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The Wedding


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The wedding plans were coming along splendidly. James and Sarah had been in love for years and now it seemed they would be spending the rest of their lives together. James had only three jobs for the wedding, tuxes, photographer, and the DJ. He arranged for the tuxedos and made time to bring his five ushers and his best man for fittings. His best man was his best friend Carl, and his ushers were a combination of his brother, two cousins and two of Sarah’s brothers.

Next he decided to tackle the DJ. He called around and after several long conversations settled on two potential choices. One of the DJs was a little less expensive and had seemed very professional over the phone, the other was a little more money, but had been very persuasive on the phone. Both seemed knowledgeable and would both likely make good DJs. In the end he went with price. He called and confirmed and then phoned the second DJ to let him know. Although James wasn’t sure exactly how it had happened, before the end of the phone call he had agreed to hire the other DJ. Something about the way he talked, and his presence of voice, James couldn’t be sure. He cancelled the other DJ.

The wedding drew nearer. James had found a dynamite photographer and was very proud of himself for completing his jobs. Meanwhile Sarah was busy with planning her dream wedding. When there were only two weeks before the wedding the DJ called. He wanted to meet with James and Sarah to discuss song choices and timing of various reception standards, the cake cutting, bouquet, etc. It seemed logical enough and highly professional, they agreed on a night when both he and Sarah could be there.

With only six days until the wedding Marvin the DJ pulled into James and Sarah’s driveway. He got out of his car and strode up the walkway. The soon to be newlyweds had a nice house he thought to himself. When the door opened he shook hands with James, and James led him into a nice kitchen/common room.

“Hi, Marvin. Great to finally meet you.” James said warmly. “This is Sarah my fiancée. Sarah this is Marvin the DJ.” James said.

Marvin couldn’t believe his eyes. Sarah was a ravishing beauty. She stood around 5’6” tall, slim and firmly toned, she had long reddish brown hair, and a delectable figure. She was wearing khaki shorts, which hugged her round ass nicely and a summery tank top, which accentuated the swell of what had to be C-cups maybe bigger. Her breasts sat high and proud on her chest. Marvin smiled to himself. He suppressed the urge to control her. He knew that his control faded and if he used it too soon, they would likely cancel his wedding job, and Marvin was more of a voyeur anyway.

Since Marvin had hit puberty he had been able to hear the surface thoughts of people around him without much effort. Since then he had slowly taught himself to manipulate those thoughts. In the past year or so Marvin had become really good at making people around him do what he wanted. As a DJ he typically left weddings or other functions with at least one bridesmaid, or some other hot young girl. Marvin was always careful not to draw too much attention to himself though, always fearful of someone finding out exactly how he always got what he wanted and somehow ruining it. Right now he wanted Sarah very badly.

‘She isn’t a bridesmaid though.’ Marvin thought to himself. ‘This is the bride herself, you get in her pants someone’s gonna’ be pissed.’ Marvin made it through the meeting without acting too oddly, but Sarah was all he could think about. For the next five days thoughts of her had built to an obsession, and Marvin had had hundreds of fantasies. The day of the wedding arrived and Marvin loaded his van and went to the hall to set up. He had been invited to the ceremony. He usually was, but he rarely elected to go. Today was different. He wanted to admire the bride as often as he could.

Marvin arrived at the church, and of course the bride wasn’t there yet. She would only arrive at the last minute. Marvin sat near the back of the church tuning in and out the thoughts of the different people in the large church. Many of the women in Sarah’s family were very attractive. While listening to James’ thoughts he learned that Sarah had a weird feeling about him. Marvin was used to it, but the groom began getting nervous as soon as Marvin had come in. Marvin was hurt and slightly irritated. Sarah was hot, but how dare she think herself too good for him. Looking about the room he decided he needed a distraction. His eyes settled on the mother of the bride. She was pacing nervously near the back of the hall.

Marvin looked at her and reached out mentally, he compared it to playing a video game. An instant passed and Sarah’s mother suddenly had the oddest feeling. She was intensely aroused. She looked nervously around the church wondering if anyone could see her suddenly flushed complexion. Within seconds the feeling was so strong she realized that she HAD to do something about it. She crept down the stairs to the basement of the church where the bathrooms were. Marvin got up and followed. Sarah’s mother Dianne couldn’t be sure why she did it, but the first door she came to was the men’s room and she stepped inside.

