The Twelve Sluts of Christmas


Karen moved around, Jane's fingers falling from her cunt, she soon had her mouth on Jane's pussy lips, I had free access to Karen's arse. I pushed in a second finger, ramming them in hard, fucking her hole. I see Jane tense, she's cum again, too soon, I hadn't finished on Karen's arse but Jane moved to suck Karen's pussy, my fingers fell from her arse.

I sit back watching the action, its not long before Karen cums into Jane's mouth, I want to taste her juices but Jane has other ideas. Jane stops licking her cunt and tries to kiss Karen, she says no, Jane is covered in her pussy juice, I grab Karen's hair and force her to kiss Jane, she eventually parts her lips, I think she likes it.

Its my turn, I drop down and eat Karen's cunt, I bite her clit and finger fuck her arse, its not long before she cums again, I love pussy juice.

Karen is still on her hands and knees panting as I move behind her and without waiting force my cock into her arse, to my surprise her muscle gives way without much force and I slip my eight inches easily into her. I start to increase my pace, till I'm fucking her hole with all my power, her moans are stifled as once again she has her face buried in Jane's cunt. Karen thrusts her arse into my cock with every stoke I make, its to much and I blast my cum, sooner than I wanted to, deep inside Karen's bowels.

.As I pull out of her arse my cock is replaced by Jane's fingers and she scoops a large dollop of spunk from Karen's leaking hole. Swiftly one of Jane's hands take a handful of Karen's hair, as she force her cum filled fingers into her mouth. Karen has no chance to resist but borks as Jane roughly makes her remove all of the sperm. Jane then removes her hand, forcing Karen to kiss her. I wanted to share the taste of cunt, arse and my cum but I had no chance of pulling Jane away.

Minutes later Jane says she needs the toilet, she tells Karen to clean my cock and get me hard again. Karen takes on her task with gusto, her tongue caressing every in of flesh, my cock and balls getting a massage with her mouth. Karen was on her knees her hands holding onto my arse cheeks as she forced my hardening cock down her throat. Karen didn't see Jane enter the room but to my shock and surprise Jane now had the twelve inch cock, she had used on Lindsey strapped between her legs.

I didn't need any instruction, I released my cock from Karen's mouth and taking a handful of her hair I forced her head to the floor causing her arse to point upwards. Jane was quickly on her knees behind Karen and I could see her forcing the rubber cock inside the helpless woman. I couldn't see which hole Jane had entered but which ever it was it had Karen screaming, begging Jane to stop but Jane ignored her pleas and continued to fuck Karen, getting faster and deeper with every moment that passed, until Karen let out an almighty wail, she had cum on Jane's cock.

As Jane pulls her cock out of Karen I can see Karen's cunt gaping wide open, I now knew which hole my wife had been fucking and I dropped down to drink her juices but Jane didn't let me feed for long. Jane had removed the strap-on and told Karen to put it on, Karen looked excited as she secured the cock over her cunt.

Its Jane's turn to drop onto her hands and knees, Karen kneels down behind her, I can tell Karen has never used a strap-on before as she fumbles with the cock, trying to push it into Jane's eager pussy, I reach down to give her an hand and soon we have the massive rubber cock sliding deep into my wife's cunt. Karen seems to like it and starts to bang Jane hard, I think she wants to make her cum. My cock is once again rock hard and with nowhere else to go, I stand and put my cock in Karen's mouth, she eagerly sucks and I start to fuck her face.

Karen is gagging and choking as I pump my cock in and out her mouth, Jane is screaming as Karen continues with her hard fucking until Jane collapses forward, she's cum and cannot take any more and the same time my cock explodes in Karen's throat and I deliver a massive amount of sperm. As I take my cock out of her mouth Karen shouts out in elation.

Karen is now ours.

We all have a drink, regaining our energy and composure. Its Jane's turn to wear the strap-on. She sits on the sofa and tell Karen sits on her. Karen doesn't waste any time and soon has the cock stuffed up her cunt, leaning forward to kiss Jane as the fondle each others breasts. I was amazed at the sight, Karen's pussy lips stretched to their limit over Jane's massive cock, Her arse gaping, inviting me to enter, I couldn't resist and slowly pushed my cock into her waiting hole. Karen now had twenty inches of hard cock inside her and she was loving every moment. Jane wasn't able to move much, so I started to fuck Karen's arse, lots of moaning followed, both girls lost in ecstasy. I continued to fuck Karen's arse, withdrawing till only the head of my cock remained inside her then thrusting my whole length inside her arsehole, two more minutes and I couldn't hold back as my cock once again ejaculated its load, filling Karen's arse. Jane continued to fuck Karen's pussy as I pull my cock from her arse, Karen lets out a loud whimper.

