tagErotic HorrorThe Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 04

The Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 04


If things had seemed unbelievable up to now Gemma was soon to experience the unimaginable, suddenly she felt impelled to look upon the girl. Gemma couldn't help herself she stared down mesmerized into the girl's blazing emerald eyes once more, for a moment they burnt into her own with their inescapable power then incredibly the girl seemed to shimmer. Her whole body seemed to slip out of focus for a mere moment, Gemma's tormentor's extremely long lashes snapped shut and the girl grunted, frowned and winced as if she was in severe pain. Mere moments later her eyes burst wide open and Gemma cried out in shocked alarm when she saw them. Somehow transformed they now burned with an unnatural golden fire, their catlike slits of pupils seared hungrily through her. Then fearful though she was Gemma's gaze was drawn irresistibly to the deep red smiling full lips as the lithe girl slowly climbed the blocks stretching up as if to kiss her.

Scared as she was Gemma discovered that she was far more than eager to accept the kiss even if she was terrified. Instead of repulsion she found herself desperately craning her neck forward in fervent reaction as the girl climbed onto the blocks. Her brain buzzed with hyperactive signals as her mouth eagerly welcomed the exploring tongue deep into its moist hot interior. Even the flavour of the girl's breath and tongue was exotically spicy and incredibly sensual to taste. Responding fervently to the heated kiss she strained against her bonds whilst her own tongue wrestled with the long slender writhing intruder that slithered snakelike within her mouth. In the next few moments she would do something that would take her on a journey to the edge of rational belief.

Her own tongue chased eagerly after the girl's tongue as it teasingly drew back from her mouth. Blindly pursuing the intruder's retreat in turn Gemma's own impatient tongue came across Raven's wickedly sharp fangs. Before Gemma had even realised the razor sharp teeth were there even she had wounded her tongue upon one of their razor sharp points. Crying out muffled into the other girl's mouth rapt in an ecstatic mix of pain and pleasure Gemma felt the girl suddenly shudder against her. The girl growled demonically with lust and hunger, as she tasted Gemma's hot spicy excited blood for the first time and Gemma sensing the heightening of the girl's excitement foolishly ground her lips hungrily against the creature's mouth in reply.

The exquisite taste of the girl's vibrant blood was intoxicating, Raven had tasted but a little smidgen but it caused phenomenal powers to rear up. Raven had learnt, she knew she must be careful it was far to easy to unleash the demon and let it feast untethered, it was much more satisfying and better to control and harness the force. Battling to control the furious desires that boiled within her Raven's hands repeatedly kneaded her eager victim's breasts enthusiastically as their kiss increased in passion and the small but steady trickle of blood spurred her on. She carried on until her long nails eventually hooked into the delicate lace edging that ran along the plunging neckline of her victim's silk gown. Reluctantly Raven slowly pulled her lips away drawing a deep breath through the parting kiss then smiled wickedly at poor Gemma as she broke away. Withdrawing from the exquisite kiss she left the highly aroused helpless girl gasping for air. Once more she drew Gemma's eyes to her golden orbs knowing they burnt with an indescribable fire that would easily melt any tattered remnants of her victim's wavering resistance. To heighten the poor things excitement and give her more pleasure Raven played along with the game, the scenario, she let the girl believe whatever she wished the end result was a forgone conclusion!

"I want you Gemma" the strange girl's voice growled low and sensual "Be mine, let me take you beyond ecstasy Gemma, be mine."

Never in her life had she felt so aroused and any shred of resolution she felt to withstand the creature's request was hopelessly destroyed as Raven both caressed and spoke to her so erotically. By now Gemma had begun to come to understand her predicament, realising she could be in mortal danger she felt no fear or repulsion her brain was overwhelmed both by the creature's aura and her own irresistible desire. No slight of hand or other conjuring tricks could explain the weird things that were happening here tonight she began to conceive she was truly delving into the supernatural.

Suspended there vulnerable and helpless, bound upon the bronze star before this inhuman gorgeous creature Gemma recognised that she really was totally under it's power and at it's mercy. Unbelievable as it seemed Gemma found that she was not terrified or feared for her very existence but craved the obscene creature's attentions with all her heart. Suddenly she sobbed pitiably for she knew she was lost if she did not try and resist, realistically she also realised that it would also be impossible for her to resist the enthralling creature. Raven's palms pushed against her breasts crushing her hard nipples deliciously into them as if to encourage her to consent.

