tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Show Must Go On Ch. 06

The Show Must Go On Ch. 06


Please note: this story will make much more sense if you read the earlier chapters!


Kate was more nervous and more excited than she had ever been in her whole life. Only a few days earlier she had been a shy conservative housewife on a boring cruise with her nice but boring husband.

Well, that was how she tried to think of him as she headed towards the party. She loved Ed and she did not want to hurt him, be unfaithful to him or break up their marriage. He was at home, a long way away and what he didn't know wouldn't hurt. Hopefully.

So here she was walking along the deck of the cruise ship, about to entertain a group of directors by stripping. How had she got herself into this?

She knew it was all to do with control. The power over men she had discovered. The power of her sex. The power it gave a woman over a man. It was addictive. That's what stopped her from turning round, going back to the cabin and locking the door. That plus the almost unbelievable one thousand dollars she had been given upfront. Geoff, the guy who had asked her to perform, had delivered it that afternoon. He had given her a CD with the music that would play during her act - mostly sexually explicit r-n-b - along with instruction on where to go for the event, and strict instructions that she had to get completely naked but make a show of it - take her time, in other words - and make it sexy as hell.

It was someone's fiftieth birthday party so Kate had asked that the guy was easily identifiable so she could make a fuss of him. She had some ideas and she had brought along a bag of props, but although she knew broadly what she planned to do, she also intended to go with the flow and respond to how this group of men reacted. As long as she was in control it would be safe - and hopefully lots of fun.

She arrived at the venue at exactly 10.50 as arranged. She was due on at 11pm and Geoff - the guy who had arranged this - met her at the door. Earlier he had worn a suit and although he no longer wore the jacket he still looked formal in his shirt and tie.

He took her down a short corridor into a small room and looked her up and down. She was wearing a large baggy t-shirt and baggy jeans. The only sexy thing about her seemed to be her long hair and very high heels.

"Er... if you want to get changed here...." he began.

"Actually I'm ready. This is what I plan to wear."

He looked disappointed. "We paid a thousand dollars...."

She reached out and stroked his chin. "Please don't worry. I won't disappoint you. You won't be asking for your money back." Inside she hoped that would be true.

Geoff shrugged. "Okay. But it's me they will get mad with if you aren't what they hoped for."

"Trust me." She could hear music and laugher from the room next door. "Are they all here?"

"Ah... I need to let you know about that. I said there would be fifteen of us but there's more like thirty or thirty five. Some of the guys invited some of the crew.

"I should charge more..."

"You already stung me for double what I offered."

Kate laughed. "I know. But I will be safe, won't I?"

"Oh, yeah, there's never been a problem. The guys are told that there's no touching and there is a bouncer working behind the bar."

"Okay. Well let's get on with it."

"I will go on and announce you."

Kate felt her stomach lurch. She wanted to stop now. But she desperately wanted to do this too.

She left the changing room and followed Geoff to the door into the venue. He went ahead and she held the door slightly ajar so she could see where she would perform.

Geoff had gone onto a small stage - maybe no more than a foot high. The venue was a smallish bar, low lit but she could make out a small crowd of men, mostly in suits, holding glasses of beer or wine. They seemed reasonably sober from this distance, but they seemed to fill the small bar and that felt a little threatening. Music was playing and there was occasional laughter. She could make out a man in the crowd who was wearing a large badge with the number fifty on it. Well, that solved that question.

Geoff put his hand to his forehead to shield his eyes from the bright stage lights.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen.... sorry ... just gentlemen. I want to introduce you to a beautiful lady. A sexy lady. You've seen her perform her magic with Nick Brown, but she's her alone tonight. And she's going to be magical. Please welcome..... Kate!"

The music changed so something sexier and slightly louder. The audience applauded - only politely but expectantly. They looked towards the door.

Kate made them wait a moment. She pulled a stick of chewing gum from her pocket, unwrapped it and popped it in her mouth, She thought it gave her an air of sluttishness.

