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The Slammer Sluts


Mandy had been behind it all. Mandy who sucked on my cock like my semen was the only thing keeping her alive. Mandy who loved to get on top and ride me hard reverse cowgirl, using me for her own gratification with absolutely no regard for my desires. Mandy who invented ailments on a weekly basis just so she could spend half an hour in the infirmary shagging my brains out. I knew she didn't have a long term partner, but in these on-line days it was possible to hook up with a fuck buddy over special websites for convicts in prisons - if you could find one willing to marry you in prison, that is. Mandy would have been a decent catch for any single guy with a prison bitch fetish. I only understood her particular predicament fully when she told me what she had been convicted of and that's when I realised that as far as she was concerned it was me or celibacy. Or lesbianism, I suppose.

I'd asked her about those websites once as she panted atop me, chest heaving and aglow with post orgasmic flush, my cum pouring in thick, viscous streams out of her cunt and running down the ridges of my rigid cock, still buried deep inside her velvety sheath. She just laughed, explaining to me that the crime she had been banged up for excluded her from conjugal visitation rights, or Extended Family Visits as the State of California now calls them.

"Those wankers?" She sneered dismissively. "Sad, pathetic creeps who either can't get a woman, can't keep a woman or can't satisfy a woman and are too chickenshit to go out and bone a cheap hooker. I mean, what sort of low life trawls through 'chicks in jail' websites looking for some skanky, cock starved long term bitch to marry just so that he can fuck her in a shitty trailer with armed screws outside the door laughing at every squeak of a worn out bed that fat cunts and their obese, sweaty husbands have been fucking in for years?"

I had to admit that she did have a point.

"They can all go fuck themselves." She'd spat as she lifted herself off me and climbed off the bed in search of panties that I'd thrown halfway across the room in my haste to get them off her. "And anyway, I can't imagine any of them adding me as a Facebook friend when they find out what I'm in for, let alone volunteer to marry me just to get their leg over for free every couple of months for fifteen years before divorcing me when my usefulness expires because these babies are sagging halfway down to my knees." She added as she stood naked before me, pulling those knickers up to cover her cum seeping cunt. I said a silent prayer to the inventor of the morning after pill as I retrieved one from a plastic drawer and tossed it to her. She swallowed it with relish.

Yep, I understood that point of view also. Given a choice between screwing a woman convicted of stealing a couple of hundred bucks from a cash register or one that had happily confessed to stabbing her husband to death in a blind rage after learning that he was screwing his seventeen year old receptionist behind her back I know which one I'd be sending my befriend request to.

"And I've got you for the next fifteen years, give or take time off for good behaviour." She'd reminded me as she reached behind her back to fasten her bra. "Fit, healthy, fairly good looking ex-army medics with big, fat cocks and can keep them up long enough don't browse 'sluts in the slammer' dot com." She assured me as she stuck her tongue in my mouth and gave my big, fat cock a loving squeeze. I never had the heart to tell her that I was only temping and she'd be lucky to get a few months use of my body.

Mandy's greatest assets were her tits and she knew it, loved to flaunt them by rubbing them all over my face as she rode me. Big ones for a skinny girl, too. Firm, full, but with the tiniest nipples you could possibly imagine. They were almost like two ink spots a street artist might have left on a nude portrait as an afterthought. I remember lying on my side on the examination bed, my penis stubbornly refusing to go flaccid as I watched her dress, thinking about those glorious fifteen years. Unless my wife found out and cut my time short by stabbing me twenty nine times in the back, of course.

It was amazing that we'd been able to keep our secret liaisons from the prison authorities for the three months that I had been temping here, I knew. Fortunately the examination cubicle was the only place in the infirmary that didn't have CCTV coverage, so long as I drew the curtains, that is. My office had a camera in it, but I knew that one didn't work because one of the tech guys had told me so and it was at the very bottom of their list of security concerns. So I stood on a chair, pointed the lens at the ceiling so that I'd know when it was eventually fixed, and fucked Mandy like the bitch in heat that she was over my desk the very next day, pulling on her long, blonde hair as she begged me to punish her harder than the corrections system was doing. The camera still hadn't been sorted and had been like that for three months. We couldn't use the infirmary beds for our romantic entanglements, but the bed in the examination cubicle had taken a hell of a pounding.