Jane then orders me to clean Karen's arse, I do, filling my mouth with my cum and the cream of her arse, Jane then tells me to share it with Karen. Again I do as I am told but this time Karen doesn't resist my kiss, she revels in it, wanting to share my juices and tastes. Karen then pulls away from me she wants Jane to share my orgasm. As she kisses Jane Karen forces her cunt down hard on the cock in her pussy, faster and faster until I hear a loud gasp, she has cum again.

We were all knackered, Karen gets dressed, myself and Jane stay naked. Karen says goodbye telling us, that even though her pussy is sore, she is going to fuck the taxi driver on the way home. I know that this is not the end with Karen.

On the fifth day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a nice puffy, hairy, ginger cunt.

I had never fucked a ginger cunt but not through the lack of trying and it had always been one of my fantasies. Jane had called me earlier, telling, me that her boss Rosemary had split with her long term partner and was in pieces. She told me that she had invited Rosemary to the house to console her. Jane then told me that this would be my chance to fuck the elusive ginger pussy, as Rosemary was very vulnerable but I would have to find the way to do it, as it could make work awkward.

I quickly went to the off-license and selected a very nice case of red wine. It can only help, I told myself. Not long after I had returned home, Jane and Rosemary came into the living room. Jane told me to get her boss a drink and she would make us all a sandwich.

I asked Rosemary if she would like wine, she said yes. I could tell by the redness of her eyes it hadn't been long since she had been crying. The situation was a little awkward and I didn't really know what to say, the last thing I wanted to do as set her off again, so I remained silent as I poured the drinks and moments later Jane returned with the food.

The snack soon disappeared as did another wine refill. It as then Jane's mobile rang and she dropped me a bombshell. "That's my Sister, her cars broken down, I have to pick her up and take her to her house. Should only take me thirty minutes." She then turned to me. "I'm sure you can entertain Rosemary till I get back." Jane had given me the opportunity but how in the hell was I going to fuck this woman, one wrong word and she would be an emotional wreck.

Jane left, I tried to make small talk with Rosemary, wracking my brains on how I would make my move. I carried on talking looking her up and down. She wasn't really my type, a bit to big boned for my liking but she was ginger. Rosemary was smartly dressed in her work clothes, a blue knee length skirt and a cream blouse, holding in her ample breasts, her legs covered in nylon.

Even though I wasn't physically attracted to this woman my cock was rock hard, the more I looked at Rosemary the more I wanted to fuck her. Our glasses were empty again, I forgot about my hard-on as I stood to top up the wine. Shit, she must have seen it, I was waiting for her reaction but she stayed silent till I returned to my seat.

"What is wrong with me? Why do I always pick a bastard to be with?" She asked.

Was this my chance. "There's nothing wrong with you, any man would be lucky to be with you." She gave me a soft smile.

"Thanks but we both know that's not true."

I had to do it now and take the risk or the moment might pass. "I think you're fantastic, how could anyone not want to fuck a body like yours."

Rosemary laughed. "Your drunk." She said.

"I might be tipsy but my cock is still hard from looking at you." I stood up the bulge in my pants straining at the material.

Rosemary leaned forward and opened the button on my trousers and pulled them down with my underwear. She ignored my cock and attacked my balls with her tongue, then taking each ball into her mouth. She was like a wild animal, the pain I was feeling was starting to take over the ecstasy. Finally she relents and moves to my cock, wanking it furiously her tongue licking the head.

I had to stop her, I could feel the cum building but I wanted to fuck her first. I tried to pull away but she held me in her vice like grip, her free hand grabbing my sack and giving it a hard tug. I couldn't stop myself, my cock exploded its juices over Rosemary's face, she didn't try to suck or swallow my sperm, she seem content to let it drip down her chin and onto her blouse.

