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The Shoe Store


I'd had a tough week at work but now I was looking forward to a few days off to spend with my husband. As an almost spur of the moment surprise my guy had arranged for a relaxing trip for us to New Orleans. His only request made prior to finalizing the tickets was that I would let him pack for me without objection and once we arrived if I needed any articles of clothing that he had failed to pack I would only shop where he determined and I could only buy what he approved and only wear what he allowed me to wear. He wouldn't even let me check in advance to see what he had packed. I laughed at the condition as I knew what that meant was that he would only pack thongs, crotchless pantyhose, and clothing that he considered sexy on me, such as my pink cotton mini skirt/top, any other short skirts he could find and only tops that would be worn without a bra. I knew him all too well, but if that was the price for a trip away from work and all of those worries I would readily agree.

So here we were. We landed in the Big Easy without incident, grabbed a cab and were now in our hotel. While he went to the restroom to freshen up I took the opportunity to see what the damage was in my suitcase. I, of course, was accurate in my prior assessment of what he would pack for me as there was absolutely nothing practical in there at all, unless one considers bathing suits, shear blouses and tops, only short skirts and only high heels practical. He hadn't even packed proper shoes! There were no sneakers or sandals of any sort.

He hollered out of the bathroom that he had arranged for the frig to be stocked with wine and that I should open a bottle. By the time he had re-entered the room I had the bottle open and had already had my first glass.

He came in and joined me as we relaxed and talked about the week behind and the week ahead. He had made a few pre arranged plans but also left much of the week unscheduled. Some of his plans, however, included walking tours of the French Quarter. While I thought the idea was a good one I needed to explain to him that I did not have walking shoes and that we needed to do something about that or my feet would be just destroyed.

He told me not to worry, that he had already checked that out and there was a shoe store within walking distance. And besides, he reminded me, that my tennis shoes were mostly worn out and this was a good opportunity to buy some decent shoes. He thought that once we had finished the bottle of wine we could walk down there and buy a pair of shoes or two. He, again, however, placed a condition on his offer to take me shopping. The condition was that I dress in my pink cotton mini outfit with a thong, crotchless hose and high heels and no bra; the perv!

I objected of course as no way was I going to go out in public dressed like that. It would be embarrassing as I'm no longer young enough to dress that sexily and go out in public. He, of course, expressed extreme objections to my being too old and told me as he has many times that I am a beautiful, sexy woman with a killer ass and great legs. Further, that he enjoyed watching my 36b's sans bra and that he became extremely horny when my nipples poked through the fabric of my tops and when he saw that other men enjoyed that too. I continued to object but he reminded me of our deal for the vacation and that I was stuck with the rules I had agreed to. I went to take a shower.

While in the shower I tried to come up with a basis for not acquiescing to his plan. I suppose I could just say no but I knew that would result in extreme disappointment and maybe a bit of anger from my hub given the apparent planning he had done for this trip. I consoled myself that we were a long ways from home and that nobody could possibly see me who knew me and that it was just a walk to the shoe store. I wondered, however, how he could possibly find me so sexy and how he thought anyone else would either. As I looked down at the water running off my body I wondered why I hadn't been doing anything to lose the twenty pounds that I'd like to lose. If he is going to parade me around I should at least not embarrass myself!

Getting out of the shower and walking from the bathroom he met me with another glass of wine and with my clothes all laid out for me. I just shook my head and grinned at him with a somewhat disgusted look but I grabbed the clothes and went back into the bathroom.

What is it about thongs that men like so much anyway? As I pulled the black sheer next to no material up my leg it was obvious to me that there was absolutely no value to this article of clothing. Obviously they didn't cover anything behind me as the string disappeared between my butt cheeks and they really weren't any better in front as most of the thong also disappeared on my front side. About the only area they did cover was a bit of my curls that proved I was a real redhead. The thong didn't even cover all of that even though my husband had practically shaved me bald before we left home. I liked a bit more protection than his antics with the razor provided. He, on the other hand, has explained that he and other men like a more trimmed look than perhaps do I.

The black, sheer pantyhose provided a bit more cover, but not much. I stepped into my strappy heels had had provided for me and began to apply my make-up. Applying my blush, eye shadow and lip gloss as I stood in my thong, hose, and heels I had to admit to myself provided a sexy image. As I finished, and fluffed up my hair I turned toward the full length mirror. Posing and turning, looking at my backside and then turning back to face the mirror I found myself pleased with my look. Maybe I did still look sexy after all! My legs, while perhaps not as great as they once were I had to admit were still pretty good and while I looked at my ass cheeks I could believe that I still turned my husband on. I pulled up the pink cotton skirt and dropped the matching top down over my head, and gave myself another look. This skirt was way to short and barely covered the top of my hose and it was clear that I wasn't wearing anything underneath the top.

