The Reckoning


Tiger whimpered and began to slow her movements as her orgasm spent the last ripples of pleasure deep within her. Her sensitive insides detected the swelling of the hard cock in her pussy and Tiger turned her face into the crook of Josh's neck as her body responded instantly with the beginnings of another orgasm.

Wave after pulsing wave erupted through his hard cock and was echoed by ripples of sensation in her pussy, Tiger screamed with pleasure and grasped his shoulders as her body went rigid. Bright sparks exploded behind her eyelids and Tiger was aware of nothing but the pleasure flooding her body.

Josh slowly raised his head as most of the tremors had stopped and his breathing began to return to normal. He was aware of Tiger beneath and around his body, her legs limp and her feet behind his knees.

"You okay Tiger?" Josh asked quietly reluctant to destroy the moment.

"Hmmm ... all my bones have dissolved," Tiger murmured and moved her feet as he eased from her body.

Tiger was aware of him speaking as he lay beside her and coaxed her body into relaxing against him. She heard the soothing sound of his voice, as he made sure the bedclothes covered her but she feigned sleep to avoid facing him after what had just happened.

* * * * *

"Tiger Lily, wake up." Josh ordered firmly with a gentle shake of her shoulder.

Tiger opened her bleary eyes and looked back over her shoulder at him, "I'm awake,"

"I'm off to do my morning rounds before Burg gets up. Go get some coffee on for me," Josh ordered before leaving the room.

Tiger rolled onto her back and grimaced as she put her forearm across her eyes to shield them from the glare of the light bulb. She became aware of the soreness between her thighs and moved her arms from across her eyes to reach her hand down beneath the covers to the moist folds surrounding her pussy.

Her fingers found her wet slit and she felt herself assessing her state after enduring Josh's attentions the previous night, sore from his large size and possibly a slight tear but definitely nothing incapacitating. She removed her hand from her pussy and pulled it from beneath the covers to glance at the slick coating on her fingers.

"Err Yuck! Jitzum everywhere," Tiger groaned as she rubbed her fingers together. She tossed the covers back and got out of bed glancing back at the sheet covered mattress and rolling her eyes at the whitish marks left on the dark sheets from their fucking.

It took some time to find clothes to wear because her belongings were in a heap in a corner where Josh had tossed them. Dressed she headed for the bathroom then the kitchen and had the kettle on for hot coffee when Josh walked into the room followed by Emery and Claxton.

"Kettle boiled?" Josh asked as he got his and Burg's coffee mugs, he paused for a moment then reached for the mug Tiger always used.

"Wow wee! You really left your mark on her!" Emery exclaimed and walked over to Tiger, he went to grasp her chin and turn her head for a better look at her neck but she ducked her chin and stepped back from him only to be stopped by the corner of the table.

"Keep your hands off my woman," Josh warned in a dangerously quite voice.

"No harm meant," Emery said as he backed away from her with a glance at Josh.

"Is that the kettle I hear?" Burg asked as he walked into the kitchen.

"Sure is," Josh said as he carried the three mugs over to the kettle, spooned coffee and sugar into them and added the just boiled water.

Tiger kept her eyes on her mug as Burg stepped into her line of view, she waited until he had his mug and was sitting down before fixing her own drink.

"Heard that bed of yours getting quite a work out early hours of this morning. She give you any trouble?" Burg asked Josh with a quick motion towards Tiger.

"Nothing I couldn't handle. Considering you gave her to me against her wishes the night went real well," Josh said watching as Tiger's face went red and she pulled her lips back in a grimace of anger.

Burg laughed with appreciation and watched Tiger, he recognised her anger and resentment in the way she held herself.

"That little blonde ...what's her name, Kandy ... she'll be walking bowlegged today," Burg said and then gave a loud laugh.

The other three men joined in and Tiger moved to the sink, she tipped her untouched coffee down the drain then headed for the door. The sound of laughter followed her from the room and she glared at several bikers who where heading towards the kitchen.

"Coffee on?" One of the men asked.

"What do I fuckin' look like? Maid service!" Tiger snapped angrily as she pushed past the biker who had spoken.

Outside the morning air was crisp and clean, the chill of the night still evident as the sun tinged the eastern horizon.

"Wha'zzup?" One biker asked as he half sat up in his sleeping bag, his woman curled up beside him, several others stirred nearby.

