tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Show Must Go On Ch. 02

The Show Must Go On Ch. 02


Please note:

This is (obviously) Part Two and is best read after Part One! There will hopefully be other parts to come. There was a comment that Part One was too slow to get going but that was deliberate. If you like it quick and dirty don't bother reading on. But I think that part of the fun of this category - exhibitionism - is often found in the build up to the revelation. If you agree, then read on and tell me your thoughts in a comment. Thanks!

It was the morning after Kate's accidental full-frontal incident when she had been exposed to a cheering audience at a magic show on a cruise ship, and as she stirred from sleep it seemed like her whole body tingled, especially her pussy.

"Pussy?". Now there was a word she didn't usually use. On those rare occasions when she and husband Ed managed to talk about sex, the strongest words they ever used were "vagina" and "penis". But last night they had been so turned on and during lovemaking they had both breathed the words "cock" and "pussy" at times. She had even cried out "fuck me" as her entered her. Now that was certainly a phrase she had never used before.

She heard Ed flush the toilet in their cabin and, expecting him to be in there a bit longer she tried out the phrase. "Fuck me." She said it again, louder. "Fuck me!"

"I'd love to!" Ed was back quicker than she had anticipated. He leapt, still naked, onto the bed and she giggled. There seemed to be a new freedom between them.

She grabbed his semi-hard penis. "Cock", that is.

"Is this still working after all I did with it last night?"

"You bet!" Ed was a man of few words, most of them short.

"Then get it in my pussy now, you animal." Kate laughed. "Is this the dialogue of a porno movie or something?" she wondered, having never seen one. But she felt liberated.

Sex was quick and satisfying, although Kate had to manage without an orgasm. That was not unusual but she enjoyed the thought of what Ed did to her, even is there was little sensation. "I've just been fucked.." she thought to herself. "Screwed and Nailed.". She couldn't think of any more phrases. Boy, hav I been so naive, she thought.

"Looks like a very hot day out there." said Ed as he dressed.

Kate lounged in the bed. "What shall I wear then?"

"More than last night." he laughed.

Kate settled on a wraparound skirt and a t-shirt. "We bought those books to read yesterday. Instead of sitting in here reading, maybe we could go sit on one of those sun-loungers...?"

"...and read?" mused Ed. " There's not much else to do unless you want to do one of those self-improvement classes or play deck-bowls or something."

"Play with your balls?" Kate pretended not to have heard correctly.

Ed reached out and playfully squeezed her bare breasts. Tits? Melons?

"Who are you and what have you done with my wife?" he joked. "You have become a different person and I like it."

When Kate was dressed, they breakfasted and then made their way to the sun deck. Ed found them a quieter corner and they settled down to read their books.

Time passed slowly and Kate's mind kept returning to the previous night when during the magician's act she had emerged from the "magic" wardrobe totally naked and paraded confidently before the audience. She remembered the wild applause and cheers. She remembered the overwhelming sense of empowerment and excitement she had felt. It had been intoxicating and she felt she wanted more but knew that was impossible. She would have to live off the memory and even as she went over it in her mind she felt a growing moistness in her vagina. Pussy? Cunt?

"Drink sir? Madam?"

Kate was woken from her daydream by a waiter. "Oh, yes please. Coke."

She looked up to see the waiter staring at her in a knowing sort of way. Had he been at the show? She suddenly felt naked and embarrassed. She also glanced down and realised that her wraparound skirt had come open and most of one leg was showing. Reddening, she hastily pulled the skirt back into place.

As the waiter went off to get the order, Kate considered what had just happened and smiled to herself. If the waiter had seen the show, then a flash of leg was hardly anything to worry about. The old Kate would have worn skirts down to her ankles. But hundreds of people saw her naked last night. Why should she worry? She was a powerful woman now and she could do what she pleased.

As the waiter returned with their drinks, Kate "accidentally" let the skirt fall open again, but even further so it nearly exposed her panties. She saw him glance at her leg, just for a moment, and then he handed over her drink before nodding formally and walking away. She felt a buzz of excitement. It was hardly anything compared to last night but she felt that sense of power and eroticism again.