I walked out of the bathroom to a huge smile on my husbands face. He told me how I was absolutely gorgeous in this outfit and how he wanted to bang me right there and then. He walked up to me and gave me a very passionate kiss and told me I was beautiful as he groped my ass! I allowed for that to happen and had to admit the whole thing sort of turned me on a bit but when he reached around to my front, grabbing at my thong I playfully slapped him away and told him to stop!

He laughed and finished the bottle into my glass and told me to drink up so we could leave. I asked him if he was sure about this as I was feeling a little apprehensive yet in spite of the wine. He again assured me it would be ok, that he loved me, found me very sexy, and just wanted to show off his hot wife a little bit which was harmless.

He said the shoe store was only a couple blocks away but that we needed to get there if we were to have enough time to shop before it closed. I grabbed my purse as he prodded me through the door.

Waiting for the elevator, looking at myself through the reflective material of the exterior doors, I liked what I saw. I did still look good and I probably still could turn some heads perhaps! The doors opened and we joined an older couple for the flight down to the lobby. I felt like there were eyes on me but I was uncertain as I was too afraid to look anywhere but straight ahead. I smiled to myself, however, when I heard the wife whisper to her husband that he should get his eyes back into his head. Well, at least I can attract the senior set!

The doors opened and the older gentleman urged us to exit ahead of them. As we walked through the doors I glanced back to thank him and noticed that I should also be thanking him for staring at my ass!

The shoe store was only a two block walk. As we arrived my husband told me he was going to stay outside for a while so I could shop without worrying about the time or his usual impatience. When I entered a woman was just leaving the checkout having purchased a pair of shoes. There appeared to be two male employees and nobody else in the store.

The available clerk approached me immediately and asked how he could help me. I told him that I was looking for walking shoes in a size seven but didn't really have any particular brands in mind. He mentioned that he had a few ideas for my consideration but suggested that perhaps he ought to measure my feet first to make sure he was working with the correct sizes. He asked me to sit, which I did. He kneeled on the ground, asked me to move my foot up, which I did. He slipped my shoe off and placed it gently in the measuring device. He asked me to stand; I did. As I stood there with his face just inches from the hem of my skirt I wondered why he was taking so long to determine the proper size. He lifted his head to look up at me with, I think, just a bit of hesitation as his eyes traveled up my thighs, to the bottom of my skirt, up my top, and, finally, to my face. He informed me that yes indeed I was a size seven.

He told me he'd be back directly and that he had a couple different tennis shoes that he thought would work for me. As I awaited his return I wondered if my sitting there with my legs crossed would have any effect on him. I was pretty sure that if the angle was right he could see where the tops of my pantyhose ended showing my milky white thighs. He came back with three boxes including a pair from New Balance, Saucony, and Nike. He was quickly back on his knees opening and lacing up the first pair. As he did so I pretended not to notice his furtive glances up the underside of my leg.

He finished lacing up the shoes and asked me for my foot. I uncrossed my leg and reached my right foot out to him. As he pushed the shoe on my leg bent toward me a bit causing my skirt to ride just slightly up my leg, revealing the top of my nylons. I looked around the store commenting to the salesman how nice everything in the store looked so nice as he placed my foot on his leg so he could tie them up for me. As his leg was slightly further to the right of my own leg I knew that if he happened to look he would see my thong.

I glanced back at him as he quickly looked down, blushing as he did. I had caught him! He obviously had been looking right between my legs with his eyes probably less than two feet from my sweet spot! I felt my pussy grow warm at the thought of this man looking at it.

He quickly tied my left shoe on and asked if I wanted to walk around to see how the shoes felt. I rose and walked away from him and toward the mirror on the far wall. I thought they looked ok but they seemed to rub on my heel a bit. I bent down a bit to grab the heel of the shoe to see if they were too loose or not. As I did I knew that the slit in my skirt was showing him my legs above the top of my hose and my thong (which is why I never wear this skirt out in public). I felt myself get excited at what I was probably doing to this man. I wondered if he knew I was getting excited.

I straightened up, turned around and walked back toward him, declaring that the shoes were nice but that I didn't think they fit right and that I should try the next pair. As I sat back down I decided to untie the shoes myself lifting each leg, in turn, high enough for me to reach down and unlace the shoes. There was no question, as I did that, that my thong, and my pussy, would be in full view of this man as he kneeled in front of me.

I tried each of the other two pairs on, continuing a little of my game with this man showing him glimpses of my pussy as I faced him and butt cheeks and more pussy as I walked away from him. I decided to go with the Saucony's to which he commented it was a good choice, boxed them up and took them to the counter. As he did I mentioned I needed to look at shoes I could go clubbing in. He said he would be happy to help me finish with my purchases but that he had to lock up as it was now closing time. He told the other sales person that if was fine for him to punch out as he would just finish helping me out and then he would leave as well.