Overcome by the extremely perverse pleasure she relished that was heavily tinged with fear the last part of her mind that resisted the creature struggled valiantly against all odds to repel the tidal wave of obscene desire that threatened to engulf it. Gemma wailed forlornly as her wide-open baby blue eyes beheld Raven's wickedly long fangs, however the fearful lust raged uncontrollably within her. Tears of forlorn fear burnt against her flushed cheeks as she gazed helplessly into the compelling creatures magnificent face. The creature raised a quizzical knowing eyebrow as she awaited Gemma's inevitable capitulation, all the time she was devouring the delectable fires of raging desirous emotions that were emanating from her intended prey in waves.

"Well my love," Raven whispered, "will you be mine, be mine for ever?"

"Yes. Oh yes," Gemma gasped dry mouthed and almost inaudibly she added "Oh lord Jesus protect me!"

Raven's smile was triumphant, without crushing the tiny pocket of resistance in the girl she prepared to carry on after all the futile resistance would heighten the girl's already fraught emotions further making her all the more enjoyable. Anyway all the play about getting the girl to accept her was for the girl's benefit only, she would have taken her anyway. Pointedly she stepped back a little on the blocks, taking a deep breath her fingers gripped the lace-trimmed neckline of Gemma's thin gown and tore it asunder. It ripped effortlessly down the middle like tissue paper exposing her screaming victim's firm naked pale young wriggling body to Raven's lustful gaze.

That nagging primal fear took over then, shrieking in alarm Gemma squirmed in hopeless resistance as Raven attempted to take hold of her naked bouncing breasts. The creature bared its fangs to her adding to her terror, not that she needed it. Futilely straining against her bonds Gemma reeled in panic for some time and Raven withdrew her hands allowed her to do so. She screamed and struggled vainly against her bonds for a while before eventually quieting, finally accepting that her fate was irretrievably sealed. Resignedly Gemma stopped her futile escape attempt and allowed destiny to take over as Raven reached out once more to caress her breasts. Submitting fully to both Raven's will and her own abnormal arousal Gemma finally forced all her terrors to the deepest recesses of her mind and sealed them there.

Almost lovingly the creature began soothingly stroking and teasing the firm jutting sensitive cones of flesh and she stretched her neck to kiss Gemma's shoulder. Slowly and deliciously deliberately Raven began kissing down the restrained girl's tingling shoulder and upper chest gradually working her way down towards her target, one of Gemma's heaving breasts. Raven began kissing each firm globe in turn working her head around Gemma's breasts working closer and closer to her extremely distended areolae and aching hard nipples.

"Oh god... oh god... ohhhh god!" gasped Gemma as she felt Raven's ruby lips open wide sucking in her tender flesh they clamped around one of her swollen areolae.

Sucking the proud flesh deep into her mouth Raven's tongue flicked around and tormented the sensitive rubbery teat. Gemma panted as the creatures tongue exquisitely worked to and fro across her rubbery nipple whilst her distended breast flesh was drawn deep into the obscene creature's mouth. Unable to prevent herself Gemma squealed loudly overwhelmed with perverse pleasure as she felt the creature's fangs lightly rake her distended tender flesh. Knowing it would be coming soon Gemma waited anxiously for the anticipated pain that would come when Raven's fangs finally bit into her tender flesh, scattered images from old Hammer horror movies flashed through her overactive mind. Instead of the expected agony an incredible explosion of wondrous pleasure burst outward from around her nipple and quivered rapidly through her nervous system. She could hear the creature sighing appreciatively as it fed from her lightly wounded teat like an infant. Before the delightful sensation had even started to subside within Gemma Raven had moved to her other breast. Soon she was repeating the bite sending her victim's whole nervous system off again into another dizzy spin whilst she fed.

Then lower and lower Raven sank tormenting her prey by kissing fondling and nipping Gemma's pale flesh repeatedly all the way down her ribs, over her belly and down beyond her hips. Past the swollen engorged beckoning musky perfumed wetness of Gemma's enticing sex and down her left thigh Raven's ever biting and sucking mouth went.

