tagFetishThe Slave Ch. 08

The Slave Ch. 08


Linda and Sara were called out to help a friend. Brenda found herself alone in the house with the slave. She was so excited from administrating the punishment she wanted to take him. She thought about it for almost an hour before changing into her black leather corset and thigh high boots. She paused in front of her full length mirror and was proud of the way she looked.

She was just one hundred twenty pounds on a petite five foot five inch frame. Her hair was waist length, an auburn color. She had sapphire blue eyes that danced when the light shined in them not too bad for a mid-thirties woman. She ran her hands down over the soft leather and back up to her breasts. She lifted them from the binds of the corset and positioned them perfectly, her nipples hard and jutting forward.

Brenda thought better of going down with Ross alone, but the thought of taking him was more than she could stand. She was dripping her juices down her thighs just thinking of the punishment the three of them had administered and now the thoughts of pleasuring herself with him. The phone rang and she smiled into the handset as Linda told her they wouldn’t make it home tonight. There was an unexpected crisis that needed attention with their friend’s slave. Linda cautioned Brenda to be careful with Ross and they hung up.

Brenda locked up the top of the house and as she passed the kitchen grabbed a couple cokes. She was quiet as she descended the stairs. Ross appeared to be sleeping but as she got closer she could see his cock, it was very hard and twitching. His balls were bloated and looked ready to explode. She watched as the pre-cum dribbled out the gapping mouth and ran down the shaft onto his groin. He was so exciting to her. She had waited for this opportunity.

Ross jerked his head away as she reached down to remove the blindfold. He looked deeply into her eyes with a new respect. She saw the hunger in him. She removed the straps to the ball gag and warned him that ANY screaming or talking without her express permission would result in more punishment. He shook his head up and down nodding his understanding.

Brenda stood above Ross. Her feet spread one on each side of his chest. She spread them a bit wider, forcing him to look up seeing only her dripping wet pussy. Brenda bent from the waist and checked all of the restraints ensuring they were still tight, then lowered herself to her knees over the slave.

She looked down at him and told him that he would do anything she wanted for the rest of the evening and if she wasn’t completely satisfied he would suffer more than he had up to this point in his captivity. Before he could answer she dropped her pussy over his face pressing down hard and ordered him to lick her dry.

Ross could hardly breathe but his tongue moved expertly all over the outer lips of her pussy. He licked her tenderly then roughly and explored her inner lips. He darted his tongue in and out of her wet pussy, but only a short amount to start. He sucked on the lips of that sweet pussy and tongued her skillfully. He tongued her for a full ten minutes and started all over again.

His tongue lightly explored the outer lips of her pussy, slowly up one lip and down the other. He lapped her juices from the lips as he teased the inner lips with his kisses. Brenda tossed her head back, her hair cascading down over her to his stomach, he longed to free his hands and play in it, but he knew that wouldn’t happen so he concentrated his efforts on her very sweet pussy.

Brenda shifted her weight as she approached her first orgasm. Ross licked her from her clit all the way back her slit until his tongue touched her tailbone. He quickly continued back and forth bringing her to an explosive orgasm. Her body convulsed over him as her juices flowed into his mouth. He could do nothing more than drink them down, and enjoyed every drop. She would never know how much he liked the taste of her.

Brenda slid down the slave’s body and rolled over onto her side. She came so hard and wanted more but first she wanted to play. She got up and walked around the very warm playroom as if she were clothed, no shyness and very proud of her body, she gathered the items she needed to play with Ross for a couple hours.

She began by wrapping the silky rope around his balls. She wound the rope around several times which caused his balls to press out in front of his thighs and the sac was stretched to its max. Ross had no choice but to lay back and take it, but he was secretly hoping she would fuck him tonight. He needed to fuck his Mistress. She was the only one of the three that he adored and especially so after today’s punishment.

Ross felt the rope as she stretched it up the shaft of his cock, through the rings of his piercings and wrapped it around the bulging head several times. Brenda then attached the end of the rope to the pulley above the bed.

Brenda pulled the pulley tightly so Ross’s cock and balls were stretched and pointing upward toward the ceiling. It took everything Ross had not to scream out as she tightened the tension on the rope, but he just bit down on his tongue as he breathed deeply.

Brenda stood up over Ross again, her legs parted and each foot placed on either side of him. She smiled as she admired her work. He definitely had to feel some pain with that. She turned around and looked toward his feet and dropped her pussy over his face again. She ordered him to suck it dry and tease it wet again.

