tagInterracial LoveThe Teacher Gets An 'A'

The Teacher Gets An 'A'


Gia walked down the halls of Altamonte Springs Senior High School, confident in herself. She had only been here a few months, but she had become known as a fair, but strict teacher. She had trouble coping with these students who seemed to tower over her small frame, she just topped 5', and she felt sometimes overpowered, but her stern stance had let her prevail in all of her circumstances so far. She pushed open the door to the teacher's lounge and got a Diet Coke from the machine, she was very small, only 100 pounds, and she didn't need diet anything, but she had grown accustomed to the taste.

She sat at the table and spread her class schedule out in front of her, but her eyes soon drifted to the varsity football team as it practiced on the field and she got caught up in their maneuvers as they practiced. It was after 3 and most had gone home for the day, but she was a divorced woman with little outside interests and she stayed to work on her class schedules. She watched as the football team kept staring at the cheerleaders as they practiced also and she felt a need growing between her legs.

It had been awhile since she had sex, other than by her own hands, and she longed for the looks that the cheerleaders were getting. She went back to her work at hand and smiled when the door opened and greeted Nina, the principal's secretary as she bought a Diet Coke for the road, "Night Gia," she said and she flashed a smile, "Night Nina," and concentrated on her work. When she finally grew tired of her work, it was almost 5 and she looked up to see that the field was now clear of students as she packed up her briefcase and headed out down the hall. No one was around as she turned the corner and decide to stop by the supply room and pick up some things for the next day. She opened the door and just as she was reaching for the light switch, she heard whispers from somewhere back in the room and decided to investigate, she had thought it odd that the door would be unlocked.

She could see a glimmer of light coming from the rear wall and eased in that direction. As she neared, she could make out several forms moving about by the light source and she could see that they were students. "Look at them titties on Amber," one voice said and she stopped to listen, "Yeah, but check out Denise's knockers and look at that hairless pussy Stephanie has," and she struggled to see what they were looking at. She could see movement and little did she realize that they were jacking off while watching the cheerleader's shower.

She retreated and fumbled for the light switch, their shock shone as the light bathed them and she saw their hard cocks in their hands, "What the fuck????" Julius said and they turned to see her standing at the door, "Just what do you boys think you're doing?" she sternly asked as they made no attempt to conceal their hard cocks and she tried not to focus on them. It was Julius, Andrew and Robert, 3 black seniors that she had watched play football and they slowly inched towards her as her hand reached for the doorknob but she told herself to stand firm and returned it to her side.

"We're just checking out the white pussy lady, what's your problem?" and she felt threatened as they all three stood in front of her, "Perhaps you'd like to show us that white pussy of yours baby," and she reached for the door, but Andrew's arm stretched out and pushed it shut again as Julius grabbed her hands and pulled her away from it, "You know that I can get you all expelled for this," she spoke firmly as she watched their eyes survey her body and a knot grew in her stomach.

"What do you say fellas, do we want to see this white bitch's pussy?" and they all looked at each other and then her, Fear gripped her, but with it came a slight tingle of excitement, she had just been thinking about cock in the lounge, "You wouldn't dare! I'll see you all in jail!!" and Julius reached out and grabbed her small tits through her blouse, his grip making her wince in pain and her hands shooting up to try to pry his hand loose. "She ain't got no big knockers fellas, but she does have some, wanna see 'em?" and they laughed and Julius ripped her blouse open, her buttons plinking on the tile floor as they gave way under his force and her hands shot up to cover her blue lacy bra. As her bra was exposed, she watched in horror as their cocks got even harder and they worked to get her blouse off of her, "Please stop! If you stop now, I'll forget any of this happened," and they smiled, "But, if we go on, I can guarantee you don't forget any of this one mama," and they laughed as she felt Andrew struggling to release the catch on her bra and then jerking off of her as her hands tried to cover her perky nipples.

Andrew and Robert grabbed her forearms and struggled with her to uncover her 32a tits and draw her arms behind her where they tied her wrists with her own bra, as they stared at her pert tits, her nipples growing as the cold air worked on her, "Man, she ain't got no tits, what you talking about?" Julius said as he grabbed at her tits and squeezed them between his fingers and she squirmed to escape, but Robert held her in place. It had been months since her tits had been touched and even though he was less gentle than she was accustomed to, she felt unusual stirrings deep inside.

"What do you say we see this white bitch naked?" and they nodded at each other as she felt hands pulling her slacks off and her legs coming off the floor as they are completely removed and thrown to the side, "Moment of truth fellas, these nice blue panties are the only thing keeping us from her sweet, white pussy," and Gia struggled to break Robert's hold on her, but the hands ripped her panties down her thighs as she struggled and she felt one cup her neatly trimmed bush as a finger traced her opening.

