tagInterracial LoveThe Stable Ch. 01

The Stable Ch. 01


The summer heat was killing Lissette as she walked up Main Street to the library. Her daily routine of job hunting was getting depressing. Wasn't the point of college to make her more employable? She was so lost in thought she walked into a man coming out of a café.

"Oh I am so sorry sir," she said, trying to wipe the coffee off of his perfectly starched white shirt.

"It's no problem. It's dry cleaning day today anyway."

"I feel terrible and it's white too. Ohh. Are you sure the stain will come out?" Lissette never took her eyes off the mess as she patted the spots with a napkin.

"Miss, if you keep touching me I'll have to touch you."

Lissette jumped at his statement. "What? I'm sorry." She looked up realizing just how much taller he was than her. She quickly took in how handsome he was too. His blue eyes and dark hair combo was appealing.

"Don't be sorry. I don't mind the touch, but I'm just letting you know that I will reciprocate." Brent's voice was touched with a little teasing but he was serious. The chocolate beauty in front of him was delicious to look at, and he was not going to be shy about expressing his desire.

"Good day to you sir," Lissette said sternly. "And I hope that coffee was hot." She was no longer sorry for spilling it on him.

"It was hot, but not as hot as you're going be when I get my hands on you."

"Dude you are crazy?" The sir was gone, now she just wanted to clout him. Lissette walked off leaving him on the sidewalk.

She was two blocks away from the café waiting for permission to cross from the traffic signal when he pulled up beside her. She did not notice him again as she was caught up fuming at his previous come on.

"Hey, Beautiful. Where are you going?" he called out to her.

Lissette ignored him. Praying for the light to turn green. When it did, he proceeded alongside her trying to get her attention. Finally, she stopped and stared at him.

"What can I do for you?"

"Can I give you a lift?"

"No I'm fine thanks, Mr. Mercedes," Lissette replied noticing the car. A gleaming white, convertible with black and chrome interior.

He laughed at his new nickname. "Okay, suit yourself. But I promise you this. I am going to fuck you. That body of yours is made for riding cock. You maybe embarrassed to hear that, but the truth is the truth."

Lissette stared at the man in the white Merc. Is he for real? The way he looked at her told her was.

Brent patted the passenger seat inviting Lissette again. She shook her head in refusal, and walked away. Brent continued driving along side her telling her all the filthy things he wanted to do to her. By the time Lissette was a block from the library he was in her head. She was turned on, but she did not want to give him the satisfaction of knowing.

Lissette made her way up the library stairs. Her home away from home. Although she had internet at the house she felt more productive when she was here. Job hunting was time consuming, and at home she got distracted easily. She got to the front desk and asked for the bathroom key. The receptionist looked up at her wondering if she was okay. Lissette was normally more composed, but today she looked flushed and anxious. Ms. Barker surmised that perhaps she just needed to use the bathroom really badly.

Lissette walked into the bathroom and went straight for the sink. She looked at the image staring back at her, wondering what is it about her that made Mr. Mercedes take notice. It was one of her Plain Jane days so she just could not see it. She wouldn't say she was a knockout, but she did look decent. Her features were a mish mash of various ancestries. Her skin was a flawless hue of cocoa. She had her mother to thank for that. Mrs. Baynard had an intensive skin regiment that she passed onto Lissette. Her natural hair was in a bun. She liked to keep it off her neck during the summer. After she had completely scrutinized herself she concluded that Mr. Mercedes was just having a bit of fun. She wanted to gather herself a bit before she started working, so she splashed some water on her face.

"Oh shit!" she exclaimed as most of the water soaked the front of her shirt. This seemed to be the icing on top of the odd day she was having. As she continued to berate herself there was a knock on the door. Lissette paused she really hated being interrupted, but it was a public bathroom so she really could not complain.

"Someone's in here," she called out.

"I know," replied a deep masculine voice.

Lissette shook her head in disbelief. That man was incorrigible.

"Give me a minute," Lissette responded with a sigh.


She took a deep sigh again, and wiped her face. Lissette looked down at her wet top, the moisture and air-conditioner on her skin caused goose bumps to rise and her nipples to harden. She opened the door but before she could completely step out, a hand came out to her throat and the other covered her mouth. With swift movements she was pushed back gently, but with urgency.

Crystal blue eyes locked on her startled ones as his feet kicked the door shut. "I am going move my hand from your mouth, but you have to promise you won't scream. At least not yet anyway." Brent flexed his fingers around her neck to reiterate his point. He grinned when he saw her eyes widen.