As the other employee left my salesman locked the door behind him, drew the shades over the door and came back to me asking what type of shoes I was looking for. I mentioned something strappy and sexy with maybe a 3 inch or 4 inch heel. I told him I was looking for cfm shoes. He said he didn't know that brand. I laughed and told him it wasn't a brand but that cfm stood for "come fuck me." He blushed and I laughed again telling him it was just slang for sexy shoes and that he shouldn't get all embarrassed about it. He said he had just the thing for me.

He came back with a couple of boxes and pulled out the first shoes. They were very sexy. He placed them on my feet and offered that I should walk around in them. The heels were a little higher than I was used to but I walked over to the mirror to see how they looked. I turned back and forth sort of posing for myself.

"How do they look do you think?"

"They look very hot on you."

"Do you think they qualify as cfm shoes?"

"Oh most definitely they do."

"So if you saw me walk into the club in these you would see them as qualifying as cfm shoes?"

"Oh there is absolutely no question about that."

"So they look ok with this outfit?"

"Anything would look good with that outfit but these shoes definitely finish the look off for you."

"So you think I look ok in this outfit with these shoes? They complete the look? They would gain me the appropriate level of attention?"

"You are kidding right? You just standing there would gain you all the attention you would ever need or want!"

"I think I'll take them."

I strode back to the chair to have him take my new shoes off me. Before he could, however, I held my leg out straight to take one more look, holding my foot above his shoulder so I could turn my ankle to view the shoes from various angles.

"I really like these, don't you?"

"Yes ma'am I really like them too."

"And are these the right hose to wear with these shoes do you think?"

"They are the perfect hose."

"I think so too; they feel so silky and they are fun to wear. Don't they feel silky?"

He just looked up at me with a look that was a cross between excitement and pure fear as he began to realize where this sale might possibly be headed. I lowered my leg to rest on his shoulder.

"Go ahead and feel them, I won't bite."

He hesitantly rubbed my lower leg.

"Oh go ahead and take a good feel of these hose; certainly you have felt pantyhose before."

He rubbed higher up my leg to the back of my knee, then a little further and still further until he had almost reached the top of my hose.

"See, don't they feel nice?"

"They sure do ma'am."

"I noticed you looking between my legs. Is there something there you would like to feel?"

"Yes ma'am there is."

"And what would that be that you would like to feel between my legs?"

"Are you wearing a thong ma'am?"

"Why yes I am; is that what you would like to feel?"

"Yes ma'am I would."

I pulled my leg off his shoulder so my foot was back on the ground still in my new heels. I spread my legs a bit so my knees were about a foot and a half apart. I grabbed the hem of my skirt, slowly pulling it up to my waist showing him my entire thong and crotchless hose in the process.

"Is this what you wanted to feel?"

"Yes ma'am it is."


He didn't hesitate further. He pushed my legs further apart, moving in between them. With the back of his hand he slowly, lightly touched my thong. I closed my eyes as I felt my body shudder just a bit. I felt his shoulders push my legs further apart and I felt his breath on me. He just stayed like that for what seemed to be several seconds as I kept my eyes closed and ever so slightly slid down the chair toward him. I knew he was taking in the sight of me, absorbing my look, my smell; seeing that I was a real redhead and knowing that he was about to touch the pussy of a customer he had just met.

As I moved closer to him I felt what I recognized as his nose nuzzle into the middle of my thong as his hands spread my lips apart which in turn engulfed most of the fabric of the thong. He rubbed his nose up and down the material of the thong. I could feel myself getting moist.

"Ma'am, you smell so good down there."

I just nodded. I smiled. I felt his tongue, followed by his lips on mine; pulling on me; playing with me. I felt my hands go to his head pulling him further into me.

I felt the fabric of my thong pull away from me. He had is finger in between my thong and my pussy; touching my pussy; rubbing my moistness up and down my slit. I shuddered.

I opened my eyes with a start. This was more than I had bargained for! I was going to just tease this man and he is about to fuck me with his fingers followed by who knows what! I pushed him away. He fell back on the floor; looking surprised. I stood up and grabbed my old shoes and hurried over to the counter to grab the tennis shoes as I was still wearing the cfm heels.

"I need to go. I need to buy these shoes quick and then I need to go."

"The register has been closed down. It will take me a while to warm it back up."

"I can't wait; I need to go."

"Tell you what, just pay for the shoes next time you are in."

"That's a deal. I'll come back in later this week. Right now I have to meet my husband."

By that point in time I had made it to the front door, turned the lock and scooted out the door as I hear his version of goodbye.

"Your husband?"

As I hurried down the sidewalk I saw my husband across the street sitting on a park bench and flagged him over. He caught up to me about the same time I had reached the hotel grounds.

"Hot shoes; I thought you were getting tennis shoes."

"I did, but I also chose these."

"Now those are nice shoes."

"Do they make you want to fuck me?"

"They sure do."

"Good, because that's what you are going to do in about thirty seconds."

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