tagErotic HorrorLil Red Riding Hood

Lil Red Riding Hood


They had been friends for years. The four of them were as different as night and day, but they all complimented each other in one way or another. Two girls and two guys, of course they'd tried dating each other once upon a time, but all found out that their friendship was better off without the dating.

The girls were at opposite ends of the spectrum. Both were attractive and athletic, but Beth was a little taller and more muscular. She had long blonde hair that hung straight to her hips. Her dark hazel eyes were as brooding as her personality. Lily was tall, but still fell a couple of inches short of Beth's 5'10" frame. She was curvy and graceful and at times could be quite eloquent. She was, by far, their favorite storyteller. Lily was friendly and outgoing, her personality sparkling like her sapphire eyes. She was often called "Lil Red" because of the coppery red hair that tumbled down her back in a wash of fiery curls.

The guys were a little more alike. Both were easy-going and good natured. Gabe stood at 6'3". His love of water was evident by his well-toned swimmer's body and a head full of thick sun streaked blonde hair that made his emerald eyes sparkle. Quieter than Jack, Gabe still had an open and inviting personality. Jack was the joker of the group. He was always ready with a wisecrack that would make them all laugh. At 5'9", with shoulder length brown hair, his brown eyes always shone with merriment and his mouth was always turned up in a perpetual smile.

Life was hectic for all of them, but they got together as often as they could. Rain or shine, hot or cold, if they could find the time, they'd grab the tent and hit their favorite camping spot by the river.

The weather had warmed up nicely and the four of them were stretched out around the crackling campfire listening to the crickets chirping. Fairly close by, a lone wolf began to howl. They all sat up and looked around.

"What's the matter, Lil Red? Afraid of the big bad wolf," Beth laughed.

Lily smiled and Gabe, being her very best friend, caught the wicked gleam in her eye that meant a story was quickly brewing in her mind.

"Mmmm...the big bad wolf. Would you like to know the truth about Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf," Lily asked the trio.

"Hell yeah, Red! Let's hear a story," said Jack, who was always a fan of Lily's tales.

"Alright," she said, and Lily began her story.

"A long time ago, in a small cottage in the woods, there lived a young woman of exceptional beauty. She had smooth pale skin and large blue eyes that always shone with kindness. Because of her fiery hair, she was simply called 'Red'. Orphaned as a small child, Red had been raised by a not-so-kind old lady that the girl had accepted as her grandmother.

Red was made to do all of the cooking and cleaning. She drew water from the well and chopped all the wood. Once a week, Red went into the village to trade some of the fabric the old woman wove for supplies that they would need. Occasionally the old woman would send extra cloth to trade for wine and cheese, a luxury she never shared with Red.

'Stay on the path! There are wild animals about and I don't want you losing my supplies,' was always the warning that the old woman gave.

Red safely made her way to the village and everyone there was happy to see her. She always had a smile or a kind word to share. She went from shop to shop, trading the fine cloth for the various items the old woman wanted.

'Red, when are you going to leave that old harpy and move into the village?'

The question was always the same, as was her reply.

'She took me in when I had no one. If I leave her now, who will take care of her?'

Red finished her shopping and said goodbye to her friends.

It was still bright and the sunlight played through the leaves as the trees danced in the slight breeze. Red would stop here and there to smell the different flowers that were in bloom. The deeper she went into the forest, the denser the trees became and soon the light faded to a murky green.

Red wasn't worried. This was her favorite part of the forest. This was where her imagination came to life and she could lose herself in her daydreams. Red had begun to feel enslaved in her life of servitude to the grandmother, but her sense of duty refused to let her leave. She would often fantasize about a mysterious stranger who would appear and whisk her away to a happier life. Sometimes her fantasies weren't so innocent. Sometimes they were filled with passion and heat and raw sexual energy. Those were her favorites.

Little did she know, but Red was not alone in the woods today. Today, she was watched. Deep green eyes with flecks of gold followed her every move.

As she came to the small clearing where she stopped to rest every week, a man stepped from between the trees. Startled, Red's hand flew to her heart, drawing the stranger's gaze from her face to her ample breasts. She wore a short cotton summer dress and she knew that through the thin material he could see the curves of her body.

Red felt herself flush with embarrassment, but also with an excitement she had never felt before. Here stood a man who could have been pulled straight from her fantasies. He was very tall, well over six feet. His broad shoulders and muscular frame were barely concealed beneath his clothing. She had never seen eyes so piercing. Gold-flecked emeralds that seemed to look into her soul and know every desire she ever dared to have. Oh, how she longed to wrap her fingers in his thick black hair and taste his sensual lips!