As the last jet left my cock I pushed her backwards, pulling her skirt up, over her hips and parted her legs. My mouth was soon sucking her cunt lips through the pale green lace of her panties. I could taste her pussy as I tried to push my tongue through the material until finally I gripped them and pulled them down. I massive shock as waiting for me, the biggest mass of pussy hair I had ever seen and the same colour as her hair on top.

I ploughed into her bush, the hair looked wiry but was as soft as silk. My mouth soon found a way past as I sucked her large cunt lips into my mouth, giving them a good chew before my tongue worked its way past and into her wet pussy. Her hairs tickling my nose but I plunged deep inside gouging on her, her thighs squeezing my head.

Rosemary seemed to enjoy the work my tongue was doing but finally she pushed me onto the floor, I was on my back but soon her pussy was once again pushed into my mouth. I then felt that wonderful sensation, she was starting to suck my cock. She certainly know what to do, flicking her tongue across the head of my cock, licking the shaft and then sucking deeply again, a process she continued to repeat till my cock was at its full length again.

I continued to eat her pussy, Rosemary spasms and jerks her body my tongue is thrust out of her cunt and lands against her arsehole, I take the chance and push it in, Rosemary squeals but doesn't pull away, she remains still for a few moments and then starts to work her arsehole against my mouth, she wants my tongue to fuck her tight hole.

I'm in heaven, I hope Jane doesn't come back too soon, I want more of this bitch.

Finally we have to break for some air, we see Jane sat in the chair, Rosemary looks shocked.

"Don't mind me." Jane says and puts her hand inside her panties.

I climb on top of Rosemary, she takes my cock with ease as I fuck her in the missionary position. I start to fuck her pussy hard, she is still half dressed, as I continue to drive my cock into her, she is crying out in ecstasy and then she cums with a howl. I turn her around taking off her blouse and bra. I fuck her from behind and finger her arse, my fingers are soon followed by my cock. I fuck her arse for a couple of minutes, till it is stretched enough so that when I remove my cock it was still gaping. I then gave a few strokes in her pussy and a few strokes in her arse. She was enjoying this process of cunt and arse, her huge tits bouncing so hard, I'm sure they were causing earthquakes in china.

Jane was still playing with herself, giving me encouraging smiles and tells me to cum in Rosemary's arse I push my cock back into her tight hole, she is thrusting back to meet my stroke. Rosemary bangs my cock harder than its ever been banged before, she's screaming in ecstasy. Its to much for me, I erupt into her arse, I hear Jane whimpering, I know she is close to Cumming.

Jane gets up from the chair and onto the floor, she tells Rosemary to squat over her face. What a sight, my cum dripping from her arse into Jane's mouth, her tongue making sure that no drop is missed.

Jane tells me to leave them and go upstairs, I did. Jane joins me later but doesn't mention what happened after I left the room, I don't ask.

On the sixth day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a bondage bitch with big tits.

I always met the lads for a few beers on a Saturday afternoon and I returned home not long after three. I walked into the house and heard Jane call me from the kitchen. As I entered I was in for a massive shock. On the floor was Donna, the young blonde solicitor we had used when we purchased the house.

The surprise on my face making Jane smile. "Meet today's slut." She said to me. Donna was securely tied up. She was in her mid twenties but I could tell by the lines of her body she kept herself fit. "Do what you want to her, she's yours to abuse."

Donna was wearing a little black cocktail dress, her legs covered in nylon I couldn't see if they were tights or stockings. She was laid on her stomach her hands behind her back secured with handcuffs, her ankles were also restrained with a set of the cuffs and bent backwards were a third set of cuffs connected to the other two. It was impossible for her to move, trussed up like a turkey. I moved around to look at her face, a red ball in her mouth held in place by the black leather strap which fastened round her mass of blonde hair, stopped her from making too much noise.

I took hold of Donna and flipped her onto back, her arms and legs tucked under her slim body. The look on her face said she was feeling pain but at the moment I did not care, I wanted to see what she had on under the dress.

She tried to squirm her body, I think trying to get comfortable but the noises from her throat told me it wasn't working. I undid my trousers and quickly took them off and the rest of my clothes soon followed.

Jane sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, reading a magazine as if nothing untoward was happening, I knew her pussy must be wet and screaming out for a good fucking but for now she was going to let me do what I wanted to this slut.