Marvin watched Sarah’s mother following his mental nudging. She was nervous and it made it extraordinarily easy to manipulate her. She was wearing a light blue dress, and it was evident that Sarah had gotten her mother’s body. She was probably in her mid-forties, Marvin guessed she had had some work done, but she was still quite attractive and carried herself well. Marvin smiled as Dianne pushed through the door into the men’s room. As soon as she was on the other side her composure broke down. Dianne reached down, frantically bunching her dress up to her waist. She was wearing sheer panty hose and she struggled to push her hand into them. A moment later she was aggressively rubbing her clitoris which seemed to her starved for sensation.

Dianne looked around the men’s room, the church was old and many of these fixtures had been used for decades. The bathroom had on odor oddly crossed between chemical cleaners and ancient urine. Suddenly Dianne felt VERY dirty. She slipped her other hand down the back of her panty hose admiring how firm her buttocks felt for a woman her age. A moment later she was tracing the outline of her anus with her index finger while continuing the furious assault on her clitoris with her other hand.

Marvin entered the men’s room to see the bride’s mother standing in the center of the room framed by a urinal on either side of her. She stood slightly stooped with her legs close to three feet apart. She had a hand down both the front and back of her hosiery, and her dress was bunched to her navel. Through the sheer panty hose it was evident she wasn’t wearing panties. Marvin laughed to himself.

“I need a cock in me!” Dianne said to Marvin exactly the way he had said it in her mind. “Fuck me now!” Marvin stepped forward and pushed Dianne into the nearest stall pushing her hosiery down as he did so. He lifted her slightly setting her now bare ass on as ancient toilet paper dispenser and unbuckled his pants. The door to the stall slowly closed itself as he lifted the woman’s knees to her chest and pushed himself into her pussy. The stall door was old fashioned and almost reached the floor, Marvin reached over and locked it as he sensed two men about to enter.

“Shhhh.” Marvin hissed. The bathroom door opened and Dianne’s husband and James came in. Both urinated as Marvin gently began to pump in and out of Sarah’s mother. She bit her lower lip and shut her eyes holding onto Marvin’s narrow shoulders as the young man began fucking her. It felt amazing as though every nerve ending in her body had been turned on. The thought that her husband was just beyond the door fluttered into her mind, but rather than be swayed it only aroused her more. She opened her eyes and looked at the young man who was gradually building speed as he fucked her. She realized she had absolutely no idea who he was. He was fairly skinny, and had a plain unassuming face and dark hair. Something about him was magnificent to her though. Meanwhile James and her husband were washing their hands.

“Are you nervous about the wedding?” Harold, Dianne’s husband asked James.

“No, Sarah and I are so ready for this.” James said. “I love your daughter very much.”

“That’s great you two will do fine, I welcome you into our family.” Harold said. There was the rattle of the paper towel dispenser. “Have you seen Dianne?” Harold asked.

“I thought she came down here.” James said.

“Me too, probably in the bathroom.” Harold added.

“Probably.” James said and then they were gone.

“Oh yes, please fuck me now.” Dianne hissed as soon as the bathroom door was closed. Marvin obliged and began humping the writhing woman in earnest causing the toilet paper dispenser to rattle and the walls of the stall to creak. “UUUNGHHHN!” Dianne grunted out as she began to come. “Now YOU!” She hissed as her body continued to twitch from the orgasm. “Before mine is over, come in me!” Marvin hadn’t coerced her to say any of that, only to make her uncontrollably horny and ask to fuck him. The dirty talk put him over the edge and his legs trembled as he began to come. He drove deeply inside the woman and stayed there as his orgasm poured through him.

“That was fucking incredible.” Dianne said shocked at her own tongue. The young man who had just fucked her set her legs down on the floor of the tiny stall and she bent over to gather her bunched up panty-hose. As she pulled them up she noticed the smear of semen began to seep out of her. She smiled and snugged the panty shield portion of the hosiery over her dripping well-fulfilled pussy. “Who are you?” She asked.

“I’m Marvin the DJ.” Marvin answered. “You were magnificent, you are very hot.” He added. Then he reached out again.

