tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 02

The Slave Ch. 02


This story has been long in the making. I've had the idea in the back of mind for years now and I finally sat down to feed it and see how it would grow. It has chapters in several different categories, though mostly BDSM, Non-consent, Group and Lesbian. I highly recommend reading in order. As always, please let me know what you think •



The sun was setting on her thirteenth day in her prison, the items she had chosen for her rooms had arrived. Two servants dressed all in white slacks, shirt and shoes had helped her paint a couple of the walls the previous day. All was in place now. Two couches, a love seat that faced the balcony and several low tables graced the room. The furnishings a darker wood but made so light that she had no trouble moving things herself. She hung a painting that Esella had picked out and sent to her. The image of a large lake nestled in the valley of a green covered mountain range reminded her of home.

She had been measured and pinned for clothing that came in shades of blue and green, black and a deep rich red. Dresses, slacks, Capri shorts, button down shirts and t-shirts now filled her closet. Underclothes in silks and cottons, lace and strings in the same colors filled three drawers of her dresser.

Wiping a tear away as she leaned over on the balcony, her cheek resting on her arm, she watched as the colors brushed across the skies. Below her on the grounds workers finished their chores for the day, headed for a building far enough that she could not see it.

Nika thought over the day before when the attendants had helped her paint. They had said the lands for the complex were large enough to hold three main halls, one for guests the other two for the girls; plus three more buildings for the servants, guards, laundry and storage. The two groupings spaced far enough that anyone walking the grounds near the main halls would not even know the other buildings were there if not told. Around the grounds, a twenty foot wall was guarded night and day, stopping any who tried to cross in or out with out permission.

She sighed, the sun finally set and the stars sparkled in the skies so brightly she knew no large cities were near. Nika stretched, the drapes of the dark blue dress in the ancient roman style, she wore tied with black silk rope at her shoulders and waist, flowed around her just past her knees.

A movement below near one of the large shade trees caught her eye. She watched as the shadow moved slightly as if in a salute. She scowled and stepped back realizing that it was the guard, Michael watching her. Agitated, Nika shook her head and returned to her room, locking the balcony doors behind her. To bad I can't lock the door to the hall as well...she thought as she turned to go to bed.

Gasping she froze at the sight of a man sitting in the shadows on her couch. He stood smoothly and bowed in what seemed like a single movement. Standing at lest six feet tall, his hair was dark brown and cut close to his scalp. Dressed in black slacks and shoes, his blue shirt unbuttoned half way showing the strong chest beneath. He motioned with a flick of his wrist that she should come to him.

"Who are you?" she asked, wondering what his arrival would bring her.

He just shook his head and repeated the movement. She had taken a step before she realized what she was doing. She shook her head as she stumbled back. He frowned slightly and repeated the motion this time harder.

Nika stepped forward slowly, realizing that though she did not know what the punishment would be, she knew in place such as this, anything could be done to her and no one would care. His head lowered and a small grin appeared on his face. She swallowed as if to settle her fears but when his hand reached out and took her shoulder in its grasp, she jerked to be released.

He frowned again and pushed down on her shoulder, lowering her to the ground. Her knees caught her dress, pulling it down as they pressed the fabric into the carpet. Nika looked up at his face then, strong European features with blue eyes that matched his shirt, glared down at her. The man stepped closer, the side of his hip brushing her jaw.

The hand on her shoulder moved up her neck to her short brown hair as he spoke in a whisper, "The rules are as follows, I will not hear your voice, ever; you will not look into my eyes or disobey an order. Not knowing this before hand will not save you from your punishments."

He stepped around her, his fingers trailing across the skin of her shoulders, "I will not speak to you after tonight unless I must. You will learn to obey commands by my hand movements. You have already met Esella; she is your Matron of the Hall. I am your trainer and caretaker; it is my job to make sure you are ready for our clients and your guests. You do not need to know my name as I am always Sir to you."

She watched as he moved to the couch and sat back down. His knees spread apart, "When I am sitting and you are not fulfilling a task..." his voice trailed off as he grabbed one of the throw pillows, dropping it between his feet he looked at her, waiting.

Nika stood and walked over quickly to sit on the pillow, her back to the couch. His hand fell on her shoulder, using pressure to turn her until she faced her right knee and her back against his left leg, "Good. Now, I am going to talk, you are going to listen so get comfortable."

She adjusted her seat slightly and waited for him to begin. His voice was softer but no less strong, "This is your new home. You most will likely never return to your previous life. The other Trainers and Matrons will tell you and their women that you'll only be here for a while, that you may get to return home at some later date that they never signify. I believe this is wrong. I tell my girls the truth because you need to know that your old life is over and that your new life awaits you." His fingers slid through her chin length bangs, the longest hair on her head, "I can tell you're a smart adaptable young woman because since meeting me you've only earned three punishments, unlike the majority of girls who simply keep earning them."

His hand fell to her shoulder pressing against it, taking this to mean he wanted her to turn; Nika rose to her knees and turned to face him. "Good girl," he spoke softly, his voice gliding over her as gently as his fingers down her cheek and chin. He stoked his thumb over her full lower lip and then pressed softly until her lips opened, allowing him to run over the edge of her teeth. "How old are you?"