But I also knew that this triste wasn't just our secret any more. Knowledge is power, and there's few places where this old adage rings true more than in a prison. Somebody had somehow figured out that Mandy was getting laid regularly within the realms of the penitentiary and had threatened to cut her face up unless she shared her secret. Our exclusivity was almost at an end, it seemed. I just hoped the psycho bitch threatening my lover didn't stink like a wet dog or weigh two hundred pounds or more. Knowing my luck she would tick both of those boxes

Knowledge is power, a tradeable commodity in any jail, and I understood that I was being whored out to keep Mandy safe from spending legitimate, prolonged time in an infirmary bed incapable of doing anything but taking a straw in her mouth to feed from, never mind a hard cock. She'd assured me that the woman she was being forced to share me with wasn't unattractive but I remained unconvinced. Any woman described as 'not unattractive' sure as hell couldn't be much to write home about. I didn't even have much of a choice in the matter - if the cow went to the authorities with what she knew then I could expect severe repercussions, ranging from malpractice suits which would destroy my future employment prospects to possibly jail time myself. It was for damn sure that I didn't want to be renting my tight ass out to the Crips or Aryan Brotherhood faggots so my best path of action was to just play along and perhaps even enjoy the exploitation. Unless the mystery woman was a fat, hairy fiend, of course, in which case I'd be transferring myself back to general practice and Mandy could see how it felt to be on the sharp end of a blade for a change.

I hadn't seen Mandy all week and was gagging for a good screw myself, if you can forgive the prison pun. I'd attended a couple of women with the usual prison ailments - cuts, bruises, abrasions, migraines - and while there had been the usual flirting, none of them had grabbed me by the balls and told me that if I didn't bring them to an earth shattering climax then they'd cut Mandy's cute nose off. Maybe it was time to get out of this place, I contemplated. It was only a matter of time before a female nurse became available and I was moved on, I knew. I'd come here to fill in for a short term maternity leave and if the woman decided to return to work after having her baby then I was going to be kicked out anyway. So far none of my few patients had refused to be attended by a male medic, but the moment one did my life would get a little less fun filled. Still, the pay was better than I'd got in the army, and there was no chance of being posted to the 'Stan where shagging a local girl would likely get your prick cut off and shoved in your mouth by Al Qaeda's cowards. Until I got accepted for the EMT training that I had applied for when Uncle Sam had RIF'ed me out, I just had to grin and bear it, I smiled to myself.

In a way I was looking forward to this woman coming in after a fight to be patched up and telling me that Mandy had sent her. It had been a while since Mandy had last drained my balls and even longer since my wife had shown any interest in that aspect of our marriage. She was always too tired. Perhaps we were both enduring the seven year itch. Perhaps she was fucking around behind my back, too. Extra-marital affairs are an exhausting pastime. I can certainly vouch for that.

I heard the alarms go off and readied myself for new business. Within five minutes two guards brought a redhead to the infirmary. Not unattractive? Man, this one was even better looking than cute-as-a-button Mandy. A little older, perhaps thirty two, thirty three years old. Long, straight, natural copper hair, chest not particularly noteworthy, but otherwise not an ounce of spare fat anywhere on her body. Good muscle definition, a pretty enough face complete with those beautiful light brown freckles that only proper redheads seem to have. Green eyes. Sparkling green eyes, that is. Green eyes on a redhead is an awesome combination. Mandy had been holding out on me, and that didn't really surprise me having set eyes on this pretty thing. This was real competition for her. Mandy was an attractive enough piece of ass, make no mistake about that, but this redhead made her look positively dowdy.

"What's up?" I asked the two female dragons guarding her.

"Yard fight. She think she might have busted a rib."

"You called an ambulance?"

"Not 'til you say so, Doc."

"Ok I'll check her over. If she needs a trip to General I'll call it in."

"Sure." The senior guard said. "Sadie'll be just outside the door. No disrespect, doc, but some of these bitches are tricksy." She warned me.

"No problem. If her ribs are broken she'll probably make some noise so bear that in mind before you come charging in with all guns blazing, okay?" I smiled at her, beckoning to the prisoner to come on in. "The hand cuffs really necessary?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You really need them taken off, doc?" The guard asked, raising an eyebrow and glancing at Sadie.

