tagMind ControlThe Sorceress' Apprentice Ch. 02

The Sorceress' Apprentice Ch. 02


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The "exercizes" of last night and this morning made Anton feel like he could do anything. And when the young wizard arrived at his high school and found that he could sense the mood and emotions of every single person around him, he began feeling like a god. Was there ANYTHING he couldn't do?

Of course, this new power HAD to be exploited. And Anton would simply do the first thing that occurred to him: use it to get laid - a lot!

Anton, now a sexual predator on the prowl, grinningly strode into first period, sporting a formidable hard-on.

Paying no attention to the teacher's babbling, Anton ran his agenda through his mind. First up would be sexy Chloe Kapatelis, since she was in this class.

Chloe was the quintessential bleach-blonde tease, who tended to wear the near-equivalent of skimpy cheerleading outfits to school, flustering student and teacher alike. Her breasts were medium size, but she understood how to accentuate them so they always looked sexy and tasty.

This was a sex kitten who didn't put out, though. It was well-known that she'd had sex with two guys at the school (separately, though!) some time ago, but no one else had ever gotten beyond first base with her. Everyone suspected her of having given up on high school guys in favor of college guys.

Well, Anton thought, when recess comes around she'll be going right back to horny high school boys!

After Chloe, Anton was going to continue feeding on blondes by going after Whitney Chesney. Whitney, while never showing much skin, had assumed the role of the entire school's fashion statement. Coming from a filthy rich family, she considered it unthinkable to be seen in the same outfit twice, and every day she was wearing something outrageously expensive and stylish, usually from the hottest European designers.

Her hair was a chapter in its own right, and always framed her gorgeous face in the most stunning way, rewarding her with what everybody agreed was a face worthy of a movie star. Under the four layers of clothes, Anton suspected there was also the body of one. He would soon know.

Whitney, however, was always aloof and condescending to all but her three girlfriends, Moira, Danika and Vivienne. Anton was going to enjoy sullying Whitney's impeccable designer outfits a bit. It was no more than the rich bitch deserved. And hey, maybe he could even get some money out of her, too.

Later in the day Anton planned moving on to the brunettes. Moira McFarlin, the most delicious she-creature on God's green earth, he would save for last. For tomorrow. Today would be rounded off with Brooke Doyle. Widely famed for her incredible bust, the black-haired Brooke was every high school guy's ultimate wet dream. Slender and athletic, she was racked like Lara Croft and didn't mind showing it. Man, what a body... It wasn't going to be enough to just do her at school. Anton realized that he was going to have to go to Brooke's house and spend the night. His erection grew iron-hard thinking about it, and he might have continued in this dreamy haze if the bell hadn't rung.

Quickly, Anton sat up and started focusing his skills on Chloe. As the other students packed up and left the classroom, he succeeded in placing a "veil of delay" over Chloe's internal clock, effectively slowing down her movements and her thoughts. He also projected a spell of "humid heat" directly into her brain, making her believe the weather was unpleasantly hot and her clothes were sticky with perspiration.

As the last student left the room, Anton managed to cast an invisibility spell on the classroom door so no one would notice it was even there. Now they wouldn't be disturbed. That was as much coolheadedness as he could muster, and now he was going to let his dick show the way.

As Chloe, with slow-motion moves, fidgeted with her clothes and couldn't decide what to do, Anton came up behind her and embraced her from the back, rudely starting to run his hands up and down Chloe's front, from her soft neck and breasts and to her skirt-covered groin. He pressed the bulge in his pants into her tasty teenage ass, and pushed her forward, over to the teacher's table. Slowly and confusedly, Chloe tried to resist, but Anton psychically entered her mind and started pushing buttons.

Chloe's brain was like an open book to him. He saw memories, fragments of thoughts, and entire landscapes of fluctuating emotions. He could transfer emotional power from her amygdala to her pleasure centers, and turning her on like she'd never been turned on before was the simplest thing in the world.

As he saw her pleasure centers light up with ecstatic joy, he started fondling her breasts and kissing her neck. Chloe leaned back on the table and let out a scream of pleasure as she powerfully orgasmed right there. "Oops," thought Anton. That was a bit much! Holding on to the convulsing girl, he first placed a mental gag on her, silencing her. Then he put a mild damper on the amygdala supply line to the sex center of Chloe's brain, bringing her out of climax, but keeping her very aroused.

Then he started having his way with her. As quickly as he could, he stripped Chloe naked, which wasn't easy, since she kept trying to hug and kiss him and grind herself against him. This girl was no stranger to steamy sex, that much was certain. Anton finally got her naked, and took a couple of seconds to feast his eyes on her smooth, nymphish beauty. Her pubic hair was the same dark color as Chloe's hair would have been if it wasn't dyed.

Then he allowed her to do what he was mentally suggesting for her to do. She kissed him with a force he couldn't have imagined, and after a few seconds she frantically unbuttoned Anton's pants, getting his heated, rigid penis out. Anton was shaking with anticipating; this was a girl he'd dreamed about fucking for the last three years. And now...