Lissette nodded. Brent's 6'3 frame towered over her daring her to not keep her promise. He removed his hand from her mouth.

"Are you insane? This is a library!" Lissette spat out. She had promised she was not going to scream, but she was ready to cuss him out.

His squeezed her neck as he leaned in to whisper into her ear. "Shhhh! You know what I am here for."

The bass in his voice, his breath on her ear made shivers run down her spine. She clamped her legs shut when her nether place responded to him. His tongue darted out and stroked right behind the lobe. Lissette gasped and tilted her head slightly giving him more access.

Brent continued to assault her neck as he switched their positions. She pulled away and backed up against the door, thoughts of reason invading her mind. Her eyes drank in the sight before her. Mr. Mercedes was fine, disarmingly so. The more she studied him she realized he was not as old as she thought initially, perhaps five years older than her, and sexy as sin even in a coffee stained shirt. Sweat beaded on her forehead as she saw he was doing the same to her. Appraising. Qualifying. Desiring. Lissette's brain was all over the place. The wrongness of the situation was in conflict with how sexually inspired he made her feel.

Brent reached out and hooked his fingers into the front of her shorts pulling her towards him. He loved the way the shorts hugged her ass and showed off her muscular legs.


When she resisted he grabbed her hips and roughly pulled her to him. He kicked her legs apart and dragged her down. She reduced her struggling after a few brushes of her nipples against his chest made her pussy sparkle. They locked eyes again. Brent moved his hand up and down her back in slow circles. Lissette closed her eyes as she allowed herself to go with the sensual flow. Her hips slowly rocked against his hardness. She was so engrossed in the sensations coursing through her body she did not feel a hand move until it stroked her neck, tracing her collarbone to the channel between her breasts.

"Take off your shirt." His commands were short and precise.

Lissette opened her eyes considering if she really wanted to go this far with him.

"If I do it I will rip that shirt off. I'm sure your nipples won't mind the way they're calling to me." His voice edged with something more. Lissette could not put her finger on it, but she knew she'd better remove her shirt herself.

Lissette slowly complied not realizing the pleasure she was giving Brent. He was loving show. As each button was loosed the anticipation was building in him and hurting his cock. She got off his lap to put it on the hook. He watched her intently. Brent was expecting more shyness from her. Lissette was not built like a Victoria Secret model. She was thick and curvy. Her stomach was not super flat, the softness of her sides gave him something nice to grip onto.

Lissette turned around after hanging up her top. The way Brent was looking at her caused more juice to seep from her already tingling center. She sat back on his lap and he dove right in, cupping her breasts sucking on her nipples through her bra. He was through with the slow pace he had been taking. He wanted to devour Lissette. It had been a long time since he had been so brutally aroused. Brent unsnapped her bra and threw it in the sink. With unbarred access to her chocolate DD's he went to town. He pulled and twirled Lissette's nipples, causing her to buck and grind against his straining cock. Brent knew her sweet motion would cause him to cum quicker than he would have liked.

"Get naked." His voice was rasped and eager.

As Lissette did as she was told. Brent did the same. When she bent over to pull off her panties he slid two fingers into her hot taut pussy. Lissette bit her lips and moaned. He knew she was going to be tight, but the way she gripped his fingers made him want to get his cock in her immediately. He grabbed her by her bun and pulled her up. When she saw his cock her mouth watered. Lissette stroked her clit. It was slick and still juicing over her fingers. Brent was enthralled. Lissette had transformed from resistant to more than willing, it spurred him on.

Brent grabbed her hand and sucked on her fingers. Lissette threw her head back enjoying the sensations of his mouth on her hand while the other stroked her pussy. Her intimate liquid was flowing freely. She was ready to receive him, all nine inches of his thick hardness.

"I want you to ride me."

Lissette hovered over him and paused. Brent could feel the heat emanating off her cunt. He could not wait. He hugged her and slammed her down on to him. The fit was gloriously snug. Lissette saw stars as she was stretched and her breath left her. Brent held her still before he began undulating beneath her. Lissette held him around his neck tightly as she began to ride him back. She started off slow to grow accustomed to the girth and length of his cock. With each rock she felt the tip graze her cervix. The fire that was growing in her made everything else melt away. She shifted in to third gear and worked her hips with fervor. She wanted to cum so badly she was hyperventilating. Lissette had not felt this full, or this sexed in a long time. She felt the tentacles of fireworks starting in her toes, travel up her thighs into her stomach and peak in her pussy walls. Brent could feel all the vibrations in Lissette's body. He could feel his cum rising and got in-sync with her movements so they could arrive together. As their orgasms took hold of them Lissette sang a note, and Brent growled and bit her shoulder.