"If that's not too much trouble." I ventured. "They'll just get in the way during the examination."

"Sadie?" She said, stepping aside. Sadie moved in as the redhead lifted her arms, wincing as she did so. The cuffs were removed and clipped back onto Sadie's utility belt.

"What's your name?" I asked the redhead.

"Miller." She responded, glancing about the empty infirmary.

"First name?"


"Hi Emma, I'm Paul." I smiled. "What happened to you?"

"I took a coupla kicks to the stomach in the yard." She told me, her hand automatically moving to her t-shirt's right side underneath the small bump of her breast. "Hurts when I breathe."

Pretty dumb thing to put yourself through just for a quick fuck, I thought as I carefully examined the bruises growing there. If they were busted then she was going to be in all sorts of agonies when the heavy panting started, I knew. Still, she must have known what she was getting herself into when she'd threatened Mandy. Perhaps the pleasure/pain relationship was something she got off on. "Okay, if you could go behind those curtains and take the shirt off for me, that'd be great." I told her, then I turned to find that the two guards had left, Sadie closing and locking the security door behind her - it was procedure to lock the door when a patient was in the infirmary. Often there'd be a guard, but after a fracas they'd probably be busy restoring order down in the dungeons. I couldn't see her chunky silhouette through the frosted glass, but that didn't mean she'd gone down to muck in with the rest of the screws.

I drew open the cubicle curtains to find Emma sat on the edge of the bed, her T-shirt carefully folded beside her. She still had her bra on, I saw, as she regarded me coldly. It was frayed and light grey from a thousand boil washes.

"Lift your right arm up." I instructed, then carefully tested each of her ribs one by one. "Does it hurt here?"

"Higher up." She said. I couldn't help but smile. Higher up was also where her tits waited, still nestled in their B-cups. I ran my fingers up her ribs, determining that none seemed broken when it looked as if most of her pain was being caused by pressing on the soft musculature between the ribs.

"There!" she said as I found the spot where the tissue had taken the most damage, smack bang between the third and fourth ribs but not on either of the bones. A couple of painkillers and she'd be right as rain in a week or two.

"Not here?" I asked as I covered her right breast with my hand, staring straight into her captivating emerald eyes as they went wide in surprise, then narrowed into a glare as I ran my thumb and forefinger over the nipple, feeling it stiffen beneath my touch.

"No, all good there." She replied, biting her lower lip and glaring even more malevolently at me.

"You sure?" I persisted, sliding my fingers inside the off-white cup and tracing her nipple with the pad of my thumb.

"Yep. Feels fine to me." She said. Then she grabbed my balls and squeezed hard. "How about you, doc? That hurt?"

Actually, it did but I wasn't about to show weakness by admitting so. I continued to stroke her hardened nipple with my thumb while she maintained her solid grasp on my hardening nuts. Our eyes were still locked together, gazes unflinching as I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pinched it lightly. This wasn't going quite the way I had envisioned it. First off I had expected her to be half naked, if not nude, and climbing all over me when I had drawn the cubicle curtains, and secondly the hold that she had over my testes seemed like one borne of fury rather than passion. I wrote it off as the way some women are, particularly prison bitches who survive on the aura of intimidation that they radiate to other inmates.

"Shit, doc, you sure do have a weird bedside manner." Emma breathed, her grip on my balls relaxing, her eyes narrowing, teeth gritted as I tweaked her nipple a little harder, returning her own aggression with a little of my own. That was more like it. "Fuck, I'd forgotten how good it feels to have a man do that."

"How long you been in?" I asked as I eased the cup of her bra up to reveal the entirety of her breast.

"Just starting my second year of a five year stretch." She sighed as I moved my other hand to her left breast and pushed the cup up and over the nipple there. "The last time I was in here there was a female nurse." She told me as the hand on my nuts began methodically massaging me to hardness.

"I'm temping while she's on maternity leave." I explained, my thumbs toying with both her nipples simultaneously.

"What about that motherfucking cunt of a guard outside?" Emma asked as her hands popped the button of my jeans and sought the zipper.