She swallowed and licked her lips, "Twenty four, Sir." She whispered.

"Tell me," he leaned forward, his lips passing over her ear and along her jaw line until they rested a moment away from hers, "Do we need to have the sex talk first or can I just find out how much you know already?"

Her eyes flew up, barely stopping in time at the tip of his nose, she closed her eyes, "I don't need the sex talk Sir. I do have some experience."

"Good," he whispered against her mouth before kissing her gently. She was slow to respond, afraid of what was going to happen, ashamed of her body's reaction and amazed that he felt that good. She kept her hands clasped to her front not sure if she wanted to push him away or pull him closer. The last two weeks had left her unsure of everything. No one spoke to her except for Esella and she was so motherly that it made Nika uncomfortable. In truth she just needed someone to hold her and tell her she was going to be ok.

He deepened the kiss, his tongue finding hers, nipping at her lip. He's seducing me! The surprising thought flickered through her mind. She sighed, blushing furiously when she felt his hands push the shoulders of her dress down her arms. With no nothing holding it up the dress fell to the band at her hips.

He leaned back to look at her. Nika turned her head away, her chin to her shoulder, embarrassed and confused by the low heat in his eyes. She heard the buckle of his belt clink and the friction on the fabric as he pulled it free.

He stood swiftly, pulling her to her feet by wrists. Dragging her over the arm of the chair he laid a stripe across her ass through her dress. Nika cried out in shock and the sting. Watching her reactions, he let the belt rest on her back. Petting her on the back of the head, he pulled the black leather so it slowly fell across her skin and then snapped it leaving a long red line across her spine.

Nika screamed as she scrambled away from him; she fell to the floor, wincing as she landed on her elbow. She didn't need to look past his waist to know he was furious with her. He snapped his fingers and pointed down at his side. She whimpered and scrambled to his side the best she could in her skirt. Hoping he wouldn't do that again she closed her eyes and waited.

His fingers clenched her bangs into his fist as he said softly, the anger in his tone strong and demanding, "Never again, do you understand?"

Nika's "yes sir" so quiet and choked on silent sobs that he barely heard it.

"You will stand, remove the rest of your dress and return to your last position now." He didn't even look at her as she scrambled to do his bidding. Laying over the arm of the couch her hands above her head holding the edge of the cushion, she was waited for the feel of the belt.

He lingered behind her just long enough to see the muscles of her back relax, making the first slap of the belt a surprise. Nika turned her head into the cushion to muffle her cries and hide her tears. The second strike crossed the last making her body jump slightly. Reaching between her legs he felt the wetness he was surprised to find, "You're a natural submissive aren't you" his question needing no answer. "Have you been dominated before?"

Nika turned her head just enough that she wouldn't speak into the couch, "Yes Sir I have."

His chuckle rumbled low in his chest, "that's why you've handled this as well as you have. I am going to have so much fun with my new toy." He let the belt fall again across her ass before laying another stripe along her back. "Yes I am," he growled before he rained blow after blow over her ass, both high near her lower back and low over her thighs, finally pausing to let her breathe; though the feel of his fingers diving between her legs to torment her clit did not allow her rest.

Nika cried, her mind scrambled to find a reason, her frustration making her unable to think at all. The pain from the belt hurt so badly she was past screaming, but the need between her legs was only just beginning to build. She screamed and moaned though at the entrance of his hard cock. He pushed it fast and hard as far as it would go into her wet passage, the slap of his body on her red skin reminding her of the pain he had put her through.

Nika pressed her body back to him hoping he would enjoy her, if nothing else so he would leave her alone. He waited, deep inside of her before pulling out and driving back in. She hid her face again in the cushion tormented by her rising passions. His cock stretched her open, she cried out as she thought he might tear her apart.

It didn't take him long to find a good rhythm pumping into her. He moved faster and faster enjoying the way her body gripped at his cock. His fingers dug into her hips, scratching the red lines with his thumbs.

Her screams turned to moans and cries of pleasure against her will. The feel of his hand moving up her back over the marks sent shivers through her body. His fingers laced through her bangs pulling her, arching her back for him. She wanted to beg for release, she wanted to cry out for him to finish and leave her be.

He slid his fingers down her front to her clit pressing hard causing her body to twitch and cum for him. Her muscles spasms around his cock sending him over the edge; he pressed into her shooting his cum deep into her body.

The flood of heat made her whimper in a mix of pleasure and relief as he let her down. She bit her knuckle waiting for him to move. He grunted softly as he pulled out and wiped him self off with her dress. Putting himself back in his pants he walked around and sat, looking at her.

Nika looked up at the feel of his hand on her head, she watched as he scooted farther down the couch and patted his knee. Moving slowly so as not to stretch the marks on her skin she moved to lay on the couch, her head on his thigh. He ran his hand over her hair not saying a thing, just watching her as she calmed down.

Nika was horrified by her thoughts. All and all she was confused the most. How could she enjoy what he, this stranger, had done to her? How would she look at herself in the mirror again with out seeing a whore?

Her eyes soon closed and he stayed in that spot long after she had fallen asleep on his thigh. The sun would greet her in her bed the next morning, her body sore and her back screaming.

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