Gemma was in exquisite torture, every bite was like a miniature orgasm she wailed and groaned wantonly squirming on the star as Raven toyed with her. Then the creature returned upward kissing and nipping all the way up her other thigh. Upward and inward the girl's tormentative mouth slowly moved kissing all over the sensitive pale skin of Gemma's inner thigh to pause before her golden-fleeced mound for what seemed an eternity. Craning her neck forward Gemma stared down between her own breasts upon the head of the black haired beauty whose beautiful face sat millimetres from her raging throbbing sex. She could feel the breath on her, her body tensed in anticipation; she shuddered and whimpered expectantly powerless to affect the outcome.

Gemma's shell-shocked system screamed out for release as she felt Raven's long fingers softly caressing her thighs and being aroused like never before in her life she threw her head back against the bronze framework and wailed in anguish. Then at last she gasped as she felt the feather light kisses begin landing on the sensitive skin all around her ready moist aching flesh. Straining hopelessly against her bonds desperately she tried vainly to thrust her pussy against the girl's face but Raven would not concede. In fact the creature's response to her victim's frantic efforts was to pull slightly away wickedly teasing the poor girl beyond all reason.

Gemma threw her head about wildly until her giddy rolling gaze fell on the others, she could hardly believe what her eyes saw. For a moment she almost forgot what torment she was in, the twin sisters were now completely naked and curled up on the floor locked together their heads buried deep between one another's thighs. They were quite fervently sucking one another to ecstasy whilst Katrina stood dominantly over them staring hungrily at Gemma with her wild glittering eyes. It was clear even to Gemma's overwhelmed mind that Katrina was waiting her turn, patiently waiting for the creature to finish with her, For a little while at least the sight of the twins had distracted her from her own delicious anguish.

Gemma cried out loudly as the first soft kiss landed directly on the hot swollen wetness that boiled between her thighs her eyes firmly locked on Katrina. The intensity of the situation had her fired up beyond comprehension; she played to the redhead knowing how much the girl desired her. Moaning with pleasure in an attempt to convey her feelings to the staring redhead as Raven's long tongue swept fleetingly along the length of her excited bulging outer lips did something to her. With her eyes locked on Katrina she shuddered, biting her lip she froze in expectation as she felt the girl's long finger nails slip between her swollen labia and part them. Already Gemma was teetering on the brink of what seemed was going to be the best orgasm she had ever had and the creature had done so little to arouse her yet. Her heart pounded in her heaving ribcage as she felt Raven's firm hot body leaning hard against her lower thighs and knees momentarily before all hell broke loose.

All of a sudden the creatures hot open mouth had clamped firmly over her sex and an agile tongue immediately sought out and thrashed wildly at first against her clitoris. The fantastic creature was driving poor Gemma crazy and within a few seconds she was enduring the most fantastic orgasm she had ever known. Convulsing and wailing she came violently straining against her bonds wracked in unbelievable spasms of pleasure. As she thrashed wildly she paid no heed to the pain or hurt she may inflict upon herself as her restraints cut into her and the metal structure she was secured to scored her unprotected back. The wondrous onslaught she was being subjected to by this incredible girl continued for ages while an expert mouth worked on her sensitive sex propelling Gemma to even greater heights of ecstasy. Screaming and wailing like a Banshee she reeled as wave after wave of incredible unstoppable orgasm crashed through her. For what seemed an eternity she writhed against her restraints as her ecstasy obliterated the increasing pain and hurt her struggles caused her.

The exquisite torture was wonderful but relentless keeping her swirling at the highest peak of pleasurable climax until Raven eventually broke away. Springing away suddenly the black haired girl rose fluidly to her feet leaving Gemma dishevelled and sweat sheened, hanging breathlessly upon the structure. Sobbing happily in her bonds Gemma was lost in an exquisitely obscene delirium for the moment. Waiting quite patiently for her victim to calm down Raven smiled arrogantly whilst the blonde offering Katrina had brought her finished enjoying her climax and gradually settled down.

As her jumbled senses slowly began to reorganize Gemma looked hopefully towards the creature for possible liberation. As their eyes met Gemma knew her torment was far from over just by the look of excitement in the gold orbs. Every joint and muscle protested at the insane reaction her all consuming climax had inflicted upon them, she imagined she could endure no more, she was so wrong.

"Please!" she whimpered, "cut me down."