She looked at Ed who seemed not to have noticed and was back engrossed in his book. She rearranged the skirt so one leg was completely in view almost to her waist and the other was visible to just above her knee. Then she settled to watch out for passing men giving her a look.

She was disappointed. Either they were not noticing her or being very discrete in their glances.

Looking around, Kate noted that many women were in bikinis. It was a hot day and the sundeck was filling up. There was a lot more flesh for males to enjoy than one bare leg on an average woman. She had a sense of anticlimax after the previous night's experience. Then she had an idea.

"I think I'll just have a little walk and stretch my legs. My book's a bit boring."

Ed barely responded. "Ok, love." he said without looking up. Obviously his book was more interesting.

Kate slipped on her sandals and walked along the deck. She was looking for one of the small shops that sold various gifts and items that the passengers had forgotten to pack. Soon she found what she was looking for: a place that sold bikinis and swimsuits.

She browsed the various racks, looking for something she thought she might look good in. Something the new Kate would look good in - that she would dare to wear, although she didn't want Ed to think she had become an exhibitionist overnight; after all, surely no husband wants his wife to be lusted after by other men, does he?

So Kate ruled out some of the thong bikinis and some of the tops that looked like they barely covered the nipple. Instead she chose a bright yellow set that were still quite small but not quite so daring.

"Would you like to try on?" asked an assistant.

"Er, no. I think these will be fine."

"I might lose a sale here but I think I should point out that bikini is suitable only for sunbathing. If you go for a swim, it will become see-though."

"Oh, that's okay." said Kate. Then she felt she should add: "I don't expect I will be swimming in it."

She paid for the costume and then went back to her cabin where she tried it on for the first time. In the mirror she was surprised to see how revealing it looked, and how sexy she felt wearing it. She slipped her t-shirt and skirt back on and returned to her sun-lounger. Again Ed was engrossed in his novel and gave a brief wave of acknowledgement. Kate wondered what he would think of the outfit.

It was time to find out. She slipped off her t-shirt and laid back. After a few moments she heard a low whistle.

"Hey, where did you get that? You look great." Ed said with a strong sense of approval that delighted his wife. He tossed his book aside. Clearly it wasn't as interesting as Kate's new outfit...

"Oh I was so hot I just thought I needed to relax a little and not worry about being covered up all the time. Everyone else here is in bikinis."

"Well, the women are." He laughed.

"Wanna see the bottoms?"

"Let me think about that." Without hesitation he added: "Yeah, okay."

Kate slipped off her skirt and stretched out on her stomach. "I didn't risk buying a thong."

"I wouldn't have minded. But you're gonna need some cream or you'll burn the exposed parts of that pearly white butt of yours."

"So rub it in, sweetheart."

Ed didn't need asking twice. Starting with her feet, he massaged the suncream up her legs and around the edge of her bikini bottom.

"Make sure you don't miss anywhere." she insisted.

Ed slipped his hand under the material and rubbed in the cream carefully. He lingered under the bikini bottom and as he massaged her inner thighs she felt his fingers brush her pussy and she knew it was deliberate. "Later, honey."

"But you look sensational."

"I know." That erotic feeling of power again. "Do my back."

Ed's hand worked the lotion up Kate's back.

"Untie my top if it helps."

Again he didn't need to be told more than once. He undid the top and smoothed the cream all over her white flesh. He pulled the straps off completely to do her arms and then she felt him gently explore the sides of her boobs as he completed his task. She heard him put the bottle down and through her half-closed eyes saw him sit down with his book again. She had hoped he would have some more compliments to offer but she was also aware that he hadn't re-fastened her top. Maybe he was hoping for a flash? Silly really, as he had been playing with her tits a couple of hours earlier. Did he want her to flash other men? Perhaps he did? He had certainly been turned on by her naked show the night before.

Kate felt relaxed and found herself drifting onto a half-sleep as the motion of the ship and the warmth of the sun on her mostly bare skin seemed to lull her busy brain.