“You’ll have to fuck me again sometime. I can’t go on without more of your cock.” Dianne said. Although Marvin had planted the words in her mind they flowed as though she had thought of them herself.

“I’ll do that.” Marvin answered. “We’d better get back upstairs we’ll miss the ceremony.” Marvin wiped his cock off with a handful of toilet paper and put it back in his pants as Dianne walked awkwardly out of the men’s room.

As Marvin seated himself near the back of the church the ushers began seating people. The word was that the Bride and her Bridesmaids were circling the block and would be pulling up in a moment or two. Next the mothers of the bride and groom were led in and seated near the front. Marvin watched Dianne walk down the aisle, her blond hair was barely tousled, but Marvin knew well that the light brown hair between her legs was caked with drying semen. He smiled.

Finally all the ushers and the groom were standing by the altar and ‘Here Comes the Bride’ began to play. Marvin like everyone else in the room turned to watch as Sarah was led down the aisle on her father’s elbow. She was radiant. Her dress was beautiful and lacy, it wasn’t low cut at all, and covered what could be ample cleavage, but still managed to accentuate her chest with just the right snugness. Two razor thin spaghetti straps slipped over her sexy shoulders and dove low down the relatively non-existent back. Her headpiece didn’t have a veil and was done up into her hair, pulling her bangs back and highlighting her high cheekbones and soft make-up. Behind her one of the bridesmaids carried her train and Marvin began getting a devilish idea.

He reached out across the entire chapel with his mind and a languid calm settled over everyone. The guests would pretty much smile and ooh and ahh at whatever happened from here on out. As the bride passed Marvin her maid began gently gathering up the train and inching closer to the bride. By the time she was within a few feet of the altar, her toned calves were visible to the knee, along with the sheer white hosiery she was wearing.

They reached the altar and Marvin leaned forward to get a better look at the garter and the top of what had turned out to be thigh highs. Everyone in the chapel stared appreciatively at the back of the bride’s long firm legs. Marvin thought the exposed straps for her thigh highs were very erotic. Her bridesmaid took the final two steps up to the altar and rather than spread the train out she lifted it and tucked it into the back of the semi backless wedding gown. The back of the dress had drooped low showing off the back of Sarah’s neck and some of her back. When the Bridesmaid tucked the train and the hem of her dress into it, the entire congregation could see the bottom of her lacy almost sheer panties.

The ceremony began and pictures were being snapped almost non-stop. Marvin could imagine the wedding albums. Sarah felt a little strange, she was acutely aware that her bridesmaid had lifted the back of her dress exposing her to her butt. Oddly she felt alright with that, in fact she thought it was pretty erotic that everyone could see her like this. ‘James must have no idea’ she thought. The priest performed all the nuances of the ceremony without any indication that anything was out of the ordinary, and Sarah let the dress stay.

As the ceremony progressed she began feeling more and more aroused at the thought of her and James’ friends and family seeing her like this. She wanted to show more! In the audience Marvin fueled her overwhelming desires and listened to her thoughts, his hard-on returning to tent and stain the front of his trousers. Gently she thrust her pelvis back hoping it allowed more of her ass to be seen. She suddenly wished she had opted for less conservative panties. She was wearing Lacy Bikinis, but suddenly wanted very badly to be in a thong, or maybe no panties at all!

“You may kiss the bride.” The priest’s words momentarily rocked Sarah out of her reverie. For an instant she realized that she was mooning all of her wedding guests. Sarah’s face turned scarlet, then James took her in his arms and kissed her, she kissed back and the odd calm settled back onto her. Her arousal began to flow back down her spine and through her belly. She squirmed gushingly against James, the heat between her legs seeming to melt her entire body.

As she kissed James her maid of honor Heather stepped forward and rolled the wad of material tighter tucking it firmly back into her dress. Sarah could now feel that her dress was tucked exposing her panties all the way to the waistband in the back. She would have to thank Heather for being so intuitive! The guests cheered as James led his bride back down the aisle. The two lace covered swells of her buttocks rising and falling with each step. Although Marvin was tempted to make the best man step forward and goose her, he decided to play it coy and ease himself into what he was planning to be a VERY lusty night.