"Nothin' just catching some fresh air," Tiger said as she walked past the sleeping bags under the shelter of an iron roof.

"She's walking funny this morning," a female voice said very quietly, "Not actually bowlegged but not her normal long steps."

Tiger chose to ignore the soft comment and smothered laughter that followed, she had become more aware of her soreness and jelly like consistency of her legs when she had walked outside.

"Tiger Lily! Tiger the big stripe-et-tee cat!"

Tiger stopped at the bird like childish voice and looked at where a dainty red-haired girl wearing an over sized mans t-shirt picked her way across rocky dirt towards her.

"Hey there Hope," Tiger said gently to the pretty girl.

"Josh didn't hurt you did he? Chance, him done told me not to tell Josh to stop being mean to you 'cause you was bad. Was you bad? Was that why that Josh fellow was being mean and nasty on you?" Hope asked with wide-eyed innocence.

Tiger smiled at the simple girl, she was such a sweet caring little thing it was hard not to like her.

"No he didn't really hurt me. I done something naughty and got into trouble for it," Tiger said slowly.

"I don't think I would like Josh putting his ..." Hope broke off with an embarrassed giggle, "his ... thingy in my pussy. Only Chance doesn't hurt my pussy,"

"Yes your Chance is good to you," Tiger said quietly as she glanced around. Spotting Chance getting out of a small tent she turned her attention back to Hope. "Look, there's Chance. Are you supposed to out here?"

"I was gunna get my cardie but then I seeded you," Hope said with a worried look at Chance.

"Come on, I'll come say good morning to Chance," Tiger urged Hope encouragingly.

Tiger walked slowly as Hope picked her way back over the gravel and rocks, once past all the obstacles she squealed and headed for Chance at a run.

"She okays! She okays!" Hope told him excitedly as she glanced back at Tiger.

Chance put his arm around Hope's shoulders and pulled her close to his body, "I thought you were just getting your jumper. You know better than to run off when others are about," he scolded gently.

"I so-rree," Hope said hanging her head and pushing her toe into the dirt.

"Good morning Chance," Tiger said as she walked up to the pair.

"Ha!" Hope said with a loud laugh, "Tiger say'd she say good morning to Chance!"

Tiger smiled at Hope's delight then glanced at Chance, "I told Hope how I was naughty but Josh didn't really hurt me,"

Chance nodded his understanding, he knew that Tiger was aware of the way Hope became afraid of anyone who hurt a woman, "That's good to know,"

"Now don't you be naughty 'gain or Josh might smack you!" Hope warned with wide-eyed concern.

Tiger lifted her hand and motioned Hope close with her pointer finger, "I don't think he'd smack me. I think he might want to do IT again," Tiger whispered dramatically.

"Oh!" Hope exclaimed with a startled expression then giggled, "Josh have him a boner!"

"OI! Get back in the tent and in my sleeping bag! You're giving ME a boner," Chance pretended to scold Hope and patted her on the bottom.

Hope gave a little squeal and giggled as she ran to the tent, she cast a sexy little pout back over her shoulder at Chance before crawling into the tent with her bare butt showing.

Tiger laughed to herself as Chance hurried after Hope. She turned back towards the house, nothing like Hope's naive view to bring things into perspective.

* * * * *

Tiger yawned and rolled over expecting to come up against a warm male body in the bed, when only cool sheets touched her skin she opened her eyes reluctantly and looked around the room. Finding the room empty she got out of bed wincing at the soreness in the back of her thighs and the tenderness in her pussy.

Slowly a rueful smile crossed her face and Tiger shook her head as she remembered what had occurred the previous night, it had only been the third night she had slept in Josh's bed so she wasn't too trusting of him.

Josh had stayed talking gang business with Burg and Tiger had gone to bed. She had nearly been asleep when Josh had come into the room, undressed and got into the bed with her. One thing she had discovered on the second night in bed with him was that his sexual appetite was rather large and constant, and while he insisted she submit to his attentions he was considerate of her comfort during sex.

When it had become clear to Tiger that Josh had wanted her legs up over his shoulders while he fucked her, leaving her completely under his control she had panicked and refused to co-operate. Expecting him to punish her she had been shocked when he had let her set the boundaries when he had over powered her.