"Another drink, madam?"

Kate was suddenly stirred by the waiter's voice and momentarily disorientated. She sat up quickly, half-turning, and suddenly realised her bikini was still on the sun-lounger and her tits were exposed. The waiter smiled and did not look away.

Resting on one arm, Kate hastily put the other one across her chest. She felt a strange confusion of embarrassment and excitement. She looked for Ed but he seemed to have gone for a walk. His book was abandoned on his lounger.

"Er, yes another drink would be great, thanks. Just an orange juice."

"I'll take your empty glass." he offered.

And reached out a hand.

Kate looked at the glass - on the floor by her side but inaccessible to the waiter. One arm was propping her up. She could only pick it up with the hand that was covering her boobs. Suddenly enjoying the excuse to flash her naked breasts, she reached down and handed over the glass. Even though the action was over in a moment, she felt her nipples swell.

Emboldened by her excitement Kate decided not to cover herself again and confidently sat bare-breasted before the waiter, who didn't seem in a hurry to go. He seemed to be openly staring at her exposed chest. She smiled at him.

"What is your cabin number?"

The question caught her off guard. Was he chatting her up?

"My cabin number?"

"So I can charge you for your drinks." He smiled.

"Oh, sorry, yes, er...171."

"Thank you, Madam." he turned and strode away.

He would be back soon with her drink. Should she put her top back on?

"Well look at you!"

She looked up to see Ed with a huge grin on his face and a growing bulge in his swimming shorts that he had changed into.

"Well you look pleased to see me."

"I sure am. I never thought I'd see those beauties in public."

"I didn't do it on purpose. You left my top undone when you did my back."

"I know. I was hopeful. It's turned me on seeing you get exposed."


"Yeah, what man isn't secretly proud when others see his stunning wife?"

"Men without stunning wives, I suppose. I'm not that stunning."

"You should see what I can see. Anyway, better get some lotion on your front now."

"Want to do the honours again?"

"I was hoping you would say that."

Kate lay back and Ed worked the suncream into her legs. This time he blatantly rubbed her crotch when he reached it.

"Mmm" Groaned Kate. "Maybe we should head back to the cabin. But I've got a drink coming first."

"I think coming is the best word for it. I will have to lie on my front or I will be arrested."

"You haven't even done my top yet."

Ed moved up and sat by Kate's waist. He started to rub the cream onto her belly but quickly moved to her breasts and massaged them gently. Kate was loving it. She felt remarkably aroused. Noting that men sunbathing nearby were glancing towards her made the feeling more intense.

"Need some help with that?" It was the waiter. To her own surprise, Kate didn't react with any embarrassment although Ed quickly pulled his hands away.

The waiter held out a small tray with Kate's orange juice on it. "Do carry on - you mustn't get burnt. You don't want those beauties damaged. They're very nice."

Kate was surprised at his boldness but she sat up and took the drink. "Thanks."

"Like I say, any time you need help, sir." The waiter winked and then walked away.

"You see." Ed declared. "I have a stunning wife."

She was amazed that he showed no sign of jealousy. "You don't mind him saying that?"

"I'm as pleased as mother's apple pie. Always wanted to show you off. Might give you more confidence."

"You never said."

"You've always been so shy. Fancy a swim?"

"Okay. Better put my top on."

"You better had. We don't want someone to lose an eye." Ed tickled a nipple with one finger.

Kate slipped her bikini top back on and Ed fastened it. As she followed him to the pool in a route that took them past a number of sunbathing couples she realised that many of the men were looking up at her. Some smiled and nodded. It occurred to her that some of them probably saw last night's show. She felt good about that.

They had reached the pool now and Ed, a confident swimmer, plunged straight in. Kate could swim but normally avoided the spectacular and so she carefully walked backwards down some steps into the pool. The water was a little cold and she felt it literally bathe her body in new sensations. She knew her nipples were hard but she was under water to her neck.

Then another realisation surfaced. The bikini was see-through when wet. What should she do? Was this a good idea?