The girl made no attempt to reply to her sobbing request; instead she seemed to ignite with a new fierce glow as she menacingly drew herself up to her full height. Instead of responding to the pain and discomfort she was in or especially the growing feelings of apprehension and fear that began to swirl in the deepest corners of her mind Gemma found herself once again adoringly gazing upon the creature. As she stared at the entity stood so commandingly before her Gemma felt a thrill run up her spine for she could clearly sense the intense hunger radiating from Raven. Her heart raced excitedly as she realised there was to be no release for her yet, if at all!

Her worshipful eyes were drawn to the creature's glistening full and swollen blood red lips as she began moving deliberately towards her. Gemma found she cared not for the mortal danger she may be in; she surrendered completely to the overwhelming primal lusts that tortured her so exquisitely. As Raven drew nearer to her the overpowering mix of intense fear and excitement made her eager heart pound fit to burst. Gently reaching to kiss her sweat covered shoulder the lips moved slowly in towards the nape of her neck.

"Fear not my sweet love" Raven's muffled reassuring voice came breathlessly between her heated kisses "There is far yet more ecstasy to come for you."

Intuitively almost, Gemma turned her head aside allowing Raven's mouth easier access to her slender pale throat. Feeling the creature's moist firm hot hard nippled body press urgently then begin writhing against her own slippery form intensified her uncontrollable insane excitement to fever pitch once more. Raven's rigid nipples even seemed to scratch Gemma's hypersensitive skin as they dragged in an almost painful way over her wounded body. Her heart pounded, Gemma's breath came in ragged whimpering gasps as she felt the tingling sensation as the creature's lips and tongue explored the flesh of her throat searching for the best place to strike. Her heart began to pulse strongly driving her pheromone enriched blood eager to feed the creature as she felt her flesh being drawn into the creature's hot sucking mouth and she froze expectantly.

Incredibly she believed she both felt and heard the long razor-sharp fangs sink deep into her yielding flesh but incredibly once again there came no pain. Amazing as it sounds she actually experienced such a fantastic build up of indescribable pleasure that rapidly grew at the point of the bite until she felt she would faint with excitement. Finally the bubble of energy could swell no more, it burst violently, and the shockwave of excitement surged ferociously and relentlessly through her whole being.

As her eager pounding heart enthusiastically forced her rich hot blood to the wound Raven's eager maw waited to hungrily consume it. She hung helpless writhing wildly upon the bronze frame suspended in pure ecstasy for what seemed an eternity whilst the creature clung to her feasting on her rich life force. Not until Raven had satisfied her appetite and finished feeding and actually pulled her beautiful blood smeared face away did the electrifying sensation that gripped Gemma begin to subside. Even as close as she had come to death she couldn't help feeling distressing disappointment as Raven broke away. Gemma's far scattered senses gradually returned and automatically her desirous eyes once again fell on Raven. Even though the girl's countenance was smeared with her blood and sweat the lovely creature still burnt with a glow which rapidly enflamed Gemma's eagerness once more. Her tired blue eyes fell to gaze down on her own bound and bitten body framed in the bloodstained tattered remnants of the once white soiled silk gown.

Even the sight of the weeping wounds on her breasts, and the thin rivulets of blood that ran from her throat and mixed with her perspiration caused her no concern. Out of sight they wound down over her perspiring limp body joining the sweaty blend of blood and copious sexual fluids that trickled down her inner thighs. Raising her heavy head weakly Gemma saw her irresistible tormentor, bathed in sweat and smeared in her blood. Obviously sated Raven seemed to brim with happy satisfaction as she smiled wickedly back at Gemma who once more realised her ordeal was still far from over.

Casually Raven beckoned the other three girls forward, they were obviously very excited as they moved eagerly towards Gemma's bound form. Their hands reached out impatient to caress her exposed trembling flesh. Once again responding to their stimulation the seemingly bottomless well of lust in her began to boil afresh. As they began to kiss and lick the blood, sweat and juices from her hot skin Gemma's weary eyes were drawn again to Raven. Her tired groggy mind became totally absorbed in the creature's unearthly beauty as her body readily responded to the three women's differing techniques. At each of her breasts one of the twins came to suckle from the still bleeding wounds that Raven had inflicted upon her teats. Their over eager hands tore away the remnants of Gemma's ruined gown as they slurped down the meagre trickles of blood that oozed from the many minor injuries that Raven had inflicted upon her. A thrill coursed down Gemma's spine as Katrina's flame red curled head sank readily between her thighs to greedily nibble, lick and probe her most sensitive flesh.

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