She had been terrified of him, his physical size and the strength he had if he wanted to hurt her. But he had been careful of how he used his strength, actually showing her without words that she could trust him.

Tiger groaned and shook her head as she pulled her mind from the memory of letting him do as he had wanted and the ensuing pleasure she had received. It was no wonder the muscles in the back of her thighs were tender from the way he had had her ankles up nearly behind his head.

The door of the room swung open and Josh hurried into the room interrupting her thoughts.

"You're awake and out of bed, good. The Boss just got word that The Storm Riders' leader and several of his higher-ranking members will be stopping in today. Go have a shower, you'll be wearing one of my official shirts when you get dressed," Josh said as he pulled on of his gang shirts from a drawer.

"Sure you don't want to piss on my leg as well?" Tiger sneered but her tone lacked a lot of defiance and resentment.

Josh turned his head to look at her thoughtfully, he hadn't missed the fact that she was starting to loose her wariness and distrust of him.

"I'll have to give it a miss. Too busy," Josh said calmly as he pushed the t-shirt into her arms as he walked past her and back out of the room.

In the kitchen Burg, Emery and Claxton where sitting at the table sipping steaming mugs of coffee and Josh went to the kettle to make himself a coffee as well.

"Tiger's up. I told her what's going on," Josh said as he headed to the table with his coffee.

"Gave her the morning off dealing with morning wood did you?" Emery asked with a grin.

Josh grinned but didn't answer as he sat down.

"You had that big-titted blonde squealing pretty well last night," Claxton commented to Emery.

"When I went for her arse she claimed no guy had broken it in, and she sure squealed once I got in." Emery said looking pleased with himself.

The four men chatted, the talk going from the various women in the gang to motor bikes and speculation on exactly who would turn up for the meeting with the Storm Riders.

"Kettle still hot?" Tiger asked when she came into the kitchen from her shower. Her hair was still wet and had dampened the t-shirt she wore making it cling to her breasts showing she didn't have a bra on underneath it. Her feet were bare showing how small and delicate they were just like her hands and face.

"It'll have cooled down by now," Josh answered her. He got to his feet when she walked past him and grinned at her when she glanced his way cautiously but without the fear she had been showing. He walked up behind her as she switched the kettle on and reached around to the front of her body to pull the t-shirt from her jeans to slide his hand across her stomach then up over her ribs to cup one full breast.

"Josh, sit down. Tiger Lily you sit up the other end of the table away from him and stop distracting him," Burg ordered.

Tiger clenched her teeth in annoyance; Josh had been the one who put his hands on her. She hadn't tried to get his attention. She felt his hand leave her breast and slide down her body to cup her feminine mound before he released her and went back to the table.

"Sorry Boss but I couldn't resist that wet t-shirt," Josh said with a smile in his voice.

Tiger waited impatiently for the kettle to boil; every now and then she cast annoyed looks over her shoulder at Josh. The kettle boiled and it was as she was pouring water into her mug that she realised that for once her mind was occupied with Josh not with Burg. With a startled glanced over her shoulder at the four men she realised she wasn't dwelling on the hurt of Burg discarding her; in fact the hurt of that had faded a surprising amount.

"Any idea of who is turning up or how many?" Tiger asked as she carried her drink to the table and sat where Burg had ordered.

"Six including Cisco," Burg said naming the leader of the other gang. "You were involved with Guy just before he defected to them. Any ideas on who might be present?"

Tiger frowned as she thought of the time she had been with Guy; he had included her in very few meetings with his new friends.

"That's over six years ago," Tiger said distractedly.

"Do you know who he used to meet up with or talk to?" Claxton prompted.

"Mainly Cisco I think," Tiger decided, "and this other bloke was there a lot. About tall as Emery, but more heavily built like Josh. Black hair greying at the temples, and grey eyes like gun metal."

"Did he have a scar down the right side of his face? Starts at the corner of his right eye," Emery asked.

"Yeah!" Tiger smiled brightly, "Only back then it was barely healed, still pinkish."

"Kye, Sargent at arms from some gang down south. Heard he's a real tough bastard," Josh said thoughtfully.

"You know him from when you were down there?" Burg asked intently.

"Yeah, and you can be sure he'll be there if Cisco is," Josh said with a hard edge to his voice.

"Will there be any sheilas here?" Tiger asked levelly.

