The Witch and the Dragon Ch. 15


The crown of his cock popped in making her strain to keep still and not dart away. It burned, felt like he was splitting her in two.

"Master," she cried out when he slid inexorably deeper.

"Shhh. I'm almost there, baby."

Knocking had Alluna's eyes widening in shock and apprehension. Behind her, Master cursed.

Someone was knocking on the Viper's dark glass top.

With a jerk, he pushed his thick cock all the way into her ass, making her cry out in surprise. Her ass hurt, but at the same time her pussy was so wet and throbbing she wanted to cry in frustration.

Master pulled her up against his chest. "Look through the glass, my little sub," he hissed in her ear.

His tongue traced erotic lines around her sensitive lobe and ear, making her shudder. Beyond the dark glass of the Viper, Alluna made out the interior of an immense transport hangar. Her mouth opened, taking in the hundreds of space ships surrounding them as well as many varied species of aliens.

Master's hard body surrounded her as his hips slammed into her ass. The feel of his hard cock possessing her so deeply made her arch and writhe against him. The pleasure grew more intense and his hand cupped her mound, thick fingers sliding around in the wetness of her lust. Alluna gripped his thighs and mewled her delight.

"Mmm, you like this, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, Master."

"Maybe I should open the top of the Viper so everyone can see how much you enjoy having your pretty little ass filled by my cock." The mental image almost had Alluna cumming. He used two fingers to stroke either side of her engorged clit. Alluna rocked harder on him, feeling the stab of his possession in her gut. She grunted and panted, wanting more.

"Look at that pretty little pussy," he crooned. "Your clit's so swollen and erect, it looks like a tiny little dick. Imagine Remi licking it. His tongue is pierced, so you'll feel his metal stud sliding up and down, tormenting you."

"Master, please," she cried out trying to get him to touch her clit fully. He just circled maddeningly around it, filling her mind with sordid images.

"No, Alluna. You will not cum until I give you permission."

Her body shook uncontrollably. Just the thought of having to hold back almost sent her over the edge.

"Mmm, good girl." He licked her ear again. His stroking fingers moved faster, almost pinching her clit. The agony was unbearable. Her whole body was shaking with the need for release. "You'd enjoy Remi licking your sweet little pussy. Maybe you'd like to have Seth and Natanael each sucking one of your nipples as well."

"Oooh," she cried, tears now trailing down her cheeks as she bucked frantically on his lap.

He slapped his hips so hard against her, she was losing her grip on his thighs, so she gripped the cheeks of her ass again and ground harder on his pounding prick.

He panted behind her, his thrusts more frantic. "And, since you love the feel of a hard cock in your mouth so much, maybe you'd enjoy having Devon..."

Alluna did not hear the rest. His fingers slid over the sensitive tip of her clit and... she came so hard, she splashed her thighs with her cum.

Heat filled her ass in hard spurts. She couldn't breathe. Master had clamped his big hand around her throat as he roared out his release, almost choking her. Alluna rotated her hips, clamping down on his cock as hard as she could, gasping to draw breath into her burning lungs.

She opened her mouth on a silent scream when he drove his fangs into the side of her throat.

Her mind spun, delirious from the aftermath of such intense pleasure.

Zak panted. She could still feel his cock twitching in her ass. After a while, he licked at her neck and she winced at the sting.

He cursed softly. "I lost my head with you, Alluna. We both look a mess and there's about a million reporters and paparazzi out there waiting for us to come out." He chuckled. "Dev's gonna put my balls in a sling."

Alluna opened her bleary eyes to see Devon standing a few feet away from the Viper with a scowl on his face. Natanael stood before the Viper, in front of Devon with his black wings spread out.

Alluna was sure the glorious sight of both Devon and the reaper was enough to distract everyone's attention from the fact that her Master and she hadn't left the cocoon of the Viper.


Devon was livid with Zak. Alluna's throat bore his handprint as well as his bite mark. Her hair was disheveled, and her face was gloriously glowing. Zak grinned. She looked well fucked.

"It didn't help at all that you jumped out of your Viper half naked with your hair all... aw, hell, are you even listening to me?"

Zak sighed. "I'm trying not to run back to her, Dev. I can't stand having to leave her in the security level."

Devon gripped Zak's arm, his eyes blazing. "And you think it's easy for me to have left Angel there as well? Fuck, she's already been getting contractions for the past couple of days."

"Rowie wanted to kick my ass for making her stay too," Remi admitted sullenly next to them.

"It's better this way," Seth stated. "They're pregnant and might as well have a bulls-eye painted on them."

Zak felt Anniel's pain zing through her. She accompanied them and he couldn't help noticing how she kept a discrete distance from Natanael.

Zak frowned. He knew she had a weakness for Seraphs. He also knew one of them had used and broken her heart many years ago, making her wary of them ever since. He clenched his teeth wishing he had the asshole in front of him now. He'd rip the feathered fucker's wings off with his bare hands.

Anniel turned her golden eyes to him, sensing his stare. Her eyes looked haunted. She was probably thinking of what happened with Ashriel. They'd all need to see to him too. Fallen reapers were cast out of Seraphia. To return would be a death sentence. Ash would definitely need help.

They marched down a wide corridor, escorted by over two dozen armed guards. Zak smirked in disdain. As if stupid weapons could do anything to us.

"I thought we had a bounty on our heads," Seth murmured to Devon.

His commander only shrugged. "Actually, there are over three thousand armed ships in the vicinity trying to lock on our exact location."

