tagBDSMThe Vacation Ch. 07

The Vacation Ch. 07


Author's note:

This is the continuation of the fourth in a series of stories about me and my wife Lisa. If you haven't already, please read part one and especially the Author's note with that part.

Thank you

Now on to the story:

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The Vacation

Part 7, the conclusion

As I slowly woke I quickly realized that Lisa had somehow restrained my wrists to the corners of the bed. I was lying on my back with my arms stretched up and out. Lisa was sitting on the side of the bed just smiling at me.

"Lisa, what is this!" I demanded, "You promised last night!"

"And I'm going to keep my promise right now. I said I'd make you cum HARD before we even get out of bed. Are either one of us out of bed?"

"No" I reluctantly agreed.

"And one of us isn't going to get out of bed until I say so, right?"

I just groaned softly, but in spite of myself I was starting to get hard.

"See, you're getting excited already, so don't complain" Lisa said as she reached over and ran one finger up and down the underside of my cock very lightly causing me to shiver. "Peter, I'm going to do exactly what I promised, and you'll love it. I'm going to make you cum harder than you ever have. And I'm going to start right now, but I'm afraid it might take a while."

And with that Lisa got on her knees between my legs and started to gently massage my balls. I was already rock hard and squirming.

"Lisa, baby, please! Finish me, I can't take any more. I really, really need to cum bad!" I was frantically begging.

"Oh, Peter, you can take a lot more and you know you want this to last. I'm going to make you cum sooo good! Boy, these babies are really, really full!" she giggled.

She finally started to stroke me, very gently and very slowly. In my current state, however, it was less than a minute before I was on the verge of cumming. Lisa was already going so light and slow that she could only stop completely in order to keep me from cumming.

"Wow Peter, I'm not sure I can make this last nearly as long as I want. I'm even afraid to touch your balls, they look so big and full I think they might just explode," she giggled. I've often mentioned that I've never been able to cum from ball stimulation alone. But Lisa had never teased me to this point before. She was obviously afraid that in this condition I might actually shoot just from that.

"I just am not willing to have this end just yet. I know just the thing" and with that she jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom. In only a minute she was back with what looked like a tube of lube. I knew it would feel great and was also sure that no amount of friction reduction would matter. As soon as she started to stroke me again I was positive I'd explode. And I was ready.

Lisa crawled back up on the bed and knelt between my legs again. She squeezed some of the lube in her palms and set the tube aside. She rubbed her palms together for a few seconds and with an evil grin on her face she reached for my cock and said, "Okay, here goes baby. I'm not stopping this time until you cum. But I think it might still take a while."

No way! I was positive I'd be cumming in seconds.

Again she started to very lightly and slowly stroke my cock. The lube felt cool. In a few seconds it felt very cool, like it had menthol or something in it. Very shortly my cock felt not only cool, but almost tingly. Not unpleasant at all, just different than normal. Lisa was stroking a bit more firmly and just a little bit faster. To my amazement, conversely the sensation was less than when she started out very lightly. Her grin widened and so did my eyes I'm sure.

"What kind of lubricant is that?" I almost croaked.

"Oh, its something new I picked up" she giggled, "like it?"

"Actually it seems to reduce the sensation of what you're doing, why?"

"Well, that's probably because its called, 'Prolong', it has a desensitizing agent in it" by now she was laughing. "The saleswoman guaranteed that it would prolong an orgasm regardless of the man's state. I guess this will be a real test, don't you think?"

"Lisa, baby, PLEASE, I need to cum. Make me cum, please. You ..."

"Shhh" she cut me off "just relax. I said I wasn't going to stop until you came and I'm not. Now lie back and enjoy, I know you want this to be good and it will. You earned it the last few days."

And she firmly and steadily stroked me using both hands. She rubbed my balls with the heel of her right hand while it stroked most of my shaft and her left hand steadily stoked and played with the head of my cock. Every other stroke she would twist her wrist as if turning a doorknob.

You can't imagine the frustration of this treatment unless its been done to you. It is very much a head game, but there is also the physical aspect. You can see and feel your cock being stroked in a way that should have you shooting cum all over the place, even without the build up I'd had. And there is definitely stimulation, it's just that the nerves aren't working right and you just don't cum. You feel right on the edge, and you know that the stroking should make you cum, but you just don't. Both the sensation and the frustration are unbelievable.

This went on for quite a while (as is her way, Lisa had the clock turned so I couldn't tell for sure how much time had gone by) when she reached for another tube of lube.

"Lisa, no more please I..."

"Shh, I said! This is regular lube, it will dilute the 'Prolong' and the nerves in your cock will slowly return to normal. You'll be cumming hard in no time! Or do you want me to put some more 'Prolong' on to make it last?" she giggled as she set the lube back down and picked up the 'Prolong'.

"GOD NO! No more 'Prolong', PLEASE!"

"Then be quiet," she laughed as she put the 'Prolong' back down and picked up the regular lube.

I just sighed a loud moan, which elicited even more laughter from Lisa.

But she did add a goodly amount of lube to my already slick cock. Soon it was very slippery. And I could feel myself moving closer to orgasm again. Lisa must have sensed this because her right hand was now just massaging my balls and her left was lightly teasing my cock head, especially she would run her fingers around the very edge of the corona and over my frenulum. I was getting closer and closer, she was teasing more and more.

I was groaning and humping and pulling at my wrist restraints. Lisa got even more of the regular lube and while caressing my nuts with one hand started long, firm, steady strokes. The second application of the regular lube must have nearly (but not completely) neutralized the 'Prolong'. It was as if a switch had been turned back on. My balls got very tight, my cock got even harder and the head felt like it was swelling even more and I was suddenly rushing toward an orgasm. The feeling was overwhelming.

To further demonstrate how well Lisa can read my body, about three seconds before I exploded she said "Oh yeah! Cum baby, cum real hard now!"

And that did it. My muscles went rigid and my balls and cock began to spasm and shoot cum all over the place. I'm positive I've never cum that hard. Some if it actually shot clear up to the head of the bed. And the volume was amazing, I know it was the biggest load of my life. Lisa kept steadily pumping my cock, milking all the cum out. I don't really know how long it lasted but it seemed like my orgasm wasn't going to stop.

Finally when it did, I collapsed. I felt totally drained, as if I'd run a marathon, which in a way I had! Lisa undid the wrist cuffs and went into the bath to get a wet towel. When she returned I realized I was actually a bit dazed. She cleaned me up and we just lied on the bed holding each other for a long while.

After the build up of the last few days, it wasn't long however before I was ready for more. We spent the rest of the morning fucking and sucking and giving each other as many orgasms as we could. We never left the room until lunchtime.

Lisa was true to her word, as always. Any sexual suggestion I made, she was willing. Right up to the last minute. It was our last day and I'd sandbagged about 15 minutes regarding what time we needed to be in the lobby for our ride to the airport.

"How about one last blow job to hold me for the long flight home?" I cajoled just seconds before we would have walked out the door.

"We'll miss the ride to the airport" she worried, not wanting to renege on her promise, but concerned about our flight.

I confessed I'd set her up just for this. And I did get a fantastic BJ as a final farewell to Mexico.

On the flight home I couldn't stop smiling. Lisa had given me the most frustrating few days of my entire life, followed by the best sex we'd ever had. I was sated. And was deeming this the best vacation we'd ever had. I was already mentally starting to plan next year's trip.

Lisa must have had some idea what was on my mind because she leaned over and whispered in my ear "I sure hope you enjoyed that final blow job you tricked me into, 'cause your going to pay dearly for it."

I couldn't help it, the smile on my face got even bigger.

The end

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