. Each time they came into the house, Snow got increasingly excited. Each dwarf would come in and brag about he was going to be the first to break through her maidenhead because his diamond was going to be the biggest and best. They did things to Snow that excited her like when they tied her to the bed post while one dwarf was at her face and one was at her pussy. She started to fantasize about what she wanted the little men to do to her next.

On the third morning the seven dwarfs filed into Doc's house with their findings wrapped up in a towel. One dwarf shyly came in pulling a little wagon with a huge towel over it. Snow smiled at the diamond when she saw it and noticed all the other dwarfs quietly left the room. She took the shy little dwarf into the bedroom and slowly undressed both her and the dwarf. After only a few days she had come into looking forward to the visits of the little dwarfs and did not mind being their sex slave.

Bashful took her into his arms and lost all of his bashfulness as he climbed on top of Snow. He kissed every inch of her body until finally he drove his cock into her sopping pussy. He broke through her maidenhood while both exploded in lust. Afterwards, they both shyly dressed and went out to the forest where all the other dwarfs were waiting for her. Doc removed the bloody sheets and showed it to all as proof of her virginity.

From that day forward, Snow would spend time in each dwarfs cabin. Cooking, cleaning and fucking for each dwarf. Sometimes they would share her and each other. Each dwarf was different. Snow learned how to make Grumpy less grumpy and how to use sneezing fits as a kinky sex tool. However, those are stories for another time. Snow never tried to escape. She was happy in her life until the day prince charming came to rescue her. That however is also a story for another time and another place.

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