Never parting mouths, they moved in closer to each other. Anton groped Chloe's breasts and the naked girl wrapped her legs around Anton's hips, using one hand to steer his hard erection into her dripping, beckoning pussy. Oooh, it felt gooood, and Chloe panted with such emphatically passionate whimpers that Anton just couldn't help himself.

After only a few hard, frantic strokes into lusty Chloe's luscious sex flesh, he exploded inside of her, and since he was also inside her mind, he caused Chloe's pleasure centers to flare up synchronously with his own, and it felt like they melted together in flesh and spirit alike, flowing out of control and into each other in a raging whirlpool of the most torrential orgasm of both their lives.

Anton's mental gag on Chloe all but forgotten, they both cried out their glorious climactic thrill, and fell onto the teacher's table, their legs trembling too much to keep them standing. Still connected at the hips, they kept up the genital stroking to prolong the deluge of extreme ecstasy that had been unleashed on them.

The teenagers' hands rummaged around each other's bodies to accommodate the itches and the tingles that spread across their skin like wildfire. The major energy, however, was spent hammering their sweaty loins together, urgently and yearningly keeping Anton's foaming shaft ramming Chloe's oily pussy, the penetration sobbing and squishing with slimy secretes.

Anton's erection wouldn't die down. The pleasure was too intense. He'd shot his load already, but being entangled with naked Chloe, covered in perspiration and other aromatic scents and lubricants, was just too hot. Being inside her pussy, being inside her mouth, and inside her mind, was intoxicating like nothing Anton could have imagined. He sucked on her lips, licked her sweaty chest, and again pounded himself up between her wide open naked cheerleader thighs, achieving another, far greater orgasm for both of them.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh!" Chloe could not be silenced. "Yes, oh, yes, oh, yes, oooooh... aaaaaaahhh!!"

As Chloe's panting came to a head and then died down, replaced with a waning series of soft, sexy sighs, Anton instinctively held her tight, hugging her to his torso and reveling in her nearness and magnetic femaleness. Their minds, too, were entwined, and Anton had never before felt anything so intimate and satisfying as this.

But as the effects of the sexual rush diminished and vaporized, so did Anton's fleeting moment of emotional surrender; of weakness. He dislodged himself from Chloe, who gazed hazily at him, still lost in her erstwhile pleasure, and he cursed himself for having forgotten time and place and allowed himself to be so seduced by his own (and her) desires; for having lost control.

It was pure luck that nobody had walked in on them, for the invisibility spell Anton had put on the door had long since been burned away by more carnal concerns. It was all Chloe's fault! It was like SHE had put a spell on HIM!

Anton took Chloe's clothes with him and walked out the door, after having checked that no-one saw him. Let's see how she explains being found there in nothing but her birthday suit, Anton thought vengefully. That'll teach her.

He would have to be more careful with the next one. He couldn't let a girl get to him like that. SHE had to be the slave, the underling; not him! It was going to be easy with Whitney. Anton didn't even like her. He just wanted to use her because she was a snob, and a gorgeous one, too. He went to the next period, thinking evil thoughts. Come lunch-time, everybody was going to see that arrogant rich girl acting like a bitch in heat.

Lunch arrived, and Anton joined everybody else in the cafeteria. He waited for Whitney, who, very much in character, arrived fashionably late. From across the hall he reached out with the tendrils of his astral self, and started peeling Whitney open.

Imperceptibly to her, he unravelled layer after layer of her thoughts and emotions, revealing a shy, insecure and almost friendless girl whose cool and togetherness was just an act. She knew that her adopted attitude toward others only reinforced her self-imposed isolation from them, and yet she couldn't bring herself to abandon the artificial character she had created for herself. Well, Anton thought, time for the real Whitney to show her colors - and a whole lot more, too!

As Whitney made her way to the food line, getting closer and closer to Anton, he started going to work on her mind, rearranging key emotions and motivations. As she ate her lunch obliviously, Anton was performing complex brain surgery on her. He placed in her a powerful attraction to him specifically, based especially on the impression she would get of him when she laid eyes on him in just a few minutes. He manipulated her erotic fantasies to revolve around his likeness; to make her feel that he was the guy she'd always, ever since she first had sexual feelings, dreamed of meeting.

He also molded in her a strong inclination for exhibitionism, totally overpowering her shyness. He enhanced her natural proclivity for submitting to a strong man, and even found time to inject her with a helping of unadulterated nymphomania.

As these changes took effect in her, she seemed to relish more and more in her food. Her saliva production increased, and she thrillingly enjoyed the texture of the mediocre cafeteria menu, to the point where it sent sensual shivers down her spine. She was feeling turned on. Horny. Adventurous. A red-hot itch crawled nippingly across her body, and she clawed at her designer clothes, trying in vain to scratch.

