The Rent Man

byTony King©

Harry Houseman's the name, property's the game. I guess I'm what you'd call a landlord. Mostly it's flats, but I got my finger in a number of other developments, renovating old houses, a bit of prostitution, that sort of thing. But it's the flats and bedsits that give me the most pleasure.

I'm 58, slightly balding, some would say I'm fat, although I prefer the term cuddly, I stand 5'8" in my socks and for the last ten years I've had more sex with more young chicks than I can remember. I guess I was lucky when they handed out the dicks cause mines a good ten inches and as thick as your wrist, tell you what, the bitches love it.

Being a landlord gives you a certain amount of power over your tenants. You decide who you want and how much they will pay, if they can't pay then it's, "sorry lady, your on yer bike", unless of course...? All my flats are rented to single women or young couples, no kids and no pets. It's amazing the things you find rooting through other peoples drawers. Sexy photo's, dildo's and vibrators, but my favourite is the underwear drawer. I just love feeling those sexy bra's and panties.

Typical tenants were the young couple in the top floor flat of a house in High Wycombe. He was some sort of photographer and she was a sexy blond bombshell. I'd fancied her from day one but like all good things, you only have to wait. I'd arranged to call round and fix a leaking tap but when I got there they were out. No problem, I used my spare key and let myself in.

The guy had his own darkroom set up in the small kitchen and I couldn't believe my luck. Hanging up over the drainer were about 30 pictures of his him and his wife in various sexual poses. She was wearing black thigh high boots with a very high heel, black stockings and suspenders and her tits were dangling over the top of an under the nipple bra. There were several shots of her with her legs spread wide showing a beautiful shaven pussy. In others he was fucking her in various positions. But my favourite was one of her, laid back on the sofa, legs spread wide with two fingers up her cunt bringing herself off. She had her eyes shut tight and looked like she was in the middle of coming big time. I took if of the peg and shoved it in my pocket. It took about ten minutes to change the washer and I was just packing up when the front door opened.

"What the hell do you think your doing?" It was the guy, and he wasn't too happy finding me with all his porny pictures. "Steady Son, I'm only here to fix the sink, you were aware I was coming, I spoke to your missus on the phone." You should have seen his face. I looked at the pictures, "bit of all right your missus, wouldn't mind some of that meself." He tore the pictures down and threw them in the drawer. The poor sod was bright red and didn't know where to put himself. "Tell you what, if she ever fancies a real man you let me know." I left quickly.

I looked at that picture for months and was trying to figure a way of getting in her knickers. Every Friday was rent day and I would look at her imagining her dressed like a whore with her lovely young lips round my cock. I knew she didn't like me but that just made it more interesting.

Well, eventually the chance came. I called at the flat as usual on Friday and was greeted by the bitch at the door. "Oh, Mr Houseman, please come in." This was unusual, normally he would pay on the doorstep and that was that. I soon found out why. The guy had broken his foot or something and was sitting with it in plaster. "As you can see, Tony's broken his ankle which means he can't work. It's left us a bit short this week and we were wondering if we could pay you double next week." This is how it normally starts and I'm not totally unreasonable. "Tell you what," I said scanning the room for things of value, "I'll give you till next Friday or I take the TV and Hi Fi, now I can't say fairer than that can I." They weren't happy but reluctantly agreed.

When collecting the rent I always employed a couple of heavies, mostly coloured lads from the local gym. They offered protection from muggers but more importantly they kept the tenants on their toes. Everyone knew not to fuck with Harry Houseman and it was a reputation I did my best to enhance. When I called again the following week I took Barry with me, a big and I mean big black guy with a mean streak a mile wide.

Again, she opened the door and let us in. "Well, have you got the money?"

"Please Mr Houseman, we just need a little more time, the doctor says Tony's foot will be OK to walk on soon and he can get back to work. Please, can't you just give us another week?"

"Baz, go get the motor and load the telly and Hi Fi." Barry went off as instructed. "No, please, you can't do that."

"OK, then you keep the stuff and I'll get Barry and the lads to help you pack." She burst into tears. That's when you go for the kill, get them at there lowest point and there vulnerable, they'll consider anything. "Of course, there is an alternative," she bit, "what sort of alternative?"

"Well now, I take it your old man told you about the pictures?"

