tagRomanceThe Story of B

The Story of B

byParis Waterman©

The mirror was an old one, picked up at a consignment shop a year earlier. Its oak frame holding glass that was wavy and dappled with dark spots.

My image is slightly distorted, Bianca thought.

Seeming unconcerned about any distortion, she tried on each of the three tops in turn, and then selected two others from her closet, repeating the routine of bending this way then that, while viewing the amount of cleavage each successive bend or twist might reveal to Jimmy when he stood across the counter from her at the bookstore where she worked.

Guys just don't get it... how hard we work to get them interested in us, she thought. And for what? Hoping to land a quality guy as a husband?

Jimmy was a good-looking guy who had popped into the bookstore the last two Tuesdays looking for a particular book. Bianca had placed an order with another bookstore for it and it had arrived yesterday, which was a Monday.

She kept dipping a shoulder to see how much breast showed and then tried an even deeper bend. She was truly surprise to see that a nipple was clearly exposed by that particular action.

This is the top for today; she told herself, and then allowed herself to try on two skirts before deciding that the first one was right for her outfit.

Still standing in front of the old mirror, Bianca gave some thought to the various men in her life:

I guess the first one would have to be Henry. She closed her eyes and tried to visualize him, but could only convey a leering rusty-haired boy who had pushed his way through the other kids on the school bus to sit beside her. He had squeezed himself onto her side of the cracked leather seat as the bus made its familiar and halting way down the highway, expelling children at each stop like chocolate covered morsels from Willy Wonka's Candy Factory.

Henry never actually touched me, Bianca recalled, But he had leaned on her, and he had looked at her. The experience had been both frightening and exciting. The way he had shoved and bumped her had made warmth start between her legs and roll up her body until she could feel the heat turning her face red. It was uncomfortable. She had hoped he wouldn't stop. But that was as far as he had dared to go, and it was the only time he did it.

Who was next? That Rutherford guy? Mr. Rutherford, her older sister's boss. He must have been in his twenties; and whenever she came by to pick up Nellie he would call her into his office and flirt with her.

Bianca clearly remembered the first time he had touched her. He had run his finger up her leg and it had electrified her. Christ! I stood there like a statue, pretending not to notice while rockets went off in my skull. But it wasn't just the one time... it had happened several times. Oh yeah, it happened every time I stopped by after that. He'd invite me into his office while he had Nellie do some busy work elsewhere. He would talk and talk, it didn't matter to me if he was reading the fucking telephone book, just as long as those fingers kept creeping up and down my leg.

She paused, trying to recall why it had ended. There had been no scandal, no one, including her sister had ever suspected any impropriety on his part.

Then she remembered: His hand had gone higher than ever before. Not just fingers, but his whole hand had come to rest on her panty-clad crotch. I hadn't uttered a word in all the time his fingers had felt my legs up. But when his palm pressed against my pussy, I had been stunned and uttered one word. "OH!" and it contained neither a stop or go imperative to it. Just a simple, "OH!"

It was enough to make him stop. Bianca's first thought was that her sister was about to enter the office, but she was at the other end of the hallway filing some papers. No, it had been the sudden progress that Rutherford had made with her that frightened him into withdrawing his hand and that had been the end of his sorties under her skirts.

Who was next? Lawrence... no, Brittany. Bianca glanced in the mirror and saw several drops of sweat sliding down between her breasts. How nice it would be if I could strip and let the breeze lick the sweat from my skin, she thought and smiled.

Bianca's mind returned to Brittany. They'd met in high school, but nothing happened between them until the afternoon they played hooky and went to the movies to see Bruce Willis in Bonfire of the Vanities after watching his television series Moonlighting. Brittany claimed he had something called the X-factor, and Bianca had been unable to argue the point as she also found him delectable eye candy.