Lunch-time ended, and students started pouring out the doors. Whitney's mind was cloudy and slightly irritable; why couldn't she scratch this itch? It was everywhere. All over her skin, even in her pussy. She squirmed in a futile effort to shrug off the desire accumulating inside her. As her breathing became heavier, she suddenly decided that she had to have release.

Now. Looking around she suddenly saw the most handsome and sexy guy she'd ever seen in her life. Exotic light-brown skin, athletic build, a bearing like a king! How could she ever have avoided noticing this incredible member of the opposite sex? It boggled the mind!

Sensing that he might be the cure for her sensual ailment, Whitney got up and headed straight for Anton. Most of the students had exited, but there were still ten or so sitting around finishing their meal. One or two of them looked up in puzzlement as Whitney slipped into Anton's arms and they met in a passionate kiss.

Anton and Whitney both started tearing off Whitney's clothes. Whitney felt great; this was exactly what she needed, and now she was gonna get it! As she was reduced to her underwear, all ten of the remaining students were looking on in astonishment, a few of them starting to make shocked outcries, which attracted others from outside the cafeteria exits.

Soon Whitney was naked, and Anton was groping her all over, especially licking her impressive, firm breasts which were everything Anton had hoped they'd be. Soon she hurriedly undid his pants, releasing his erected cock. As several more students came in to watch the outrageous show, Anton killed whatever desire they may have had to interfere with what they were seeing, making them simply stand and watch.

By now Whitney was fingering herself and trying to get Anton's dick into her moist pussy. Anton turned her around and pushed her down on all fours. Then he got down on his knees behind her and grabbed her white ass. Squeezing the cheeks, he pressed both his thumbs into Whitney's pussy and held the lips apart, showing himself the place his hard cock should be steered to. After all, he'd never taken a girl from behind before, so he needed to hit the right spot.

He maintained tight hold of her reins as he domineeringly penetrated her and started fucking her in brutal strokes. She was by far the tightest he'd had yet; very virginal. Her large naked breasts bobbing back and forth beneath her as she recieved her first doggy-style pussy-pounding, Whitney moaned loudly, yelling "Yes!" and "Oh God!", and was on the brink of orgasm from the second Anton entered her.

Anton did not let his emotions run away with him this time. He had to reserve sufficient mental energy to keep the increasing number of onlookers from doing anything at all but watching. He also began conditioning them to focus on Whitney, to the extent that they would forget in mere minutes who the guy that had been fucking her was - but not that there WAS a guy there, doing exactly that!

"God! God... I'm so close... so close..." Whitney whimpered, but Anton held off her climax, waiting for his own to arrive. It took another forty seconds of rampant ramming, but then it came, spurting and squirting out of him.

Into her.

Anton groaned through clenched teeth and allowed the feeling to wash over Whitney as well, who received it in a high-pitched eeee'ing that absolutely everybody heard.

"Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh, I'm coming-coming-coming, feeels sooo gooood.... Yes-yes-yesssss... Ooooooooo!"

Having accomplished what he set out to do, Anton withdrew from Whitney, and shoved her ass gently with one hand, pushing her forward and off balance, making the exhausted but satisfied girl slump down on the grimy floor, front-down. With satisfaction he looked up at the thirty-some onlookers who had gathered in the cafeteria to watch the show.

Cocking his head slightly, he looked straight at them and reached into every one of their minds. It was a delicate procedure, but as he had them standing there nearly frozen, the time was available to "fix" them one by one, making them forget who he was, and generally disinclined to report this incident to the school authorities. However, he encouraged their desire to tell all their friends about the amazing eyeful they'd received of Whitney's historic cafeteria sodomizing.

Ha! This would be all over the school in no time! A rich snob considering herself all the rage, exposed as a sex-starved pervert, same as everybody else! Let's see her pay her way out of this one! Oh, and speaking of money... Anton grabbed Whitney's purse as he nonchalantly sauntered out of the lunch hall, past the nearly frozen gazes of his adoring public.

In a gesture of astral magic he dissolved the changes he'd made to Whitney's mind, restoring her true self, such as it were. She only remembered tiny flashes of what had happened to her, but her nudity and lubricated pussy were enough to indicate that it was something pretty horrible. She was in tears immediately, clutching her tattered clothes tightly to her dirty chest.

Anton was already way up the corridor. He couldn't have cared less.

Of course the school was abuzz with the potent rumor of Whitney's humiliation for the remainder of the day (and wasn't there also something about another girl earlier today who'd been discovered naked in an empty classroom...?!). Anton noted it with a sense of triumph, and then started planning his final conquest of the day.

At the back of his mind, however, he did find himself wondering just what had happened to Chloe after he left her, and if she was all right. Though he was barely aware of the concern he felt, the intense union he'd experienced with Chloe this morning would not soon be forgotten. Whitney, however, he'd never give another thought.


To be continued very soon...

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