The head of the slave’s cock was purple and huge. She couldn’t help but lick on it as he was licking her pussy and sucking her lips. She knew it had to hurt more as the head of his cock swelled even more. A small amount of pre-cum leaked out and she reached up with just the tip of her finger and rubbed in small gentle circles around the head of his cock. She heard his groan and smiled.

Brenda then leaned in and raked her teeth over the head of his cock and he let out a scream when she pressed them together taking just the tip of his cock between her teeth and held it tightly. She reached around with her right hand, the same one that had just teased and rubbed the tip of his cock causing it to swell even more, and he let out a blood curdling scream as she punched his tightly bound and bloated balls.

Brenda stood and told Ross he wasn’t given permission to make any noise. She picked up some clothes pins from the head of the bed and she knelt down next to Ross’ ear and whispered “I told you that you’d be punished even more.”

She clipped one of the clothes pins on the very bottom of his ball sac near his ass. She saw a lone tear slip down the side of his face as she attached four more pins to his ball sac. She stood and pulled a little tighter on the pulley stretching the slave’s cock to its absolute limit and she slowly tied off the end of the rope, watching his face.
Brenda pulled up on one of Ross’ nipples, stretching it out from his body and tightly clamped a clothes pin to it. She did exactly the same thing to his other nipple. She could tell he was in pain but he has to pay when he disobeys orders. Brenda felt the lips of her pussy swelling and her clit throbbing, she loved this stuff, and suddenly had another idea.

Brenda went over toward the exam table in the playroom. She pulled out one of the drawers and took out two open ended syringes. These were used to give liquid medications to animals. She took them over to Ross and she could see fear in his eyes. She smiled down at him as she pulled the tip of his right nipple out farther from the clothes pin and away from his body. She pushed the plunger all the way down to the tip of the syringe and sucked the tip of his nipple into the tube. A vacuum lock kept it stretched out tightly. She took the other syringe and did the exact thing to his other nipple. She paid no attention to the humility and tears in his eyes.

Brenda stood back to admire her work. She grabbed the digital camera and took picture after picture from every angle of Ross. His face was red as roses he was so embarrassed. When she finished taking the pictures she went over and sat on the sofa and just watched the slave as he struggled with his pain and bondage.

Brenda grew tired of just watching and went over to the slave again. She knelt beside him and traced the head of his huge cock with her tongue. She heard his guttural groan and continued to tease him. She traced the length of his cock with the tip of her tongue and could feel it trying to twitch. She reached the bloated ball sac and licked it with the flat of her tongue. Ross did everything to stay quiet but the groans kept slipping out. With every groan she dug her fingernails into the flesh of his inner thigh.

Brenda reached up without warning and snatched each of the syringes off the slave’s nipples and immediately pulled the clothes pins off after. Ross gasped as the blood returned to the punished nipples but never made a sound.

Brenda decided to release the slave’s cock from bondage. She quickly removed the clothes pins and released the rope from the pulley above the bed. Very slowly and carefully she removed the rope from the slave’s cock and watched as the skin pinked up as the blood flow returned. The cock never lies. Ross was stiff and hard as a rock. His thick cock throbbed and twitched all around after being released. The gaping mouth immediately spilled copious amounts of pre-cum down the shaft and Brenda noticed Ross had turned his face away from her. She could see the redness from embarrassment rush over his exposed cheek and down his neck.

Brenda was drenched in her own juices. She loved the control and power she had over this slave’s cock. A wave of adrenalin flushed through her and she was quickly trying to decide what she wanted to do next. She picked up the leather cock restraint, made sure it was a size or two smaller than Ross’ cock and she quickly fastened it around the slave’s cock and balls successfully trapping the fluids in his balls preventing it from re-absorbing into the body.

Ross began to pull against his bonds trying to stretch out his tired muscles. They began to burn from being in one place for so long. Brenda was opening a condom teasingly in front of Ross. She leaned into his crotch and took his thickly engorged cock deep into her throat and sucked hard. She immediately rolled the condom over his cock with her teeth. Ross was watching her thinking that was the sexiest thing he had ever seen, but she would never know.

Brenda removed the stainless steel rings from the slave’s cock then she seated the condom in place. She sat back to admire the expert job she had done. The slave was very quiet and appeared to be resting for the next round.

Brenda went over to the wall and picked up the Oster massage unit. She was dripping wet thinking of using it on Ross, but she was looking for something else also. Walking around the room glancing at all the toys she decided on a vibrating dildo which was about nine inches long and six inches around. Long and thick, she couldn’t wait.