The girls sat next to one another in the dark, while a wavy shaft of light cast the film on the large screen in front of them. Above the faint hum of the projector they could hear the shuffling of feet as the other, older teens watching the film, like most teenagers the world over, found it next to impossible to sit in one position very long. The darkness, combined with the muffled shuffling and other noise, turned the barren theatre into a very private place.

For the first part of the film, which both would later agree was boring, boring and in Brittany's case, very, very boring -- Bianca would trace a delicate line up and down the soft skin on Brittany's arm. Brittany returned the favor after Bianca brought a halt to her meandering fingers. Bianca stared entranced at the screen while Brittany's fingertips did their feathery stroking, wishing it was her leg and not her arm that Brittany was cautiously caressing. Later, in the theatre toilet, Bianca sat on the commode and peed then wiped herself and felt a sharp thrill that caused her to touch herself until she had a small orgasm.

They had never repeated the touching again; in fact, Brittany had transferred later that semester when her father relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Lawrence been her first lover, seducing her in the backseat of his Ford Mustang her sophomore year in college. It had never occurred to her that one would go to bed with a man and not marry him. But she had. She had enjoyed the sex, hadn't she?

Bianca gave it some thought while unconsciously rubbing a nipple until it peaked. Or was I too busy worrying if it was all right to do this, or try that position? And what might he think of her if she wanted to try something else?

Did I ever truly relax when we were doing it? She couldn't recall and left off teasing the nipple. Still and all, he was the first guy I ever fucked.


Bianca arrived five minutes late, but no one at the bookstore seemed to notice. She kept glancing at the entrance, not wanting to miss Jimmy's arrival. Unconsciously she would use both hands to push her bra up, until catching herself at it, and then she willed herself to keep her hands off her breasts.

Jimmy was a no-show and the disappointment showed in Bianca's face each time a stranger entered the store. It was ten after four − Bianca's shift ended at six -- that the older gentleman entered the store and walked up to Bianca to request if they had a certain historical novel.

Bianca leaned over the computer searching for the book, unmindful of the amount of cleavage she was revealing to him. Lost in the computers columns of books, she did not realize that he positioned himself so that he was angled over the counter to obtain a better view of her breasts until she found the novel he'd requested, and only then did she see where his eyes were fixed.

"Ahem," she said, trying to bring his focus back where it belonged. What Bianca didn't realize was that although she was now aware of where his eyes were, she had not changed her position to deny him the full view he had of her mammaries.

"You have beautiful breasts," he said quietly.

"What did you say?"

"You have beautiful breasts," he repeated.

And just as with the youthful Henry years before, she felt the warmth start between her legs and roll up her body until she the heat turned her face red. Once again, it was disconcerting, but she hoped it wouldn't stop.

"Am I embarrassing you, Miss?"

She couldn't bring herself to answer him for several long seconds then said simply, "No," she said then cleared her throat. "You're not."

He glanced around, saw that no one was close at hand before speaking again. "Then would you mind showing me a little more?"

"What... what did you say?"

"I asked if you wouldn't mind leaning forward to allow me to see more of your bosom."

His use of the word, 'bosom' brought Bianca out of her stupor. Why not? I wanted to let Jimmy have a gander at them. This guy seems nice... at least he's asking me."

"No one else needs to know. But what I've seen so far is magnificent."

The politeness of his choice of words and the fact that she had been practicing showing her breasts off in hopes that Jimmy would come by and ask her out solidified her decision.

"All right, but don't touch, understand?"

"I won't, unless you want me too."

Bianca glanced around. The manager was in the bathroom, he emptied his bowels at this time almost daily. The assistant manager was in the farthest corner of the store helping an elderly woman.

Feeling safe enough, Bianca quickly raised her top exposing her breasts to the man standing before her. Her tan lines made her appear even sexier than she actually was.

He took in the view: the nipples were ruby red and extended out a good half inch. In his mind the stranger thought with some gentle lovemaking he might get them out another half-inch and he began to grow hard.