"Armed? Fuck, they're going to end up shooting each other," Zak huffed. They would be blamed for that too.

Devon shook his head. "I've deactivated all their weapons. Most they can do is ram into each other."

Zak gaped at his commander. The guards escorting them looked also. Some of them glanced down at the weapons they held to their chest.

Devon grinned at one of them and he frowned, snapping his eyes back to where they were headed.

"Fucking demons," the green-skinned man uttered through his dark brown lips.

Zak's eyebrows rose in amusement. The man had a pronounced bone structure on his face. His cheekbones flared out and his brow had upward curved ridges that ended in two sharp horns at the top of his bald, warty head. He looked more like a demon than they did.

Zak snorted in disgust.

Their boots echoed in the virtually empty corridor. That wing of the station had been cleared for obvious reasons. Everything around them was the same pearly shade of pale grey. Recessed lighting cast a stark white glow making everything look cold and sterile. It gave Zak the creeps, reminded him of where his father used to work. Zak grimaced and mentally corrected the word father, exchanging it for the guy that lived in the same house as my mother and me.

They approached metal double doors that rose up about twenty feet and were just as wide.

Locks clicked and clanged and the metal doors opened with a groan. Cold air brushed Zak's face until Devon stepped in front of him.

His commander wanted to go first—always shielding his angels with his own body.


Alluna watched Angel and Rowie pace back and forth. She looked at the tables to the left laden with food. Some were familiar, others looked strange and disgusting.

"Do you think they'll take a long time?" Angel asked finally stopping to press her hands to her back and wince.

Rowie snapped around and rushed to her. "Contractions?"

"Just little ones."

"Gee-whiz, Angel. Maybe we should've stayed back home with you."

Angel shook her head. "My place is at my mate's side."

Rowie snorted. "Hate to tell you this, sweetheart, but us pregnant girls are not exactly by our mates' sides."

Alluna stood. "Maybe she should lie down."

"I'm too nervous to lie or sit," Angel admitted biting her lower lip. Her eyes welled. "I want Devon."

Rowie's eyes widened and she looked at Alluna with a bit of alarm.

Rowie's gaze drew back to Angel."Angie, that is so unlike you to say that."

Angel swallowed, one tear rolling down her cheek. "I know, but... I feel the sudden urge to just cry."

And then, the pretty blonde did just that.

Rowie convinced her to take a seat, sitting next to her. Reaching out, she took her hand, trying to soothe the distraught girl.

Alluna took the seat next to Angel, taking her other hand. She rubbed her fingers, giving Angel a sympathetic look.

There was a knock at the door and all three turned when it opened. The guard standing at the door peered in before stepping aside to allow Zak to enter.

Alluna felt a rush of joy flow through her. She jumped up and ran into his arms... and then frowned wrinkling her nose. "You smell different, Zak."

He sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "We've been surrounded by more than two dozen different species of beings, my love. Some of it has definitely rubbed off."

"What's going on?" Angel sniffled. "Can we go home now?"

Zak considered Angel a moment. Some strange emotion flashed through his eyes, too quick for Alluna to recognize, but it left her with an uneasy feeling.

"No," he finally answered. "They want to see Alluna to make sure she is uninjured."

"And you're going to let them see her?" Rowie's tone was incredulous.

Zak cupped the back of Alluna's skull, staring deeply into her eyes. "I've nothing to hide. She'll be fine. She's with me."

Alluna studied him. The stark white lighting in the room made his eyes seem lighter, not the dark fiery blue, but more of an icy color.

"They want to talk with her. It's a good idea that they hear her out. There's no better proof than for the supposed victim to tell everyone how well she's treated... and loved. Isn't that right, Alluna?"

"Y-yes. Of course."

Zak drew her out into the corridor, holding her hand. They walked in silence. Every once in a while he'd peer down at her and smile.

Alluna felt as though she had to lean her head back farther to look up at him. Looking down at his boots, she frowned.

Before her brain could assimilate what she saw, he gripped her under her arms and slammed her against the hard wall.

Zak pressed against her. Alluna stared into his eyes, seeing the flecks of grey, silver and even a hint of green in their glowing depths. Glowing?

"Kiss me," he demanded before crushing his mouth over hers.

He looked like her Master, but he did not kiss, taste, feel, or even smell like her Master. Alluna began to struggle in his embrace, but he only arched against her, pressing his erection into the vee of her legs. He groaned and trailed kisses down her throat. Alluna winced when he nipped her none to gently.

"You're not my Master. Please stop," she begged.

He stiffened.

Alluna grabbed fistfuls of hair to pull him away and realized the locks she held had changed color and texture. It was a fall of pure silk, gleaming... a thousand shades of blond. Instead of golden waves, it was almost straight, with soft curls waving the ends prettily.

"Who are you? Please let me go."

The strange male leaned back so she could see his face. He was breathtakingly beautiful, with a lush mouth and slanted, feline-like eyes.

"I'm the dark prince," he whispered, and then grinned. "And I'm taking you for myself."

Alluna shook her head fervently. "No. I'll never go with you."

"But you have no choice. I'm going to claim you as mine now."

Alluna hit his chest and shoulders. "I will never love you. I belong to my Master. Only him. You can never make me forget him."

The dark Prince laughed, his eyes glowing brighter... as bright as Devon's. Terror bloomed in her heart. "Oh, my love... but you will. You will forget all the Alpha Angels. And then, I will win your heart, Alluna. You'll be mine."

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