"How quiet can you be?" I asked, reaching behind her and unclasping her bra, the worn garment dropping into her lap.

"I'm a convict, doc. I've been finger fucking myself to silent orgasms for the last twelve months." She assured me. Mandy had told me much the same thing about her sex life inside. I'd thought it'd be all lesbian gang bangs in the shower room, but apparently those were the exception rather than the rule. No dildos or vibrators were allowed in state prisons, either. Not since some skank got bludgeoned to death by a big black one in an Ohio slammer a coupla decades back.

"No conjugal visits?"

"I'm in this shithole for putting an ex-boyfriend into a coma with a baseball bat." She laughed. "Not being married, I don't qualify for EFV. Reckon that twat has moved on with his life by now, too." She sighed. "Isn't it the done thing to at least kiss me before groping my tits or has romance changed while I've been banged up in here?."

I moved in on her, our eyes still locked on each other, and I saw her mouth open as she finally let her eyelids flutter closed. Our lips touched and she turned into an animal, a ravenous bitch in heat hungry for whatever I had to offer, starting with my tongue. I squeezed her small tits, pushing her down onto her back on the narrow articulating bed. She winced, but that didn't stop her hands from yanking my trousers down, having successfully worked the zipper all the way open, or our tongues from twisting in a hot, moist tangle.

She let out a muted "Owww" as I let too much of my weight settle on her injured torso. "Easy, Doc." She breathed as I broke the kiss to apologise. "No rough stuff on a first date, okay?"

"Whatever you say, honey." I laughed, leaning over to take her nipple into my mouth, sucking on her small, pert breasts as my fingers worked at the buttons of her jeans, carefully avoiding the livid bruising where her abdominal cartilage had been damaged. I eased her jeans down to her knees and began to rub her pussy through her off-white panties, amazed to feel a warm, sticky wetness had already soaked through the gusset of her knickers.

By this time Emma had managed to tug my black slacks down, taking my boxer shorts with them, and was cradling my erection in her hands, running her fingers all over it as she familiarised herself with the shape and size of almost forgotten pleasures. "Let me taste it." She breathed. "I love the masculine taste - we don't get much of that in here."

I rose to my full height and shuffled along the bed, the trousers and shorts around my ankle making movement comically awkward. Emma's hand guided my fully erect cock straight to her lips, taking the whole of the glans between her lips and sucking on it powerfully, her tongue teasing, sweeping around and around it inside her mouth in a hardcore French kiss that made me shiver with delight. I looked down on her as she slid her lips further along my cock, her eyes wide open and staring up into mine as she worked the shaft with her fingers. I rested my hand on her lower belly, then pushed my hands inside the hem of her panties, fingertips gliding over the smooth flesh before delving into the forest of short, wiry pubic hair.

The closer my fingers got to her pussy, the more excited Emma got and the faster her head bobbed on my cock, one hand milking the shaft with smooth, regular motions while the other cradled my testicles, massaging them carefully. My fingers soon located the unbelievably wet slit between Emma's legs and I commenced stroking up and down the warm, oily gash. Emma's head ceased moving when I touched the hood of her clitoris, her mouth having taken in as much of my meat as she could manage, my large, bulbous knob butting at the back of her throat.

I pushed my middle finger inside her sopping wet hole and she spat my cock out of her awesome mouth.

"Aaaahhhh." She moaned, her hands sliding all over my cock and balls, her eyes closed now as she allowed me to service her. I masturbated her slowly, deeply, my middle finger effortlessly gliding in and out, my palm pressing against her pubis. Because she was so wet and slippery I introduced a second finger to her treasures, making her gasp at the way my two fingers stretched her tight love tunnel.

Emma's hungry lips closed over my cock again and she began to work at me with even more enthusiasm than before, positively gobbling my weapon up as her mouth devoured every inch of what it could cover and her hands molested every little bit that her oral cavern couldn't accommodate.

I increased the speed of my finger-fuck, Emma's hips writhing beneath my hand, my palm slapping wetly, noisily against the periphery of her cunt. I could hear her moaning around my cock, the pain in her abdomen forgotten, her lips and tongue working to get me off just as fast as my fingers were stabbing into her depths to make her cum.

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