She opened the door and walked confidently onto the stage. She knew they would be initially disappointed like Geoff had been a few moments earlier. A girl in t-shirt and jeans? But she gave a wiggle of her hips as she stepped into the spotlight, and one guy did whistle.

She had brought a handbag with her and she turned her back to the audience, bending at the waist to put it down. She wriggled her bottom and got another whistle.

She turned and gave a broad smile, brushing her loose long hair back before running her hands over her chest in a way that she certainly wouldn't do normally in public. Then she stepped off the stage and strode into the audience, seeking the birthday boy. Standing before him she gave a sultry "come to me" gesture with her finger. When he hesitated she stepped closer and grabbed his tie, turning and walking him back to the stage like a slave. There were whistles, cheers and shouts, including one of "Way to go, Brian." Now she had his name.

There was a chair on the stage and Kate pushed the man into it. She dangled her hair in his face and then leant close to his ear. "Hi, Brian." she whispered. "Just do what I say and no-one gets hurt."

Brian had a nervous grin on his face - a mixture of anticipation and fear of the unknown. Kate was already enjoying this. The power she had, despite being the only woman in the room, was amazing. And she was about to strengthen that power even further. Reaching into her handbag she produced two sets of handcuffs that she had borrowed from Nick earlier. There was laughter as she cuffed each of the birthday boy's wrists to the back legs of the chair. Now she could do what she wanted.

Kate sat on the man's lap and gave his cheek a kiss. Then she gave his nose a sensual lick, before standing again, facing him but with her back to the audience. Staring Brian in the face, holding his eyes with her gaze, she slowly unzipped her baggy jeans. When they were undone she lowered them an inch or two. She turned briefly to the audience to let them see what she had done. Then she turned back to Brian and let them drop to her ankles. Underneath she had a tiny g-string that was small at the front but virtually backless. Everyone could see her naked ass cheeks and she enjoyed the loudest cheer so far. Brain was grinning as she stepped daintily out of her jeans and kicked them to one side.

Now she sat on him again, but with her legs astride him and pulled his face into her bosom. As she rubbed her breasts around his face, he would be discovering that she was braless and she made the moment last more than a few seconds - until he might feel about to be asphyxiated. There was laughter again and some shouting from the crowd.

As the man took in some air when she sat back a little, Kate lifted the front of her loose-fitting t-shirt and pulled his head up underneath it, holding his face between her naked breasts but hiding it by pulling the t-shirt down again, although the audience knew what was happening. His face was hot on her tits and she could feel his rapid breath. She kept him trapped for a few more seconds. It felt good.

Standing up, she let his head pop out from under her shirt and he grinned at his colleagues and nodded appreciation. Someone shouted "What are her tits like, Brian?"

"Big!" he shouted back.

Kate put a finger on his lips like a schoolteacher showing disapproval. Then she stepped into the audience and took an almost full pint of beer from a surprised man. Before he could say anything Kate said loudly: "Brian needs a drink! He's been working hard!"

Stepping back onto the small stage, she pretended to trip and launched the pint of beer all over Brian. Everyone laughed at his predicament as he shook his head to get dry.

Kate put her hand to her mouth in an obviously theatrical "Oh dear." Then she stepped back into the audience, taking another almost full pint from another man, who didn't seem to mind. As she went back once more to the stage she pretended to trip again but this time threw the beer all over herself. There was laughter again but this time it sounded affirming rather than mocking.

Kate turned initially away from her audience and smoothed her now soaking t-shirt against her body, before turning to face them, the material clinging tightly and revealingly against her breasts. There approving shouts and one man shouted "Want any more beer, love?"

She smiled in the direction of the shout before shouting back. "No! But I'm wet through! Could you help me get this top off?"

A man strode confidently onto the stage but Kate grabbed his tie just like she had with Brian and moved him where she wanted him. She had him face the audience and then stood in front of him with her back to him. She reached back and took his hands in hers, placing them on her waist. She whispered over her shoulder "Take my top off now." and put her hands in the air. The man grasped the bottom hem of her t-shirt and lifted it over her head with one move.