'I'm sorry,' he said. 'I didn't mean to frighten you.'

His voice was soft and deep with a slight accent that she couldn't quite place.

'Startled, perhaps, but not frightened,' she said.

He stepped closer to her and Red found herself held in his gaze, unable to move.

'I don't frighten you,' he asked, smiling.

Red was mesmerized by those perfect white teeth and those beautiful lips. She was also stubborn and wasn't about to admit that maybe she was just a little frightened.

When she didn't answer, he took another step toward her. Her rosy lips parted in protest, but no sound came out. He stepped closer to her. He was close enough that she could touch him, close enough that she could smell his earthy scent. Red trembled with desire.

He reached out and lightly caught a lock of her copper curls between his fingers. Gently, as though lifted by the breeze, he brought her hair to his face and brushed it along his cheek, breathing in her scent. She saw a small ripple go through him, as if someone were trailing her fingertips down his spine. He let her hair fall back to her shoulder.

'So, my little woodland nymph, what shall I call you?'

Breathing deeply, she found her voice.

'Everyone calls me Red.'

'Is that because of the fire in your hair or the fire in your spirit?'

Red couldn't help but smile at this.

'Perhaps a little of both,' she said. 'And what about you? Do you have a name?'

'I do,' he replied with a smile.

Taking the basket from her hand, he asked, 'And what do we have here?'

'Supplies for my grandmother. And I must be going or she'll be angry that I'm late!'

'Then by all means, Little Red, off with you before she becomes angry,' he said as he handed her the basket.

With a last glance over her shoulder, Red hurried down the path that led to her grandmother's house. As she entered, out of breath from running, the grandmother began yelling at her.

'What took you so long, lazy girl? Where have you been?'

Red knew that she couldn't tell her about the strange man. The grandmother continued to yell at her.

'I stopped to rest in the woods. I must have dozed off,' Red lied.

Still angry, the old woman grabbed the basket from Red and told her to prepare dinner. As all of this was taking place, two sparkling emerald eyes watched unnoticed from the window.

The following week, Red was again sent to the village. This time, she was told to bring back the grandmother's cheese and wine.

As she came back from the village, she found the stranger standing in the clearing waiting for her.

'Hello Little Red,' he said.

'Hello,' she smiled.

Red had been thinking about this mysterious man all week. She was having dreams that made her wake up panting and drenched in sweat. She was haunted by those deep green eyes. Worst of all, she was haunted by the fear that she may never look into them again.

'And what do you have in your basket today?'

'The supplies my grandmother asked for, as well as her wine and cheese. I must get home. She'll be angry if I'm late again,' she replied.

'Please don't hurry off, Red. Stay. Have a picnic with me,' he purred in his satin voice.

'But,' she stammered.

He silenced her with a kiss. Softly, he brushed his lips against hers. A feather touch that sent flames scorching through her body and pulsing between her legs.

'Stay with me,' he repeated.

Red let him lead her to the middle of the clearing. They sat down in the lush green grass and he pulled the wine and cheese from the basket. She wanted to protest. She knew the awful fit the old woman would throw, but she couldn't bring herself to deny this man anything he wanted.

The stranger popped the cork from the wine and offered the bottle to Red.

'I've never had wine before,' she said sheepishly.

He smiled and slowly brought the bottle to his lips. Taking a deep drink, he closed his eyes, savoring the flavor. Taking another drink, he leaned forward and kissed Red, letting her drink the wine from his lips.

She moaned her pleasure at the feel of his lips on hers and the taste of wine on his tongue. She kissed him back, years of passion she'd kept hidden suddenly welled to the surface.

He broke the kiss and looked deep into her sapphire eyes. Without a word, he handed her the bottle. She turned it up, devouring the sweetness in great gulps. He laughed and pulled the bottle from her before she could finish its contents. She blushed, slightly ashamed of herself. Laughing at her sudden shyness, he again put the bottle to his lips and, this time, drained it completely.

Tossing the bottle to the side and ignoring the cheese, he closed his hand around hers and pulled him to her. She tumbled into him and he gracefully rolled her over onto her back, kissing her fiercely.

'My, what soft lips you have,' she said.