"Pictures, what pictures?" She looked at her husband, "Tony, what pictures?" The poor sod was coughing and spluttering trying to think of something to say. "You don't mean... oh my God, you mean he's seen ... how could you, when, how?"

She flew across the room and belted him one. He was spluttering excuses and she was threatening to do all sorts to him. "Oye, remember me. Right, it's dead easy really. Here's the deal. You get to dress up in all that sexy black stuff and I get to fuck you a couple of times a week until your back on your feet. I'll call Barry off and finish my rounds. You have a think about it. I'll be back about ten, it's up to you. Nice hi fi that." I left them to it.

Now this usually goes one of three ways. Either they do a runner leaving their stuff behind, they call the police or they give in. If they call the police then I simply get Barry and two or three other lads to say they were there the whole time and didn't hear anything like that. Of course, with there word against mine the police would take no action. I'd leave it to settle a few days then send the lads round at 4 o'clock in the morning. For some reasons they usually left the next day. One or two did do a runner but you can only carry so much. After the first time I'd leave Baz to guard the front door, that sorted it. In this instance, she decided to play ball.

I got back just after ten and the bloke opens the door. He starts to lay the law down but then the bitch comes out of the bedroom dressed like a fucking whore. Bingo! Now she starts to dictate terms but lets face it once you've got them this far you've won. "Listen sweetheart, we do this my way understand, if 'Arry wants two fucks a night then he gets two fucks a night right." She nodded her consent, her big tits wobbling around trying to get out of the under the nipple bra. Christ she was gorgeous, I was going to enjoy this. I grabbed her by the nipples and pulled her towards me. "I've waited a long time to play with these babies."

Now I've never been one to rush things, so when you get a little darling like this, you make the most of it. I really enjoyed touching her up, feeling her nice big titties and playing with her cunt and arse. It was even better watching her old man sit there taking it all in knowing that he wanted to kill me but couldn't. I was in total control and this fucking slut was going to do everything I told her. I must have run my hands all over the little slut while telling her husband what a whore she was and what I was going to do to her. Then I slipped the panties down exposing the nicest shaven snatch you've ever seen.

"Cor fuck me, looks like it's hardly been touched," I said to her old man as I peeled the lips apart. Kneeling in front of her I forced her legs apart and started to run my tongue up her slit, this always gets em going whether they like it or not. Then I start with the old fingers up the hole trick. First one, then when that gets nice and wet you add another. Two fingers up their cunt and a tongue on their clit and they've no chance. Within minutes the little bitch was coming. "There you go son, told you she'd like it." I lowered her down and made her sit on the sofa, legs spread wide. I reckon that's one of the most humiliating positions you can put a woman in. With her legs spread then every things on show, you can see every little contraction her cunt makes and watch her juices start to flow. "Now you play with it, let uncle 'Arry watch as you make yourself cum."

Fuck me she was good. The little slut just lay there, eyes shut tight while she went to work on her cunt and clit with both hands. She was even spreading the lips open, exposing her clit while she rubbed it. I started to strip off while I watched, my cock was begging to be let loose but I like to keep the best to last if you know what I mean. She started shaking and moaning and her little fingers were working overtime, even her old man was spellbound. Eventually she came, fucking juice all over her fingers and the sofa, she came in buckets.

"Good girl, now the fun really begins, suck this." I love this bit, the look on their faces when they see my cock. She just stared at it. "C'mon sweetheart, it won't bite." I grabbed her hair and forced her face onto my cock. Her old man was sat behind so he couldn't see it, hee hee, big surprise to come for him then. She struggled to get the end in her mouth but it's amazing how stretchable the skin is. Soon she had 4-5 inches in and I was hitting her gag reflexes. Now I've done this lots of times and I've never once found a bird that could deep throat a cock. All this bullshit you read but take it from me there's not many that can do it. Mind you, once uncle 'Arry's been there, well, they don't have much option do they. I simply held her by the hair and rammed it into her throat.

They go fucking ballistic the first time, coughing and choking trying to push you off. They've got their hands on your thighs trying to push you away and they can't throw up because your cocks blocking the pipes, trouble is they can't breathe either so they think your suffocating them. The trick is to hold them tight until they stop struggling, then release them for a minute. They gasp for breath a couple of times then you shove it back in. They soon learn to take a deep breath between strokes. The really good bit is, as your cock goes down their throat, they automatically tighten their muscles. Take it from me, there's nothing like fucking a woman's throat. It took about ten strokes to bring me off.