On the front steps of the church, Sarah and the photographer agreed that she should be facing somewhat sideways in a lot of the pictures. This profile would accentuate her body and allow the bare flesh of her legs and the swell of her ass to be seen. Sarah wanted desperately an excuse to remove her panties. Even though doing so would require her to unclasp her thigh high suspenders. Photos were taken all around the grounds of the church, no one seemed at all uncomfortable with Sarah’s panties being visible. All the attention was making Sarah extremely wet. By the time the photographer was taking the last few pictures Sarah was pretty sure she could smell herself, or at least the strong smell of sex.

“Are you alright honey?” Sarah’s mother asked. She was standing right beside her daughter, envious of her youth and the smoothness of her legs.

“I’m fine mom.” Sarah said. “Today is going perfect!”

“That’s wonderful honey.” Sarah’s mom said. She walked off and Sarah noticed that the smell of sex seemed to subside. Sarah and James headed for the bridal car as Sarah’s mother began talking to the DJ. Sarah watched them talk and wondered why she had ever thought strangely of the DJ, he seemed nice enough.

The door to the limo closed, they were in a two-seater Rolls Royce, with the rest of the bridal party following in two Lincoln Towncars. As the cars pulled away Sarah noticed her mom getting into the DJs car and the whole procession began making it’s way to the hall.

“I’m so horny James!” Sarah said. There was no partition and the limo driver had already taken note of the gorgeous woman in his back seat.

“Oh yeah.” James said. He leaned forward and kissed his bride. Suddenly Sarah felt a strange revulsion.

“Not ‘till later.” She said coolly pulling away from her new husband. James felt oddly neutral about the exchange. “God, though, I’ve gotta’ CUM!” Sarah said. She unclasped her thigh highs and began pulling her panties down her long legs. Once off she re-clipped the stockings and spread her legs wide, draping one knee over James’ leg, and placing a high-heeled foot on the back of the front seat. The driver quickly tilted his mirror and Sarah thrust out her pelvis to give the driver the best view possible as she ran a freshly done fingernail up and down her soaking wet slit.

“Hold these James.” Sarah said stuffing her soggy panties into her husband’s fist. She gently pinched her clitoris rolling it in her fingers before sliding her finger back down her crease and inside of her. She moaned, for some reason her whole body was on fire and just touching her clit had been enough to put her on the brink of orgasm. She left her finger inside and pressed her palm against her clitoris and the orgasm came. Sarah moaned and grunted bucking her hips wildly as the orgasm tore through her body. With her teeth clenched she withdrew her finger and leaned forward on the back of the seat.

“Very nice.” The limo driver said.

“You’ll have to stay for the reception, I’m sure this isn’t the end of the show yet.” Sarah said. She lowered her legs and let the front of her dress fall back into place. If the back had come un-tucked she would have Heather fix it when they arrived. Marvin’s car slid past the limo on the highway, Marvin had to get his DJ rig up and running as the guests arrived. On the way by he implanted the deepest message he could not to lower the back of the dress. To James he sent the message not to interfere with his new wife AT ALL. Sarah looked at Marvin’s car as it sped past, she thought her mother had been with him, but evidently she had been wrong, as she couldn’t see her in the car.

At the reception Marvin nudged Dianne’s head off his lap, although he had come a minute ago, she had continued sucking until he was completely flaccid. A tiny dollop of cum trickled from the corner of her mouth.

“See you inside.” Marvin said. He headed through the expensive hotel lobby to the largest function room. There he flipped his system on and began playing light dinner music as the guests began filing in. Out front the limos would wait until most of the guests were in before debarking the wedding party to be introduced.

Sarah’s mother sat at the head table while her husband made the rounds. She was barely able to control the urges within her body. Safely under the tablecloth she slid her dress up her legs and stuck two fingers deep into her sloppy pussy. Spooning a gob of cum onto her fingertips she stuck the fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. Then she masturbated through her pantyhose soaking the material more than it already was. She decided she should take the hose off, before the moisture made her itchy. Slipping off her heels she lifted her bum slightly in her chair and removed the hose pushing them all the way down and off her legs. As she leaned forward to do it her own musky odor mixed with Marvin’s cum drifted into her nose, it was intoxicating.

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