'All the better to kiss you with, my dear,' he replied

Red arched her body against his. Suddenly, the dam of her inhibitions burst and she knew that she needed to be with this man. She needed his hands and lips on her. She needed the thick length of him to fill her. They were naked in a flash, pulling each other's clothes off.

'My, what big arms you have,' she said.

'All the better to hold you with, my dear,' he replied.

'My what a large cock you have,' she said in awe.

'All the better to make love to you with, my dear,' he replied.

Although she was still a virgin, Red knew instinctively what to do. She stroked his pulsing cock. It was so thick that she couldn't wrap her hand all the way around it. She leaned down and licked the clear, salty pre-cum from the massive head. The taste of him nearly sent her over the edge. She knew the first time he entered her it would hurt. She had never wanted to feel this kind of pain so badly in her life.

He laid her gently on her back and began exploring her body with his hands, lips, teeth, and tongue. He kissed the underside of her breast and flicked his tongue across her nipple before lightly biting. She cried out and held his head to her, forcing him to take more of her breast into his mouth.

She reached between them, wanting to feel his hard length in her hand. With one hand, he pinned both of her wrists above her head. He let the other hand trail between her legs and dip into her slick folds. She moaned and thrust against him, biting her lip at the explosion of pleasure as his finger slid into her and the heel of his hand pressed against her clit. She writhed in agonized ecstasy as he slowly tortured her, bringing her closer and closer to the edge of orgasm.

'Please,' she gasped.

It was the only word she needed to utter. He slid between her legs and carefully guided the head of his throbbing cock into her. Her eyes widened at his size. He stopped and gave her time to adjust to him. Biting her lip, she raised her hips, forcing more of him into her. There wasn't the pain she had expected. There was only pure and absolute bliss. She had never felt anything so wonderful before. He continued to slide into her until finally they were resting skin to skin.

He couldn't believe how tight she was. He could feel her wet heat trembling around him. Slowly he began to slide in and out of her. Red's eyes never left his as he filled her over and over again.

Finding their rhythm, they began to move together. Panting, she begged for more. Harder and faster he pumped into her as she writhed against him. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper. Her orgasm was upon her and she wanted to feel every inch of him inside her as she burst into a shower of sparks! With a growl, he slammed into her one final time as his seed exploded into her.

She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close. The weight of him was a comfort to her and she didn't want the moment to end, but she knew that it must.

He kissed her gently, deeply, before rising from her and helping her to her feet. The sun had set and the forest was dark around them as they dressed.

'Would you like for me to walk you home, Red? There are fierce animals in the woods, you know.'

'I'm not afraid of the animals. I'm only afraid of what the grandmother will say when she sees that her wine is gone.'

'Then don't go home to her. Stay with me. Stay with me, always,' he said.

'She took me in when no one would have me. If I don't take care of her, no one will. I wish I could leave, but I just can't abandon her.'

'Then head home, Little Red, but stay on the path. The woods are a dangerous place at night.'

With that, her fantasy lover dashed off into the woods. Red picked up the cheese and returned it to the basket. She had no idea what she would tell the grandmother when she returned home. Slowly she made her way back to the cottage, trying to think up an excuse for the missing wine.

Red felt strange, somehow more alive than she had ever felt before. The woods did not seem so dark and she could hear the birds rustling in their nests to settle down for the night. Although odd, she didn't give it much more thought, for she was still worried about the old woman's wrath.

When she walked into the cottage, she did not see the grandmother. The table was overturned, and the fire burned too brightly. From the shadows, walked her lover. He was naked and smelled of blood and fire. As Red looked from him to the hearth, she noticed the old woman's glasses cracking in the flames.

She looked back to the man standing before her, his emerald eyes glowing and the gold shining like stars. She knew what had happened, but she was not afraid. Suddenly, Red was free.

'My, what big eyes you have,' she said.

'All the better to behold your beauty, my dear,' he replied..

'My, what big arms you have.'

'All the better to hold you, my dear.'

Wolves howled in the distance and her lover smiled.

'It's time to come home, Red.'

As he walked toward her, his form began to change. He dropped to all fours and his true self emerged. He was a large black wolf with gold-flecked emerald eyes.

Red was not frightened. She felt the change beginning in herself. There was no pain, only the thrill of a small orgasm as she changed into a beautiful copper colored wolf with sapphire blue eyes.

Together, the black and copper wolves raced through the door and into the night."

The wolf howled again in the distance and Lily smiled as she finished her story.

"So you see," she said to Beth, "Little Red was, in fact, the Big Bad Wolf."

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