She lost her balance and fell forward, Julius' cock staring at her as her legs were lifted and her panties withdrawn, "Look fellas, this white bitch wants to suck my cock!" and they stared at Julius' cock only inches from her face, "Let the bitch do it then, jam your meat down her throat!" and she jerked her head to the side as her feet once again hit the floor and Julius now had hold of her hair, pulling her mouth to that monstrous black cock that twitched in front of her, "Take it in your goddamn mouth bitch!!!!! And if you bite me, your ass will bleed!!" and he rubbed it over her lips, "Open up I said!!!!" and his cock moved between her slowly opening lips as his size began to stretch her small mouth out of shape. "Damn man, looking at all that white pussy has gotten me so hot and bent over like this sucking Julius' cock, her tits look bigger, I want to suck on them puppies," and Andrew crawled under her, his hands working her tits as he did until she felt his hot mouth cover one and suck at her nipple.

Julius' grip on her hair was hurting, but not as much as his thick, black cock that was being forced into her throat with each thrust, her eyes teared up from fear and pain, but strangely she felt an arousal. She felt hands prying her crotch apart as inexperienced fingers rubbed her naked pussy and she fought to concentrate on all that was happening to her as Robert's fingers kept brushing her clit and she felt her juices beginning to flow. She had gotten somewhat accustomed to Julius' cock now, and it didn't hurt quite as much, her mouth was quite stretched now as he hammered her mouth, "You fucking gave me a D last year bitch, let's see if you can earn an A from me, that's it, you horny little white bitch, eat my cock," and she felt his pace quicken and his thrusts get harder and she knew that he would soon explode.

She hadn't seen the other boy's cocks, but now she felt a large one trying to enter her tight pussy as her legs were forced even wider, her body feeling like it would split in two as he shoved his cock into her and she took Julius' in her mouth and back into her throat. "I sure am glad this white pussy showed up Julius, my cock was getting so hard from watching them cheerleaders," she could hear Robert say as his cock now felt like it was ripping her insides open and she still hadn't taken it all, then she felt Julius tense up and jets of thick, hot cum erupted in her mouth and throat, as she gagged to swallow.

As his spurting stopped, she felt his grip relax on her hair and she struggled to catch her breath as Robert gave one last shove and she had all of his cock buried in her and she gasped around Julius' softening cock as Robert began to pump and Andrew sucked her tits, her nipples feeling like they would come off at any moment. With her hands bound behind her, Julius' grip on her hair and Andrew's hands on her tits were all that kept her from falling over as Robert fucked her relentlessly, but her pussy was getting very moist and it didn't hurt as much now.

"How's that pussy Robert? Can this white bitch fuck?" and Julius laughed, "This fucking white cunt is tight man, won't last too long," and she could feel his pace quickening and she knew he wouldn't be much longer.

Gia had never been fucked by a black man before, nor had she sucked a black cock, but this new experience was getting to her as she licked the cum from her lips while Julius held her head and Robert fucked her, she was excited by it now, she had never felt such a cock in her before and she found herself thrusting back to meet his thrusts and small moans erupted from her, "Look, I told you, this tight assed white bitch wanted some black cock, didn't you?" and she found herself crying "YES!!!!" as Robert exploded in her, his cum filling her tight box as she came too, her screams filling the store room. "Yo Andrew, get the fuck off them titties and get up here and get your knob polished," and she felt his mouth leave her tits, she was almost disappointed until she saw his thick, black cock presented to her and she willingly opened her mouth to accept it.

"Do it good teach, yeah, polish my knob you fucking cunt!" and he shoved it all into her mouth, her lips now somewhat used to the large sized cocks as he pumped her mouth and she felt Robert pull out, his thick cum running down her legs. She felt like a total submissive slut, but she didn't care, it felt wonderful and she sucked Andrew's large cock as he pumped her mouth. She heard the door open and close behind her, but she concentrated on this thick piece of meat in her mouth, loving how it filled her mouth completely, she had liked giving blow jobs, but this was a real treat, to have her mouth so full and her throat stretching. She wanted to taste him, she felt his pace quicken and she prepared herself for the flood, but just as he got ready, he pulled out and shot the first two spurts across her face, her mouth gapped, wanting it inside, and then he reinserted it and she loved the feelings of his spurts as she hungrily swallowed them.

There was a rope of cum across her left eye and it made her sight somewhat blurred as he finished feeding her his cum, she didn't care anymore, this is what she felt deep inside that she needed. All those times looking at her black students, wondering what it would be like to suck and fuck them, now she knew, and she loved it.