"I want you there in case there is. If not you can get the drinks and any food if they're here any length of time," Burg ordered.

"If there are one or two sheilas you having Kandy with you?" Tiger asked calmly.

"I don't trust you not to try to have a go at her," Burg said with a hard look in his eyes.

"There's a time and a place for everything and the time is not when 'others' are here. But you know I am still head sheila," Tiger told Burg calmly with a level look.

"You won't touch Kandy," Burg ordered tightly.

"Oh she's made it known you were fucking her before you tossed me out," Tiger's voice had dropped to a low almost pur as she watched him with narrowed eyes.

Burg sat at the table silently fuming. He knew that by the rules that maintained order in the club members Tiger had every right to seek revenge against Kandy for sleeping with the man Tiger had been sleeping with.

"You will act like you have no problem with Kandy while The Storm Riders are here ..." Burg started to order tightly.

"NO!" Tiger refused as she sprang to her feet, she placed her hands on the table top and leant forward to glare down the table at Burg, "You can not ask me nor order me to do something that will make me loose face in the gang!" she snarled angrily.

"Don't tell me no!" Burg said whisper quiet as he got to his feet and moved towards her, he saw her eyes go huge and then the back of his hand connected with the side of her face.

The air left Tiger's body with a soft whoosh as she hit the cupboard behind her with a solid thud. She got up off her knees where she had stumbled to and turned to face Burg fully, her view of him was blocked by Josh as he pinned her against the cupboard with his body.

"Let me go!" Tiger demanded angrily.

"Behave! Look at me now! Tiger!" Josh ordered as he lowered his face towards hers.

Slowly she stopped struggling and lifted her face to glare at Josh, he frowned as he saw the angry red mark marring one side of her face.

"Calm down," Josh murmured softly at the rage in her eyes. He released one of her shoulders to raise his hand and brush the hair back off her face so he could see the damage better. "Calm down, sit down," his voice was soft as he watched her eyes.

When he was sure she was in control of her anger he stepped away from her and calmly walked back to his seat.

Tiger watched him sit down then glanced at the other three watching her intently. Deciding discretion was the smartest course of action she moved to her chair and sat down silently, she met Burg's glare for a moment before looking down.

"Claxton, Emery, pick out a few members you know are trust worthy for backup. Josh I'll need you with me. Tiger you know your job but can I trust you to behave? I'm not having trouble while the others are here," Burg said firmly, once more the cool and controlled leader.

"She'll behave Boss, I guarantee it," Josh said quietly with a hard look at Tiger.

Tiger glared back at him, her top lip curled back from her teeth in disgust.

"I'm off to get ready now," Burg said with satisfaction, "make sure she knows to behave."

Tiger didn't stop glaring at Josh as Burg left the room.

"I'll just be a minute or two Boss," Josh said as he stood up. He waited until Burg was out of hearing and then moved towards Tiger, she was on her feet facing him angrily before he reached her.

"Emery, Claxton, I imagine you two will have your hands full this morning before the others arrive. You'll be too busy to ... make sure Tiger doesn't get hold of Kandy. I don't think I will have time to scratch myself let alone check up on Tiger,' Josh said softly with a half grin, "Burg gave us our positions for a reason. We can't do our jobs if he interferes."

Tiger turned her head slightly as she eyed him suspiciously before glancing at the other two men.

"Just be careful how much punishment you dish out to her and make sure it IS before they get here," Emery said.

"Yeah," Claxton murmured.

"Now put a cold pack on your face while you do a few things." Josh ordered softly.

Tiger looked at Josh again before looking away from all three men, "I don't trust you," she hissed under her breath.

Josh only just made out what she said, he gave a faint nod before he headed for the door, "Claxton, Emery, you've both got things to be doing."

Tiger watched Josh leave the room before turning to the fridge for a cold pack.

"You make real sure Burg aint nowhere around when you give Kandy her just deserts," Claxton cautioned before heading out the door.

Tiger turned her head to watch as the two men left the room; she was smiling as she headed off to wake several of the women she liked and trusted.

Tiger was checking the supply of cold drinks in the beer fridge when Kandy and her friend Sissy walked into the large room that was often used as a dinning room.

Tiger straightened from what she was doing and looked across at Kandy, Kandy glanced her way and started nervously as she realised that Tiger was there.

"Come on Sissy," Kandy said and turned to head for the door.

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