"Hurry up and finish looking," Bianca said nervously. She realized that she was wet down there and squeezed her thighs together and felt a sharp thrill pass through her loins.

He continued to stare at her breasts, the contrast of her white skinned breasts versus the tanned parts of her upper chest and stomach made his cock twitch.

She took a deep breath and lowered the top. "So, what'd you think?"

"Their unbelievably beautiful," the man replied.

"My name is Jonathan," he said moments later. "What time do you get off? I'd like to see more... I'd like to see you again."

"Six... I get off at six," Bianca told him. Her nipples had grown hard and were now poking at the thin material of her top.

Jonathan stepped back revealing his erection to her, along with the small stain now fronting his slacks from the leakage in his penis.

"Did I...?" Bianca said on seeing the stain and accompanying bulge.

"Yes, but it doesn't matter. I'll pick you up at six. Please... what's your name?"

"Bianca," she said quietly, as the assistant manager was headed to the register with the elderly woman several steps behind him.

"Bianca," he said as if tasting it. "That's a lovely name, and quite in keeping with your even lovelier breasts."

A small tremor passed through Bianca as she nodded, afraid to speak.

She was still quaking as he turned away and left the store. The time between meeting him and quitting time seemed an eternity.


She saw him sitting in a dark blue BMW and slowly approached the car idling by the curb one door down from the bookstore.

Jonathan got out and opened the door for her. It was the first time in her life that any man had done that for her. She glanced down and saw the bulge again. I excite him, she told herself. Well, that's only fair. He excites me too.

Once she was seated next to him in the BMW, she threw caution to the wind and blurted, "You can touch them if you want."

"Oh I want to touch them alright," and Jonathan moved his hand up and felt her breasts one at a time. He hefted their weight and kneaded the mounds.

Bianca grabbed his hand, took the forefinger and ran it in circles around her nipples, first the left and then the right, watching the reaction on his face as the nipples hardened under his touch.

Slowly he withdrew his hand; it was visibly shaking. "Are you hungry, or would you rather go to my place. We can eat later."

He wants me, he wants me now! She thought gleefully. Fuck you, Jimmy no-show!

Bianca's voice was thick with lust as she uttered the words, "Your place is fine. Is it far?"

"A few blocks," he responded hoarsely.

"Do you really like my breasts?" she asked.

"They're incredible," Jonathan said, and forced himself to put his hands back on the steering wheel and start driving.

They were silent as he pulled into the underground garage of his apartment. After parking the BMW, he turned to her and said, "Could you let me see them again?"

Unable to contain herself, Bianca lifted the top up, exposing her breasts to him again, and asked coquettishly, "Would you like to suck on one?"

"My God, yes!" Jonathan groaned, and reached out with both hands and fondled her breasts.

Bianca was beside herself and put her hands on his shoulders and pulled his head gently towards her left breast. His hands were still teasing her nipples. She pulled his head right over her nipple. Groaning again, Jonathan took the distended nipple into his mouth and sucked tenderly on it, playing with the other breast while Bianca moaned.

"Suck a little harder," she gasped.

He did and eventually switched over to the neglected nipple. His cock was stiff as a board as it pressed against Bianca's leg.

"Do they taste good?" Bianca asked, pushing him back a little.

"Nectar of the Gods, he groaned, "We'd better get inside before someone else comes into the garage."

Hurriedly they made their way to his apartment, once inside Jonathan pinned Bianca against the door and kissed her. She had never been kissed like this before; tentative at first, and then as they relaxed, he began probing with his tongue. It wasn't long before they were hugging then humping one another while sucking on each other's tongue.

Jonathan took her face in his hands and led her over to a large, comfortable chair in the living room. They collapsed onto it and kissed over and over.

Bianca's whole body was responding to his kisses. In fact, she was aching for more and Jonathan gave it to her, inserting his tongue in her ear while rolling a nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

"You're so beautiful," Jonathan groaned.