As Andrew pulled his cock from her, she heard the door again, "Oh Man!!!' and she looked to see a young black kid standing there, taking in the scene before him, "That's the teacher! She's got cum hanging on her face and running down her legs!" and she wondered who he was, she had seen him, but she didn't know his name, "We told your freshman ass we had some white booty for you to try your unused cock out on James. Whip it out and let's get it christened bro," and she watched as he pulled his cock out, it shone with the excitement as his precum had run down the shaft, "Why don't you let her clean that up for you James, she loves to suck black cock," and he moved to her head and took her hair from Andrew as he rubbed his cock over her lips. He was smaller than the others, but still more than enough as he pushed between her lips and she once again tasted a black cock, her eyes closed and she sucked, wanting it, needing it, they had awakened a huge desire in her.

"Yo, Julius, try out that pussy man, it was tight, but probably not as much since I filled it up," and they laughed as she felt Julius' hard cock at her entrance and he eased forward, his cock filling her tight pussy as she sucked the other one. Her body began to quiver at being filled at both ends once more and her moans came from her throat as they fucked both ends of her at once. The door opened and they both stopped, "What the fuck are y'all doing?" and she could see Buck, the custodian, staring at them, she's a fucking teacher, are you crazy?" and they looked at him, still buried in either end of her, "Yo buck, chill. This white bitch loves it man, you should have a taste," and she felt Julius resume his fucking, the freshman seemed scared to death at having been caught.

She felt his grip tighten on her hair again and he began pumping her mouth as she could hear Robert and Buck talking off to the side, "What if she decides to put your black asses in jail?" she could heard him say, her concentration on sex momentarily interrupted, "Man Buck, this fucking bitch loves it, she done already cum twice," and she felt the young boy cum, his jism squirting into her mouth as she tried to swallow and keep from gagging as Julius' thrusts blocked her throat with James' cock. "I let you punks in here so you could check out the cheerleaders showering and now I find you done raped a teacher, this ain't easy," and he rubbed his brow, "Man, you got to let this bitch suck you Buck, she's got a mouth like a vacuum cleaner," and James pulled his cock out of her mouth, the remnants of his cum dribbling down her chin as Julius tensed up and filled her pussy once again and she came too, her hips bucking wildly against him as she did, "See!! I told you, this bitch is into it!"

Julius pulled out and once again she felt warm cum running down her legs as she was helped to stand up, slumping back against the wall to support herself. She looked at Buck, she had often fantasized about him as well, and he came over to her, "Mrs. P, I'm so sorry, this wasn't supposed to happen," and he pulled his handkerchief out and wiped the cum from her face and turned her around as he cut her bra off her wrists and she rubbed them to get the circulation back, "If you want, I'll go call the police," and she looked at him, "I want to suck your cock Buck, I've wanted to for a long time, please," and she saw his brow furrow and then she moved her hands to open his pants and pull his big, beautiful cock out , "Hot damn!!" she heard from the others as she moved down to take him in her mouth.

"Damn Mrs. P, that feels good," Buck said as she licked the crown of his cock and then took him into her mouth. "What about me?" the freshman said, "I ain't fucked her yet, you said you were gonna get me some pussy," and they pulled him behind her as two of them held her legs apart and James pushed his cock into her, "Damn this feels good!' he said as his cock went in to his balls and they told him to pump, to get a rhythm going. Gia concentrated on Buck's magnificent cock, he was a man and she had actually wanted him, though she enjoyed the boys, she wanted this cock.

Buck knew what he was doing, this wasn't just playtime to him, as he fucked her mouth and gently cupped her head in his hands and she stared into his deep brown eyes. Her hands went behind him to cup his ass as she pulled his cock deep into her throat and she watched the look of pleasure on his face as she did and he began to ram into her throat with each thrust as she felt his orgasm building.

James came in short time, being inexperienced, and his cum joined the other two as she concentrated on Buck's cock, wanting to taste him so badly. James was still in her, his cock now softening, when she saw a flash and then several more, they were taking pictures and she looked up at Buck just as he came, his jets of thick cum tasting so much better to her than the young boys and she swallowed it, not wanting to waste any. James and Buck dismounted her and she rose to face Buck, a look of contentment on her face, "The pictures will keep your mouth shut, I'm sure you like your job and fucking students might make you lose it, not to mention blowing the custodian, " she heard Julius say and she looked at him, "I want a copy of each one," and she smiled as Buck began to play with her firm little tits and everyone began to move closer to her and she knew that this would be a day to remember, "So, what do you say Julius, did I earn an A?"

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