Returning to the slave she held up the two toys, the fear that flashed through the slave’s eyes caused her to giggle. She took that opportunity to tease Ross and asked him to guess which of the toys she wanted to use first. When he didn’t answer, Brenda reached out and slapped his cock over and over again. She asked him again to name the toy that she was going to use on him first. Ross cleared his throat and meekly whispered “the massager.”

Brenda was amused because he was so fearful and so correct. She told the slave to close his eyes and open his mouth. She leaned down and placed the end of the vibrating dildo into his mouth and told him to close his teeth around it. When he had it in his teeth she told him that he needed to do everything possible to keep it as she had put it. Ross lay with the head of the long vibrating dildo pointed outward from his mouth as Brenda fitted the massager over the palm of her right hand.

Brenda straddled Ross and dropped to her knees with her face very close to his balls. She told Ross to hold the dildo tightly and place it at the opening of her pussy. She switched the massager on and began slowly rubbing it over Ross’ cock shaft. The slick surface of the condom allowed for smooth strokes up and down his cock shaft. She watched as his cock lengthened and thickened to twice the size it originally was and she guided the massager down over his balls.

Ross was breathing harder when she told him to fuck her with the dildo. She gasped as the plastic entered her dripping pussy and again as Ross shoved it deep inside her at her command. She thought of releasing his hands but decided the risk was too much, so he remained spread eagle on the bed.

Brenda used the massager for what felt like hours to Ross. He would get to the edge of an explosive orgasm when she pulled it away and screamed for him to fuck her with that dildo. In the middle of it all she got up, turned off the massager and went to the wall for a different dildo. When Brenda returned she placed the new dildo into the slave’s mouth and told him to do the same as before. She added lube to the double headed dildo and told Ross he better get it into both holes without stopping or she wouldn’t let him cum.

Brenda straddled Ross again and fitted the massager over her palm then began rubbing his cock all over again. She was so hot and wet she wanted him to fuck her hard. She stroked his cock and balls with feeling and screamed at him to fuck her.

Ross was sweating hoping he could get the dildo into both holes with no problem and he pressed his face forward. He felt some resistance and pressed harder until he felt the head of the anal dildo plop through her opening. He shoved his face forward just as she pressed her hips back towards his face. The dildos were seated deeply inside her as her body began to convulse in response to her powerful orgasm.

Brenda had forgotten about the massager as she shuddered and only remembered it as the slave began to groan. She quickly pulled it off his cock and balls because she didn’t want him to cum yet.

Brenda told the slave to fuck her hard and deep with that dildo. Ross responded with everything he had, slamming it deeply into her and pulling back quickly. Over and over he repeated this action and he heard her breathing quicken. He watched as her body responded to his fucking her and he was enjoying every minute of it.

Suddenly Ross felt Brenda’s hot mouth cover his bulging, rock hard cock. He gasped from the shock and the heat of her mouth over the condom. Brenda face fucked the slave for what seemed like an hour then just stopped. He whimpered as he felt her mouth lift off his cock. The dildo had popped out of her holes and she tossed it aside.

Brenda then straddled the slave and lowered her dripping pussy down over his quivering cock head. She reached down and guided him into her hot pussy and dropped her weight down on him completely. He groaned as he felt his cock being gripped by her tight pussy. She ground her hips down onto his cock and took him as deeply as she was able.

Brenda sat up straight and stopped all movement for a few minutes. She loved the full feeling she had with him deep inside her. She began to slowly rock back and forth, allowing the tip of his cock to erotically rub over the mouth to her cervix. When she had her fill for that moment, she leaned down over the slave and began to ride his cock like nothing he had ever experienced before.

Ross’ thoughts drifted to that afternoon when Brenda was punishing him and he couldn’t stop himself. He screamed out as his hips bucked up off the bed, pressing himself deeper into her. His cock convulsed as he shot his hot cum into the end of the condom. Brenda responded in an explosive orgasm of her own and collapsed down on his chest.

As they relaxed and caught their breath, Brenda slid off Ross’ cock and removed the condom. She threw a blanket over him as she went into Linda’s bedroom to bed. She didn’t bother cleaning him up or herself, she had plans for morning.

Brenda woke up to find Linda in bed next to her and Sara sleeping on one of the sofas in the playroom. She was embarrassed being totally nude in Linda’s room and reeking of sex. She carefully checked the time, only 4:30 am, and wondered why they came home so early.

Brenda crept upstairs and into her own bed fell back to sleep and only woke to the smell of bacon cooking. So much for her morning plans.

To be continued… …

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