Kate felt astonishingly electrified as her breasts bounced into view and she stood wearing just her tiny g-string and high heels before an audience that cheered and applauded as though their team had just won a major trophy. She had no idea what testosterone smells like - or even if it was possible to smell it - but it felt there was an aroma of male lust in the air.

The man let her t-shirt drop to the floor and started to put his hands on her waist but she gave him a playful slap on the wrist and pointed his way back into the crowd. "Bring me champagne." she ordered. She had spotted several buckets each loaded with a bottle on a table with the bar.

The man brought back a bucket, pulled out the bottle and offered it to her. She didn't take it but instructed him to undo the wire. When he had removed it she took the bottle from him and pointed him to leave the stage.

Kate now sat on birthday boy's lap again and whispered in his ear. "Do you like champagne?"

He nodded. Kate stood up and began to pace the stage as she worked the cork loose, occasionally shaking the bottle a little. When it seemed close to release, she stood behind her handcuffed victim, letting her bare breasts rest on his shoulders. She reached around and placed the bottle firmly in his lap before giving the cork a final push. The cork shot into the ceiling and champagne gushed out like an enormous ejaculation, spilling onto Brian's trousers.

Moving in front of him she poured the rest of the bottle onto her breasts before sitting astride Brian once more and thrusting her tits into his face. He took the hint and eagerly licked the champagne from them, pausing occasionally to suck her nipples.

The audience was going wild. Kate remembered Geoff's comment that she would be safe because there was "no touching." at these parties. Well there was plenty of touching this year, but she was safe because she was doing the touching. And enjoying it.

But... what to do now? Where could she take this show next.

Kate picked up her discarded t-shirt from the floor and put it over the birthday boy's head, blindfolding him.

Then she began to unbuckle his pants. There were shouts of "get them off" from his friends, and other less complementary shouts of "you won't find anything in there, love!" and "I hope you have better luck than his wife!"

She laughed as she slipped his pants and underwear off, along with his shoes. His cock was small and limp. She hoped this wasn't going too far. He was probably embarrassed but, hey, he had a suck on her tits.

Still wearing her tiny g-string she sat in his lap and ground her ass against him. She felt his penis growing harder and larger. After a minute she stood again and bent over him, reaching down and giving his balls a brief fondle. She also gave his cock a squeeze and a quick rub. Every eye in the place was still fixed on her. What would she dare to do now?

Kate left the stage again and briefly surveyed the buffet table. She selected a jug of cream and brought it back to the stage, setting it down under Brain's chair. She had several ideas about what to do with it but then she settled on one she thought might be most memorable,

Kate took Brain's cock in her left hand again and began to milk it furiously. She whispered "You like that, don't you?" in his ear. There were obscene comments from the floor but she ignored them. She could sense his orgasm coming very soon and as it squirted she used her left hand, placed strategically on his bare hairy leg, to capture the juice.

Her experience with Nick in the magic show had made her more confident about the taste of spunk and she quickly licked it all from her hand. There were strangely quiet but affirming murmurs from those watching. But she hadn't finished. Reaching quickly down, she scooped up a little cream from the jug below the chair. She moved her left hand from Brain's cock to his head and snatched the t-shirt away. As he blinked his vision back to clarity she brought the cream-filled hand to his mouth and pushed it in. "Taste that, honey!" she cried.

He protested at first and tried to move his face away but then looked puzzled. Kate waved a spectator forward and brushed the remaining cream over a nipple, offering it to the man. She let the man lick it off while Brain watched. His face was a picture and there was much loud laughter.

Before the excitement and applause died down, Kate quickly uncuffed the birthday boy, pulled him to his feet, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and whispered "Thanks! Hope you enjoyed yourself!" Then she bowed low to the audience, waved and left the stage, grabbing her bag and t-shirt as she went.

When she reached the small dressing room she was aware of her little heart pounding within, and her pulse racing. Her pussy was soaking wet. What fun that had been!

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