They held each other trying to get their breaths and strength back. Suddenly there was sharp rapping on the door.

"Excuse me? Hello? Are you okay in there?"

"I'm fine Ms. Barker. Sorry I've been in here so long. I just got some great news." Lissette lied.

"Fine, but please remember this is a library." With that she walked away.

Lissette listened until she could no longer hear the clacking of Ms. Barker's heels. She stood up to get dressed. The return to reality had been startling. She looked at Brent his face was still filled with lust. She blushed as she snapped her bra back into place. He reached out and stroked her thigh. She paused giving him the opportunity to proceed to where he wanted to go, because despite the magnificent orgasm she just had she wanted more too. He was now kneading her thighs drawing her towards him. He inhaled her pussy. The musky heady aroma made his dick hard again.

He cupped her vagina. His middle finger stroked her molten canal swirling both their cums. He withdrew his finger and placed it in her mouth. Lissette sucked the nectars with enjoyment and lewdness, not wanting to free his finger. He submitted his tongue to sample the brew he had just made with Lissette. She gasped with pleasurable surprise and opened her thighs to give him better access. This was not enough for him though. Brent hiked her right foot onto the handicap rail. Now he had a clear and uninhibited view of his target. His mouth unleashed a torrent of sucking. His tongue probed as if he was trying to erase any traces he had been there at all. He pinched and grabbed her ass. Lissette was losing her grip on her senses again, falling sharply into an abyss of carnal satisfaction. Her whimpers of encouragement made Brent high. He wanted to make her cream for him again and again. He sucked on her silken nub, gently grazing it with his teeth. Lissette went into overdrive announcing repeatedly that she was coming. And when it happened she crushed his face into her crotch, gripping his dark hair tightly and rode his face, drowning him in her juices. Without any contact his dick spurted onto his stomach. She broke away from him, and backed away. Her skin felt too sensitive to be touched.

Lissette assessed his face. The sheen on it beckoned to her. She leaned over and began licking him, savouring the taste of her sweetness on his face. Slow, barely there flicks, she descended to his chest, then onto his stomach. When she got there she devoured his second load. It was sweet, creamy, and surprisingly delicious. She wished there was more. Unwittingly as she ate the cum off his stomach her nipples grazed his thighs, making her squeeze hers shut trying to calm the electric shocks going off. She finished up and continued to get dressed.

Brent looked at her as she moved around silently. He wanted to say something but could not find the words. Something had gone awry. He looked at her straightening her bun, and wanted to stop her, help her, something. He just wanted to touch her. She pursed her lips as she looked in the mirror. Tilting her neck from side to side looking for any signs of what just took place. Lissette did not know what to say so she decided saying nothing would be best. Why spoil the experience with fumbled words.

When she was satisfied she picked up her bag and headed out the door. Brent slammed the door above her head and kissed her neck. Lissette moaned, as much as she needed to leave Mr. Mercedes sure had some sweet lips. He had wanted to kiss her since outside the café, but was trying to hold himself together. That would take this thing to another level of intimacy he could not afford. However there was something inside of him egging him on, almost daring him to. He held her face in the palms of his hands and kissed her. He slipped his tongue into her mouth stroking hers. Lissette returned the kiss with the same passion. He did not want to stop, but knew he had to. He had a life to get back to and so did she. He slowly released her. His piercing blues connected with her browns. They were both trying to read each other through the lust, but they were indecipherable.

He opened the door and Lissette walked out trying to appear steady. Whatever she planned to do today was shot to hell so she made her way back home. She shoved her hands in the pockets of her shorts; her pussy swooned at the possibility of more. Lissette knew that it would always remember Mr. Mercedes and the library bathroom. While reminiscing she felt something odd in her pocket and pulled it out. It was a business card with the picture of a rooster on it and a phone number. Lissette smiled and put it back. Gotta keep that safe.


Brent sat in his car reminiscing about what just transpired with him and Lissette. Why was she so quiet afterwards? What was she thinking? His cellphone rang interrupting his thoughts. He looked at the caller ID, it was his partner Carla.

"Hey Carla."

"Hey you. So how did it go?"

"It went better than expected."

"When you say better, what do you mean?"

"I fucked her, and she was brilliant. I even think she was holding back."

"Hmm, I hope you did not hold back."

"Bye Carla."

Brent got off the phone feeling something odd in his gut. He knew fucked himself royally. He should have never eaten her or kissed her, but he could not help himself. Everything about her beckoned him. He looked at his phone hoping that the next call would be from Lissette. He wondered how long he would have to wait.

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