Bianca panting, grabbed his shirt, opened several buttons and ran a hand over his solid chest while longing to rub her breasts over his. With a loud moan, she began rubbing his cock.

He bit down on her nipple and Bianca made a sound that assured him he could do whatever he wanted with her a willing accomplice. Very slowly and very softly his hand crept over her stomach and thighs.

She gave his cock a final squeeze then began to fumble it out of his half-opened fly. As it came into view, Bianca realized that she had never been this wet; never this juicy in her life.

She had just begun jerking him off when he found her clit with one finger and put another up her vagina.

"OH!" she gasped and had a flashback to Mr. Rutherford that day in his office. But Jonathan didn't take her single word as a warning to stop, but did take his finger away, putting to her lips as if to tell her to be quiet. Bianca sniffed her juices on the finger and found herself turned on even more.

And when he kissed her, she began humping his leg, maneuvering her body so that her cunt was pressed firmly against his knee. He didn't realize it, but she humped his knee until her orgasm arrived; which was within three minutes − during which he continued kissing and tonguing her.

Jonathan was as patient a lover as a girl could ask for, and gently kissed his way past her heaving breasts, pausing to nurse at each nipple until they were both aching, and then he made directly for her overflowing cunt.

Bianca was coming repeatedly from the moment his mouth closed down on her clit and he reinserted his finger. She held onto his head and lurched into an orgasm that had her toes curled and her eyes rolled up in her head.

She had no idea when he started to fuck her. But he did and took his time in doing so.

When he finally spent, they both collapsed on the bed relaxed and happy and warm all over. He rested his hand on her moist bush and felt her continued spasm for another five minutes then placed her hand back on his cock and told her to make it hard again. Bianca took him in her mouth and sucked until the flaccid mousey thing had mushroomed into a six inch steel rod. His cock was glistening with her saliva as she licked him as she might have a lollipop. She removed him from her mouth and coddled it between her breasts.

"Fuck them, please?" she pleaded as she held him and rubbed him over her breasts and across each nipple. He responded by finding her clit again and tormenting it in the most pleasurable way imaginable.

"Your pussy is every bit as beautiful as your breasts," he told her, and she thrilled at his words. No had ever talked to her like that before.

She laughed and quickly placed him back inside her.

"Play with my balls for a while," he said. She did and delighted in his pleasure filled groans. Then he rolled on top of her and fucked her for twenty minutes before releasing a torrent of sperm in her vaginal canal and finally collapsed alongside her an utterly exhausted man.

They lay there wrapped up in each other for the rest of the night. In the morning they showered together and wound up having oral sex before toweling off and returning to the bedroom.

Needless to say, Bianca was late for work that day. And when Jimmy sauntered in around two in the afternoon, she almost didn't recognize him, having totally forgotten her previous plan to seduce him. She was looking forward to another late afternoon session with Jonathan and could not have cared less about Jimmy the no-show from yesterday.


Meanwhile in Jonathon's spacious apartment, his wife of fifteen years straddled his manhood, gliding up and down as she neared her climax.

"So good... Jonny you're so fucking good!" she gasped as it came over-riding everything else in her universe.

Later, she held Jonathon's head in her hands as he moved from breast to breast, "No more of my pussy for you, Jonny, you have to save yourself for little Bianca later."

"Mmmm, I suppose I must."

"I expect it's too soon for me to make an appearance, isn't it?"

"Yes, I expect so, dear, but the third times usually the best, don't you think?"

"Ah, yes. The third time's the charm. So I'll walk in on the two of you then."

"Yes, love. I should think she'll be most responsive if you make your appearance when I'm putting it to her."

"Mmm, a girl about to come is open to most anything, even another woman's mouth."

"And pussy, dear, don't forget that, it's perhaps you're most appealing asset... sexually that is."

"Yes, it probably is. More Champagne, dear?"


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