"Hey, Kate! Catch!"

It was Tom - the guy they had met the night before at their table. He was sitting on the edge of the pool and his wife Ellie was sitting next to him, wearing a fairly conservative one-piece costume, although they both looked fit and good looking. Tom had a lean and athletic body. Ellie looked really attractive although she had no tits to speak of. Tom was gesturing to throw an inflated ball to her.

Kate gestured back to him to go ahead, and caught his throw. She batted the ball back and swam to him but kept most of her body below the surface.

"Hey you were sensational last night." enthused Tom.

Kate blushed a little. "You know it was an accident."

"Yeah, you said. But you really pulled it off. In fact you pulled everything off." He grinned.

"It was amazing." added Ellie. "You looked like you'd been part of the act for years. You have a great body."

Ed swam up. "I've been telling her that for years. You wouldn't know she's shy after last night, though."

"Well I would have just run off stage." said Ellie.

Kate was aware that she was slightly uncomfortable - much less than she would have been 24 hours earlier - but still not quite at ease. She recognised that she wasn't in control here even though she enjoyed the attention. And she was aware that her bikini would give their new acquaintances another show if she wasn't careful. "Well I need to keep this body in good condition so I'm off for a swim."

She pushed off from the side but immediately felt sharp pain in her foot as it touched the bottom.

She cried out and grabbed the side of the pool.

Ed, Tom and Ellie looked concerned. "What happened?" asked Ed.

"My foot... I don't know..." Kate looked under the water and saw a trickle of red. "I think I gashed my foot."

Tom reached out from the side and grabbed her hand. "Come on, let's get you looked at. Someone dropped a glass here earlier. I don't think they realised some might have gone in the pool."

He and Ellie lifted Kaye out of the water. Ed gave her a push with two hands firmly on her ass but her foot hurt too much for her to enjoy the moment. Tom and Ellie's loungers were right by the pool and they layed her on one of them.

"It's not too bad." said Ellie. "Just a little cut but you need a plaster and maybe some cream. I have some in our cabin." She immediately walked away.

Ed climbed out of the pool and joined Ed who was sitting on the other lounger. Kate had been laid back with her eyes closed. Ellie might have described it as a "little cut" but it was hurting and all she was thinking of right now.

As she sat up she was aware of both men's attention, but they were not interested in her foot. They were staring at her body.

"I ... think you need a towel." stammered Ed. "I will fetch one."

"It's okay. I have one here." protested Tom.

"You might get blood on it. I will be right back." Ed left Kate with just Tom who was obviously staring at her crotch. Kate raised her head and looked down. She could see her nipples and pubic hair plainly visible. She might as well not be wearing anything.

"Wow? Did you buy that outfit today? Did they warn you it was like this?" asked Tom.

It took a moment for Kate to answer. She was struggling with the thought that she was enjoying his rapt gaze. "I..er.. Yes, but I forgot that it was see-though when wet."

Although she wanted to put and arm across her chest and a hand over her crotch, Kate remained motionless as Tom continued to stare with almost apparent lust. A surge of her new confidence hit her. "Like what you see?" She moved her legs very slightly apart.

It embarrassed Tom and he looked away, uncomfortable. "Sorry."

"It's okay. I can't blame you for looking." She gave a little lick of her lip.

Tom turned back but looked at her face, catching her eyes. "I do like what I see."

There was erotic tension in the air but at that moment Ed returned and put a towel over Kate. Moments later Ellie also reappeared and carefully tended to Kate's wound.

Kate stood up and tested her foot. "I think I will be okay, but I'd better go back to our cabin and give it a proper wash."

The others nodded.

"Feel free to join us here after lunch if you like." said Ellie as Kate and Ed made their move.

"Yeah, and be sure to wear that nice bikini again." added Tom as his wife smacked his arm.

As they walked back to their cabin through the sun lounger area, Kate was aware of slight disappointment that the towel around her was hiding the revealing bikini underneath. She could have walked past all those men with a pretence that she didn't realise it was see-through.

Maybe another time....

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