I always fire the first few shots down their throats, then pull out until my knobs in their mouth, this makes sure they get to taste it. Most of em try to swallow but I come lots, and most of it ends up dribbling down their chin. I like this because the old man gets to see his pretty wife with a mouth full of my cum. It's amazing how many husbands I've found over the years that secretly love to watch there wives being degraded. I get to do all the things to them that they would love to do but were too shy to ask. Having said that, I'm not a bad bloke so I make sure the old man gets to join in, that way he can blame me for doing all those horrible things to her.

Most people think because I'm getting on, I won't be able to get it up twice. They obviously haven't heard of Viagra. One 100m tablet and I can fuck all night, well nearly. As I lay there recovering I heard the old man whispering to her, she told him not to worry, she had tired me out and I wouldn't be able to fuck her now. Wrong.

"Tell you what son, why don't you have a go while I get me breath back." Like I said, I like to involve the other half, makes it more interesting, besides, I like to make sure he hasn't got as much as me. In this case there was no worries. He had the standard six inches and about half as thick as mine. "Go on son, she gagging for it, shove it down her throat." He was a bit reluctant but by now the little bitch knew what to do and helped him out a bit. I bet it was the best blow job he's ever had. "Don't cum in her mouth son, I need you to lubricate that pussy for me." Withdrawing from her mouth he knelt between her legs and fed his cock up her cunt. I stood beside him wanking my cock back to its full length, you should have seen the look on his face. As he fucked his own wife he just stared at my cock. I bet he couldn't wait to watch her take it up her. It didn't take long for him to cum, but I'm not sure she did.

"OK son, time for a real man to take over." I took his place between her legs and rubbed my cock head up and down her slit. I used his spunk to lubricate my cock and slowly started to push it in. Something else I learned early on, if you make the bird enjoy it, she'll always come back for more, so no rough stuff, at least to start with. I pushed 5-6 inches in and then waited until she was used to the width, then I'd pull it out before slowly going in again, this time a little deeper. The bitch was murmuring and moaning all the time but never once did she try to push me off or say stop. I started to rub my thumb over her clit and instructed her husband to play with her nipples. With this added stimulus, she soon started to lubricate and it wasn't long before my whole 10" was buried to the hilt and she was pushing up for more. Now she was getting verbal.

"Oh yesssss, that's it, just like that, please, don't stop, faster, yes, yes, that's it." I started to tease her. I would let her get so close then stop dead. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No, oh please, don't stop, I'm so near, please Harry, please."

"So, you like my cock up your cunt then?"

"Yes, I love your cock, please Harry, fuck me, don't stop."

"Do I get to fuck you again, whenever I want?"

"Yes, anything, please Harry, fuck me, make me cum." She was pushing up against me trying to get me to fuck her again. "How much do you like my cock, tell me,"

"I love it, I really love,"

"better than your husbands?" This always does it, they know it is but with their husband there they can hardly say yes, can they.

I started to move again. "Tell me or I stop, it is better than your husbands?"

"Yes you bastard, it's better than my husbands, now for Christ sake FUCK ME!" That's what I wanted to hear, not only does it humiliate the husband but it puts me in total command. I started to slow down again, I love this game. "From now on you're going to be my slut right, my little fuck slave, tell me what you're going to be, tell your husband." This time she was so close to coming she'd have said anything. "I'm going to be your fuck slave, anything, anything you want."

"I can do anything I want to you, is that what your saying?"

"Yes, anything, just don't stop."

"How about I bring the boys round to fuck you, think you'll like that, some nice big black cock?" He eyes flew open and she literally buried herself on my cock as she came and came. "Yessssssssss," she screamed, her whole body shaking.

We put her on all fours on floor and I made the old man fuck her while I fed her mouth again. Every few minutes we would change position, making her lick the juices from our cocks. She came several times and I really started to think she just couldn't get enough. We both came again, him filling her mouth and me her cunt. Now the little slut wanted more and lying on her back started to finger herself again. Now even with Viagra you can't recover that quick. I went into the kitchen and found some carrots and a cucumber. We spent the rest of the night fucking her with them and making her lick them clean. By the time I left she had the cucumber buried in her cunt, her old man licking her clit and she was still begging for more.

Oh well, maybe next time I will bring the lads.

* * * * *

'Hazel pays the rent' for the original story.

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