I slapped Donna's tits through the dress then roughly grab at them twisting and squeezing, then slapping again. They felt bigger than they looked, I was losing all self control.

Forcing my self to stop, I moved round and dropped to the floor, close to Donna's bended knees. I pushed her dress up, they were tights. The tights covered a nice pair of pink panties, my favourite colour. I moved my mouth and sucked Donna's pussy through the nylon and the satin of the panties. I don't know how much she could feel of this but it was having the desired effect on me.

As much as I loved the feel of nylon I wanted to taste her cunt juices, without care I ripped at her tights, they easily came apart in my hands, without stopping I pulled her panties down as far as they would go and thrust my tongue into her hole. Donna continued to struggle, from the pain or what I was doing to her cunt, I didn't know but I wasn't going to stop till I had my fill. After a couple more minutes the woman began to spasm, her body was almost jumping off the floor, she was going to cum, I sucked with all my might on her clit and with a tremendous jolt and a deep gargling in her throat her pussy burst into a torrent of flavour. I was so good I had to bury my tongue into her hole, when I withdrew, I took her clit back into my mouth and bit down hard. I could again hear the gargled scream masked by the ball gag but I still continued.

Jane eventually stopped me and told me to lift the girl onto the table, which I did easily, with Donna's head hanging over the edge. Jane the produce a rope and tied one end tightly around Donna's neck, the other around the table leg, so she was unable to move her head. I could see the rope digging into her throat but it still allowed her to breathe. Jane took off her skirt and panties and removed the ball gag from Donna's mouth but immediately replaced it with her pussy. She pushed her cunt down hard on Donna's face wanking her clit against vigorously against the woman's nose. Jane bends forward a delivers a hard slap against Donna's pussy lips, continuing to rub her own pussy hard on the woman's face. Jane roughly pushes two fingers deep into Donna's cunt and then squeals as she cums in her mouth.

Jane almost falls off Donna's head her legs turning to jelly, she flops back down on the kitchen chair. I don't waste a minute replacing Jane's pussy in Donna's mouth with my cock. Without care I force my cock as deep as it will go, about six inches and then I start to fuck her throat. As I pump in and out I can see massive amounts of salvia leaving the corners of her mouth running up her nose and into her eyes before making it to her hair line, leaving black trails of mascara. I unabatedly continue with my thrusts, I can hear her chocking and gagging but I know I'm not going to stop until I pump my cum inside her.

Jane had regained her composure and the sight of me fucking Donna's mouth was again turning her on, she move round and pulled Donna's restrained legs apart as far as they would go and pushed her head into her cunt. Donna's body was convulsing, had I gone to far, I didn't even know if she was still breathing but my cock was on the brink, moments later it exploded. I pumped stream after stream of spunk deep in her throat, my balls against her nose, then I pulled out.

I took a moment before I heard the woman gasp, then a large amount of sperm ejected from her mouth, covering the top half of her face. More gasping and gulping of air, then a scream, Jane had made her come. When Jane lifted her head, her face was glistening with Donna's pussy cream. She looked gorgeous, I cant resist and have to kiss her.

It wasn't long before I had regained my erection, time was getting on and I knew I didn't have much time left. I wanted to fuck Donna's pussy before it was over. She was wet and sloppy and took my cock with ease. I banged her hard for the next fifteen minutes, I thought her screams might disturb the neighbours but no one knocked on the door. Jane was sat watching when I finally filled Donna's cunt with my cum. I let my cock deflate inside her and when I pulled out Jane told me to get a shower, I did and when I came back Donna was gone.

I later found out that Jane had pictures of Donna in various sex acts and had blackmailed her, telling her she would post them on the internet and ruin her career.

On the seventh day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a submissive girl's arse to abuse.

I arrived home from work as usual and walked into the kitchen, to my surprise Jane's sister-in-law, Ann, was kneeled on the floor. She was dressed in black silk lingerie with stockings. I had an instant erection, I had always thought about fucking Ann but never in my wildest dream did I think I would fuck Jane's brothers wife. Jane was nowhere to be seen.

I always thought Jane knew something about Ann but she never told me what it was. It was then Jane stormed into the room, dressed in almost identical lingerie to Ann but in white, she spoke to me. "What do you think of today's slut." She didn't give me time to answer. "Ann has been very naughty and needs to be punished." A look of fear spread across Ann's face.

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